Should I get Fitted for Golf Clubs

Whether you’re a seasoned professional golfer or just starting and wondering, Should I get fitted for golf clubs? Decide already because having a custom-fitted golf club is something that needs to be prioritized.

Should I get fitted for golf clubs
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Should I get Fitted for Golf Clubs

If you’re still sitting on the fence, having the ‘should I get fitted for golf clubs’ thoughts? Yes, you should! Because they will determine how well or bad you’re going to perform on the ground.

Many brands out there offer custom golf equipment that tailors specifically to golfer’s need.

So if you’re confused about whether or not should you get fitted for golf clubs, read this article to the end.

Should I get fitted for golf clubs as a professional or novice golfer?

You should get fitted if you want to play golf. Many golfers think custom-fitted golf club is only for pro golfers. That’s so wrong.

Beginners also need a dose of the custom-fitted clubs (more than ever). The benefits of getting fitted for golf clubs cuts across all corners of skill level, including the novice golfers.

Beginners will also experience a great deal of consistency with the ball when they use a custom-fitted club.

Another reason to customize your clubs is that not everyone has the same height. If you use a club that’s not suited to your height, you might be in for a poor golfing experience.

Furthermore, the size of the grip needs to be custom-fitted. You would not want to use a thick grip when what works for you are thin grips. When it comes to grips, size matters a lot.

Choosing the wrong size can hinder your progress.

Why custom fitted golf clubs are a great idea

Using golf clubs specifically customized for your game is an excellent way to hit the green. Taking this step is your first win, as you already have the upper hand.

Not only will an ill-fitting club create problems at your earliest golfing career, but also ruin your future golfing life.

The first thing you’ll notice about a club that doesn’t fit well is your playing attitude. You tend to play for the club and not for your strength. The club will begin to control how you play.

Your swinging ability, for example, will be disrupted as the position of the club will force you to manipulate your play, resulting in poor performance.

Even if you luckily succeed with an ill-fitting club at the earlier stage of your golfing experience, be prepared to struggle with the ‘shaft flex and lie angle’ level.

Because at this stage, adjusting to the right fitting can be a huge challenge.

That’s because your body is used to the ill-fitted clubs and already developed a skill set around this hold club. This could affect how you use your new custom clubs and slow down your golfing skill.

In addition, it’s possible not to have the right head size for your club.

When asking the question, should I get custom fit golf clubs, you also must consider choosing the clubhead that fits your game.

Many golfers prefer to go for clubs with a large head because they are consistent and that it boosts their confidence level. Smaller club heads are flexible and allow golfers to swing the ball more.

But, it’s not as promising as large club heads. Choosing the right club head will not only up to your consistency but also help you enjoy the game.

Getting Fitted Properly

If you’re still thinking that should I get fitted for golf clubs or just settle for the original one, hear me out: would you buy a size 6 shoe when your foot is size 12. The same goes for golf.

As Golf clubs continue to change in various ways, we should expect the same with the golf swing. Using modern clubs that support your latest swing style will benefit you.

You’ll be able to buy the right clubs for your swings, not the latest ones in town.

There’s a lot to learn when working with club hitters. You’ll get to know the influence of club specifications on ball flights and what you need to adjust in the specification to improve your game.

You’ll learn how to identify the right type of clubs for you.

When it comes to club fitting, your golf swing is measured from both the dynamic and static angle.

The actual measurement of the loft, shaft flex, head design, lie angle, and more, is what club fitters focus on to determine what suits your game.

Once the measurements are taken, you’ll have to take a few shots or try some irons at different lies and lofts.

Information regarding your golfing abilities, ball fights, weakness and strength, and your golfing goals (either personal or career-wise)

The golf fitter will advise you on what career or personal path is right for you (based on your answers, so tell the truth)

When should you get fitted for golf clubs is a really crucial question you should ask yourself before thinking that should I get fitted for golf clubs.

If you’re a golfer and you find it difficult to repeat your swing, kindly opt-in for a golf lesson rather than wasting money and time in getting fitted for clubs.

The result is what matters, not how smooth your swing feels. If you always slice, hook, or pop up, ideally, you are good at swinging repeatedly.

But if you always hit your shots at a consistently different pattern (first – left. Next- right) and lack purpose, enroll in a golf class for proper tutoring. A PGA professional will be of help.

When to get fitted for golf clubs – Is it now?

If you’re looking for when to get fitted for golf clubs, you’re in the right place. As golfers, we are always excited about the game-changing potential of a new golf club.

However, before you shell out your money on a new golf club, remember that getting fitted for clubs is imperative.

