Comprehensive Guide on Golf | How to Swing Easy

Do you want to know the essential guidelines on golf how to swing easy? Golf is a sport that is undoubtedly difficult to play as a beginner.

Comprehensive Guide on Golf | How to Swing Easy
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Unless you’re an exceptionally talented player, it may take a long period of time to practice and master the basics.

Thus, if you are a newbie in playing golf, don’t get irritated or get upset quickly.

To improve your performance, you need to invest a lot of time practicing the fundamentals and the techniques of swings.

Comprehensive Guide on Golf: How to Swing Easy

The objective of a golf swing is to maximize the speed of your swing at the perfect timing when it hits the ball.

Your technique must be built to enable you to gain momentum from the moment you start the swing until it makes contact with the ball.

There is a lot of available information about how to swing easy in golf. In this section, you will learn the basics of what you should do to have a better swing.

Of course, the fastest way to learn how to swing easy in golf is to practice often and find the best swing suited for you.

After finding the most suitable swing for you, you have to memorize it until it becomes a habit.

By doing that, the result will undoubtedly be better, and it will save you from worrying about hitting bad shots.

Here’s some golf how to swing easy guidelines:

  • Lower and Slower Swing

In golf how to swing easy? What you need to do to have a better swing is to time yourself. Be aware of when you need to start gaining speed before hitting the ball.

Meaning, you need to take notice of the specific moment when you need to increase the momentum of your swing.

Wrong timing can make your swing worse; it can be too fast, rigid, or high. You can hit a little farther with a lower swing and with the support of the right clubhead.

Remember to position your hands lower to decrease the altitude that your shot can reach.

  • Fix Your Grip

This is an integral part if you want to know how to swing easy in golf, the grip.

It has an immense contribution to what will be the outcome of your swing. If you properly grip your golf club, it will significantly enhance your swing.

Here’s golf how to swing easy with the proper grip:

    • For the front hand, open your prominent hand facing out.
    • Then, position the grip of your club between your four fingers and the thumb.
    • After that, close your hand and feel the grip.
    • If you are not comfortable with the grip, adjust it towards your finger. Placing it in your palm is more difficult than properly positioning it in your fingers. Meanwhile, gripping it with your finger gives you more comfort and control.
    • For your other hand, connect your pinkie and thumb to create a “pit.”
    • Afterward, place your second hand to fit the front hand. Be sure to place the grip on your fingers, not the palm.
    • Lastly, your grip on the club should not be tight or loose. Find the most comfortable grip possible for you to maximize your swing potential.
  • Angle of Attack

How you drive the ball can have several angles to it. This part focuses on the golf ball’s flight, where the angle that the clubhead hits the ball influences your swing.

Here are the different types of angles that will teach you where to target the golf ball.

    • Out-to-in
      This may appear challenging, but for many beginner golfers, it is the swing path commonly used. In this swing path, you take a step towards the ball when doing your swing.
      In this angle, there is no way you can predict the trajectory of your shot.
    • In-to-out
      How to swing easy in golf, but with more impact? The in-to-out club-path might be the one for you if you’re looking for this.
      With this swing, you have to hit the part of the ball nearest to you. It will then result in a straight shot if you hit the ball from the inside half.
      However, the majority of golfers find this swing path tricky that can result in a lower chance of success.
    • Squared
      This type of club swing path is the most effective, most accurate, and most stable out of the three. In this angle of attack, you will align your clubface to the ball to create a straight line of target.
      It’s the easiest type of path, as you just need to hit the ball straight, and then get an in-out-in swing path.
  • Aim

Another vital part of making your swing better is to correct your aim. Many golf beginners tend to position their bodies towards the hole.

However, that is the wrong way to do it. You need to take note of this tip in order to know how to swing easy in golf.

You need to aim your club in the direction of the target, parallel your body, and contrary to your dominant hand.

If you’re left-handed, you need to parallel your body to the right. If you’re right-handed, you need to parallel your body to the left.

Proper Stance and Posture

This may be the most critical part of how to swing easy in golf.

The majority of newbie golfers think that in order to have a better swing, they need to swing with arm strength alone. However, that’s a misconception.

In order to make a proper swing, you need to create momentum with your upper body. After finishing your aim on the target, the next step is to fix your stance and posture.

This is one of the most important parts of golf how to swing easy guidelines because a wrong posture or stance can ruin your swing.


For the proper posture, here’s what you need to take note of:

  • Remember to keep your back reasonably straight as you bend your waist.
  • Put a golf club on your back to check if you have the proper posture.
  • If your posture is correct, the club will reach these three places; head, between the shoulder blades, and tailbone.


The next step is to fix your stance. Since you’re in a bent position, you need to loosely hang your arm straight from your shoulder to grab the club.

