How to Clean Golf Bags – Maintenance Guidelines

Do you know how to clean golf bags properly? While on the course, it is inevitable for your gears to accumulate a little dust and dirt.

How to Clean Golf Bags
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Your most exposed gear while moving through rounds is undoubtedly your golf bag. With that, here’s a complete guide on how to clean golf bags and maintain it in its best shape.

How to Clean Golf Bags

How do you clean golf bags? As you may know by now, golf is a sophisticated sport. From learning the game mechanics to maintaining your gears, it requires painstaking effort.

One of the most essential gears that every golfer owns is their golf bags. It protects your precious clubs from heat and moist in and out of the course.

Hence, as with your clubs, you also have to be meticulous in taking care of your golf bag.

Over time, a dirty golf bag can be a huge hassle on your part if you don’t address it quickly. Dust, grass, sand, mud, and off-putting debris can build up on your bag that will then make it look worn.

It hinders you from being presentable in such an elegant sport. And so, how do you clean golf bags?

If you’re a beginner, how to clean golf bags may seem like a pretty simple task. While this is true in some sense, you still need to learn the proper way of how to do so.

By doing so, you’ll get to stay on top of your game. Without further ado, here’s all you need to know on how to clean golf bag.


How do you clean golf bags with the right materials? You can conveniently find most of the things you need on how to clean golf bags right at your home. If you already have everything on the list, the process would be much smoother.

Here are the materials you need on how to clean golf bags:

  • Water
  • Hose
  • Mild soap/dishwashing liquid
  • Basin
  • At least two rags or washcloth
  • Stain remover (optional)
  • Vinyl protectant (optional)

Step-by-Step Procedure on How to Clean Golf Bag

After gathering all the materials, you’re ready to clean your golf bag! The process is pretty easy to follow, so you don’t worry that much.

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to clean golf bags:

  1. First, you need to remove everything inside the bag. You have to make sure that all accessories and valuables are out to avoid accidentally wetting them. While this may seem pretty obvious, some golfers still make the mistake of not thoroughly checking their bag before cleaning it.
  2. Next, you have to get the bag wet or dampened. Since this is the initial rinsing, it will help to have a hose to gently do the job. If there’s no hose, you can also just wipe the bag with a damp cloth.
  3. Get a basin and mix mild soap/dishwashing liquid with warm water. You may also add a stain remover to the mixture to ensure that there will be no stain spots left. Just make sure that the stain remover you will add is safe for the material of your bag.
  4. Soak the clean rag in the mixed mild soap/dishwashing liquid and water.
  5. Then, wipe the bag using the rag. Make sure that you don’t miss any spot and that you cover the whole bag. For stubborn stains, you can dampen another cloth with just the stain remover to wipe it clean.
  6. After making sure that you’ve wiped the whole bag clean, rinse it off again with water or hose. If you did it correctly, you would not spot any stains and dirty areas.
  7. Finally, you have to let the bag dry. The best drying method for any golf bag is air drying. Make sure that you dry it at room temperature and a shaded area. It is a process that you can’t speed off since using drying machines can damage your golf bag.
  8. The last step is to let it dry. You really can’t speed this process up because it is all about time. After the bag dries out, you should have a golf bag that is much cleaner than before!
  9. If your golf bag has a vinyl material, you can use a vinyl protectant for extra shine.

That’s it!

However, the steps above only tackle the golf bag exterior. How about the interior part of the bag?

Cleaning the Interior of Your Golf Bag

Cleaning the interior of your golf bag is pretty similar to the steps on how to clean golf bags’ exterior parts.

We need to highlight that it is not advisable to use a machine to wash and dry your bag. Here are two ways how you can clean the interior of your golf bag:

  • Hand Wash Method

This can be a hassle process and may take you longer. However, it ensures complete cleaning without the risk of damaging your bag. After washing it, you can simply hang it upside down to dry.

  • Wipe Method

In this method, you’ll need a piece of clean rag or cloth to wipe your bag clean. After wiping, rinse it to spot if there’s any stain left.

Repeat these steps to ensure that there’s no dirty spot left. You can either air dry it or let it sit in front of a fan until it gets dry.

Here are some additional cleaning tips:

    • The method you’ll use for cleaning the interior of your bag would depend on its material.
    • If your bag has pockets made of felt cloth, you should use a sweeper to clean it.
    • If your bag is made of waterproof materials, use a sweeper to get any dirt remains. Then, you can go and use the methods above to clean it.

Tips on Cleaning and Drying Your Golf Bag

A frequently asked question by beginners on cleaning golf bags is, “can golf bags be dry cleaned?” Using the wrong methods and materials when cleaning and drying your golf bag can be detrimental.

Instead of maintaining it, you might end up damaging it further. Hence, the answer to the question, “can golf bags be dry cleaned?” is “no.”

Also, after cleaning your bag, the next crucial step in drying your golf bag. The best way to do it is to air dry and hang it in an area with room temperature.

As with the answer to “Can golf bags be dry cleaned,” you can’t use a drying machine to dry it after cleaning.

To highlight this crucial information,

here are some essential tips on how to clean golf bags and dry them properly:

  • Can golf bags be dry cleaned? Again, using washing and drying machines can tear off the materials of your golf bag, so it is not advisable.
  • Do not dry your bag under very high temperature or directly under the sun. The heat can damage and spoil the materials of your golf bag. Its quality can reduce drastically as a result of this. Hence, you need to make sure to dry it in a shaded area.
  • Before placing your wedges in the bag, clean them thoroughly. Since it makes direct contact with the ground, it can accumulate dirt. You can use a clean cloth to wipe the dirt off and keep the interior of your bag clean.

By following these steps, you’ll encounter no issues in the process of cleaning your bag. Furthermore, it eases your task as you will know what to do and not to do.

Reshaped Golf Bag

During the long round in the course, you take and place back your clubs inside the bag repeatedly.

As a result, your golf bag may become out of shape after some time. While this is a normal outcome, it’s a different matter when it gets out of shape after cleaning.

Again, can golf bags be dry cleaned? The answer is a clear “no.” This can mess up the overall shape of your bag with no way back.

It won’t return to its original form once it gets torn and worn from machine cleaning and drying.

However, you can try some of these ways as a remedy in getting your golf bag back into good shape.

  • Fill the pockets of your golf bag to its full capacity. You can use cloth, towels, newspaper, foam, or any material that can fill it.
  • Let it sit for a few hours until you notice the bag’s form improving.

Clean Your Clubs!

As with other golf gears, it is essential to know how to clean golf bags. Regularly cleaning your golf bag allows you to extend its lifespan to protect your clubs.

You’ll also be able to keep its appearance look great as new.

If you take care of your club well, it can last for many years on end. Since golf bags are expensive, maintaining its condition makes it last and saves you money.

By following the steps in this guide, you can stay on top of your game. Now, you can bring your golf bag on the course as if it’s new every time!

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