Should I Get a Rangefinder for Golf?

Should I get a rangefinder for golf? If you are having doubts, then I am here to cast them out. There’s no doubt; you need a rangefinder for golf. These gadgets have seen a rapid transformation over the last few years.

Should I Get a Rangefinder for Golf?
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I vividly recall my first day; rangefinders just had basic features. Then fast forward, the devices now have advanced and sophisticated features that make golf playing easier.

They have completely revolutionized the sport, no doubt about that.

So, do you really need the gadgets?

Well, let’s see. When we are done, perhaps you will have made up your mind concerning the matter.

First, what is the work of the devices? They are special gadgets used to approximate yardage in a golf course.

How Does a Golf Laser Rangefinder Work?

These are simple devices that use laser beams to get the exact distance from the target to the player. They release a beam that bounces back after hitting the target.

So, why do you need a golf rangefinder?

Accurate measurements

If you think not using a golf rangefinder is easy, try it. These devices give an accurate measurement of the distance between two points. Of course, they help you know your yardage, thus saving time and the effort of manual calculation.

Anyone who has ever played in a poorly marked course understands the importance of a golf rangefinder. Without a golf rangefinder, you’d probably want to quit. Disappointment would be your best friend in that case.

Poorly marked courses don’t even specify whether the marks are in the front, center, or back. You end up confused. However, with the right rangefinder, you wouldn’t need to worry at all. They give accurate distances, for perfect shots.

Guesswork has never yielded any impressive results. If the marks are inaccurate, and you don’t have a rangefinder, then you are in trouble.

Better still, knowing the yardage helps you decide which club to use. You also know how many swings to exert.

Do you see?

A golf rangefinder is a crucial gadget. It will offer the best shots and reduce time wastage. So, the role of a rangefinder can never be overlooked in golf playing.

Store Club data

Do you want to know how fast your last shot went? Does that information matter to you? Well, keeping a record of the data might not be easy. However, with the right rangefinder, you easily access the details.

You collect your data. With your gadget, getting the club data is breezy. You only need your laser rangefinder, then aim at the spot to get the measurements. Of course, the distance should dictate which club you pick.

Always choose the most appropriate club for the yardage. After taking the shot, collect the data for future uses. The data serves as a learning tool for you.

Let’s assume you are having a yard of 100, and you play an 8 iron. Then, that tells you that you can hit 100 yards with 8 iron bang. Any distance below or higher, for instance, +10 means you can hit 110 yards with 8 iron bang while -10 means you hit 90 yards with 8 iron bang.

With several hits, you can gauge your club performance. Of course, in most cases, the yardage differs with +-10. However, if your pitch seems a bit scattered, consider getting the average. This way, you get your average pitch with different clubs.

So, the rangefinder helps you acquire important club data for future uses. This wouldn’t be the case if you didn’t have the gadget.

Gives hazards yardage

New courses can be quite a challenge. For instance, one may take a while before getting used. However, with a good golf rangefinder, you master your hazard yardage. This way, new courses become less strenuous and stressful.

Take this scenario, for instance; you lay in a new course, without accurate information on the distances. Then, assume the course has some hazards like bunkers and so on. All you need is a rangefinder to solve this problem.

They offer faster playing

Imagine approximating distances and yardage using your bare eyes? That would take quite long. Of course, neither you nor your team mates want to waste time doing calculations. So, you’d just take hits without accurate information.

With the rangefinder, you save time. You get the distance, choose the right club, then decide on the perfect swing.

Should I get a rangefinder for golf?

If you still having this question, then the answer is YES.

However, consider various factors when making a purchase. For instance, the devices come at different prices. So, for a beginner, pick something affordable.

If you are professional, I guess you already have a golf rangefinder. You’re probably saving to have a better one, which is a great idea!

For any upcoming golfer without a rangefinder, perhaps you should start considering getting one as soon as possible. You don’t need the most expensive for now, just find something simple first.

Can golf pros use rangefinders?

Absolutely, yes! It depends on the design and features.

Additionally, the event also matters. For instance, in competitions, there would be restrictions on the type of rangefinder the pros use.

According to Rule 14-3B, some features in a rangefinder can’t be allowed into a competition. Things like slope are banned and would attract a suspension.

In a training or friendly match, pros can use their rangefinders, including those with banned features.

The rule bans features like artificial distance gauging devices. Getting data related to weather or angle inclination attracts a penalty of disqualification.

These rules are taken extremely seriously. A renowned NFL big shot was disqualified after his caddie used a rangefinder. The rules also administer punishment on the player for mistakes made by their caddie.

So, although pros can use rangefinders, there are limitations. And, golf is more of discipline. So, observing the law and code of conduct plays a key role.

The device shouldn’t even help the player to read the green. Such are the rules of golf. But they are easy to understand and follow with a little experience.

Where do I aim a golf rangefinder?

You aim at the target. Even before aiming, you should pinpoint the target. Then aim your rangefinder at the target.

While capturing the target, you pull the trigger to release the beam. After that, you have your distance on the display screen.

In Conclusion

Should I get a rangefinder for golf? One of my friends asked me.

Well, the question looked ridiculous at first. However, it made me realize how most people never realized how crucial these gadgets can be.

The answer is, YES.

A rangefinder helps a golfer in many ways.

I have given enough reasons why you should have a pair.

Go ahead and follow the tips. Being a golf diehard, I have offered the tips I have learned throughout the years.

All the best in your quest to become an avid golfer!

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