What Golf Shoes Do the Pros Wear | Performance Improvements

So, have you ever found yourself asking, what golf shoes do the pros wear? What golf shoes does Brooks Koepka wear? Do these shoes contribute to their excellence in the field of golfing?

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  1. Golf shoes play a crucial role in a golfer’s experience, impacting performance, comfort, and enjoyment.
  2. Professional golf shoes have evolved with technology and materials for better support, comfort, traction, and stability.
  3. Footwear choice in golf is important for balance, stability, injury prevention, and style.
  4. The anatomy of professional golf shoes includes breathable and water-resistant uppers, shock-absorbing midsoles, advanced traction outsoles, and arch-supporting insoles.
  5. Waterproofing technology in golf shoes protects from wet conditions and maintains quality.
  6. Cushioned insoles reduce foot impact, increase comfort, and prevent fatigue.
  7. Durable outsoles are necessary for long-term performance, providing traction and preventing slips.
  8. Interchangeable spikes or cleats offer customization options, better traction, and cost-effective replacements.
  9. Choosing the right golf shoe involves considering comfort, performance, style, and functionality.
  10. Proper maintenance and cleaning of golf shoes, along with breaking them in, contribute to longevity and a comfortable fit.
  11. Professional golf shoes improve stability, traction, and comfort, elevating a golfer’s performance and experience.

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What Golf Shoes Do the Pros Wear | Performance Improvements
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Should you buy the same golf shoes they wear? Would it improve your game?

The answer to all that is yes! You would get a great advantage if you choose to invest in what golf shoes the pros are wearing.

Continue reading and you’ll find every answer you need on what your idols wear on their trusty feet during their golf games.

What Golf Shoes Do the Pros Wear

It is highly common for people who try something new to look up to people who are already experts in that field.

If you are not yet that familiar with the way your interest works, there is a big chance that you will first try out the things and techniques used by the best of the best.

In golf, one of your best friends would be your golf shoes.

They would be the absolute best support system in terms of staying in balance, giving your best swing, and keeping the light and breezy feeling with you all day.

You could never go wrong in investing in the best pair of golf shoes.

The most important things that you have to consider when playing golf or your balance, flexibility, traction, and support. These are what make or break your game.

These are also the same set of standards that professional golf players consider when choosing the right pair of golf shoes.

So, what golf shoes do the pros wear?

  • Type of Golf Shoes

First, you have to consider the two types of golf shoes, which are spiked and spikeless golf shoes.

These are the important elements that you have to tackle before dealing with the bigger questions like what golf shoes does Brooks Koepka wear.

The first type of golf shoe is spiked golf shoes. These have cleats on the outsole that are created out of soft plastic.

On the other hand, spikeless golf shoes are made with flat outsoles that feature rubber studs instead of spikes.

It is a common belief that iconic golf players wear spiked golf shoes.

This is because they give their users more stability on courses that are hilly and suffer wet conditions, but as time passes, spikeless designs up their game by being more innovative.

Grip, traction, balance, support, flexibility, and ease can now be found in spikeless golf shoes. This gives it all the more reason to be chosen over spiked golf shoes.

But what golf shoes are the pros wearing? Do they prefer a slight elevation thanks to spiked golf shoes?

The answer is yes. Even in upscale country clubs, the proper dress code in golfing includes spiked shoes.

Worry no more because spiked golf shoes have actually improved in terms of comfort over time.

Additionally, beginners are also recommended to wear spiked golf shoes in order to gain a steady foundation in the process of developing their game.

This protects novices from slipping and ruining their shot.

Finally, a bigger number of pro golfers still choose to wear spiked golf shoes because it still provides better traction than spikeless golf shoes.

However, this doesn’t stop other pro players from wearing spikeless golf shoes.

This brings us to answer the question, what golf shoes does Brooks Koepka wear?

What Golf Shoes Does Brooks Koepka Wear

This all-American professional golfer is well-known for his numerous accomplishments in the field of golf.

Since becoming a part of the PGA Tour, Koepka has really made a name for himself; even ranking World Number 1 in October 2018 in the Official World Golf Ranking after bagging the 2018 CJ Cup.

Lovingly called a “golf geek”, Brookes Koepka has been playing golf since his college years at Florida State University.

By 2012, he was already pursuing professional golf by trotting to Europe for the Challenge Tour. Since then, Brookes Koepka has been one of the pros in the world of golf.

His influence has extended so far that Nike just had to collaborate with him.

Just Do It with Nike

In 2017, Nike met up with Koepka after his win at the 2017 US Open.

They wanted to turn this rising star into an established athlete through remaking his wardrobe, and this is exactly what they did.

Since then, Brooks has vouched for Nike by being a patron of their Nike Golf Tour Premiere that has been his best buddy as he won the 2019 PGA Championship.

In the same year, wearing the same shoes, he has also won various contests.

This has proven that not only is he a gold standard golf player, but his shoes have also contributed greatly to his growth as an athlete.

This is why it would be nice to know the answer to what golf shoes are the pros wearing? But before that, what golf shoes does Brooks Koepka wear?

Nike’s renowned golf shoe, Air Zoom Infinity Tour that was revealed to the public during the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship 2020.

Brooks Koepka himself was sporting the Nike Air Zoom Infinity, establishing how the right shoes help your game.

Known for its unrivaled comfort, the Nike Air Zoom Infinity was inspired by Koepka’s love for running shoes.

Nike designed a shoe that could provide golfers with extreme comfort without compromising its traction pattern and grip consistency.

Hands-on Pro

During the design process, Koepka was really hands-on to make it unique, even drawing inspiration from one of his personal heroes, Kobe Bryant.

This goes to show how the expert was actually part of the process, so in the end, an iconic shoe with the best performance was made.

