How to Maximize Long Hitting Golf Drivers

In learning how to maximize long hitting golf drivers properly, you have to remember that what you are aiming for ultimately are long, fast, and straight shots.

How to Maximize Long Hitting Golf Drivers
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Fundamentals in playing a golf driver is a good posture, a controlled strength, the right speed, and your ability to commit to all of them.

An instrument is only as good as the one who plays it and to play the game right, you would have to get up close and personal with your golf driver.

How to Maximize Long Hitting Golf Drivers

The strengths of even the best one might be put to waste if it’s given to someone who has no idea how to use it.

There are good drivers for each type of play, but only a few good ways to use any of them.

While everything is taught best by experience, it won’t hurt to take note of how best to use your long hitting golf drivers.

Drivers are longer than most clubs, and the difference in length makes a difference in your swing and speed when hitting the ball.

But for the same reason, there are adjustments to be made when using it, making it tricky. It’s not always about which golf driver gives the longest distance.

  • Posture is key

Having the correct posture-both balance and form-is crucial in using long hitting golf drivers.  First, you need to have a stable base and be able to shift your weight throughout your swing.

This means having a wide stance to make sure that your center of gravity is in the middle as you perform your backswing.

Make sure you can shift it forward to your subject, the ball, on your downswing.

You would also need to have the right form when you swing your golf driver. When performing the backswing, let it swing at the very top.

Do not rush and have a momentary pause so you can have the optimum power needed when you hit the ball on your downswing.

  • Don’t let your own strength overpower you

In most sports out there, players usually attempt to hit the maximum level of their strength and speed.

Does this attribute to winning the game? Probably.

But the rules are different inside the golf course. You have to be precise with the amount of strength you use-too much, and it increases the sidespin.

Which is terrible if you are attempting for a straight shot; too little, and it renders long hitting golf drivers pointless.

Learning how to control your own strength is vital in hitting a golf ball far with a driver. Do not let it backfire and ruin your game by hitting too hard, causing you to be unsteady.

There are also some routines you can try to add to your regimen to help you control your strength in your swings.

Maybe try to practice with both a heavier and a lighter club than your usual one. Training in both allows you to develop the speed at which you swing your driver.

  • Commit to a target

It’s a common mistake for amateurs not to pick out a spot where they want the ball to land. But no one wins round after round by mere luck.

Just because the field is broad and vast does not mean you can just hit the ball and hope for the best. Study the golf course and plan accordingly.

Trees make for good markers. Using the landscape to plot your stance is just as wise as any.

Read what direction the wind is headed and mark any hazards that are visible to you. Are there uphill or downhill slopes that could put you in an awkward position if you make a bad swing?

Try to aim at the center of the green to minimize the off chance of landing near the edge.

It’s likely to have hazards in there. The best spot possible that would give you more control on your next shot would probably be ideal.

Most importantly, ask yourself if it might be a good idea to switch to a different club, using your location in the field as your basis.

You might need to bring out a putter or a wedge this time around. If you choose to keep it, “What degree golf driver should I use?” is a good follow up question.

Committing to a target will be easier if you are using the right instrument.

  • Take the lead and flow with your club

One of the worst things you can do is to go against the swing of your shaft.

Think of your swing as passing the rhythm to the ball, almost like dancing with a partner. You do not have to go crazy with the technique. You just have to start with something you know you can stick to.

Before you take your shot, make sure none of your limbs is in the way of both your arms and club.

Maybe you have to adjust how far to stand away from the golf ball with driver?

Do you feel strong and confident in your stance? When you’re ready, anticipate the angle by the speed you take and commit to it. It’s essential to be consistent.

We do not want the ball to spin too much because we do not want it to swerve in the wrong direction. It will help to know which driver gives the longest distance.

If you feel your body turning, do not try and stop it. It will slow down as it should, creating momentum. A strong start is only as good as a strong finish.

You will be surprised how much difference a smooth swing can make.

  • Take a fitting with long-hitting golf drivers

Unless you’re a seasoned golfer, I would advise you to go for a driver with a bigger loft.  A golf driver is called precisely that because it’s supposed to drive the long ball distances.

And you might just achieve the longest drives with a large-headed loft by combining it with a high trajectory and a lower spin.

Do not fall to the misconception that if you swing too hard, you must automatically opt for a stiff shaft.

If you have trouble finding the center of a clubface on a regular-sized shaft, I would suggest shortening it as well. It should help with accuracy when you’re not too far from the clubface.

The wrong weight, profile, and length can affect your launch conditions. The point is, getting the right driver is not a one size fits all situation.

You have to know how you play as a golfer and try different driver combinations. So make sure to make a proper fitting of your clubs first, ideally with someone who knows what they’re doing.

It won’t always be about which golf driver goes the farthest.

The correct resource person will know which golf driver gives the longest distance depending on your average speed, hit, swing, and skill.

They may even give you some tips on how to adjust golf driver head, angle and weight wise.

Final Notes

Long hitting golf drivers may sound complicated for beginners.

But as most veterans will tell you, you don’t have to have an extensive collection of clubs to be able to play well in golf.

And a good old driver is one of the essential players that could help you conquer the golf course.

All players play differently, so they will need different combinations of a driver.

Just know that when you need to cover long distances in fast and straight drives, it will be there for you, only if you know how to use it.

That is with the right posture, strength, and driver fit for you.

The right combination of swing, angle, and speed with a driver can give you a pretty good launch and landing.

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