What Do Golf Shoes Do | Improves Game Performance

Have you ever wondered what do golf shoes do? The functionality of a pair of golf shoes is the reason why you can’t wear any other shoes in a golf game.

What Do Golf Shoes Do | Improves Game Performance
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A golf shoe is specially designed for playing golf, you know, shoes for golf.

So, let’s poke your little bubble with this golf shoe functionality lesson!

What do golf shoes do?

As mentioned countless times before in our other articles, golf shoes are made specifically for the purpose of playing golf.

Manufacturers of golf shoes spent years researching the needs of golf players and addressing it by improving the functionality of golf shoes.

Before we answer the question, what do golf shoes do, here is a brief history of golf shoes:

Going back to the 1940s up to the 1950s, you will see that golf players usually use golf shoes with stiff, metal spikes.

However, a huge problem with the course aroused because of wearing this type of golf shoes.

They soon found out that the course is being damaged by the metal spikes attached to the golf shoes.

To solve this, manufacturers decided to make spikes from plastic and rubber materials. Not only are these spikes kinder to the golf course, but they are also more comfortable to wear.

Through the years, producers of golf shoes also found out that a golf player needs support, stability, and comfort.

Given these needs, they use durable and more supple materials in creating golf shoes.

With this brief background, you might already have an idea about what do golf shoes do.

But, that does not stop us from discovering more, so here is a list of the other things that a pair of golf shoes can do!

  • Provides Traction

To play golf properly, you need to have a good grip on the ground. Luckily for you, the top answer to the question, what do golf shoes do is it gives you traction.

You might think about, why do you need golf shoes if other types of shoes can also offer you grip.

To give light to that sentiment, you must know that not all sports are played in the same venue.

This statement only means that shoes are made so you can conquer a certain terrain that you need to.

In playing golf, it is an important fact to take note that you will encounter different kinds of terrain and most of them are slippery.

These slippery terrains include some sandy parts, a sloped hill, a waterlogged area, and fresh grass.

To be able to maintain your balance while playing on these terrains, you need high traction points, which most shoes cannot offer.

Spiked golf shoes are the best for traction.

Those claw-like spikes will surely hold on to any kind of terrains or any weather conditions!

Therefore, if you are having second thought about wearing your regular sneakers in a golf game, think again or you will most probably go home with a broken knee.

  • Helps your Swing

What do golf shoes do? It can help you have a better swing!

The spikes on your cleated golf shoes, and the dimples or the rubber spike-likes found at the bottom of your golf shoes can actually help you achieve the perfect swing for your golf club.

But, how? Well, it keeps your feet stuck on the ground when you swing your golf club. This is a very critical feature, especially when you like to play golf while raining.

With the absence of spikes or dimples on your gold shoes, you could slip after a swing.

This can happen because you have no good foundation to counter a very large force that you applied in swinging your golf club.

As a result of you slipping, you may get injuries, some may be just a scratch but it can be as fatal as a broken ankle or knee. You surely wouldn’t want that, right?

Aside from the spikes, the wide-track rubber soles can also help you with your swing.

It helps your feet stay grounded and it also enables you to maintain your balance until the end of your swing.

If you are not wearing a golf shoe with wide soles, you might end up leaning too much either backward or forward, if that happens, you are highly likely to trip over.

That is the reason why you need to wear shoes that can support your weight and help you to balance your body all throughout the game.

As you know, doing a swing involves a wide range of motion such as pivoting of your trunk and shoulders.

To support that kind of movement, you must wear golf shoes because of the spikes and the wide-track rubber sole!

Now that you know what are the things that a pair of golf shoes can help you with, you must never think again about wearing other kinds of shoes in playing golf.

Why Golf Shoes & What’s the Purpose

Why can’t you wear any other shoes in playing golf? Why golf shoes?– These are the questions that are surely boggling your head right now.

So, let us clear that up by discussing the answer to the question, what are golf shoes good for.

  • Balance

First on our list of what are golf shoes good for is balance.

You should put an emphasis on the fact that golf shoes are designed very differently than the other shoes used for other sports.

Balance is one of the essential must-haves in playing the game of golf and golf shoes are your best option if you want to have it.

The larger sole and the wider base of golf shoes enables you to keep your balance when you are swinging your golf club.

So, if you are inquiring about, why golf shoes? Think of balance and the many players that slipped after they threw their best swing.

  • Stability

Next on our list of what are golf shoes good for is stability. The best choice of action is to get you a golf shoe that fits your feet size and gives you more support.

A good golf shoe should be able to help you balance your weight and allow your feet to move comfortably.

Thanks to technology, many manufacturers have included built-in stabilizers positioned at the sides, so that your feet will comfortably stay in place once you put the shoe on.

Aside from stabilizers, there are spikes below the shoe to give you traction and keep you safe from slippery surfaces.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is the next thing that we will discuss what are golf shoes good for.

It is not a secret that golf courses are irregular, which means that the parts of a golf course are not created the same.

Given the different terrains and circumstances that one golf course can offer, it is not impossible that you may find yourself in an awkward position to swing your golf club.

If that is the only thing that can hinder you from getting a birdie, then it is time that you consider getting yourself a golf shoe that can give you amazing flexibility!

So, why golf shoes? The answer is because they can give you enough flexibility and they can adjust in varying terrains so you can give a good swing anywhere you are!

Do you believe that a player who isn’t comfortable cannot play a good game? If yes, then you would definitely agree on why we included comfort on our list of what are golf shoes good for.

Why golf shoes? The answer is because it is waterproof when you need protection from waterlogged surfaces and the rain.

Also, another reason is that it is breathable, which is perfect for keeping your feet fresh even after playing on a hot summer season.

Moreover, thanks to the extra paddings that the manufacturers inserted on a golf shoe that it became even more comfortable to wear!

Common Mistakes When Choosing Golf Shoes

Many times, people forget what are golf shoes for.

They tend to not make a sound decision and choose golf shoes based on their impulses. If you want to avoid that,

here is a list of the common mistakes a person can make when choosing a golf shoe:

  • Choosing based on the style

Sometimes people tend to think that the design is more attractive than what are golf shoes for.

This is the reason why they tend to choose based on their design preferences and based on what looks pleasing to their eyes.

They get swayed by the colors and patterns that they forget about what are golf shoes for.

  • Choosing based on price

If you are a person who has a lot of money to spare, then you may opt to go for the most expensive golf shoe thinking that it also has the best functionality.

On the other hand, if you are a person who is working on a tight budget, you will go for the cheapest one without looking if it has everything that you need.

If you are choosing based on the price tag, remember to also ask about what are golf shoes for.

  • Choosing based on the trend

Joining the bandwagon might be tempting. However, even if it is included in the trend’s list, it doesn’t mean that it has the best functionality.

Remember to always inquire about what are golf shoes for.

Consider functionality first!

It is important to learn about what do golf shoes do, so you will be able to make a sound decision when shopping for one!

Learning about its functionality gives you a deeper understanding of why you need a golf shoe in the first place!

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