Do Golf Shoes Help You Play Golf Better

Why can’t I wear any kind of shoes when playing golf?  Do golf shoes help you play golf better? These questions surely crossed your mind before, and you know that the answer to both is a “yes”.

Do Golf Shoes Help You Play Golf Better
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No one will stop you from wearing any shoes you like to a golf game.

However, you must keep in mind that you won’t be able to play properly if you do.

Do Golf Shoes Help You Play Golf Better?

Is wearing golf shoes done only to make a fashion statement, or is it essential sporting equipment?

Most golfers consider footwear as an optional investment. They think that golf clubs, a sleeve of balls, and a bag are more important.

But, it is the common mistake of golf players to pay lesser attention to golf shoes than all those other golf necessities.

Why? It is because golf shoes can help improve your game- and it is not just any myth; it is explainable by Science.

Here is a list of reasons why you should also say yes to the question, Do golf shoes help make a difference in your game:

  • Sturdiness

Golf is a game that requires sturdiness, and your golf shoes can help you with that. So, how do golf shoes help make you sturdy during a match?

Well, the base of your golf shoe is made with wide-track rubber soles, which helps you maintain your balance and helps you get the sturdiness that you need.

It also has sharp tongs to prevent you from sliding once you make your swing on wet grass.

Can you imagine playing golf on high heels or your usual go-to sneakers? You will easily get out of balance if you do wear those in reality!

Unlike other footwear used for different sports or activities, golf shoes are specially designed so that they can give you reliable arch support.

This support gives your body a strong foundation so you can put your power on your swings.

  • Swing

You may ask about, Do golf shoes really help you with your swing?

As a matter of fact, it can as it is the one that keeps you planted on the ground while you make your swing.

The spikes on the outsoles of your golf shoes are there not just for adornment, they are placed there so your feet could grip the ground while you swing your golf clubs on a waterlogged surface.

The efficacy of those spikes is measured by the so-called “traction points”.

The higher the traction points of your golf shoes, the more grip you can have, and the less probability that you will slip and miss your shot.

If a golf shoe is a spikeless type, then the removable cleats are replaced by molded grip bottoms or more commonly known as “dimples”,

so you can still have the traction that you need to keep yourself planted on the ground.

  • Terrain

Do golf shoes help you in easily navigating the terrain? For starters, it has spikes or dimples for traction so you can smoothly go up and down a sloped golf course.

Imagine having to climb down a wet grassy golf course with your favorite running shoes; that will surely result in an unwanted fall.

Not to mention the sandy hazards on the golf course, do you think you can traverse that with regular snickers?

Golf shoes are designed to have traction so you can play on almost all kinds of terrain.

Therefore, when you think about do you really need to wear a pair of golf shoes, don’t think twice!

  • Comfort

Do you ever think about how do golf shoes help you be comfortable when playing? The main goal of the manufacturers of golf shoes is to deliver a comfortable pair to you.

Playing golf can be strenuous, especially to your feet. You need to do lots of turns, and the pressure while swinging a golf club is focused on your feet.

You have to keep your midfoot supported and protected- this is the reason why producers of golf shoes decided to add extra paddings.

These additional paddings also act as shock absorbers to lessen the pressure that goes to your feet.

Moreover, golf shoes really have to be comfortable when worn because you are going to walk a long way and stand for hours to finish all eighteen holes.

Sounds tiring, right? This is the reason why manufacturers choose more flexible kinds of leather and other materials to make golf shoes.

  • Changes in The Weather

You don’t believe how do golf shoes help you cope with changes in the weather? Then, let this article change your mind!

Manufacturers of golf shoes continuously innovate their products. They found out about the GoreTex material that is perfect for the unpredictable changes in the weather.

Of course, when it’s sunny, you will need a breathable pair of golf shoes. But, when it rains, you need a waterproof one.

Golf shoes made with GoreTex offer both of those functionalities!

How Much Do Golf Shoes Help?

We discussed that wearing golf shoes can help make a difference in your game, but how much difference can it really make?

In this section, we will answer your question, How much do golf shoes help? Let us take a look at some empirical facts that can show how much do golf shoes help.

Wearing spiked golf shoes is said to increase the distance that can be covered by your ball and the consistency of its shot.

The table below shows a comparison among a barefooted player, a player who wears only socks, one who wears a pair of spikeless golf shoes, and, lastly, a golfer who wears spiked golf shoes.

Do Golf Shoes Help You Play Golf Better

The table above shows how much do golf shoes help in terms of average ball speed and carry.

You will notice that wearing spiked golf shoes allows your shots to cover more distance.

Aside from the ball speed, distance, and shot consistency, your golf shoes’ other features also contribute a lot to your gameplay.

When you compare golf shoes with other kinds of sporting shoes, you will notice that the ankle is more exposed in a golf shoe.

But, the question here is, how much do golf shoes help with that feature?

The low cut of the golf shoes gives you freedom so you can turn better and have better mobility. Also, it prevents your ankle from receiving pressure.

Who Should Wear Golf Shoes?

Aside from asking the question, Do golf shoes help; you might also ask about who should wear golf shoes.

All professional players that you can see on the PGA, LPGA, and many more other tournaments are wearing golf shoes.

They invested in quality golf shoes because they know that it can help them in their game.

However, professional golf players are not the only ones who should wear golf shoes. You should wear one even if you are a beginner or a person whose favorite pastime is playing golf.

Not only will it help you be better at playing the sport, but it can also protect you from many things such as too much pressure on your leg, from slipping, from falling.

Even from foul odor because there is moisture buildup in your shoes.

Wearing golf shoes is a must for everyone who plays golf. Golf shoes are specially made for this sport to cater to the needs of the people playing it.

Manufacturers never stopped and will never stop at seeking for things to improve in a golf shoe.

More and more new features will be released in the near future and all for one common goal: to help you improve your game.

These manufacturers will constantly ask the question, Do golf shoes help the players.

They will continuously improve their product to address the needs of the players to make sure that golf shoes will be helpful in playing golf.

However, you should also note that golf shoes must not be worn by people suffering from joint problems or are currently experiencing arthritis.

Wearing golf shoes may only contribute to the tearing of the joints. People experiencing these conditions may use a pair of tennis shoes instead.

Let Your Golf Shoe Help

Now that you know that wearing golf shoes is not just about making a fashion statement, but is actually about improving your game, may you always wear it to your matches.

Remember that the answer to the question, do golf shoes help you play golf better is a big Y-E-S!

It helps you achieve sturdiness, swing your golf club better, traverse any kind of terrains, be comfortable while playing, and easily cope up with the changes in the weather.

Therefore, the next time you think about wearing your usual shoes into a golf game, you must think twice and wear a pair of golf shoes instead!

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