This assured golf players of balance in several areas such as security of foot motion and flexibility.

Not only does it perform well as a golf shoe alone, but it was designed with the thought of making it into a running shoe as well, as Koepka himself was a gym and running enthusiast.

It sounds so simple, right? Wrong. Especially since these golf shoes aren’t exactly spikeless.

This was made possible all thanks to the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit running shoe, integrated with all new flexible and durable features.

Rest assured also that this powerful shoe serves it multi-purpose by bringing Koepka’s ideas and desires into one shoe.

Is this all that the esteemed golfer wears? What golf shoes does Brooke Koepka wear apart from the shoes he was literally the inspiration of?

If not using his Nike Air Zoom Infinity, Brooks can be spotted wearing the Nike Tour Premiere Shoe, possibly because of its difference in grip and security.

No wonder Koepka puts his faith in this shoe, as the Nike Tour Premiere Shoe provides its users with FASTFIT lacing, which gives more ease to the golfer.

It also fits its wearer well in order to ensure maximum performance results. All thanks to its piece ankle bootie and padded ankle collar, high comfort levels are experienced, especially with a Phylon footbed.

Now that we know what golf shoes does Brooks Koepka wears, coming up is the answer to what golf shoes do the pros wear?

What Golf Shoes are the Pros Wearing

Considering how vast the market is for golf shoes nowadays and how innovative they become as time passes, wouldn’t it be helpful to know what golf shoes are the pros wearing?

So let’s find out what golf shoes do the pros wear, apart from Brooks Koepka’s iconic piece.

To answer the question of what golf shoes are the pros wearing and further extend your knowledge on the benefit of each shoe,

We have prepared a list of professional golfers and what golf shoes do the pros wear, especially these ones:

  • Dustin Johnson

Adidas CodeChaos Prime Blue Golf Shoes

Dustin Johnson, being an ambassador of Adidas, has patronized their products from head to toe.

This includes their CodeChaos golf shoe that is made from recycled materials and provides lightweight and responsive cushioning with stable grips.

  • Rory McIlroy

Nike Golf Air Zoom Victory Tour

Redefining performance is the goal for Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour.

With revolutionary cushioning and a sleek, synthetic leather upper, it is highly sophisticated and comfortable.

  • Phil Mickelson

G/Fore Patriot Disruptor

A fusion of street fashion and golf shoes, this iconic piece promises optimized traction, flexibility, unmatched comfort, and support.

Phil Mickelson is actually an ambassador of the brand.

  • Justin Thomas

FootJoy Icon Traditional
FootJoy Icon Shield Tip

These shoes are actually a custom design of a young cancer survivor.

Bailey collaborated with FootJoy to design this pair for Justin Thomas himself and since then, Thomas has used these shoes which both provide comfort, style, and innovative technologies to up his game.

  • Jason Day

Nike Air Zoom 90 IT
Nike Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoes
Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2

Jason Day has really put his faith in Nike golf shoes, even switching from spikeless to spiked from time to time, depending on the event.

Not only is he pursuing style, but he also prioritizes his performance.

  • Ernie Els


Since Els signed with Puma, he has worn their IGNITE PWRADAPT.

This provides him with a top-end traction system that has 3-D traction pods and responsive cushioning, thus blending style, technology, comfort, and performance perfectly.

  • Sergio Garcia

Adidas CodeChaos Golf Shoes

Adidas’s CodeChaos golf shoes are also Garcia’s go-to, like Dustin Johnson.

He loves how the CodeChaos provides him with an energized feel and light and supportive stability.

  • Rickie Fowler

PUMA Ignite Proadapt Golf Shoes

With tour-proven technologies, Rickie Fowler puts his trust in PUMA’s Ignite Proadapt Golf Shoes.

Designed to provide stability, power, and comfort in every swing.

  • Jordan Spieth

Under Armour Speith Collection

Just this year, Jordan Spieth released his fourth golf shoe under Under Armour. This has been his go-to golf shoes thanks to its durability and lightweight feel.

It also has the best technologies and the most minimalist style, making it perfect for any event or condition.

He focuses on improving the shoe’s functionality and durability instead of trying to adapt to half-baked innovation.

  • Ian Poulter

FootJoy Ryder Cup

Since signing with FootJoy, Ian Poulter has utilized this line’s golf shoes offerings.

In 2018, during the Dell Technologies Championship, Poulter has used several FootJoy golf shoes.

He considers these the best shoes in the world on the golf course because of the comfort, flexibility, and durability it gives him.

  • Matt Kuchar

Skechers GO GOLF Pro

Often out of stock because of its high demand, Skechers GO GOLF Pro.

Matt Kuchar’s go-to golf shoe provides him with a leather waterproof design, insole cushioned comfort, absorbing midsole is Resalyte shock, and sole with advanced stability Softspikes Pulsar replaceable type turf cleat design.

  • Fred Couples

Ecco Spikeless Street Shoes

Couples say that he owes part of his effortless swing and iconic style to Ecco Street shoes.

He wore them sockless, finding them easy to use during this time period. He also gained clout for the shoes since it could basically fit any type of activity.

Fred Couples also started a trend for spikeless golf shoes, proving that it was possible to play pro even without spikes.

  • Ryan Moore

True Sensei Golf Shoes

First seen on him during the PGA Tour, these True Sensei golf shoes have provided Ryan Moore and its users with amazing features.

Like breathability, tour-level performance, versatility, and stability.

It can also be used on and off the course, even for other athletic activities.

What golf shoes are you going to wear

Now, you finally know the answers to what golf shoes are the pros wearing and you now know everything you need to know in the pursuit of investing in the best golf shoes with firsthand reviews from the pros themselves.

Make a choice and see your golf game and improve your performance to the next level.

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