How are Golf Clubs Fitted | Let’s Explore the Process

Golf players, either professional or amateur, are often confused when it comes to how are golf clubs fitted. If you feel like you’re not playing to your best abilities, maybe it’s time to know how to get fitted for golf clubs.

How are Golf Clubs Fitted? Let's Explore the Process
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How are Golf Clubs Fitted

Getting your golf club adequately fitted can be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

To understand the perfect clubs for you, be prepared to take a few measurements, and learn the basics of golf clubs. This article will discuss how to get fitted for golf clubs.

Let’s get started.

How are golf club fitted – Taking measurements

  • Start with the height

A properly fitted club should correspond with your height and the distance between the ground and your hand. You’ll need to measure your height to know the ideal club for you.

I suggest using the help of a second person to get an accurate measurement.

You should measure your height from the head down to your feet. When measuring, stand as upright as possible. Avoid being in a swing position.

  • Measure the length from your wrist to the floor

When looking for how are golf clubs fitted, the next measurement to take is the distance between the ground and your wrist.

Stand as upright as possible and allow your arms to rest freely at your sides. Ask your partner to measure from your wrist to the floor.

  • Check for golf clubs at the store

If you’re looking for how golf clubs are fitted, the measurements mentioned above will provide you with accurate angle information and the ideal length for your clubs.

I mean, learning about your height and the wrist-floor are the two crucial steps you need to take before heading over to the store to discuss with a salesperson.

Ideally, size fitters will provide you with some golf club to test your skills, especially your swing to determine which club size will suit your play pattern.

On the other hand, a professional fitter would prefer you to swing your old clubs to detect the inconsistency in your swing and where there’s a need for correction.

The standard club length is different for both men and ladies. The length of each club, from wedges to driver and putters, is different, so be sure you fit into each type.

  • Handicaps are important

You may be required to provide your handicap if you play with one. Providing your handicap will guide your selection process when checking to look for how are golf clubs fitted.

And if you forget your handicap, a brief description of your skill can help your club fitter suggest the right clubs for your swing.

Many golfers settle for the over-the-counter clubs because they think their skill set is not professional enough for custom-fitted clubs.

I highly suggest higher handicapped players embrace the use of the custom-fitted club as it can improve their gameplay and help with their swing.

  •  Choose the proper grip and flex

Once you’ve been able to sort out your club length and angle, next is to figure out the type of flex and grip that will be suitable for your skillset.

During this customization process, custom fitters would love to see your swing in action. Alternatively, you can present them with basic information on your swing to determine the best club set to improve your game.

You may need a radar machine and an electronic launch monitor to evaluate your swing speed, and you can always find them at most pro golf fitting shops.

Doing all these at home can be difficult. Most beginners typically have swings within the 80–85 mile (129–137 km)-per-hour range.

Golfers with a faster swing would love their wood to have a stiff shaft and their iron with iron shafts.

Golfers with a slower swing would prefer their woods to have flex shafts and their irons with graphite shafts.

The next step to take when looking for how are golf clubs fitted is to consistently monitor the distance covered when you hit your drive.

When hitting with a wooden driver, always monitor the drive on each club as it can help with matching you with a better set of drivers.

While looking for how are golf clubs fitted,

use the following guidelines to determine the proper flex for your woods:

  • Use ladies flex for woods below 180 yards.
  • Senior flex works well for woods between 180- 200 yards.
  • Give regular flex a try if your woods fall between 200 to 235 yards
  • Use stiff flex for woods between 236-275 yards
  • Extra stiff flex works well for woods with over 275 yards

What is the perfect flex for irons?

To know the perfect flex for irons, you should know what club is perfectly fit for hitting a 150-yard shot.

I mean, what club would you choose if you were preparing to hit a 150-yard shot? 

  • Use ladies flex if you’re hitting with 4 or 5 iron
  • Senior flex would do the job for a 5 iron
  • For 6 iron, choose soft regular flex
  • For 7 iron, choose the regular flex
  • 7 or 8-iron – firm flex is fine
  • 8 iron would do well with stuff flex
  • 9- iron, extra stiff flex

Using golf gloves for club fitting

Golf gloves are helpful when it comes to how to get fitted for golf clubs. These gloves should fit perfectly into your hand, causing no creases or wrinkles and supporting each club’s grip for more comfortable contact.

The size of your glove should determine your grip.

The larger the size of your glove, the bigger the grip you’ll need. Different types of grips are available and it ranges from the oversized men grip to the standard ladies’ size.

Bad grips can cause friction and even affect the quality of your swing. The pinch test is a helpful way of determining how to fit a glove club is.

