Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS – Best Pick Review

The Bushnell brand is one that is slowly taking over the golf device market and if the Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS watch is anything to go by, it’s easy to see why most people prefer this brand better than other brands.

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Key Takeaways TL;DR
🏆 Summary: The Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS is a feature-rich device that offers accurate distance measurements, preloaded courses, hazard and layup information, and more.
With its user-friendly interface, long battery life, compact design, and shot distance calculator, it provides golfers with a valuable tool for enhancing their game.
The device also stands out for its auto course recognition, auto hole advance, and waterproof design. With no subscription or download fees, it offers great value for money. ⛳🌧️⛳
⛳️ The Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS provides accurate distance measurements, ensuring informed decision-making for golfers.
🗺️ Preloaded courses database with over 36,000 courses worldwide enhances the overall golfing experience.
⚠️ Hazard information feature accurately maps out potential hazards on the course, aiding strategy planning.
🏞️ Layup information enables golfers to make well-informed decisions and select the right club for the shot.
🧭 Four hazard distances per hole assist with strategy planning, helping players avoid hazards and choose the best approach.
📲 User-friendly interface with easy navigation, customization options, and automatic hole advancement improves the golfing experience.
🚀 Compact design with a multi-function clip allows for easy portability and attachment to various surfaces.
🔋 Long battery life of up to 10 hours and quick charging time ensure uninterrupted gameplay.
🆔 Auto course recognition saves time and effort by automatically detecting the course being played on.
🏌️‍♂️ Shot distance calculator helps golfers analyze their shots and make adjustments to improve their game.
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What with the attractive, pocket-friendly price tag and a wide array of features, there’s little else a golfer would need to make their shot on the course. This GPS watch uses different satellites to find coordinates to gather automatic course recognition information.

This way, the watch can instantly trace and tell which golf course you are using without you even pressing a button. It can also show the precise location you are on the golf course.

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS – Best Pick Review

What stands out the most about this golf watch is that it has a wide range of useful features. If you are a beginner or intermediate golfer, you will fall in love with how easy it is to use this watch and how well this GPS watch blends in with your game routine.

Enough with all the praise, I bet you want to get down to the details and the tidbits of what makes this Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS the best device for any serious golfer. We’ll get to that, I promise. But before that, let’s look at what things you should look for whenever you are planning to buy a GPD golf watch.

If you are looking for a simple GPS golf watch with all the basic features that a golfer would need, then no doubt, the Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS is your best bet. It is not only super easy to use, but it also comes with 36,000 pre-loaded courses, and a clip holder to clip on your golf bag, your belt, or your cart.

What’s more, it has a distance/yardage reading that’s easy to read. It is Bluetooth enabled, which makes it easy to update data and connect to other devices. It has a strong battery that can last for up to two rounds on a single charge.

The Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS watch also has an automatic hole advance and automatic course recognition features.


What we Like - PROS
  • Easy to use interface and has a large phantom display
  • Has Bite magnetic technology and a clip holder for enhanced portability
  • Conveniently has Bluetooth connectivity, automatic course recognition, and auto hole advance
  • Has a powerful battery that can go on for two full rounds before needing a recharge
  • Comes with over 36,000 preloaded golf courses collected from over 30 countries

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • It may take you some time to learn how to use this GPS golf watch if you’ve never used one before

Things to Consider When Looking to Buy a GPS Golf Watch

Every golf player has that unique set of features that attracts them towards certain watches. It could be its looks or its functions. Most people quickly go on to ask how many features a golf watch has. Then they instantly choose the golf watch with the most features over the one with fewer features.

But is really the number of features that make a golf watch worth your attention and money?  Nope! It certainly is not. Here, I’ll give you a list of those factors that make up the best GPS golf watch.

  • Quality

In this case, quality refers to how well the golf watch can withstand adverse conditions and impact. For example, will it go completely off if it falls by accident? Will it begin to malfunction if it is exposed to the sun for a long time? How well is it going to perform after a couple of years use?

If it still works after a small bump or fall, it functions well after prolonged sunlight exposure and continues to provide impeccable value years after you bought it, then this is a watch that oozes quality. To help know about the quality of a watch, try and ask around to see what experiences other golfers have had with their golf watches.

  • Automatic Course Recognition

With this feature, the GPS watch automatically traces and detects which golf course you are playing on. Even when you are not using you are on a golf course far away from the one you normally use, the watch should be able to select from its database where you are.

No need to press buttons and move around to try and get the watch to recognize your location. Here, you have the convenience of getting on the course and starting your game off instantly.

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Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS, Green

  • Battery Life

A GPS watch can have all the best features in the world, but it’s all for nothing if it can barely last through an entire round. You would rather go for a golf watch with fewer basic features and long battery life than choose an intricate GPS watch with a thousand features but not enough battery life. Better yet, go for a golf watch with plenty of features and one that has a strong battery at the same time.

  • Waterproof

When there’s too much sunlight, you tend to overheat and start sweating. A wrist GPS golf watch is likely to come into contact with your sweat. Even on the golf cart, something may accidentally spill on it. What’s more, it could rain. But can your watch handle wet conditions? If it waterproof, then yes, it absolutely can.

  • Distance information

You want a golf watch such as the Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS, that can give you accurate yardage distance measurements down to the precise location you are standing. It should offer reliable front, back, and center distances to the green. It’s also a plus if the GPS watch can hint towards hazard and doglegs yardages.

Other important types of distance information the watch should have included, Touch to target feature, which means that with a touch, the watch can measure distances down to where you are. It should also have the individual shot tracking, a feature that allows you to measure the distances of your shots.

  • Pre-loaded courses

The best GPS golf watches are those that feature at least 30,000 to 40,000 pre-loaded golf courses. They also can keep updating themselves via Wi-Fi connectivity to accommodate more golf courses.

In Conclusion

To look trendy and stylish is absolutely amazing, but if we are talking about a watch, then these parameters are barely enough to decide whether or not a golf watch makes the cut. There’s no argument that the Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS watch is indeed a watch after every golfer’s heart.

Its simplistic demeanor is why many beginner and intermediate golfers wouldn’t hesitate to use this watch. It has all the features you need to improve performance on the golf course. And yes, it is very affordable too.

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