How to Regrip Golf Clubs – Complete Guide

In this article, I will be guiding you step-by-step on how to regrip golf clubs. Bring back your stability control and confidence with a good grip!

Key Takeaways TL;DR
Summary: Regripping golf clubs is an important task that can enhance performance. This process involves gathering tools and materials, removing old grips, cleaning the club shaft, applying grip tape, aligning and securing new grips, trimming them, allowing them to settle, and testing the clubs on the course.
  • Regripping improves performance and safety of golf clubs, leading to better shots and lower scores.
  • Necessary tools and materials: new grips, solvent, grip tape, hook blade.
  • Remove old grips by cutting them and peeling them off, using solvent if needed.
  • Clean the club shaft with mild soap and water, avoiding damage to the grip.
  • Apply grip tape using appropriate techniques and choose the right type for comfort and control.
  • Align new grips with the clubface and leading edge, ensuring straightness.
  • Secure the grips by applying pressure and allowing adhesive to dry completely.
  • Trim grips to the appropriate length for a snug fit and proper grip.
  • Allow the grips to settle for 24-48 hours for optimal adhesion and comfort.
  • Test the newly regripped clubs on the course, adjusting texture if necessary.

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Complete Guide on How to Regrip Golf Clubs
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When you’re on the course, the only contact between you and your club is the grip. And if you’re holding a worn or torn grip, it’s just expected that it can affect your game.

It’s also inevitable for sweat, dirt, and other debris to get stuck in your grips. Eventually, you’ll find your club harder and harder to grip.

While you may solve a worn grip with cleaning and a few patches in the short-term, this won’t last long. It’s only a matter of time before you need regripping.

How to Regrip Golf Clubs

How do you regrip golf clubs? There are many options on how to regrip golf clubs, and you find various regripping golf clubs tips.

You can either visit your local golf store or to a club-fitter to buy and have your grips installed.

However, if you’re on a budget or you want to be more hands-on on your equipment, I highly recommend DIY. I find it really convenient to learn how to regrip golf clubs at home.

Since you’ll be the one using the club, you’ll know what the perfect grip is for you. To start, the first on the list on any regripping golf clubs tips is choosing the right grip.

Important criteria that you need to consider

  • Size

Since it varies from different players, it depends on which size you are most comfortable with. You can choose from standard, midsize, undersized, and oversized grips.

My tip is, when you grip your club, your fingertips should touch the base of your thumb gently. Otherwise, your grip is too narrow, which can pull, or too wide, which may cause either a slice or a push.

  • Texture

You must also choose a grip with a texture that makes it secure in your hands. If the grip slips or moves while you’re holding it, it may become a problem when you swing.

It also includes playing weather and whether you wear gloves when you’re playing.

If you’re often playing in humid weather, switching to a coarse textured-grip lessens the possibilities of it slipping from your hands.

  • Level of Firmness

You may choose from firm grips or soft grips. A firm grip enables you to swing with stability with lighter grip pressure.

On the other hand, a soft grip may add torque when you swing at a higher speed.

Regripping Golf Clubs Tips

How to Regrip Golf Clubs Step-by-Step Guide

After choosing the right grip, it’s time to get to the main point of our regripping golf clubs tips. How do you regrip golf clubs? More so, how do you grip golf clubs at home?

It may be quite intimidating at first, but it will be easier once you get the hang of the process. You can even start regripping golf clubs within minutes!

Here are the materials that you will need:

  • Your new grips
  • Vise (with rubber vise clamps)
  • Hook blade or utility knife
  • Grip solvent
  • Cloth or towel
  • Double-sided grip tape
  • Rubber gloves

Optional materials:

  • Regripping kit (this is usually a complete set with solvent, tape, and rubber vise clamps, etc.)
  • Paint liner (for solvent excess and drips)

Regripping Golf Clubs Tips – Important Notes

The rubber vise clamps are essential as it prevents the shaft from rotating.

