How are Golf Clubs Measured? An In-depth Look

But do you ever wonder, ‘how are golf clubs measured?’. Few are ever keen enough to get their golf clubs measured at their point of purchase.

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Summary: Understanding how to measure golf club length is essential for golfers. Custom club fitting, accurate measurement of irons and wedges, considering physical characteristics and swing style, using measuring tools, and professional fitting are crucial for optimizing performance.
Junior golfers require special consideration for club length adjustments. Properly fitted clubs lead to consistency and improved performance.
📌 Measuring golf club length is crucial for swing, accuracy, and distance in golf.
📌 Custom club fitting by a professional is essential for determining the proper club length.
📌 Measuring irons and wedges involves considering clubhead size, grip sizing options, shaft length, swing speed, and personal preference.
📌 Measuring woods and drivers requires accuracy and considering factors like club length, golfer’s physical characteristics, and achieving correct posture and swing plane.
📌 Using a golf club measuring tool helps determine accurate club length based on physical attributes and swing style.
📌 Height, arm length, and swing style should be considered when selecting club length.
📌 Swing analysis helps identify adjustments needed for club selection, such as shaft flex and clubhead design.
📌 Professional fitting optimizes golf equipment based on individual swing characteristics, resulting in increased accuracy and distance.
📌 Junior golfers require club length adjustments to match their physical dimensions and strength.
📌 Properly fitted clubs for junior golfers help maintain consistency, improve performance, and develop skills.
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How are Golf Clubs Measured? An In-depth Look
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Usually, the excitement and euphoria of owning a new set of clubs overwhelm you.

So much so you just want to quickly get on the golf course to try them out.

How are Golf Clubs Measured?

Measuring a golf club is something that you can do yourself or have a professional from your favorite golf shop help you out.

Either way, it is an intricate process that requires close attention to detail and a lot of focus.

One wrong move and you’ll end up with a wrong-sized set of clubs that do nothing to aid you to improve your performance.

But don’t beat yourself about it already, in this comprehensive guide, you’ll get to learn everything about how are golf clubs measured and why it is important.

You are probably asking, ‘why should I be too concerned? The people at the golf shop will do it for me anyway.’

As a novice player, yes, you don’t have to worry too much about how to measure for golf clubs.

But as a passionate golfer at their wits about perfecting their game and bettering their performance, every detail counts. And one such detail here is being able to use the perfect size golf clubs.

Say, for example, you are scheduled to take part in a professional golf tournament.

There’s no question about having to make sure that your golf clubs are measured or else you risk instant disqualification.

In this case, your standard club length should be 48 inches or less.

How do you measure golf clubs? Measuring golf clubs is pretty easy. Some have become so good at it they use ruler and tape measures.

But if you are not willing to take any chances on the accuracy, a golf measuring tool will suffice. There are times when you will want to switch shafts on your golf clubs.

While this is relatively quite common, it could cause you a great load of inconvenience if you do not install the new shafts correctly.

How do you make sure you know how to measure golf clubs to fit you? You do it right, by measuring everything to a T.

It helps to have a close expert golf buddy or a professional golf equipment company rep to assist measure the clubs and install the new shafts for you.

Not so long ago there was an in-depth discussion among most golf enthusiasts when one Bryson DeChambeau was allowed to use the same length irons.

Some were for it, but most people were a bit skeptical about it.

Numerous golf players argue that graduated shafts are far much more accommodating and easier to use compared to single-length shafts.

Here, you’ll get to learn more about why you should measure your golf clubs, how are golf clubs measured, and why you should never buy golf clubs without having them measured first.

Golf Club Length, What is it?

It’s quite straightforward. Golf club length is the distance covering the heel of the club at the point where it touches the ground, up to where your wrist grips the club.

Why not just go for a standard length golf club? Simple, because, not all golfers are the same size.

Plus, other factors like swing speed, posture, height, and more are all unique qualities that could completely ruin your game if the measurements are wrong.

It’s impossible to have one solution for different problems. In the same way, it’s impossible to expect the same size shaft lengths to accommodate different whose heights vary.

No doubt, the graduated shaft method of measuring golf clubs can enable players to increase their performance.

This by influencing how the club contacts the golf ball given that the club has been calibrated to suit the player’s height and swing style. The golf clubs here vary in length.

For example, a pitching wedge in a graduated shaft set would typically be shorter than the standard 9-inch iron.

A 7-iron would, therefore, be slightly longer than an 8 iron and the trend continues until the last club in the set.

How are Golf Clubs Measured to Fit You

How are golf clubs measured?

As earlier mentioned, there are several methods to measure golf clubs:

  • Tape Measure

When using a tape measure to figure out the length of your golf clubs, it is prudent to have a level flat surface like a table or a countertop to use as your base.

This because it will give you a more accurate result as opposed to when you are measuring the club vertically.

Remember that the sole found at the bottom area of the club should lie at a 60-degree angle.

Pin your tape measure at the very tip of the grip and measure up until the opposite tip of the sole. There you have it, now you know what your club length is.

  • Golf Club Measuring Tool

This is a special machine designed to give you the most accurate measurements of your golf clubs. How do you measure golf clubs using this machine?

