Golf Balls in Bulk | Buying Considerations

Are you tired of losing too many golf balls? Or perhaps you’re so tired of buying them in retail. You might have thought of wanting to buy several golf balls at once. Well, this is possible! You can actually buy golf balls in bulk.

Golf Balls in Bulk | Buying Considerations
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By buying golf balls for sale in bulk, you never have to lack golf balls anymore! It is extremely convenient and it also helps you save money!

Check out how to buy golf balls in bulk, even in the comfort of your own home.

Tips on How to Buy Golf Balls in Bulk

You might be skeptical about buying golf balls in large quantities because it might be too pricey. Well, you are wrong. In fact, you can save more from doing this.

There are always great deals when you buy golf balls in bulk! Before you buy these, you must find out what you should consider.

These are the factors that should look out for.

  • Consider the Price

How to buy golf balls in bulk cheap, you need to consider the price. There are some golf balls for sale in bulk with great deals and excellent quality. This would be lighter on your budget.

  • Thrift golf balls too!

Most of the golf balls for sale in bulk are used. However, it doesn’t mean that it is of poor quality. This is because of where they come from.

Golf balls in bulk cheap are from lost and founds. Most likely you’ll get a number of pristine ones!

  • Search for a trusted store

Looking for a trusted store when buying used golf balls is a must. It’s easier to go to and buy from! This also assures you that you get the best golf balls for sale in bulk. You can also get warranties!

  • Consider the quality

In order to consider the quality, you have to check out the golf balls in person. You also have to note all the traits you need.

Specifically, if you’re aiming for spin, performance, or distance. This helps you get the worth of the money you spend!

Types of Golf Balls in Bulk to Consider

Congratulations! You’re one step closer to how to buy golf balls in bulk.

Though, you might need more info about it to ensure that everything’s of top quality. Happy shopping!

Lake Balls

These are the kind of golf balls in bulk that are found on lakes. This is due to golfers often losing balls in these areas. Therefore, the divers collect all of the lost golf balls in the lake.

After recycling it, they sell it for a negotiable price. It is somehow a way to keep the lake clean and to have profit by the means of collecting lost golf balls.

Some of these balls do not have major damages. In fact, it could even brand new. See? It isn’t bad at all to buy used golf balls. Some are just lost unexpectedly and retrieved too late.

So why not use them for good, right?


    • They are considerably less expensive than new models.
    • They can be effortlessly bought on the web or even in a trusted store.
    • Lake balls are put to better use than clogging up the ocean.
    • Studies have discovered practically no distinctions as far as distance or exactness.
    • Lower prices are helpful for those new to the golf scene.


    • Their quality can never be ensured.
    • The life span of golf balls submerged in water for a long time has not been confirmed.
    • Little blemishes may influence their flight way and distance.
    • As these balls may show a grayish tone, they can be harder to track down on the course.
    • It is difficult to know if the ball has been refurbished by the seller.

Refurbished Balls

These kinds of golf balls are also second-hand golf balls. While lake balls are sold as they are found, refurbished balls are repaired and repainted to look good as new.

Undoubtedly, there are downsides to this kind of golf ball. There’s a great chance that the inner performance is not as good as it seems, since it’s been refurbished.

Although, a trusted store might sell the good ones. You can get these at lower prices too!


    • It’s often half the price of new golf balls.
    • You can get golf balls in high-quality condition.
    • These balls can become enhanced.


    • There’s a deceitful quality about these balls. Appearance may not be everything.
    • There might be irreversible flaws that have been covered up only.
    • This reused ball has been made a spot smoother with sandblasting and another layer of paint.
    • It might be stamped to seem branded when it’s not.

New Balls

These kinds of golf balls are brand new. They are free from any flaws or refurbishing.

Although it is more expensive than the lake balls and refurbished balls, it guarantees you excellent performance. You can never go wrong with getting new ones.

However, it is harder to find great deals when buying looking for a new golf ball in bulk cheap. If you’re aiming for quality, get this.

On the other hand, if budget is your priority, consider the other two. New balls are highly recommended for intermediate to advanced golfers.


    • You don’t need to worry about any quality defects.
    • Brand new and never been used.
    • Guarantees your full performance.
    • Longer life span.
    • You can get these in bulk to fit your needs.