Here’s the step-by-step process of what you need to do:

  1. Using the vise and rubber vise clamps, secure the shaft by the end of the grip. The position of your club must be at a playing position down on the floor.
  2. You may now proceed with removing the old grip using your blade or knife. Make sure to cut away from yourself to avoid accidents.
  3. Start peeling off the old grip together with the grip tape. Use cloth and grip solvent to wipe off any residue.
  4. Next, to determine the tape’s right measurement, hold the new gip parallel to the club’s shaft.
  5. Apply the tape from the top of the shaft up to the bottom of where the grip would be. You can also cover the shaft end with extra tape.
  6. Before applying the grip, you need to pour grip solvent inside the new grip. Go all out and be generous! Note that you have to cover the openings with your finger to avoid leaking out. Then, shake it back and forth to coat the insides of grip evenly.
  7. Next, pour all the excess grip solvent over the entire tape on the shaft. Place the paint liner beneath the grip to catch the drips. Again, be generous with the grip solvent.
  8. Finally, apply the grip while the grip tape is still wet from the solvent. Place the grip over the end of the club’s shaft onto the clubhead. Make sure to push the grip entirely onto the club with both ends against each other.
  9. Once you secure the grip into place, you can check for its final placement and alignment before it starts to set. You can apply some pressure at the end of the grip by tapping it on the floor.
  10. Let the grip dry for several hours before using it. Congrats, you have successfully regripped your club!

How Much to Regrip Golf Clubs

How much is it to regrip golf clubs? With several clubs in your golf bag, it may come at a shocking cost to regrip all your clubs at once.

The cost of a full set of new grips starts at around $75. The cost of how much to regrip golf clubs professionally would usually be $2 to $4 for each grip.

Overall, you will be spending an extra $30 to $60 for labor on how much to regrip golf clubs. If you only want to regrip your irons or fairway woods, it will be significantly cheaper.

The question is, how much is it to regrip golf clubs by yourself?

By knowing how to regrip golf clubs at home, you will be able to save that $30 to $60 for other things. While it’s not an easy project, and it may take some time, it is undoubtedly a rewarding experience.

It lessens the cost of how much to regrip golf clubs and also improves your skillset.

Types of Golf Grips

The type of grip you buy will also affect how much to regrip golf clubs.

While there are cheaper grips, it may be down when it comes to quality. When it comes to price on how much is it to regrip golf clubs, you shouldn’t compromise quality.

How much to regrip golf clubs will vary depending on the type of golf grips being used.

  • Rubber

Rubber grips remain the standard grip because it is economical. It allows you to grip the club stably while swinging.

  • Corded

Corded grips are best for various weather conditions as it prevents slipping from your hands. It’s also great for players with high swing speeds.

  • Wrapped

Leather and synthetic wrapped grips are still popular as ever. This type of grip is excellent for extreme temperature and humidity and allows for a firm grip.

  • Hybrid

Hybrid grips consist of a firm upper cord that allows for control and soft rubber in the end for comfort.

Rounding Up How Much to Regrip Golf Clubs

To sum, various elements contribute to how much is it to regrip golf clubs. Here is a sum-up of the pros and cons of regripping with a professional’s help and doing it yourself:

Professional Regripping PROS and CONS


  • It saves you time and effort.
  • You can assure that the regripping underwent an expert process.


  • Will be spending around an extra $30 to $60.
  • Won’t be able to adjust it according to your preference.

DIY Regripping PROS and CONS


  • Save around an extra $30 to $60 every regripping.
  • Will be able to adjust the grip according to your comfort and preference.
  • Will learn a new skill set.


  • It may take some time to get used to it.
  • You may make some errors and mistakes that can cost you money.
  • The process can be messy if you’re doing it at home.

​How Often to Regrip Golf Clubs

If you’re a beginner, you may consider switching to a more comfortable grip than your first club.

