How to Buy Golf Shoes | Helps Improve Performance

Buying golf shoes is like going into a relationship and you should consider asking yourself how to buy golf shoes that will help improve my performance in the golf course.

How to Buy Golf Shoes | Helps Improve Performance
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How to Buy Golf Shoes

When thinking about how to buy golf shoes, the first thing that you need to consider is that there are many types of golf shoes.

You should also know the differences of each before actually buying.

So before you figure out how to buy golf shoes, you should figure out what type you want, and taking a look at some of the different types of shoes can help you in doing so.

Decide on what type of golf shoes you want

  • Spiked or cleated

Just like football cleated shoes, these golf shoes are designed for traction on slippery terrains.

The golf course can be slippery after it rains, and the traction from your spiked shoes can help you overcome that.

The downside of cleated shoes is that these may put stress on your feet and heels when you wear it while standing on the golf course for too long, or when you are walking around the golf course during your game.

Your feet might get sore with these shoes so you should consider packing ointments for sores when you wear this.

  • Spikeless

If you are looking for a more lightweight shoe with a sole that goes easy on your feet, then try checking out the spikeless golf shoes.

It offers more comfort, and style compared to cleated shoes. These golf shoes are also called “Street-Shoes” and most pro golfers use these shoes even on their big tournaments.

  • Golf Boot

Get maximum protection for your feet when playing with the golf boot.

It is designed just like a hiking boot and offers better water resistance compared to both the cleated shoes and street shoes.

On the flip side, these golf boots are heavier than any other golf shoes and they may fit too tightly around your ankles especially when you are preparing for a swing.

Also, they may be more expensive than other golf shoes because of the thick materials used to make them.

Considering the shoe types can be the first step in helping you answer your question “how to buy golf shoes.”

You can determine what are your needs, preferences, or expectations out of a golf shoe before buying one.

Should I Buy Golf Shoes Based On Material?

If you are asking yourself, “should I buy golf shoes”, then by now you should have the answer to that.

However, what you must keep in mind is that shoes are made with a combination of materials.

You should select the golf shoes that are made with materials that you are most comfortable playing with, or that you most prefer to be on your golf shoes while wearing them.

So if you are now asking yourself “should I buy golf shoes based on material” then you are on the right track.

Not only will you realize the difference in each material but it can also help you to make a wise purchase of golf shoes.

Here are the 3 material mainly used for golf shoes that can help you answer the question “should I buy golf shoes based on material”:

  • Leather

This material helps to offer some level of water resistance and a great deal of tightness to your shoe. It is one of the most popular materials for golf shoes but can make the price go higher.

  • Polyester

Modern technology allows polyester or synthetic plastics to be used for golf shoes. Synthetic materials contribute to lightweight and cheaper shoes.

However, it may not be as environmentally-friendly as compared to the shoes made of leather.

  • Goretex

The fabric material Goretex is used to make the most popular golf shoes. It offers better water-resistance and comfort compared to leather and polyester.

It can also be used for any weather but may not be as sturdy as leather when on the golf course.

In order to help you answer your question “should I buy golf shoes based on material”, it is important to consider these materials and their differences from each other.

These considerations can also help you before you purchase any golf shoe.

Choose a golf store or seller to buy from

Another consideration to make when asking yourself “how to buy golf shoes”, is that you should choose credible golf stores that sell your desired golf shoes.

Since golf is now a big sport, you can find golf stores selling golf shoes both online and on their physical stores or you can even have your golf shoes customized and delivered to you.

If you decide to buy from online stores, then you should first assess that store’s credibility by looking at the reviews or ratings.

Given by previous buyers from that store to avoid getting scammed from your purchase.

  • Check if the golf shoes they are selling on that online store is available to be delivered to your region.
  • Go out and look for physical golf stores near you that are selling your desired golf shoe.
  • Should prepare your budget first before going to the store so that your transaction would be smooth when you get there.
  • Must consider also if the store is offering discounts or promos on your golf shoe, this can even let you save more compared to the prices offered on golf stores.

Lastly, you should ask for pictures and other important information about the golf shoes you are about to buy before submitting payment.

Why Buy Golf Shoes from credible sellers?

Aside from asking yourself how to buy golf shoes, you should also realize the importance of the question “why buy golf shoes from legit sellers?”

By doing so, you are reducing the risk of scammers getting the better out of you.

