Golf Ball Hit In Slow Motion | Best Golf Balls For Slow Swing

In reality, not all can swing fast; some are more in favor of a golf ball hit in slow motion. Different players also have varying strategies, techniques, and of course, swing speed.

Golf Ball Hit In Slow Motion | Best Golf Balls For Slow Swing
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To match these differences, several golf balls with different features are engineered so a player can get a more appropriate golf ball suited to his or her gameplay.

Golf Ball Hit In Slow Motion

As mentioned, not all players can swing their clubs swiftly; some have a slower swing speed. But what is considered a slow swing speed?

Golfers with low swing speed logically cause the ball to have a slower motion movement of the shot.

If you are one of the golfers with a swing speed of about 85-90 miles per hour, then your swing is classified as a “slow swing.”

However, the problem with having a slow swing is that your golf ball might not have enough impact to fly more and cover a larger distance.

Thankfully, the technology of sports, golf, is also emerging. Nowadays, different golf balls were made to suit anyone’s playing style and swing speed.

You will be astonished how the golf ball engineers gave so much thought to airflow compression and aerodynamics just to be able to cater to different swing speeds, especially to those with slower swings.

If you are one of these golfers who prefer golf ball hit in slow motion more, then here is a list of the best golf balls for a slow swing!

Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing

If you are one of the golfers who have a slow swing and prefer golf ball hit in slow motion, you should check these golf balls out!

If you prefer to witness a golf ball hit in slow motion, then you will be amazed at Callaway Supersoft golf balls!

This golf ball suits players of all skill levels because they are incredibly soft, and they also generate more spin. On top of that, they can also cover more distance even if you have a slow swing!

Aside from those things, the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls also feature an ultra-low compression core that can help give you faster ball speeds and lower spin rates.

With this innovation, your ball will indeed fly straighter and cover more distance!

Do you think that’s all this ball can offer? Well, you thought wrong! The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls also has a two-piece, low-compression design.

Besides that, it is covered with the all-new Trionomer, which claims to give you better greenside control.

This ball also has better contours. Thanks to the HEX technology, your ball can now have fantastic aerodynamics!

If you want a golf ball hit in slow motion, then don’t be surprised that a Titleist ball made this list! After all, it is the number one brand when it comes to golf!

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls offer every player a comprehensive and fantastic playing experience!

As a matter of fact, this ball is dubbed as the most advanced and best performing golf ball ever made by Titleist!

Do you know that the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is expertly engineered and used the most advanced golf ball technology to make these balls?

They have done it to make sure that you get the utmost, incomparable performance when you play.

They have made Titleist V1 Pro with the Next Generation 2.0 ZG process core, which makes it give off a slower spin, penetrating trajectory, and faster speed.

Aside from that, it is also covered with a soft Urethane Elastomer system, giving you a soft feel. Also, the Urethane Elastomer system makes the ball more durable!

There are numerous reasons why you are going to like the Callaway Golf Superhot Matte golf balls!

First is its wide selection of colors. If you are already tired of the usual white golf ball, then this is perfect for you!

The Callaway Golf Superhot Bold features five colors: green, orange, red, white, yellow! These are fun and bright color choices, right?

Another good thing about this is that these balls have bright matte finishes that are highly visible even if you are playing in a dark area.

Imagine eliminating the hassle of needing to mark your golf balls- this would be really great and convenient!

Besides those things, the Callaway Golf Superhot Bold also comes in packs of bulk! It would be really convenient to carry fifteen more balls in the green with you!

On top of it all, this golf ball features a great aerodynamic design, which will give you low drag and an optimal lift.

Having such features will make the golf ball stay in the air longer and have a stronger flight!

Because of those value-adding features, your ball will cover more distance even if you have a slow swing speed!

Why are golf balls white?

Since we are already talking about the best golf balls for a golf ball hit in slow motion, do you ever pause sometimes, thinking why are golf balls white?

Let us discuss here the real reason why!

Do you know why are golf balls white? Well, there are some colors that others can see well but others cannot, especially when you have a condition called “color blindness.”

The only color that we all can see well is white, which is why they have made golf balls in this color ever since.

So, when asked why are golf balls white? The best possible answer is that white has a great contrast with the golf field’s color, which is usually green.

Wherever the ball may go or land, one can easily spot it because it is colored in white. After all, white is the most visible color, for it reflects all the other colors of the light spectrum!

However, as years passed by, many people got tired of asking, why are golf balls white.

This is the reason why in the 1980s some orange-colored golf balls were first seen in the market. With this color of golf balls, Jerry Pate and Wilson Prostaff won countless tournaments!

Aside from the orange-colored golf balls, yellow golf balls were also made available but only in many budget or less-expensive editions.

Sadly, the manufacturers of yellow and orange golf balls stopped producing them towards the end of the 1980s, and white was once again left as the only color choice for golf balls.

But it didn’t end there! Recently, more color choices of golf balls have been introduced in the market. These colors include pink, light blue, orange, yellow, green, and even different shades of white!

These colors were introduced because, according to research, people can see a specific color much better than the other colors.

So, it means that a person’s color choice is affected by how highly-visible it is to his or her eyes!

Besides that, some people only like to be different, so they choose a golf ball color other than the traditional white!

In Summary

The term “slow” might have already built a negative connotation in our minds for certain things.

However, in the game, golf, swinging slowly has its own perks.

So, if you prefer golf ball hit in slow motion more, then there is nothing wrong with that.

Just make sure to get the most appropriate golf ball for your swing speed!

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