How Long Should My Golf Clubs Be

If you are an amateur in golf, you might be asking yourself, How long should my golf clubs be? Don’t worry because most people tend to get lost when choosing the right golf club.

How Long Should My Golf Clubs Be
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Playing golf is an excellent way to relax from a tiring week at work. But contrary to what it may seem, playing golf is not as easy as you think.

It does involve not only proper skills and mindset but also the right equipment.

How Long Should My Golf Clubs Be?

When it comes to golf, the size of your golf clubs matter, especially if you tend to miss out on accuracy and distance.

In some cases, your poor performance may be due to your golf club’s length.

Thus, knowing how long should your golf clubs be is essential in improving your game performance.

We can measure a golf club’s length from the end of its grip cap to the ground. But to determine its proper size, you should put it in a position similar to how you play.

So how long should your golf clubs be?

The best answer to this question is that it depends on your physiology and skills. It should be able to complement your height, wrist-to-floor length, and skillset.

Below are some suitable methods to help you determine how tall should golf clubs be.

Fitting Methods

There are several measuring methods that you can use to determine how long should your golf clubs be. We can categorize them into the dynamic and static fitting.

  • Static Fitting

In static fitting, the measurements are less reliable to the eyes of pro golfers.

Here, we focus on measuring your height and wrist-to-floor distance then matching them to the  “How long should my golf clubs be chart.”

If you are planning on doing this method, make sure to use a ruler, tape measure, or any straight object to ensure your measurements’ accuracy in order to figure out how long should my golf clubs be.

You can get your height and wrist-to-floor measurements separately.

It is difficult how to tell how long your golf clubs should be. But in some cases, you can use a “How long should my golf clubs be chart” that considers them both.

Additionally, combining your height and wrist-to-floor measurements tend to give you a more accurate static fit.

  • Height And Wrist-To-Floor Measurement Steps

To determine how long should your golf clubs be, you can do the following steps:

    1. Measure your height from your head to your feet. Make sure to stand as straight as you can be. This will assist how to know how long your golf clubs should be.
    2. Measure your wrist-to-floor distance. Start from where your wrist bends. Similarly, stand as straight as possible and ensure that your arms are hanging loosely on your sides.
    3. Record your measurements and determine the most precise length recommendation on the cross-reference “How long should my golf clubs be chart.”
    4. Place it on the floor and measure the length of the club that you would want to use. Start from the sole up until the grip cap edge. In contrast, if you plan on measuring a putter, measure it from the center to the end of the grip. This will let you know how to tell how long your golf clubs should be.
  • Dynamic Fitting

Meanwhile, dynamic fitting is more personalized compared to static fitting. Because of this, it is often a more reliable technique, especially since it takes into account your performance.

It is a good method to pinpoint easily how long golf clubs should be. In this method, the player would have to swing a club using a launch monitor.

This device allows you to determine how tall should golf clubs be depending on their head and shaft measurements compared to your playing style.

Differences Of Each Club

Another common question asked by beginners is, “How tall should golf clubs be?”

This problem may be challenging to answer because there are various golf clubs available in your bag. You can choose from wood, iron, wedge, drivers, putters, and hybrids.

There are no straight answers in regards to How Long Should Golf Clubs Be.

But in this section, let us look at a summary of the three standard golf clubs types. This was you will have a better understanding of how long should my golf clubs be.

Drivers, which are also known as 1-Wood clubs, are part of the woods category.

They are the longest golf club in the set and also have the biggest clubhead but you still need to determine how long golf clubs should be for a driver.

Its loft or face angle ranges from 8.5° to 13°. Drivers with smaller angle degrees launch balls on a lower trajectory, while more prominent ones increase the ball’s trajectory.

Generally speaking, longer driver shaft lengths result in greater shot distances.

If you think this is the best match for you, an average driver length on how long golf clubs should be in this instance would be 44.5″”.

On the other hand, we can classify iron clubs as short, middle, and long irons. They are all similar because of their extreme angle club heads and only differ in their length.

But still knowing how long golf clubs should be can make a huge improvement in your game.

