Best Golf Swing Helper | Playing Better Golf

Using the assistance of a golf swing helper can do wonders for golfers who find it challenging to perfect their swing.

Best Golf Swing Helper | Playing Better Golf
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Every year, golf equipment manufacturers release the latest golf swing trainers for golfers who are looking to correct their swing.

As it can be a highly confusing market, it’s vital to have a guide that can answer the questions you have in mind.

Golf Swing Helper

You can find a lot of golf swing helper in the market.

Some companies would claim to miraculously turn around your game 360 degrees and completely fix your performance.

However, the challenge is to find a device that actually works.

First of all, you have to identify your most significant weaknesses when it comes to your swing. By doing so, you would be able to pinpoint which type of golf swing helper device you need.

It’s essential to know that different devices address different areas for improvement.

With that, this guide aims to save you from endless trials and errors of testing out all the golf swing helper out there.

It is no doubt that the Orange Whip Training Aid is the most popular golf swing helper for both professionals and average golfers.

In fact, it is a tour professional favorite with over 300 relying on it. If you’ve seen a PGA or LPGA Tour, it’s likely that you’ve already seen this device being used.

Basically, you can use it as a warmup device for tempo and balance before playing your rounds.

What it does when you swing the club is it provides instant feedback you can work on.

With its mechanism, it provides you an ability to swing repeatedly while developing consistency. In this process, it also helps you enhance your flexibility.

Note that it has different sizes depending on your unique fit.

This simple stretchable golf swing helper comes in handy for correcting your backswing.

Remember, you have to maintain your back elbow position’s close to your body during the backswing.

What it does is to link your arms together for it to coordinate with your body’s movement.  You would simply need to put it over your forearms to assist your one-piece takeaway.

Note that when you hinge very early, your club use can end up too steep. Meanwhile, if you hinge very late, you can find difficulties in releasing correctly.

For golfers who need a device for the correct hinge, this golf swing helper is the best for you.

This lightweight device works to attach to your wrist and then maintain your hands and wrist at the correct hinge.

This device helps you maintain your flat lead wrist during the swing, which will then lead to a straight swing.

Furthermore, it also helps with shortening your swing before it reaches the top parallel position. What it promises is a straighter and a fairly long shot.

This versatile device is perfect for:

The release is a highly crucial aspect of your swing. Hence, if this is something that you think you need working on, you might want to get the IMPACT SNAP Golf Swing Trainer.

It works best for golfers who wish to practice and perfect their release. What you will need to do is to grip the device the same as your club grip.

If you hear a snapping sound within your ball’s position, that means that you have a correct release.

Indeed, this golf swing helper has been one of the ultimate go-to’s of many golfers.

A common challenge for many golfers is to come over the top. A golf swing helper that can best address this is the Tour Striker PlaneMate.

How it works is you place it around your waist and then attach your club to it through an elastic band.

You can choose from three varieties of bands based on the intensity of your training.

It works highly-effective because it is pulling your club into the correct position as you reach the downswing.

Hitting a long shot is typically a crucial key when it comes to a good performance. The secret to this is increased swing speed, not a more rigid swing.

The best golf swing helper when talking about this aspect is overspeed training using devices like the SuperSpeed Golf.

It enables you to gradually increase your swing speed as you train with the weighted shafts.

It guarantees an improved swing speed in 6 weeks or less.

The EyeLine Golf Speed Trap Base is a golf swing helper that aims to help with your swing path.

This Speed Trap works efficiently on the critical aspect of your swings, such as the swing path at impact and low point control.

You can easily adjust it for correcting swings that are excessive on the inside or the outside during the downswing.

Furthermore, it’s suitable for both right and left-handed golfers.

Learn Proper Golf Swing

There are numerous things to consider when you want to learn the proper golf swing.

While it may seem like it’s over in a second, executing your swing requires the coordination of many areas of your body.

It starts with your form, stance, and setup, which you have to maintain consistently. It takes a lot of training to enhance your muscle memory until you make your swing repeatable.

To learn the proper golf swing, here are the things you must keep in mind:

  • Your Grip

First and foremost, you have to work on your grip. While executing your swing, it’s essential to maintain your hands’ position in one place without movement.

The grip of every golfer would usually vary depending on the size of their hands and their personal preference.

Here are the three types of grip strength:

    • Strong
    • Neutral
    • Weak

Here are the three main types of grip:

    • Overlapping grip
    • Interlocking grip
    • Ten finger grip or baseball grip
  • Stance and Posture

To learn proper golf swing, you also have to work on your stand and posture.

Always remember to stand at the address with a shoulder-width distance between your feet with your toes pointing out.

The main thing to remember is to maintain a straight back and a bending knee position. You also have to let your entire arms drop straight below your shoulders.

Keeping your upper torso straight and lower torso bent enables you to hit the ball straight. This posture also helps prevent any potential back injury.

  • Swing Plane

There is a different swing plane suitable for every golfer. To learn proper golf swing, it is crucial to understand what the best swing plane is for you.

If you don’t know what a swing plane is, it is the angled path where your club will circle at the backswing.

This invisible swing arc helps in determining the best swing for you.

Here are the two main types of swing plane:

    • One-plane swing
      Since it only requires one plane, it allows you to repeat your swing rotation easily.
    • Two-plane swing
      It promotes both fast swing speed and longer shot with its two-plane scope.
  • Backswing

The movement of your backswing must be upward to backward. Here are the necessary steps you must keep in mind when executing your backswing.

    • You must transition your body weight to your back foot as you lift your left foot.
    • Then, your upper shoulder’s position must angle downward and your right shoulder upward. Your hips must move forward during this position shift.
    • During the execution, your club must go all the way back until your hand reaches your shoulder.
    • When your club comes back around after the swing, your weight must have shifted on your left foot.

Work on Your Swing

Remember that each of the golf swing helper listed above does not work like pure magic.

It would only work in the long run if you consistently train using it.

Essentially, to manage your expectations as these are not a replacement for golf lessons with trained professionals.

The use of these devices with a golf professional’s guidance is your best option in ultimately improving your swing.

Working on your swing requires painstaking time and effort on your part.

Don’t expect instant results overnight. Instead, you must prepare yourself to put in a lot of work.

Eventually, you’ll find yourself hitting better shots and scoring higher while on the course.

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