It is important to remember that there are many sellers out there that can dupe you and sell you fake golf shoes for a relatively cheaper price than others.

Even if you have decided on the type of golf shoe you want or the store that you would buy it from, you should still always buy from legitimate golf shoe sellers.

Here are some benefits that can come out of the question “why buy golf shoes from credible sellers”:

  • Doing so gives you your money’s worth. The golf shoe that you would pay for will contain all the features and elements that was indicated in its product description.
  • Credible sellers will give you helpful information even before you purchase anything from them or even after you purchase the golf shoes from them
  • You can save money and time when you buy golf shoes directly from credible sellers

When someone asks you, why buy golf shoes for an expensive price when they can offer golf shoes cheaper?

You should reflect if they can also offer these benefits. If not, then you would be better off buying from credible sellers even if their prices are higher.

Consider the importance of the question “why buy golf shoes from credible sellers” before you go online or go out to buy your desired golf shoe.

Buying from credible sellers increases your chance of getting the original golf shoe that you wanted, and not just some cheap rip-off version.

Golf Shoes Buyers Guide

As a bonus, we will provide you with some buying golf shoes tips so you will be better equipped when looking for the best pair of golf shoes to buy!

  • One thing that I learned from the golf shoes buyers guide is that you should know the three Fs when buying a new pair of golf shoes. These three Fs stand for Fit, Form, and Functionality. The fit is all about the size of the shoes- is it too big or too small for you. Next, the form is the shape of your shoes whether it is spiked or not. Lastly, functionality tackles what your golf shoes can do.
  • A buying golf shoes tips state that before shopping for a new pair, you must take note of your personality. Since dressing up nowadays is a form of self-expression, golf shoes must reflect who you really are and what you’re feeling.
  • Scrutinize the lacing technology- this is what every golf shoes buyers guide or buying golf shoes tips will say. Lacing technology is very important as you won’t want to tie your shoelace every now and then while you are in a game

When To Buy Golf Shoes

If you are having second thoughts on buying new golf shoes and asking yourself when to buy golf shoes,

then you might want to consider these tips:

  • Your existing golf shoes are getting worn out or when you can clearly see holes in it, then it is already a sign to ask yourself when to buy golf shoes, — on which the answer should be “soon.”
  • You have the budget to buy new golf shoes, then do so. You can always treat your feet to new and improved golf shoes, just make sure that you will not be tricked into buying fake golf shoes.
  • If the question, when to buy golf shoes,  is rattling you to the point that it affects your performance, then it is time to buy yourself a new pair. You should listen to your instincts, even if it tells you to buy new golf shoes assuming that you have a budget for it, of course.

Whether you are in need of buying new ones or just want to build a golf shoe collection, you should always reflect on the question, when to buy golf shoes, to ensure that you will regret any purchase that you will make.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Golf Shoes

Now that you already learned about how much are the best golf shoes, let us also tackle the topic “where is the best place to buy Golf shoes“.

The first spot on our list of where is the best place to buy golf shoes belongs to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

You can literally find their shop anywhere in the United States as they have an estimated 850 outlets across the country.

For you to be able to find the best pair of shoes before you go visit one of their physical stores, you must first read a golf shoes buyers guide or buying golf shoes tips.

By doing so, you will learn about the different factors to consider before buying a new pair.

  • PGA Tour Superstore

Next on our list of where is the best place to buy golf shoes is the PGA Tour Superstore.

Why do you think we included this? The reason behind that is because it is being run by professional players so you can expect that the items on their website are meticulously picked.

They also have golf shoes from the biggest names in the industry. However, before you add an item to your cart, here is one of the buying golf shoes tips:

Always look at the functionality of the golf shoes! Keep that in mind and I am sure that you will be able to get the best pair of golf shoes for you!

  • Golf Galaxy

Golf Galaxy came from Dick’s Sporting Goods. They aim to cater to all the golfers’ needs by proving the lowest price possible for their products.

They also have a wide selection of golf shoes which is why they are included here in our list of where is the best place to buy golf shoes.

Aside from that, before you head on to a Golf Galaxy outlet,

I just want to share with you something that I read from a golf shoes buyers guide: You must know that there are different types of golf shoes and each type exists because it has its own purpose.

How much are the Best Golf Shoes

We all know that golf shoes play a big part in the game and because of that, you may be wondering about how much are the best golf shoes.