Long irons have a loft angle ranging from 20° to 27°. Middle irons range from 28 to 34 and can reach distances of 140 to 160 yards.

Lastly, short irons have high lofts and can reach up to 130 yards in length. If you plan on using an iron club, I suggest you base it off of your height.

How long should my golf clubs be chart:

Height Range and What to do

4′ 9″ to 5′ 0″,  Subtract 2″ from SL
5′ 0″ to 5′ 3″,  Subtract 1 1/2″ from SL
5′ 3″ to 5′ 6″,  Subtract 1″ from SL
5′ 6″ to 5′ 9″,  Subtract 1/2″ from SL
5′ 9″ to 6′ 0″,  Standard Length (SL)
6′ 0″ to 6′ 3″,  Add 1/2″ to SL
6′ 3″ to 6′ 6″,  Add 1″ to SL
6′ 6″ to 6′ 9″,  Add 1 1/2″ to SL
6′ 9″ to 7′ 0″,  Add 2″ to SL

For putters, the most appropriate shaft length is the one that allows you to see directly over the ball. The simple answer to How Long Should Golf Clubs Be.

In principle, all golfers would need long putters. This is how long golf clubs should be on their situation. But this idea does not entirely fit some players.

Instead, you should consider your posture, comfort, and measurements. A longer putter would force you to stand further away and also causes you to move your elbows closer to your body.

Meanwhile, a short putter forces you to stand closer to the ball and move your sight over it. Since shorter putters have elevated heels, the ball would tend to move towards the right.

Important Factors to Look Out

These are some of the determining criteria when figuring out in How Long Should My Golf Clubs Be.

Knowing how tall should golf clubs be will also depend on your physiological needs and your club’s attributes.

Below is a concise explanation of each factor.

  • Gender

Most clubs have standard lengths, depending on your gender. Men tend to have longer golf clubs compared to the ones for women. This is usually the idea on how long golf clubs should be.

  • Age

Aside from your gender, your age can also play a huge role in determining which is the right golf club length for you. Older players may want to get a club length that complements their posture.

Meanwhile, short- and medium-length clubs would be the most suitable ones for younger golfers. Age is an excellent factor on how to measure how long your golf clubs should be.

  • Skill Level

Your numerical potential and ability in golf also play a massive significance in determining your golf club length. Based on the index range, you can end up as a low, mid, or high handicapper.

This is a vital factor on how to know how long your golf clubs should be. You can pick longer shafts for greater distance.

An ideal shaft for this type of ability would include graphite drivers and iron clubs.

What Length Golf Clubs Should I Use?

To answer the question, “What size golf clubs should I use?” knowing whether your club is the right fit for your physiological needs and performance are not enough.

You also need to test out each club you can find in your golf bag.

However, you may be wondering about how to tell if golf clubs are the right length. And as I have said countless times, the right size of your club can affect your performance.

So you can do the following methods below if you are still asking yourself the question, “What size golf club should I use?”

  • Test As Much Golf Clubs As Possible

The most basic way of how to tell if golf clubs are the right length and determining what length golf clubs should I use is by trying out several other golf clubs at first.

Go to golf shops or ask your friends and family where you could test out various clubs on the driving range. Try to develop your playing style and focus on getting consistent swings.

  • Determine Swing Speed

The next step of how to tell if golf clubs are the right length is to determine your swing speed.

When you have entirely figured out the best golf club length, you would have to focus on your flex and grip, especially your particular playing style.

And that my friend will help you figure out What length golf clubs should I use.

To do this, a custom fitter would test your swing speed and ask you for several necessary information about your previous performances.

However, determining your rate may be challenging to do at home. Instead, use a launch monitor and a radar machine to answer your question, “What size golf clubs should I use?”

If you have a faster swing, then stiff shafts on wood clubs and iron shafts on iron clubs would be the best fit for your playing style.

On the contrary, if you have slower swings, you should go for flex shafts on wood clubs or graphite shafts on iron clubs.

This is a great strategy on how to know how long your golf clubs should be.

  • Use Gloves

If possible, you should also test your golf club with your gloves for you to figure out What length golf clubs should I use.

