What Are The Best Golf Bags?

With several options available in the market, what are the best golf bags? Whether you’re new to the game or interested in buying a new one, surely there’s a golf bag that best suits your needs and preferences.

What Are the Best Golf Bags?
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What are the Best Golf Bags?

There is no one way of telling about what golf bags are the best. For instance, if you’re on a tight budget, then probably you consider the cheaper ones as the best option for you.

If money isn’t a problem, several things may still be considered including the brand, material used, size, and storage.

Later, you’ll get to know what are the best golf bags based on brands. But to limit your wide variety of options, we’ll first zoom in to the common types of golf bags.

Ask these questions: What are the best golf stand bags? Which golf cart bag is best? What are the best golf travel bags?

As you ponder on the questions, one of the main things you should consider before making your purchase is functionality and use.

With this, what golf bags are the best considering the most common types of bags?

Taylormade 2019 Flextech Lite Stand Golf Bag

Curious about what are the best golf stand bags?

Well, Taylormade will surely be on top of the list. Although this model adopted a smaller design compared to the other Taylormade Flextech golf bags, it didn’t sacrifice storage.

The size is just enough to include the essentials plus other needed equipment/accessory. The different pockets are also accessible even when put on a trolley.

Also, despite its lightweight design, it still manages to stand on its own.


  • Offers just the right amount of space (not to small or too big)
  • Self-adjusting strap system to aid heavy equipment handling
  • Collapsible base system
  • Comes with 11 pockets including a seam-sealed and water-resistant valuables pocket


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Not designed to overcome the harshest environment

Titleist Players 4 Stand Golf Bag

Ask about what golf bags are the best, it’s nearly impossible to not even mention Titleist.

Especially, this Players 4 Stand Golf Bag which proves how quality could still be achieved despite affordability. If you’re new to the game, this is a perfect entry-level golf stand bag.

Its high-grade aluminum legs will make sure that your bag won’t stumble. It’s the ultimate image of stability.


  • High quality, durable design
  • Superior top dividers
  • Dual-density foam padding for increased comfort
  • Six pockets including a full-length apparel pocket


  • Reported weak straps
  • Legs detachment issues if pins are too loose

Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

As the name implies, this golf cart bag from Callaway will allow you to easily organize your clubs with its 14 full-length dividers.

There’s also enough room for your other needs because it comes with 11 optimal sized pockets.

Other impressive features include an electronic trolley battery pack sleeve, magnetic closing beverage pockets, and a bottle opener. What are the best golf bags, you ask?

Well, if you want to receive the maximum comfort, you’ll make no mistake choosing this one.


  • Dual magnetic valuables pockets
  • Insulated beverage pockets with draining system
  • Two handles for portability
  • Solid construction
  • 14 full-length dividers


  • Poor accessibility to all pockets when strapped in
  • Only includes an average-sized cooler

Ping Traverse Cart Bag

If you examine each aspect and feature of this bag, you’ll notice that without any doubt, Ping Traverse Cart Bag is designed for a golf push or pull cart user.

With 14 full-length club dividers and 10 conveniently placed pockets, it’s truly a well-sized bag.

Yet, given the large storage space, you might be surprised to know that it just weighs 5.5 lbs. There’s even a plastic and drain hole in the insulated drink pocket so your bag won’t get soaked in water.

This makes this specific model an answer to your query, “What are the best golf bags?”


  • Lightweight despite large storage space
  • Greatly designed that is synced with functionality
  • Insulated drink pocket with drain hole


  • Plastic zippers
  • Dull colors

Sun Mountain C130 Golf Cart Bag

Still talking about which golf cart bag is best, Sun Mountain C130 Golf Cart Bag deserves to be part of this list.

When pocket accessibility is an issue for some, that’s not a problem with the 10 pockets of this golf cart bag.

For your club organization, the golf bag is angled in a manner where your smaller clubs can be placed in front. Meanwhile, the woods can be placed around the other clubs.

It also comes with three handles so you can easily pick up the bag and effortlessly transport it.


  • 10 easily accessible pockets
  • Large putter pocket
  • Smart strap system
  • 14 full-length dividers
  • 11 color variants


  • Price is a bit expensive

Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Bag

What are the best golf bags? Particularly, what are the best golf travel bags?

Well, this one might be the last on this list but definitely, a Samsonite golf bag is a great pick.

Since it has a padded interior and a hard-topped case, you don’t need to worry about your golf equipment while you’re traveling.

Enjoy a smooth ride without the hassle of thinking about your thing’s safety.

For your convenience, it also features wheels. It might be a little too expensive but if you’re looking for a long-term golf travel bag, you won’t find yourself questioning its value.


  • Hardcover to prevent damages
  • Perfect for average golf bag sizes
  • Padded interior
  • Internal compression straps to secure golf equipment
  • Features wheels for portability


Top Golf Bag Brands

If it’s a question about what are the best golf bags, you could also categorize them based on the brand.

For instance, if you want to know what are the best golf stand bags, you could consider looking at Taylormade or Titleist bags.

If you’re curious about which golf cart bag is best, then maybe consider choosing Sun Mountain.

Well about what are the best golf travel bags, you could infer from the list that Samsonite provides one of the best.

Many golfers, however, would still tell you that the quality of the product speaks more volume than the brand.

Yet, you can’t deny that a brand is a good indicator of high quality and excellence. So, let’s explore what are the best golf bags in terms of brand.

  • Taylormade

Taylormade is one of the leading brands especially in terms of having innovative smart features. The list of what are the best golf stand bags won’t be complete without this brand.

It’s widely recognized for its durability, versatility, classy designs, and high customer following.

  • Titleist

Another addition in your “what are the best golf stand bags” list is Titleist.

Intermediate and professional golfers particularly prefer this brand because of their high-quality golf bags. As one of the most trusted brands,

Titleist is consistently part of the top picks for various golf brand reviews.

  • Callaway

Still not sure which golf cart bag is best? Why not give Callaway a try.

They’ve been in the business for 38 years now. Surely, they’ve built superiority in developing high tier golf bags over the years.

Some might find it expensive but if you’re looking for comfort and durability, you’ll get to see and experience its value, especially for long-term use.

  • Sun Mountain

Recommended by both golf professionals and consumers, you can see that Sun Mountain always receives pretty solid ratings.

If Titleist is a favorite among intermediate and professional players,

Sun Mountain is a beginner’s top choice.

  • Ping

If you’re still looking for more options on which golf cart bag is best, make sure to add Ping to the list.

Since 1959, Ping has been manufacturing excellent golf equipment including golf bags. Despite the tight market competition, their consistent high-quality bags makes them secure the top spots.

  • Samsonite

Samsonite might be more commonly known as a luggage manufacturer. That’s why if you’re asking about “what are the best golf travel bags?”

Well, more than a century of experience will tell you a lot. They know how to protect your golf clubs and equipment.

Indeed, Samsonite deserves a place in your list of what are the best golf travel bags.

In Summary

When It Comes to Your Golf Bags, Never Settle For Less

Your personal preference isn’t the only thing that will dictate how you’ll choose the best golf bag for you.

Besides, your preferences would change as you become a more seasoned player.

A recognized and established brand will be a good indicator but you should also consider the type of golf bag you’re looking for.

Still, it will always go back on how you plan to use it.

So, what are the best golf bags?  Well, we provided you a great list above, it’s for you to explore your options now.

But no matter what the case is, never settle for less.

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