Begin by turning on your measuring machine. You want to first calibrate it using a calibration rod before actually measuring the golf clubs.

Fit your calibration rod such that one tip touches one end of the machine and the other tip touches the 60-degree base.

Zero out the scale, remove the calibration rod and then bring in your club.

Place the club head and the grip on their designated support areas on the measuring tool and check to see if the sole touches the 60-degree soleplate.

Slowly adjust the grip support, moving it forward up until it touches the butt plate. Now read the scale and note down the resulting measurements.

If you are looking for how to measure for golf clubs, the golf club measuring tool is the surest of all.

Why Golf Club Length is Important

Unbeknownst to many golf club length has the power to make or break your performance on the golf course. Yes, by now you realize that golf club length is indeed important.

But let’s get to the details regarding how are golf clubs measured and why you should be more attentive to club length.

  • A shorter golf club will force you to adopt an upright posture when swinging. In turn, you can easily find a better angle to hit the ball.
  • It can determine how upright or flat you need to be to swing.
  • Club length has a direct impact on clubhead speeds. In this case, clubs with longer shafts can enable you to hit the ball further and vice versa.
  • Club length can also directly impact accuracy. Most players find that they can more easily control shorter clubs than they can longer ones. Therefore accuracy is better achieved with shorter clubs than with longer ones.
  • When it comes to flexibility, the longer the club the more you can enjoy. Reduce the length and you’ll notice that your club is far stiffer than usual.
  • You might be surprised to find out that your consistency in performance is supported or affected by having the right or wrong club length, respectively. If, for example, you use clubs measured to fit the correct length, then you will not have a problem making solid shots each time you take a swing.

Other Factors When measuring golf club length

You’ve checked and re-checked, measured and re-measured, but no, it doesn’t end there. It is not enough to want your clubs to measure a specific length.

Other important factors also come into play when you are trying to fit the perfect size of clubs:

  • Height

Which club length should you go for? It helps to try grabbing and swinging a club before purchasing it.

But even more importantly it would be wise to have them measure your height and match it to a shaft length ideal. This is how to measure golf clubs to fit you.

The rule of thumb here is that the taller you are, the longer the clubs you should use.

The putter is one of those golf clubs in a set that tends to be left on the back burner.

But make no mistake, the second you are going to need it, there isn’t another club in your golf bag that can get the job done better than a good putter.

Speaking of good, a good putter is a perfect fit and size. Usually, the attendants at the golf shop where you bought the clubs will let you know how long your putter is.

Compared to other golf clubs, putter length hasn’t changed much. However, slight changes here and there cannot go unnoticed if you are an observant person.

While there’s no recommended standard length for putters, the best putter ideal for the average-sized golf player ranges between 32 inches and 37 inches long.

Some expert players prefer to use to mid-length putter shafts yet others prefer full-length putter shafts.

Pro golfers have the luxury of playing around with putter length because they know how to adjust to make it work for them and to accommodate their upper bodies.

If, however, you are just now getting to learn golf, you are better off sticking to the normal-sized putters.

It will allow you to strengthen your putting stroke, improve comfort, and also accommodates your height.

A taller player would find a longer putter to be adequate for his needs a shorter player on the other hand will find that a shorter putter will support how little they have to slant over to putt.

  • Wrist-to-floor Distance

How far is it from your wrist to the floor? Writ-to floor distance is a huge part of how are golf clubs measured.

The best measurement of this is for you to stand upright, let your hands hang loosely on the side, and have someone measure the distance.

Generally, if you are taller than the average golfer, your wrist-to-floor distance will be greater than that of a player who is much shorter than average.

Recommended club-lengths for height/size


How to Test your Clubs

If you are the skeptical type who likes to check and try out clubs just to see if they fit right, here are a few checkpoints to help put your mind at ease.

Whether you are using an iron or a putter, you must first be able to see your hands hang freely.

You can grip the club in position confidently and you can effortlessly rest your eyes over your golf ball.

Should you at any one time feel uneasy, uncomfortable, or like the clubs don’t fit right, then it could indicate a mismeasurement.

You will only see a positive change in your performance and comfort levels if you use the right-sized clubs.

So, don’t be afraid to ask the attendants at the golf equipment shop to help you re-measure your clubs.

Sketchy Issue of Adjusting the Shaft Length

Instead of doing it themselves, one too many players prefer to ditch their clubs and purchase new ones.

But let’s face it, not all of us have the luxury of buying new clubs every time we get bored with our old ones.

The good news here is that, instead of digging deep into your pockets, you can just have someone who’s experienced and knows how to measure for golf clubs adjust the shaft length to what you want.

But what would make you want to change your shaft length in the first place?

Well, a player’s needs tend to change over time. What worked for you before may stop working for you. You may also want to try and challenge yourself to try new things.

Both scenarios are only a few examples of why you may want to adjust the length of your clubs.

The process entails replacing the old shafts with new longer or shorter ones. You could also either cut down or extend your current shafts to achieve the desired lengths.

In Conclusion

When all is said and done, golf is a game that is designed to be enjoyed.

If you are not handy enough to do it yourself, why not get a pro to measure and adjust club lengths for you?

Provided you realize that golf club lengths can influence your skill and performance, then you know how serious you need to be about using the right sized clubs.

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