With that being said, you might ask why should you look for the best ones and learn about their price?

The reason behind that is because if you want to be good at golf, you have to invest in the best equipment and accessories.

In this section, we have compiled the four best golf shoes and their prices. All you have to do is look for the one that fits your needs and preferences!

Who would not agree that FootJoy produces the best golf shoes? They have been leading in the industry since 1857!

As a matter of fact, they claim to have the best and most stable spikeless golf shoe that is created in history.

The FootJoy Pro SL Carb is the golf shoe that is the talk of the town! This pair of golf shoes feature the all-new Infinity Outsole which proudly gives you 30% more grip.

Furthermore, it also has the so-called PowerHarness so your foot will feel comfortable inside.

The insides are also lined with carbon-fiber which claims to give you stability and increased power when you swing your club.

It also offers the right amount of firmness and solace through its Dual-Density or D2 midsole.

Moreover, I think that you would not believe that even if it is not a spike golf shoe, it’s traction still scored 189 points!

This means that this pair of golf shoes will not let you slip while playing under heavy rain.

Also, the material used in the FootJoy Pro SL Carbon golf shoe is Premium Chromoskin which is a very soft, waterproof leather.

Are you interested in how much are the best golf shoes, specifically this one? Well, a pair costs $199.99!

Do you know the famous PGA professional golf player named Jordan Spieth?

If you are a fan of him, then you would probably want to have a pair of the Under Armor Spieth 4 Gore-Text as he contributed to the making of these golf shoes!

Spieth is a Major Champion so you can trust that the insights that he gave to produce this pair of shoes are really good!

This certain pair of golf shoes are made from Clarino microfiber which makes it breathable, keeping your foot fresh even after a long day of wearing it.

The level of waterproofness of the Under Armour Spieth 4 Gore-Tex is also really jaw-dropping for even after playing under heavy rain, you can trust that no droplets can penetrate inside.

Another good thing about this is that these shoes come with a 2-year waterproof warranty!

Also, this golf shoe features what they call the Dual Durometer EVA which gives support on the sides so you can gather all the power that you need to swing your club hard.

Therefore, if you want to lay your hands on a pair of the Under Armour Spieth 4 Gore-Tex and ask how much are the best golf shoes, especially this one, you may get them for $200!

If you are looking for a spikeless golf shoe that would not hurt your wallet but still gives an incomparable performance, then you should definitely go for the Skechers Go Golf Elite V.4!

These are the go-to shoes of a casual type of golf player. However, they are often mistaken for training shoes because of their look.

But if you will pay close attention, you will see that this is made of a waterproof leather upper. Moreover, their midsole is lined with what they call ultra flight technology.

Their insole, on the other hand, has Yoga Mat comfort. I also promise that you will not have any blisters by wearing a pair of these because of the Skechers’ Relaxed Fit.

They are also not heavy which makes any player still feel comfortable after a long time of wearing it. This pair of shoes boasts of its H2GO shield which is protection from water penetration.

You also have different colors to choose from such as navy and red, black and white, and gray and lime.

If you are asking how much are the best golf shoes particularly this one, then you may purchase a pair for only $99.99!

Searching for a modern-looking pair of golf shoes?

If yes, then we recommend that you try the Adidas Codechaos! It features the Adidas Boost Sole that gives you that bouncy feeling while wearing it.

Also, they are made of breathable materials so you can trust that your foot will stay fresh even after a long tiring day of playing golf!

Asking already how much are the best golf shoes especially the Adidas Codechaos?

Aim for the Best Pair of Golf Shoes

As mentioned before, you must treat your equipment as a form of investment and what you will get in return is your improvement in playing the game of golf.

Therefore, along with searching for what can the best golf shoes offer, it is also important to know how much are the best golf shoes. We all know that price is an important consideration.

But, I believe that price is no longer an issue if you will get the most value out of it! Aim for the best pair of golf shoes! After all, you truly deserve that!

Choose Only the Best

The most important thing to remember to answer the question “how to buy golf shoes” is to consider all factors involved before paying for anything.

Buying golf shoes is like entering into a commitment, you cannot really just throw it away after trying it once or twice.

So if you really want to answer your question, How to buy golf shoes? Run through everything in your mind first.

Not only will it save you money, but it can also ease off the burden off your mind.

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