Your body’s motion and power are crucial to create a powerful momentum that will boost your swing.

Having a proper posture and stance make your game consistent. It will also help prevent your body from getting injuries.

  • Prevent Doing a Flip When You Swing

Flipping your hand during a swing hinders your chance to have a great swing. Contrary to what others say, it does not make your swing easier; it ruins your swing.

Flipping creates a loss of momentum, the stress in your arm, and spin to the ball. Most likely, adding a flip will result in a weak or scooped shot.

The leading cause of flipping while doing a swing is the distance between you and the ball. It’s either you’re too close or ahead of the ball.

  • Make a Straight Iron Play

Making a straight iron play can make your swing more stable and reliable.

Here’s what you need to do to raise your score when you hit a solid iron shot.

    • First, you need to have a stable footing. You need to secure your back foot and keep it steady until the ball takes flight.
    • Second, face toward the target. It positively affects your downswing due to the shift in weight.
    • Third, extend your dominant hand holding the club. It will help you keep a proper swing arc, and you will not lose the club’s grip. You’ll see an improvement in your shot’s direction and distance every time you make a shot.

Stages of Golf Swings

This section will explain how to swing easy in golf, from the moment that you will make a swing to the moment it made contact with the ball.

  • Backswing

The first step of improving golf how to swing easy is to practice and perfect the takeaway drill.

In starting your swing, you need to use your shoulders and arms as the core, not the wrist. Swing the club slowly to the back and low to the surface.

Novice golfers tend to do a fast backswing as they think it will give them greater momentum.

However, when doing a backswing, you don’t need to rush because the goal is to get in a ready position to launch your downswing.

Rushing the backswing might affect your swing negatively.

When you start the motion of your swing, twist your hip and back “pivot” until you reach the peak of your swing.

This is the most tricky part for beginners because they rely on their arm power when they are supposed to make a shoulder turn.

    • Turn your shoulder away from the ball.
    • As you turn your shoulder away, twist your back with it.
    • Your hips will automatically twist with your torso. This will create significant momentum and a more substantial impact when you hit the ball.

As the motion continues past your waist level, what you must do next is to bring it over the back of your head. What it will do is to make your club parallel to the ground.

To check the proper position of the peak of your swing:

    • Position your clubhead on the greens.
    • After that, place the club on the back of your shoulder using your dominant hand. While the club is on your shoulder, twist your torso.
    • Lastly, after doing a twist, Move the club away from your shoulder carefully and slowly.

Make your front arm straight (your non-dominant hand) compared to the other arm, but not completely straight.

  • Downswing

After successfully reaching the top of your swing, the next step is to start your downswing motion.

When doing a downswing transition, you will first feel your hips twisting back towards the golf ball, followed by your arm and torso.

While doing a downswing transition, you need to keep your dominant arm on your side until the club makes contact with the golf ball.

Doing so will let your swing maintain power and let you hit the ball from inside. Hitting the ball from the outside angle or “slice shot” might not result in a straight flight direction.

If you want to hit the ball nice and far, you need to target between the ball and ground and hit it almost the same time.

Hitting the ground first will result in a “thick” and short distance. Hitting only the ball will make it a “thin” and low flight.

In doing a downswing transition, be sure to shift your weight towards your front foot.

  • The Finish

The finish might not look like an essential part of the swing because the golf ball has taken flight during contact after the downswing.

However, having a good finish stance dictates the overall motion of your swing. You will know if your swing is good or bad based on how you finish your swing.

Shifting your weight to your front foot will let you gain the power to hit a good shot.

You will know if you correctly released the club if your finish position looks like this:

    • The proper release will put your hands and the club at the top of your front shoulder.
    • Your back heel must be raised in the air, as you place your weight in your front foot and twist your upper body.
    • Lastly, your upper body will face toward the target.

Specialty Shots

Do you know what is the golf how to swing easy specialty shots? These types of shots are a little bit tricky, and you need to know the techniques in order to properly execute them.

  • Uneven Lies

There are times where you will encounter your ball on an up, down, or sidehill lies.

The critical point in hitting off uneven lies is “balance” and having the right club to make the shot.

  • Fairway Bunkers

Hitting from fairway bunkers is tricky, as it’s hard to predict how hard you need to swing or what angle of attack you need.

In order to know how to swing easy in golf fairway bunkers, you need to assess your lie and choose the right club.

You need to change at least one club up or depending on the lie situation.

Improve your Performance Easily!

In this comprehensive guide on golf,  how to swing easy guidelines, you learned how to properly grip your club, the right proper posture, and the best swinging stance.

This will be the foundation on your road to having an effortless swing.

Learning and understanding the fundamentals of the golf swing will let you create a better solid swing.

There will be a significant improvement in your golf swing if you implement the techniques in this article.

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