How to Carry a Golf Club Bag – Properly & Safely

Knowing how to carry a golf club bag is very important. Of course, there are various methods of carrying your bag. You could use a cart or use your own shoulders.

In fact, carrying your golf club bag depends on the type. We have cart bags, we have carry bags, and we also have staff bags.

How to Carry a Golf Club Bag - Properly & Safely
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Therefore, the way you carry the bag depends on its type.

Typically, a normal golf bag loaded with clubs and other accessories would weigh around 15 to 25 pounds. Sometimes it could be even more depending on the accessories you add inside the bag.

Perfectly carrying the bag and walking correctly offers several benefits. Of course, you need to employ caution when carrying your bag to avoid injuries and health issues.

How to Carry a Golf Club Bag

As earlier pointed out, learning how to carry a golf club bag is a fundamental step towards being an avid golfer.

This isn’t a straightforward affair. It involves more than just placing your bag over your shoulders and going to the course.

Before we even address how to carry the bag, we need to get some steps straight.

First, familiarize yourself with the bag

This step involves making any adjustments that may be needed. Of course, you make the adjustments while the bag is still empty.

At this step, ensure that the bag’s frame fits your body size. To know this, take the bag and place it over your shoulders.

After placing the bag over your shoulders, check how it sits on your back and shoulders. Additionally, check how the straps sit on your shoulders. At this point, you should make any adjustments to the straps.

Check the length of the straps and ensure they fit appropriately. Additionally, ensure the bag comfortably fits your frame.

Now, Load the clubs

We had earlier explained how to load clubs into a golf bag. However, I will refresh your memory. First, you begin with the longest and the heaviest woods. Place the woods in the area closest to the point where straps connect to your bag. This way, the heavier weight stays close to your body for your convenience and comfort.

After loading woods, now load the irons. This step involves putting the longest irons in the central location. It also involves placing the shorter irons and putter on the last sections at the sides.

Why arrange the clubs in descending order with respect to their size and weight? Well, this arrangement puts the lightest weight on the lower section. This way, it prevents excess and unnecessary bouncing of the bag as you walk.

Next, distributes balls and anything else in the pockets

After arranging your clubs inside the bag, you should also distribute accessories and golf balls in the pockets. Of course, there’s no specific order for this step. Just ensure that you place the items in places where you can get them easily.

Something else, ensure the weight is evenly distributed. This way, you won’t feel weight imbalances.

After that slip the carrying strap over your dominant shoulder

You first lower the shoulder then slide the strap through the arm. Ensure the strap rests comfortably over your shoulder.

With the help of the handle, lift the bag. You could also use your legs to lift the bag. In fact, using your legs instead of your back is the most preferred thing to do.

Always adjust the straps such that they don’t ride on your shoulders. This way, you will experience a convenient carrying.

Ensure the bag leans at a perfect angle

What is this perfect angle?

Well, the bag needs to lean at an angle of between 20 and 25 degrees. This way, you will get even distribution of weight without feeling discomfort.

Leaning at this angle also ensures that you have the perfect posture and thus avoiding back issues.

Always ensure the bag rests perfectly on the back. It should not be too high or too low. This way, you won’t be having a section of your back being too loaded. With even weight distribution, you enjoy the excellent and convenient carrying of the bag.

Ensure you walk straight

When discussing how to carry a golf club bag, we have to also consider the posture one assumes. You don’t just grab your bag and walk off to the course.

The posture you assume determines a lot as well. For instance, ensure you walk in a straight and upright posture. This way, you will eliminate back pains and other conditions related to poor posture.

Carry the bag using two straps

What is wrong with carrying the bag using a single strap? Well, there are many problems. Carrying a golf bag using one strap causes imbalance. In that case, you will experience muscle imbalances. This could lead to pains and discomfort.

Therefore, ensure you carry your golf bag with both straps. This is, unless, the bag has just one strap. In that case, the bag will have adjustments to ensure that there’s equal weight distribution.

Before learning how to carry a golf bag, ensure you know the golf course. Get familiar with the course. You should know where there are crossover paths and other things. This way, you could save time and a few steps you’d have made.

Carrying the bag to a crossover then placing it there is a great idea. Place the golf clubs at a crossover then carrying a few clubs saves you the hassle of constantly getting it on and off.

How to Carry Golf Gag on Motorcycle

A friend came to me worried about how he could carry his golf bag on a motorcycle. He was concerned about the limited time he got each day.

For that reason, he wanted to know if he could just place his golf bag on his motorcycle and head to the course after work without having to go home first.

I found this question rather funny. In fact, I’d have brushed it off for a joke if I hadn’t seen someone else asking the same problem. We then decided to give it a try and see how it turns out.

I must admit, I hadn’t tried it before. In fact, I had not given it a thought.

I emailed one of my closest friends, and we decided to do it together. First, most people considered this a, rather, crazy idea. However, we still tried it out.

We noticed one thing; it’s possible to carry your golf bag on a motorcycle.

There are risks involved

For instance, there’s a possibility of your golf bag falling off while you are at full speed.

However, with a few modifications, it is possible to load your golf bag on a motorcycle. It is a matter of trial and error. For that reason, if you have an alternative, I would suggest that.

For those who don’t have an option, you could decide to try using your motorcycle. It also depends on the design and the size of your motorcycle. It also depends on the make and other performance features.

I also noticed that you might need strong bungee cords. You should tie the bag tightly before you make any attempt to use the motorcycle.

Of course, golf clubs aren’t too heavy. I have seen people carrying heavier loads on their motorbikes. For that reason, with heavy-duty straps, you can securely tie up your bag on your motorbike.

However, as earlier stated, this is a trial and error move. I would suggest anything else other than a motorbike unless you don’t have an option.

Final Thoughts!

Learning how to carry a golf club bag correctly could save you a lot. I have carefully dissected the steps for you.

First, always ensure that you walk in a straight posture. Don’t lean. Additionally, ensure you use the two straps when carrying the bag.

Something else, ensure you correctly adjust the bag and the straps to get a perfect fit.

With these ideas in mind, you won’t be facing the common problems faced by golfers who carry their bags poorly.

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