You could only have a little pinch at your fingers and not on your palms. Once you use the right glove, you can expect to get the ideal grip.

Follow these rules of thumb:

  • The lady standard grips work for small or cadet-small gloves
  • Standard grip supports the medium and medium-large glove
  • For large glove, choose a mid-size grip
  • An oversize grip would work fine for extra-large gloves

How to Choose the Right Clubs

  • Seek professional advice

By professional advice, we mean, talking to a professional golfer. I’m not saying you need to speak to ‘Tiger woods’.’

A golf pro is a professional you meet at the golf shop – a comparable personality to a personal trainer.

Getting advice from a golf pro will help you learn more about different shots, how are golf clubs fitted, and the perfect club sets for your playing style.

It can be difficult for a non-expert to determine whether the high and low shot is caused by poor club fitting.

  • Explore different club options

If you’re planning to purchase a golf club and looking for how to get fitted for golf clubs, I suggest testing out different clubs first. Try out a wide variety of clubs and establish a playing style.

Get a full hang of the game before investing in a golf club. Golf club investments are not cheap, so you should get things right before purchasing a brand new club sets.

Improve your swing and establish a stable swing. Seek permission from friends, family, or a buddy at the golf shop to give different clubs a try.

While your height and swing speed will play a critical role in determining your choice, it all comes down to personal taste. Practice with different clubs.

Why should you get fitted for golf club

  • Improved strikes

If you constantly hit off-center, know that the problem might not be your swing; it could be that you’re using a club with incorrect shaft length.

Be sure to visit a professional club fitter that measures every detail of your swing and golf strategy.

Taking this approach will ensure that you are able to fully utilize your distance potential regardless of your clubhead speed.

  • Opportunity to play to the strength

Club fitting can help you select the best equipment that is tailored to your best-golfing abilities. It could be the one tailored to the clubface angle, clubhead path, and more.

If you constancy misses the sweet spot, it might be time to how are golf clubs fitted for your club’s face angle.

When a golf club is fitted to a proper face angle, those occasional hooks and the slice will be avoided.

Using the perfect clubface for your swing can help prevent unnecessary errors by stabilizing every target you make, and increases your scores with better playing consistency.

  • Prevent misdirection

When you know how are golf clubs fitted and have your clubs fitted accordingly, your ball can be free from constant misdirection when hit.

Getting your club fitted can prevent lie angle, keeping your ball in the direction of the hit.

The perfect lie angle for your strike will ensure that each swing flushes the whole bottom of the club with the ground, improving consistency and playing in the right direction.

  • Increases distance

Knowing how to get fitted for golf clubs can be the only thing you need to increase your shot’s distances.

How?  When you get your club fitted from a professional, every detail of your skills will be collected and analyzed.

For example, information regarding the angle, speed, and strength of play will be analyzed in order to provide the best loft for your swing.

If you want your game to improve sporadically, getting fitted for a golf club can be the way out.

  • Change the loft on a current club

Yes! You’ll need the assistance of a club-fitter. Altering an iron will be determined by whether the iron is cast or forged, and what is recommended by manufacturers.

What are the best places for custom fitting?

You can do your custom golf fitting in different places.

First off, be sure to use the service of a professional golf fitter. The golf fitting process could involve taking measurements or just practicing your swing to know your gameplay.

In your search for how do you get fitted for golf clubs, reaching out to an independent filter can be a more personalized option.

These professionals only specialized in club fitting and have enough time to dedicate to working with you. Also, you can visit the national custom fit centers (they are arguably the best option)

They offer top-notch fitting services along with more advanced equipment and an upgraded launch monitor technology.

What is the cost of a golf club custom fitting?

Prices vary.

Be sure to check for the price before booking for consultation. However, most club fitting retailers will fit you at no cost if you buy from them.

I also noticed this with the national custom fit centers – they charge you for your fitting session but take-off the price if you buy from them.

Are custom club fitting only meant for pro golfers?

Big No!

Anyone can look for how are golf clubs fitted, regardless of whether it’s a beginner or a seasoned professional.

However, you should endeavor to get your swings right and improve generally on the game before thinking about how to get fitted for golf clubs.

Wrapping up

I hope you now understand how are golf clubs fitted.

You should get fitted for golf club if you feel like you’re not playing to your best abilities.

You must learn some basics of a golf club and how golf measurement works before getting fitted for a golf club.

Use the service of a professional golf fitter.

The golf fitting process usually involves taking measurements or just practicing your swing to know your gameplay to help determine the right golf clubs for your gold strategy.

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