Unfortunately, most golfers use flawed clubs. There’s just at least one problem to deal with, and these problems can slow down and reduce their game potential.

The perfect solution is to get fitted by a professional club fitter. Adjusting your club sets to fit into your playing patterns and style will help improve your game.

When to get fitted for golf clubs – Quick answer

Do you feel you’re no longer comfortable with the performance of your current club?

When the confidence you get from playing your current club seems nowhere to be found. Or right now! This article is going to discuss the right time to get fitted for golf clubs.

Club fitting is a saver for all golfers

When it comes to finding the right clubs and which golf clubs should you get fitted for, the price point is not the most critical factor here.

That’s because different qualities of clubs are available at different prices. The most important thing here is to get the ideal sets of clubs that fit perfectly into your swing and your overall game.

Over the past few years, Club fitting has become a norm among golfers, and a compulsory process among a high percentage of them.

Owing to the golf sport’s technological advancement, the smallest details of each golfer can be easily analyzed – from the swing to the size of the clubhead.

Any serious golfer should place golf fitting at the top of their priority list. There’s no point in worrying about when to get fitted for golf clubs – now is always the best time.

A confirmation from a club-fitter that you’re good to go (equipment-wise) can be a major boost to your confidence level.

Although in most cases, the club fitting session will suggest a couple of changes to your club sets.

Regardless of the result of your fitting session, you should rest assured that you’ll see an improvement in your game.

Best places for club fitting

Apart from knowing which golf clubs should you get fitted for, you also need to know where to get your club fitting. Today, virtually all golf facilities provide a club fitting service.

Nearly all golf shops in your local area have at least one golf sitter on sit ready to attend to you. To find a local facility around you for club fitting, you should use the help of Google.

Use the phrase ‘golf club fitting in (your city) and click enter. You’ll see a list of several facilities near you. Pick a couple of them and contact them for inquiries.

Be sure to ask them important questions like:

  • What are their charges for a fitting session?
  • What does that fee include?

If you are purchasing new clubs, some facilities will refund the money you already paid for fitting. However, this could only apply when you purchase a certain amount of money.

Apart from pricing information, you also need to request information about the professional who will be handling your club fitting session.

What’s his/her experience level? Can he/she help you know which golf clubs should you get fitted for?

Generally, most golf shops only hire professional individuals to handle the club fitting session. So I don’t think that should be an issue, but asking these questions wouldn’t hurt, either.

Fully utilize your club fitting session

I get it; golf fitting sessions can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. Here, you’ll be under a camera-watch – at least a camera, most times, more.

Plus, a powerful computer will be available to analyze your swing.

Because the attention is on you and your swing, you may be tempted to go too hard on your swing (I get it you’re trying to impress a robot).

This is a common practice among golfers in a club fitting session, especially the first-timers. Unfortunately, this is a distraction from the point of the whole session.

Here’s the thing – your main reason for visiting a facility is not only to know which golf clubs should you get fitted for but also to improve the performance of your equipment.

However, if the swing you used during your fitting session is different from your usual swing, your fitting results may be tampered with.

And that’s a complete waste of your time and money because your clubs won’t be able to represent your accuracy and ability.

Club fitting sessions strictly works on Data, so you need to be as accurate as possible.

So what’s the way out? Be yourself.

You don’t have to swing too hard. Avoid being too self-conscious. You’re hitting your shots in front of professionals. There’s no point impressing them (they won’t be, anyway).

Plus, no one is judging your golfing skill. These professionals have completed hundreds of club fitting session, and just as they have seen golfers better than you, they have also seen worse.

So here, creating an impression is so time-wasting. Relax, stay calm, learn more, and enjoy the whole process.

In Summary

I hope this article has answered your search query on ‘should I get fitted for golf clubs.

Conclusively, the reason too many golfers want to get fitted for new clubs is that a pro golfer told them to or they read it in a popular golf magazine, or because some think that buying the “factory-fitted clubs” is old-fashioned.

While some would get an excellent value for the money spent on their fitted clubs, it could have been wise for others to invest in a golf lesson.

When it comes to when to get fitted for golf clubs, the time is Now. Club fitting is something that many golfers are fond of postponing till the next golf season….

And the next golf season. Don’t be that golfer.

Getting your club fitted might be the breakthrough you need to improve your golfing potentials.

Because most fitting sessions come at an affordable price and literally takes less than an hour to complete, there’s no reason for procrastination.

A professional club fitter would walk you by hand and not only help you choose the perfect club sets and swings but also guide you through which golf clubs should you get fitted for.

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