    • The price may not be reachable for you.
    • This is more expensive than lake balls and refurbished balls.
    • Losing this kind of golf ball may be more regrettable and upsetting.
    • It might be harder to find these in bulk.

Golf Balls for Sale in Bulk

Titleist Mix

The Titleist Mix Model used golf balls to pack an extraordinary pack. This blend will contain various Titleist model reused golf balls.

However, there are no colored golf balls here. Though, this pack may contain corporate logos and player markings. It may also be a combination of various year models.

You could never go wrong with getting Titleist in bulk because it is truly the #1 in the game.

You can also get to practice in different areas of golf. Their balls are truly top-notch in several performance fields.

Top Flite Mix

Flite mass used golf balls will help you take your game to the following level without making your pockets hurt.

Top Flite Mix Model golf balls are an incredible product of the Top Flite brand. Similar to Titleist, there are no colored balls in the combination.

Their mix also has a combination of logos and markings. Various year models are also included.

You definitely would not miss out on getting this bulk mix. There are several balls to use!

You could practice in any area you need to work on. These are also high-quality golf balls that may last you years.

Nike Mix

The Nike Mix Model used golf balls is another great product from the brand. You get various Nike model reused golf balls in this mix.

There will be no hued golf balls, but this Nike blend may contain corporate logos and player markings. It may also offer different year models!

Nike doesn’t disappoint, so you most likely would find these balls in great condition.

They are also extremely good finds at a low price. You may even enjoy these ones for a long time! Every cent would definitely be worth it.

Titleist Pro V1 Refinished

Bulk Titleist Pro V1 Refinished are new in appearance and will perform like a new golf ball. These used but refurbished balls.

Most probably, they have undergone stripping, painting, stepping, or potentially clear covering.

Although, these balls have not been supported or endorsed by the original maker. So they don’t fall under the original warranty.

TaylorMade TP5 2020 Refinished

The Bulk TaylorMade TP5 2020 Refinished are refurbished.

This means they may have unmistakable imperfections that cause misprints, minor scrapes, and wrinkles. This is a consequence of the quality control on the 5A evaluation.

You probably won’t mind it, except if you are a scratch golf player. There might be a couple in each dozen that is acceptable just for training.

For beginning players, these ones may be great enough on the course.

Bridgestone B330 Refinished

The Bridgestone B330 Refinished balls are natural. They are spotless without any scrapes, wrinkles, or markings.

Well, apart from the first markings in addition to the “resurfaced” print on one shaft. These are also high quality refurbished balls that are great for any player.

Provided, you just have to use them carefully.

Bridgestone e12 Soft White Golf Balls

Bridgestone’s exclusive new Active Acceleration Mantle layer is a critical part of the 3-piece development. The Active Acceleration Mantle has another High-Performance Polymer material.

It gives expanded push and higher starting speed at sway. This permits the ball to relax the center for more noteworthy absolution and an upgraded feel.

Brosnan Commander Golf Balls

The manufacturer utilizes a Surlyn control cover to give an incredible delicate feel with toughness.

It has a bigger and stronger cover that provides unrivaled energy moves. This promises more ball speed and more prominent distance.

Callaway CXR Power Golf Balls

The Callaway CXR power golf balls are intended to give extraordinary distance and more ball control. It also has a tough ionomer cover that adds a higher turnaround rate.

You can get the best performance out of this ball as a beginner.

Where to Buy Golf Balls in Bulk Cheap

You can either know how to buy golf balls in bulk cheap at physical stores or online stores. Physical stores allow you to do a personal sweep of the time.

Although, you can now greater deals online. It’s also more convenient! Just type your preferred golf balls in the search engine and see if they allow bulk orders.

Recommended Stores for Lake Balls


Suggested Stores for Refurbished Golf Balls

Trusted Stores for New Balls

In Conclusion

Buying golf balls in bulk cheap is risky but a great experience. There are a lot of varieties to choose from.

In addition, you have factors to consider. You may end up buying the used ones with unguaranteed good quality.

You could also choose pricier new ones with guaranteed top tier quality. It’s all up to you.

Bottom line is, it is good to be practical. Choose wisely.

Get your golf balls in bulk at a trusted store.

Do your research on what would fit your performance well. Good luck!

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