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Callaway Golf actually revolutionized the golf ball industry by integrating technological innovations, research, and design in their balls. One of the company’s long-time products is Top Flite golf balls.

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🏌️‍♂️ Top Flite golf balls are preferred by golfers due to their ability to increase distance and accuracy through advanced aerodynamics, resulting in longer and straighter shots.
🏞️ These golf balls have a soft feel and low compression, making them easier to control and suitable for players of all skill levels.
📈 Customer reviews have shown significant improvements in players’ game after using Top Flite golf balls.
💪 The advanced aerodynamics of Top Flite golf balls reduce drag, increase lift, and provide a stable flight path, ensuring better performance on the course.
⚙️ Top Flite golf balls are designed with a seamless cover and high-quality materials for maximum energy transfer and increased spin control.
🎯 The low compression and soft feel of these golf balls allow for greater control, improved shot accuracy, and reduced fatigue.
🎓 Top Flite golf balls are suitable for both newer and experienced players, offering a combination of quality and affordability.
⏳ These golf balls are known for their durability and longevity, maintaining consistent performance even after multiple rounds of use.
💰 Top Flite golf balls provide excellent value for money, with an affordable pricing range and positive customer satisfaction ratings.
🌈 Players can personalize their equipment with a variety of styles and colors available for Top Flite golf balls, enhancing their game and visibility on the course.
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These balls have produced nothing but top-flight golf ball energy for decades now. Golfers with beginner skills and of all ages can depend on this golf ball to improve on their game.

Now, let’s get to know the Top Flight golf balls and what they have to offer!

Top Flite Golf Balls | Fly High & Fly Long
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If you are in the golfing industry, chances are you have already encountered Callaway Golf. The Callaway Golf Company is a household name for golfers all around the globe.

This is because the American sports equipment manufacturer has provided several golfers with all their essentials for the greeneries.

Several professional golfers such as John Rahm have even committed themselves to use Callaway equipment only. No doubt, this company truly gives the best quality in their products.

Of course, this is also seen in their golf balls. They made sure that they get all the best qualities of feel, distance, control, durability, and aerodynamics in one little sphere.

Callaway Golf also continues to be two steps ahead in front of other manufacturers with their constant improvements.

Top Flite Golf Balls | Fly High & Fly Long

Did you know that the first creator of Top Flite golf ball was actually Spalding?

Yes! The popular basketball equipment brand released the original versions of Top Flight golf balls in 1971.

Later on, in 2003, Callaway Golf bought out the entire brand of Top Flight golf balls as well as the facilities of production.

Since then, they have been the primary makers of Top Flight golf balls. As of today, their Top Flight golf balls have five models under its line.

Many of the Top Flight golf balls models have become fan favorites and cult classics. An example of this is the Top Flite gamer golf balls.

Due to their fame, Top Flight golf balls are often sold out. This was a tedious pursuit for most golfers. But now, thanks to the dawn of the internet, you can order them online!

Top Flite continues to become a producer of commendable golf balls until today. Most golfers even rely on the Top Flite brand because of its credibility.

Top Flite golf balls are not only cost-efficient but also strong in several areas. To know what’s right for you, here are the different models of Top Flite Golf Balls:

Top Flite Bomb Golf Balls

These are truly the bomb dot com of Top Flite golf balls. Top Flite Bomb Golf Balls are one of the best models of the Top Flite brand.

The Top Flite Bomb Golf Balls come in a 24-pack that will surely last you for years. If you’re into unique stuff, these are also offered for personalization.


  • Top Flite Bomb Golf Balls are constructed with 2 layers that increase ball flight.
  • Its cover is made of firm ionomer that heightens durability and a cutproof design.
  • Maximum distance is the goal of Top Flite Bomb Golf Balls when golfers take a swing.
  • The wedge spin is also impressive with Top Flite Bomb Golf Balls.
  • Its soft feel is also engineered to be top-tier.
  • The Top Flite Bomb Golf Balls are the Official Ball of the World Long Drive.
  • Straight shots are produced by this ball.
  • The core has optimum compression for higher ball speeds and distances.
  • It also provides a low spin and a fast launch that provides the golfer with ideal performance and play.

Top Flite XL Distance

The Top Flite XL golf balls line comes in different versions. Still, all of them provide you with high-quality games.

Top Flite XL golf balls are also often sold in packs of 15, compared to the usual dozen or double dozen. Get to know which one would serve you the best.

Known for its extreme durability and Distance Dimple Technology, this Top Flite XL Golf Balls model helps golfers achieve a high launch.

The making of its core is also High Resiliency. This means that players get higher ball speeds and distance.

Plus, the recalibrated ionomer of Top Flite XL Distance Golf Balls cover adds durability and lessens spin for better accuracy.


  • This Top Flite XL Golf Balls model was created to enhance durability and distance.
  • The improved Dimple Distance Technology allows for higher quality play and performance.
  • The High Resiliency Core provides ideal compression and higher ball speeds.
  • Durability is higher and spin is lower, thanks to the ionomer cover.
  • A 2-piece golf ball that provides great ball flight and distance.
  • This model comes in a 15-pack.

Top Flite XL 7000

If you’re looking for a softer version of Top Flite XL Golf Balls, then this one’s for you.

The Top Flite XL 7000 provides a high launch with a long carry, thanks to its Distance Dimple Technology. It also has a Slickote coating that lessens slices and hooks.


  • Slickote coating that lessens hooks and slices.
  • Distance Dimple Technology with fast launch and long carry.
  • Ionomer cover that heightens durability and feel.
  • High resiliency core that maximizes ball speed and distance.
  • 2-piece golf ball
  • Comes in a 12-pack.

