Men’s Golf Club Drivers – How to Find the Right One

A great deal of men’s golf club drivers are out in the market, but selecting your equipment should not be like buying clothes to wear. One important lesson I have learned when choosing a golf club driver is to put features over aesthetics.

How to Find the Right Men’s Golf Club Drivers
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Finding the Right Men’s Golf Club Drivers for You

Most people mistake appearance for quality when they are entirely different things.

Just because a piece of equipment was designed beautifully, it does not mean that it performs with exceptional quality.

It might be true for some but not in all cases. Such uncertainty requires careful assessment to guarantee you would get the best driver available in the market.

Before you take that money out of your pocket, let’s go over the things you should know about golf drivers.

What does loft mean in golf drivers

Amateurs often neglect loft specifications when choosing their equipment – thinking it does not do much.

However, such unfamiliarity to the facet can profoundly affect your performance as a golfer.

What does loft mean in golf drivers?

The loft is the feature responsible for the trajectory and distance the ball makes. It is the club face’s angle.

Evaluating which loft you should get is what you should do next now that you already know the answer to the question, what does loft mean in golf drivers.

  • Consider Your Swing Speed

Your swing speed would dictate what loft is suitable for your skills.

Often, shops have a professional measuring device, but if there is none, an estimation can be employed. You should reach a 150-yard shot.

  • Choosing A Club

Once you’ve achieved it, determining the club you used would indicate what your swing speed is.

Using a 7-iron entails a speed between 95 to 104 mph, while a 6-iron shows an 84 to 95 mph rate. On the other hand, 8-iron and 9-iron indicate a speed between 105 to 115 mph.

High-lofted drivers are more suitable for golfers with slower swing speed. If you swing with a rate below 85 mph, drivers with 14 to 20 degrees loft are your best choice.

Otherwise, you can get a men’s golf club driver with a loft as low as 7 degrees.

How to compress golf ball with a golf driver

Once you master how to compress golf ball with a driver, you can achieve an ideal spin and launch.

Here are some tips on how to do it.

Placing your hand fractionally ahead of the ball is the first thing you should look out for.

It will improve and promote the shaft lean needed for impact. Striking properly is what you should observe next. To know if your strike is appropriate, you can put a duster behind the ball.

The goal is to strike the ball without touching the duster and avoiding a huge divot. It will lead to a steeper attack angle, without digging.

Continue the drill until you get the hang of it, and you’d be able to compress the ball seamlessly.

You can easily follow the points given on how to compress golf ball with a driver, but how you train your body to memorize the movement is crucial.

Practice makes perfect!

How to stop hooking the golf ball with a driver

To know how to stop hooking the golf ball with a driver, you must first identify what causes the problem. Often, golfers curve the ball too much from right to left because of their strong grips.

Now, if you do the same, let’s cover the basics to change that habit.

Positioning your right hand to a more neutral placement is the way to go. The turn should be towards the target and not towards your body.

You’re doing it right if you can’t see your left thumb as you complete your grip. I personally like to use my right index finger as support.

If you also want to try it, placing your right index finger in a trigger position is the correct way to do it.

Doing the aforementioned can help you tame your hooks. That’s how to stop hooking the golf ball with a driver!

How should a golf driver sit on the ground

Amateurs often position their men’s golf club drivers flat on the ground.

However, such placement is not correct. When you place it flat on the ground, it can result in ball slicing since the toe will be lower than the heel when you swing.

If not flat, how should a golf driver sit on the ground?

What you need to do is set the toe off the ground. Raising it slightly allows a more dynamic movement required for impact.

Swinging the ball directs the toe down, so such a position justifies why it is right.

Practicing the correct answer to the question of how should a golf driver sit on the ground would encourage and promote a better launch.

Can a golf driver go dead

Can a golf driver go dead is one of the most critical questions you need to know before you buy your equipment.

Knowing the answer would help you assess the golf club driver that would not quickly lose its pop.

So, can a golf driver go dead?

Yes, men’s golf club drivers can wear out with time and amounts of use. These may be due to possible cracks on the clubface.

When it acquires such damages, you are deprived of transferring enough energy to the ball.

How to mute golf driver sound

The sound your equipment makes can sometimes be infuriating that you dive into the web to search for ways on how to mute golf driver sound. Worry no more because we have outlined the points to bid goodbye to that noise.

Here is a tip on how to mute golf driver sound:

  • Either use a yarn, cotton, or hot melt.
  • You have to remove the shaft, including the plastic stop at the hosel safely. Once it’s done, you have to put the material of your choice inside the hosel.

However, you should not overdo it since adding them also increases the overall weight of your driver. If you put too much, chances are, swinging would be a lot more difficult.

About two to three cotton balls are enough. The same weight goes for the yarn and the hot melt. These simple steps answer the question of how to mute golf driver sound.

What’s Next For You?

Finding the right equipment among many men’s golf club drivers is imperative to pull off your best performance out in the field.

They might look pleasing to the eyes, but you should not bite right off.

Make sure to evaluate their qualities.

You can do so by checking what features and attributes, aside from the good physical appearance, they have. Always remember the answer to the question, can a golf club driver go dead?

Selecting the right equipment is vital to be able to use your gold club driver on a long-term basis.

The right driver would always be beyond doubt, cost-effective. Finding one that fits your skills would reduce strain both on the equipment and on your body.

You should not settle for whatever you come across in a shop.

Absorbing the information we provided just for you can help you decide what kind of driver would be your best bet.

Remember, the key to a good decision is always a thorough understanding of a given situation.

Buy the best golf equipment in the market to maximize your potential.

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