Since you would need to wear your gloves during your games, they may affect your grip. But if you use the wrong grip size, it could result in friction and disrupt your swing.

When it comes to this method, the general rule of thumb is that large-sized gloves require large club sizes.

For a clearer picture, if you use a small or medium glove size, you should opt for a lady standard or standard grip, respectively.

On the other hand, large and extra-large glove sizes benefit from mid-size and oversize grips, correspondingly.

Hopefully, this overview of how to tell if golf clubs are the right length and determination on What length golf clubs should I use.

Are Golf Clubs A Standard Length?

If you have asked yourself, “How long should my golf clubs be?”, you may have also wondered, “Are golf clubs a standard length?”

Fortunately, I have the answer you are looking for in this section.

Here, we will examine the traditional sizes of the three essential clubs you can find in a regular golf bag and why or why not are golf clubs a standard length?

We will also answer the questions, “Why is it harder to hit longer golf clubs? And “Do longer golf clubs help?”

  • Driver Size

The standard length for various golf clubs may change over time. So, Are golf clubs a standard length? Well, it depends entirely on what type of golf clubs you are using.

For instance, we considered 43.5″ as the usual driver length for a steel driver in the past. Meanwhile, a graphite driver length was 44″ before.

  • Iron Club Size

1-iron clubs are usually over 40″ in length with 0.5″ decrements for each size until the nine iron club, which measures around 36″.

These sizes may vary due to your shaft material. Take steel shafts as an example. When compared to graphite shafts, these steel shafts are usually an inch shorter.

Are golf clubs a standard length? It entirely depends on the material being used.

  • Standard Putter Size

Lastly, the standard length for a putter is 34″ inches. But unlike iron clubs, the putter’s size depends on its construction rather than its shaft’s material.

This is another factor why Are golf clubs a standard length is a misnomer.

Can Golf Clubs Be Too Long?

Being aware of the standard sizes of these essential clubs gives you leverage compared to other golf players.

Knowing their lengths allows you to better match your golf swings and help you determine the most appropriate bend and flex during your game.

  • Do Longer Golf Clubs Help

As I have mentioned in the previous sections, beginner golf players who want to excel in this sport must know the length of the golf club appropriate to them.

There are a couple of factors that you would need to consider to know which golf club is the right fit.

Another question that may have arisen while reading this might be, “Do longer golf clubs help?”

If we go back to the previous sections, I mentioned that your height is one of the factors in determining the length of your golf club.

Thus, you should be wary of their sizes because they can significantly affect your performance.

  • Factors You Should Look Out For

If you have been wondering, “Can golf clubs be too long?, you may have also asked yourself, Why is it harder to hit longer golf clubs?”

Below are a couple of signs to determine the possible effects of your club length on your performance and help to determine Can golf clubs be too long in your case.

The signs that indicate whether your golf club is too long would depend on how you feel during your game.

You would often have difficulty standing up straight and moving your lower body.

These are also the reasons that answer why is it harder to hit longer golf clubs. So, do longer golf clubs help, absolutely.

  • Why Length Matters

If you get shorter golf clubs, they will provide you with more accurate performance. However, one downside would be its effect on the ball’s distance.

Meanwhile, getting a longer club would result in less accuracy. Thus, understanding the significance of your golf club’s length can impact your game performance.

That is why can golf clubs be too long or too short can affect your overall performance.

To More Excellent Golf Performances!

Congratulations on reaching the end of my post!

You can now say goodbye to your previous poor techniques and say hello to better accuracy and control.

Through this post, I hope that I have given you sufficient answers to all your questions, especially “How long should my golf clubs be?”.

I hope you gained additional information that you could apply during your games.

Remember, knowing the length of your golf clubs can significantly impact your performance.

For instance, longer clubs may improve range, while shorter ones could lead to better control and accuracy. However, choosing the club that offers the perfect fit for you takes a while.

You can opt for static or dynamic fitting, where the latter gives you a more personalized feel.

Now that you know the answer to the question, “How long should my golf clubs be?” there should be no stopping you from chasing your dreams.

Rest assured, your game performance and accuracy will improve, especially in terms of the range of your shots.

I wish you nothing but the best for your journey to golf.

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