Top Flite XL Straight

If your swing range cannot get the maximum distance, this Top Flite XL golf balls model can help you. Your speed game would really be out of this world upon trying this golf ball model.

It has all the great features of Top Flite XL 5000, but it gives back so much more. Wouldn’t you love that?


  • Ionomer cover for higher durability
  • Slickote coating for fewer hooks and slices, and reduces spinning as well.
  • Has a large afterburner core
  • Cutproof design
  • Distance Dimple Technology that increases distance and is wind-resistant
  • Has a high energy core that maximizes ball speed and distance
  • Minimized sidespin

Top Flite XL 5000

Top Flite was very considerate in the making of this golf ball. Everything that a beginner golfer needs, this golf ball provides.

It comes in a set too! Top Flite XL 5000 also comes in Super Long, Super Soft, and Super Straight.

They all contain normal dimple designs. Plus, these golf balls come in an 18-pack, so no running back and forth to golf equipment stores is needed!


  • Comes in an 18-pack
  • Includes 12 clubs
  • Comes with a 10-degree loft driver
  • Contains a 3 and 5 wood
  • Has a 4 and 5 hybrid
  • Comes with a 6 iron, sand wedge, and putter
  • Also has a lightweight sandbag, head covers, and rain hood
  • Purchasable for left and right-handed individual
  • Has graphite and/or steel shaft irons
  • Its clubs have Velvet grips
  • Are extremely easy to play with
  • Provides you with increased airborne swings
  • One of the most beginner-friendly golf balls

Top Flite Gamer Golf Balls

Hit them with your best shot with the Top Flite Gamer Golf Balls. The goal is to let you rise to the top with Top Flite Gamer Golf Balls on your side.

It comes with multiple innovations compared to earlier Top Flite golf ball models. The Top Flite Gamer Golf Balls series is the best golf ball if you want to go harder on improving your game.

Dick’s Sporting Goods also took time to improve the Top Flite Gamer Golf Balls from its previous two-piece Surlyn model. It now has a softer feel and faster performance.

So all in all, the wait for the comeback of this ball was worth it.


  • Top Flite Gamer Golf Balls are made up of 3 layers
  • A soft ionomer cover that maximizes durability is another plus for Top Flite Gamer Golf Balls
  • It provides golfers with high distance, durability, and wedge spin
  • Top Flite Gamer Golf Balls also come with a soft feel
  • You can control your shots better with this ball because it increases accuracy and precision
  • Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics are featured in this golf ball to maximize lift and distance
  • The Top Flite Gamer Golf Balls also come with DuPont HPF mantle layers in the core and cover to lessen long game spin for more accurate results
  • Comes in a 12-pack
  • Lower compression to reach longer distances
  • The best ball of the Top Flite brand
  • Most affordable premium ionomer golf ball on the market
  • Comparable to Titleist Velocity and Tour Speed in terms of compression

Top Flite D2 Golf Balls

Top Flite D2 Golf Balls are sold in large quantities. No kidding, they come in 48-packs. You really have a lot of golf balls to work with for a long time.

But apart from that, Top Flite D2 Golf Balls are ready to go the distance with you. They integrated superior design with soft compression to get the fastest ball speed in one small ball.


  • Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics that improves spin to get higher distance and lift
  • Higher ball speeds are provided to optimize distances
  • Top Flite D2 Golf Balls come with a soft compression core that works with a high-speed core to increase the speed
  • The thin ionomer cover of Top Flite D2 Golf Balls help increase durability and a soft feel
  • Top Flite D2 Golf Balls come in 2 layers that heighten ball flight and distance
  • It also comes with a plastic carry bucket!

Top Flite Freak Golf Balls

If you want to get the Top Flite Gamer Golf Balls but you’re restricted by your budget, here’s a solution for you.

Top Flite Freak Golf Balls are the value alternatives for Gamer Golf Balls. Top Flite Freak Golf Balls care about only one thing: nasty distance.

Its springlike feel will definitely take you places.


  • Top Flite Freak Golf Balls bring great distance that is comparable to Tour’s flagship golf balk
  • The spin and distance are also divine with Top Flite Freak Golf Balls
  • It comes with a Dimple in Dimple design that works on your spin to get maximum distance and lift
  • The Top Flite Freak Golf Balls also have an improved core to help you go farther
  • Despite its affordability, the Top Flite Freak Golf Balls heighten your ball speed with its low spin core and hardcover
  • For the best performance on the best budget, Top Flite Freak Golf Balls are for you

Who Owns Top Flite Golf Balls Now?

Since Callaway Golf decided to focus on their other fields of business, Dick’s Sporting Goods got to buy rights to the Top Flite brand.

After 10 years of owning Top Flite, Callaway Golf sold the brand to Dick’s especially since the brand lowered in value. This is also to lessen costs on their part.

Now, Dick’s Sporting Goods offer Top Flite golf ball at a more affordable price. You can easily purchase through their stores or on their website.

In Conclusion

Frankly speaking, if you’re aiming to go pro golf, this ball is not for you.

Top Flight Golf Balls are best recommended for beginners and recreational golfers. It’s also a good quality, budget-friendly golf ball.

So if your goal is to enjoy the game and not break the bank, this is the ball for you.

However, if you do plan on going farther in your golfing career, you can use these balls for practice and move on to other brands for more serious golfing.

As a beginner, Top Flite Golf Ball is one of the best choices out there.

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