How Much Are Golf Clubs and Your Best Options

How much are golf clubs? Many people say that golf is a game just for the elite because it purportedly requires a big investment before you can advance your career.

How Much Are Golf Clubs
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While it is true that the sport can be expensive, it does not necessarily mean that it is only for those people living a life of luxury.

Golf can be costly but the extent depends on how expensive you make it to be.

How Much Are Golf Clubs and Your Best Options

If you have the means and you’re willing to spend so much on it, then you can say golf is a big investment.

Otherwise, you can still play by budgeting your money for the equipment needed.

Many websites that offer slightly used golf clubs for a price within your reach. If money hinders you but you genuinely have the passion for golf, you’d find a way.

So how much do golf clubs cost?

Well, just like what we’ve said, it is how expensive you make it to be. The investment for how much for golf clubs varies depending on your budget.

Some people spend as much as $600 for a brand new golf club while others go to thrift stores or yard sales to get theirs for as low as $2.

Hence, there’s no definite answer on how much different types of golf clubs cost.

In this article, we will discuss how much different golf clubs cost so you know what to expect before heading toward stores.

Before we go straight to the question – how much are golf clubs.

Let us first outline the things beginner golfers should take note of before buying.  If you are a professional golfer, you may skip this part already.

Otherwise, read carefully.

Starting a golf career can be quite exciting but you should be smart about it. Many beginner golfers tend to get over-excited and when they do, it often results in splurging.

They don’t take into account first how much do golf clubs cost.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with it. However, it is always better to spend your hard-earned money wisely so you would not have regrets in the future.

You must assess how interested you are in building a golf career so you can weigh how much you should invest in the sport.

See how dedicated you are in learning before you purchase anything.

You should also ask yourself if you have any specific goals you want to achieve so you can have an expectation setting of how much you should give financially.

Now that everyone is on the same page, let us go over the discussion – how much are golf clubs.

Over three decades, several technological advancements have been made to ensure golf equipment remains efficient.

There have been changes from grip to shafts to club heads to help golfers improve their game. Because of these upgrades, players can now drive the ball to a greater distance.

However, there’s always a catch to it.

Whenever golf manufacturers harness technology to produce better golf equipment, their operating costs increase. And that only means one thing!

The price of the product itself skyrockets. So, how much are golf clubs? To answer the question of how much golf clubs cost, we will go over different clubs and elaborate on it.

Did you know that there are countless options now for golf clubs due to the booming golf technology?

Into the bargain, the Internet has become an avenue for golfers to purchase almost every type of club that they want. It has increased accessibility.

Buying your set of clubs is not as straightforward as before where you look at 10-15 options and choose among them.

Right now, you can even have it personalized to fit your specific gameplay. Hence, comparing the average price of clubs is not as easy anymore.

Nonetheless, we will attempt to outline the most accurate pricing as possible.

When we’re talking about golf drivers, you should prepare at least $250 for brand new equipment.

But if you want to go extra and purchase the newest item release, you should expect to spend at least $600 or more.

If your budget is still short, you may consider buying from less famous brands instead. They have low-rated drivers that you can buy for as little as $120.

Make sure to assess it first before buying it!

Budget-friendly drivers work well for amateurs since they are still getting the hang of the game. You should expect that such drivers do not deliver optimal distances or accuracy.

Nevertheless, it is a wise choice for those people who do not have specific goals of breaking records yet.

If you are eyeing for high-end golf putters, expect to spend at least $400.

Otherwise, you can still get quality clubs for as low as $120 as long as you know how to check if the equipment reaches your money’s worth.

Many golfers choose to buy expensive putters because they are designed with greater balance. Moreover, their heft and grips are set to square easily to the target line.

If you are going to ask a professional golf player, they would say its overall structure makes a positive difference. But then again, if you are a beginner, it does not matter as much yet.

You know, you can buy putters even from e-commerce sites like Amazon for as low as $35.

However, you should know that such websites do not always offer the best-quality golf equipment.

Although Amazon sells a lot of things, golf equipment is not their strong suit.

    • If you check websites dedicated to producing quality golf gears like Callaway, you can purchase top-rated putters from $110 to $125. The price would vary depending on the type you buy. Customized features are also taken into account.
    • Did you know that the number one putter in golf (which is called stroke lab seven putter) is from Odyssey? If you’re wondering how much for golf clubs, it will cost you around $249.99. The said gear has been reviewed by professionals. Hence, checking it out might be worth your time and money.
    • You can also try visiting websites that offer TaylorMade Spider X. It is also an expensive putter. You can purchase it for $349.99. It might be costly but it is proven to improve the game of anyone who uses it since it was designed to improve distance and accuracy.
    • If you are looking for a powerful putter, you should check out clubs from EVNROLL ER Range. So again, how much for golf clubs? They are usually around $359.99. They might be a big investment but if you want to advance your golf career, they can help you big time.
    • In case you want a putter with an adjustable shaft so you can play more comfortably, consider purchasing the PING Sygma 2 range putter. How much for golf clubs, you ask? Well, it’s a slightly less expensive option, and you can buy it for only $217.
  • Golf Irons

In terms of clubs, how much do iron golf clubs cost? If a range is required, we can say that buying irons is one of the biggest investments you can make in golf.

