How To Fix A Slice In Golf With A Driver

When I started playing golf, the ultimate in-game question that I often asked myself was, “how to fix a slice in golf with a driver?”

How To Fix A Slice In Golf With A Driver
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I was always curious as to why the distance that my golf ball was traveling was not far enough despite my swings being powerful.

But after several years of hard work and practice, I have figured out why my swings were always out of bounds.

That is why I spent the majority of my playing career, analyzing why I used to experience slicing in golf, and correcting these mistakes.

But before we delve deeper into my realizations, let me first define what a slice in golf is. A slice is a typical ball mishit that causes you to lose distance and accuracy.

It is common among amateur and recreational golf players like you, so don’t worry because it is totally fixable!

How To Fix A Slice In Golf With A Driver

Now that you know what a slice is and how it can significantly affect your game performance, I can now teach you how to fix a slice in golf with a driver.

So if you are an amateur golfer who is currently experiencing the same problems as I did before, then you have come to the right place!

Here, I will teach you what causes a slice in golf driver, how to stop slicing golf ball with driver, and some tips on how you can improve your game performance.

What Causes A Slice In Golf Driver

Have you ever wondered what causes a slice in golf driver? Asking yourselves this question allows you to identify the mistakes you may or may not know you are doing during your games.

Remember, it will significantly improve your performance if you are willing to be open-minded about correcting your mistakes as early as possible.

The main reason why you slice in golf is due to an out-of-bound swing path.

In simpler terms, this means that the ball is further away from you than it should have been, causing you to lose accuracy when hitting.

But to counteract this phenomenon, your natural response would be to top this with an open clubface.

Below are a variety of reasons why your clubface is wide open at impact.

You have lousy alignment

Most players would aim further left to correct their slices. However, I have noticed that doing this actually worsens your aim and makes you slice even more.

You have a weak grip

Having a weak grip increases your risk of having an open clubface. If you notice that your grip is delicate, you may want to correct it right away.

You have an overly active upper body.

Lastly, the majority of amateur golfers swing using the force from their shoulders and arms instead of their lower bodies.

When this happens, your body rotates more frequently, hitting the ball with an open clubface. An active upper body may be due to the following reasons:

  • you do your backswing improperly;
  • make quick transitions, or
  • do not have enough flexibility

Now that you are aware of what causes a slice in golf driver, then you can quickly learn how to fix a slice in golf with a driver!

How To Stop Slicing Golf Ball With Driver

With the reasons mentioned above in mind, you can slowly adjust your playing regimen until you get the proper form when hitting the ball.

Here are some of the vital elements that you would need to look at if you want to learn how to stop slicing golf balls with driver.

The first rule of thumb is to always get the right equipment before playing any type of sport. In golf, investing in an excellent driver would significantly boost your performance.

However, remember that there is no right choice for choosing your own equipment. This technique is highly personalized and depends on your level of skill and experience.

When checking out a golf driver, make sure to evaluate its shaft flex because too much flex on your driver would make it more challenging for you square at impact.

  • Make the necessary changes to your setup


To know how to fix your slices in golf, you must consider training your body to get the proper form when doing a downswing.

Since this is your starting swing, you must hit the ball from its ideal swing path to avoid inaccuracy.

Slicers commonly flare out their elbows when swinging, resulting in a weak and out-of-bound downswing. As a result, the ball will spin left to right and eventually lose its accuracy and distance.

To avoid this, focus on your elbows and keep them tucked. This tip may feel uncomfortable for some at first, but your slices will undoubtedly be reduced in the long run.


Golfers often hit their balls to the left. However, this technique only causes your swing to go far left, increasing your chances of slicing. To avoid this, ensure that your aim is in the right position.

Check whether your lower body and shoulders are parallel to both your driver and your target.


Don’t underestimate the power of your grasp! Having a proper golf grip gives you more control over your swings.

Contrary to popular belief, your grip does not predict the direction of your golf shots. Instead, it affects your clubface impact.

For proper golf grips, try rotating your left hand in a clockwise direction until your knuckles are visible.

Remember, the stronger your grip is, the more control you’ll have over the clubface, minimizing your chances of slicing the golf ball.

  • Shift your weight

Shifting your weight during your swings can help you boost your performance.

However, most players find it challenging to transfer their weight correctly. The goal when doing this is to shift your weight towards your back foot.

Afterward, you transfer it to your front foot as you do your downswing and follow-through. If you are unable to adjust your weight on your back foot, then you might swing outside your target line.

  • Release the club before impact

Lastly, how you release your club driver can help you determine whether you are going to slice the golf ball. When you do your swing, you rotate your forearms upon impact with the golf ball.

However, if you are a slicer, then, more often than not, you do it too late once you hit the ball. To avoid this, try to develop and master the proper release of your driver.

Correctly swinging your club is the most crucial step because if you continue to release your swings too late, despite the previously mentioned tips, then you are still prone to slicing your golf ball.

My Humble Opinion

Playing golf may be intimidating at first, but learning how to fix a slice in golf with a driver can put you at the top of your game.

Remember, golf is a sport that requires skill and years of practice.

If you want to reduce and, eventually, stop yourself from slicing, then you must first identify what causes a slice in golf driver.

You must assess yourself and see whether a particular technique is hindering you from playing at your best.

By knowing these errors, you would know how to stop slicing golf balls with a golf driver in no time!

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