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Purchasing a complete golf gear can put you at an advantage, but are golf shoes worth it? Perhaps, you have asked yourself this question already, at least once.

Are Golf Shoes Worth It | Every Single Cent
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Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars or euros for your equipment is often the case before you can even hit a golf ball for the very first time.

Are Golf Shoes Worth It

Indeed, playing golf requires you to do some investment, but it is only as expensive as how you make it to be.

Knowing what are the essential things to buy will considerably prevent you from wasting even a penny.

Owning clubs, whether a full set or not, is undeniably necessary especially if you plan to hit the golf course almost every day.

On the other hand, some golf gear such as golf shoes can be called negotiable since you can still play the sport even without them.

However, knowing their importance is still a must because they might have a greater impact than you think.

In this article, we will cover the question — are golf shoes worth it.

Golf shoes are specifically engineered to give support to players. They come in different types. Although they serve the same purposes, they still work differently and not to the same degree.

Hence, what works for another golfer might not work for you and vice versa.

Before we answer the query – are golf shoes worth it, let us first go over your options for golf shoes.

Types of Golf Shoes

You have three options when it comes to golf shoes.

You can either get a pair with metal spikes, soft spikes, or spikeless. Select that of which serves your needs best.

  • Golf Shoes With Metal Spikes

This type of shoes used to be the standard footwear in playing golf. However, it is now banned from some golf courses, at least in times of frost.

While golf shoes with metal spikes provide a strong grip, it is extremely damaging to the greens.

It often tears up the course especially during cold weather, that is why many clubs and courses choose to prohibit amateur golfers from using them.

Unless you are a professional player, metal spikes would not be a fitting option.

  • Golf Shoes With Soft Spikes

Gold shoes with soft spikes are the type of footwear that is most commonly used today in different golf courses.

It is what many players consider as the replacement for metal spikes.

As its name suggests, soft spikes are made from a softer material such as plastic or rubber.

This is a product of the advancement in golfing technology, with a purpose to lessen the damage golf shoes make on the greens.

Since soft spikes are made of plastic or rubber, it does not cause as much damage as the metal spikes.

Are golf shoes worth it? As far as grip is concerned, golf shoes with soft spikes can give great support as well.

  • Spikeless Golf Shoes

Golf shoes with no spikes continue to gain popularity among golf players because of the comfort and support that they offer.

The days where spiked shoes are equated to performance while spikeless shoes to comfort are long gone.

Due to the advancements in golfing technology, the latter can now face spiked shoe head-on. So, are golf shoes worth it?

Indeed, spikeless shoes were designed before with the mere purpose of making golf footwear more comfortable to use. But now, it has more to offer.

Some are lighter while some are better in cold weather. You should know that they now also provide a good grip.

More so, they do not damage the greens, so it is almost always allowed in all golf courses.

They have various strengths, and you just need to select what works for you best.

Traction System of Golf Shoes

Some golf players have the luxury of experimenting on what type of golf shoes exactly serve their needs.

However, relying on trial and error basis is not a privilege all golf players can enjoy.

Not everyone has the time nor the financial capacity to try out every shoe possible to see which has the best traction.

In case you are not aware, there are three types of traction systems that you should look out for.

These are spiked, hybrid, and spikeless. And we are here to explain their differences so we can better outline the answer to the question — are golf shoes worth it.

  • Spikeless traction

As you might already know, spikeless golf shoes do not have removable spikes.

Nevertheless, it does have what some professionals call traction nubs or lugs. These features are spread across the sole of the shoes.

They usually come in different shapes and sizes to provide more control over foot movement. While the grip or traction they provide is not as strong as spiked shoes, they still work.

  • Hybrid traction

In simple terms, hybrid traction is a combination of non-removable soft spikes that are a little bit smaller than the conventional type and traction lugs of spikeless shoes.

This traction system is least common for golfers. Nevertheless, it can be a good choice once it is developed more thoroughly.

  • Spiked traction

Among all three, spiked traction gives you the greatest movement control. Because of its features, you can get the best grip when using these shoes.

You would not have to worry about your feet slipping or sliding out at your every attempt for a good shot.

However, you should remember that spiked shoes give the most stud pressure. Other than that, it is an excellent choice.

How Much Difference Do Golf Shoes Make

In this section, we will answer the question — how much difference do golf shoes make, so we can better show you if golf shoes are indeed worth it or not.

The support that golf shoes give to players is evident in two different ways.

One of them is to give comfort to players when walking around the golf course while the other one is to offer stability during a golf swing.

To elaborate on the difference they make, their purposes are outlined as follows:

  • A great swing is often guaranteed when you wear golf shoes since the spikes (or the lugs for spikeless shoes) provide a good grip. They help you keep your feet still on the ground as you do a swing. As a result of great stability, you can hit the ball more properly.
  • Aside from keeping your feet planted, golf shoes also offer you lateral support when taking a swing. With this backing you up, you will be able to give a more solid shot.
  • How much difference do golf shoes make? When you wear golf shoes, you also gain more comfort when walking up and down the terrains of a golf course.
  • Of course, golf shoes also have purposes outside of the game. As golfing technology advances, more stylish golf shoes are developed. Owning your pair of shoes can complete your overall athletic look.
  • There is now a wide selection of golf shoes to choose from. If you wish to purchase shoes that you can wear on and off the course, spikeless shoes are your best bet.
  • On the flip side, you may opt for spiked shoes if you care more about stability. The thing is, no matter what type of golf shoes you buy, it has its strength and impact.

So, how much difference do golf shoes make? The answer to this is that it makes a huge difference.

Although owning a pair is not always required, it is highly suggested that you use golf shoes when golfing.

As for the question — are golf shoes worth it, there is no other answer than yes.

Investing some money in your footwear can help you improve your overall game. In case the price is too much for you, some websites and stores offer quality shoes for much a cheaper price.

You just have to be meticulous when selecting your golf shoes to maximize its use.

Definitely Worth It

We answered the question — how much difference do golf shoes make, and it justified how buying a pair of golf shoes is worth it.

Indeed, having the right set of clubs influences how well you carry the game but so is having the correct footwear.

Without the proper shoes, you are most likely to keep on getting terrible shots. This is because golf shoes are specifically designed to keep your feet stable while you take a swing.

If at least one of your feet slip or slide out while you take a swing, it would not be solid since you have poor stability.

So, are golf shoes worth it? Yes, they are since they offer support in terms of stability, flexibility, and great traction.

It might not always be required but it does help you to level up your game.

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