To answer the question, you may purchase an iron for as low as $114.99 and as high as $1399.99. That is almost triple the cost of the mentioned golf clubs above.

Of course, the brand plays a huge role in its pricing. Many professionals favor buying brand new irons than old ones since they are designed with more power and accuracy.

If you do not know it yet, iron is one of the most challenging equipment a golfer handles.

Not everybody can play with it well. If you are a beginner, we suggest that you practice on a less expensive option first and just upgrade if you think you already have a knack for it.

    • If you are short on budget, you can still buy quality irons for less than $100. Just visit Callaway to purchase their cost-effective irons for only $87. Otherwise, check out their Callaway Steelhead XR Irons. You can now purchase it for only $399.98 since they are on a discount. Its original price is $499.99 to $599.99.
    • Some stores sell Rogue individual irons made out of graphite for only $126. But if you want a more powerful Rogue iron, you may purchase their clubs made out of steel. However, it is more expensive. So, golf clubs generally range from $787 to $899.
  • Golf Wedges

If you are a beginner and you aren’t familiar with wedges yet, they are the type of golf club that is versatile. You can use them in the fringe, fairway, and rough.

In terms of their features, how much are golf clubs? The average price of this gear is about $120.

    • If you wish to improve your spin control, you may purchase the Callaway Mack Daddy 4 wedge. It has an innovative design and grooves on its face that can help you improve your gameplay.
    • You can also buy wedges from e-commerce sites like Amazon for as low as $149.95. One good example is the Mizuno S18 that offers a great balance.
    • If you are looking for a durable golf wedge, consider checking out the Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth. It has a carbon steel construction so the club is quite powerful. If you are wondering how much golf wedges cost, you can buy it for as low as $139.99.
  • Golf Hybrids

Hybrid is a combination of iron and wood. They are easier to use.

Hence, this golf equipment is recommended for beginner golfers. The average price for this type of club is $199.99, in case you are wondering.

    • If you are looking for a golf club with jailbreak technology and speed face up, try the Callaway Rogue 2 Hybrid club.
    • For people on a budget, Taylormade Golf 2018 M4 Rescue Hybrid 3 is your best bet. You can purchase it for as low as $130.

How much for a set of golf clubs?

Now that we have talked about different clubs and their respective prices, let us go over this question – how much for a set of golf clubs.

This way you can weigh how much your overall investment would be in playing golf.

Again, there’s no definite answer on how much for a set of golf clubs but we will try to get as close as possible to their actual pricings.

How much is a set of golf clubs? In terms of range, a set or package of clubs can cost you $100 to $1200 depending on the type of clubs included.

Some might feel that this amount is a little bit expensive for just a “hobby.” That may be true for others who see this sport as merely a pastime.

However, if you’re one of those individuals who take this game seriously and want to excel in its every facet, then investing in a set of golf clubs is the best choice.

If you think about the question – how much is a full set of golf clubs, its average cost is often the same (if not less) with the average price of individual components of the club package.

Professional golfers would not be surprised by this setting since most of them do not need to follow the standards when it comes to what should be in the club package.

They usually make their own set based on their gameplay.

How much for a set of golf clubs, or better, how much is a full set of golf clubs?

A complete set of clubs is always aimed at beginners because they need to learn every club if they want to advance their golf career. So, how much is a full set of golf clubs?

If you would think of the logic, beginners don’t use a lot of irons because it is one of the most difficult clubs to use. They tend to purchase hybrids first.

When you compare the amount of money spent on hybrids and irons, the latter is much more expensive.

Hence, the answer to the question – how much is a set of golf clubs, depends on what a player uses.

How much for a set of golf clubs?  and How much is a set of golf clubs? These are just some of the questions we answered in this article.

To wrap it up, you should know as a player (whether you are a professional or a beginner golfer), what equipment you use may impact how you play but not as much as how your skills carry your game.

The question of how much is a set of golf clubs depends on your level of expertise and financial capacity.

Making a Decision

You should not beat yourself up if you cannot afford brand new golf gear.

You can always upgrade when you already have the luxury to do so.

If you still have queries in mind regarding how much are golf clubs, check out some of our other articles first to know what your set should have.

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