The best answer on How often should you regrip golf clubs is when you start to notice wears and tears. And it often will in a short span of time, especially if you regularly play like me.

But if you’re an average player who usually plays on weekends, your grip may last for a year or two. Regardless of whether you play regularly or not, here are the

Signs that your club needs regripping

  • Cracks and tears
  • Wear spots and patches
  • Overly smooth/hard surface
  • Faded spots
  • Loss of track

Additional Tips on How Often to Regrip Golf Clubs

As a general rule of how often should golf clubs be regripped, it should be at least every one or two years.

Even when you don’t regularly play, heat, dirt, and other elements are constantly exposed to your grips. It breaks down the materials of your grip that may eventually lead to damage.

Typically, a year is enough for how often should golf clubs be regripped to keep it fresh for good swings.

You may not notice it, but how often to regrip golf clubs determines its feel when you use it. It hardens and glazes gradually so that you may fail to notice it.

How often should you regrip golf clubs? Here’s a guide of how often to regrip golf clubs depending on your usage:

  • Regrip every 6 months: If you play four times a week or more or play regularly in high heat and humidity.
  • Regrip every 9 months: If you play at least three times a week or you often play in extreme weather conditions.
  • Regrip every 12 months: If you play more than five times a week and you’re in a temperate climate.
  • Regrip every 18 months: If you play less than three times a week and in a temperate climate. It means that you are not overusing and wearing down your clubs.
  • Regrip every two years: If you rarely play, not even more than twice a week, you still need to regrip your golf clubs. Regardless of the condition, it would have lost its elasticity by that time.

Note that how often you play also plays a role in how often should you regrip golf clubs.

As a responsible golfer, you have to know how often to regrip golf clubs to maintain your equipment. Otherwise, you’re risking your clubs to damage and loss of function.

Why Regrip Golf Clubs

Now, you have a know-how of how do you regrip golf clubs, its cost, and how often it should be. It’s time to have a sum of why regrip golf clubs.

By this time, you should already be able to answer why you should regrip your golf clubs. However, I’d like to reiterate for it to stick in your mind even better.

So, why regrip golf clubs?

First, because worn grips can cause a lot of errors when you’re playing. It can cause slippage, inadequate amount of traction, and eventually to off-center strikes—and poor score.

If there’s not enough reason why you should regrip your golf clubs, I don’t know what more reason is.

Plus, it can also harm your wrist as you have no choice but to squeeze your club tighter to gain control. The level of comfort is one of the main reasons why regrip golf clubs.

Does Regripping Golf Clubs Help?

How does regripping golf clubs help in your game? What are the benefits and reasons why is it important to regrip golf clubs?

Note that grips consist of materials that age and wear in time. With elements such as heat, dirt, and oil, your grip will naturally degrade as you use it.

Once it has worn out, the traction that it usually provides for a good grip gradually worn-out too. Why Regrip Golf Clubs? It means that you have to hold the grip tighter with more wrist action and strength.

Here are the reasons why is it important to regrip golf clubs to answer your question.

  • Worn grips are harder to hold when you’re using a glove.
  • Worn grips risk slipping of the club from your hands.
  • Increases traction and tackiness.
  • Helps with alignment.
  • Improves performance in humid weather or extreme weather conditions.
  • Puts less tension in your hands.
  • Plays a considerable role in smooth swings and good scores.
  • Will improve your game performance and confidence.
  • If you’re a beginner, your club may not match the size of your hands.

Does regripping golf clubs help?

It definitely does! I hope that explains well why you should regrip your golf clubs and why is it important to regrip golf clubs.

Get a Good Grip

Like you, I also mistakenly overlooked the importance of a good set of grips before. But now that you’re more informed, knowing how to regrip golf clubs can massively improve your game.

A good grip allows you to stably hold the club with the right amount of pressure and swing with proper acceleration. You can’t expect to do this with a torn and worn off grip!

So, what are you waiting for?

Go regrip your golf clubs and get a good grip!

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