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What golf shoes does Tiger Woods wear? Eldrick Tont Woods, or more popularly known as “Tiger” Woods, is the world’s number one golf player.

What Golf Shoes Does Tiger Woods Wear
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When you see him live on PGA tours, it makes you wonder about what exactly are the equipment that he is using and are those the reason why is he that good.

What Golf Shoes Does Tiger Woods Wear?

Many people look up to Tiger Woods. Who wouldn’t?

He is the youngest and the first African American to win the title at the U.S. Masters in Augusta way back in 1997.

His achievements did not stop there. After winning another thirteen majors, he was proclaimed as the PGA Player of the Year eleven times.

And, what is more, inspiring about his story is that even after many personal problems and injuries, he still manages to regain the top spot.

If you are aspiring to become like him someday, then it is inevitable that you ask the question, What golf shoes does Tiger Woods wear. Let us find out in this section!

Are you wondering about what golf shoes is Tiger Woods wearing during the 2019 Masters? He is wearing a Nike Zoom TW71!

This golf shoe is part of the “Tiger Woods” golf shoe line of Nike.

The Nike Zoom TW71 features the revolutionary Nike FastFit system. This system has eliminated the need for shoelaces.

Imagine the hassle that has been removed with that!

No more loose shoelaces while playing- with the Nike Zoom TW71, you can now give your full attention in finishing all eighteen holes!

If you are worried about how to tighten your Nike Zoom TW71 golf shoe without breaking it, then worry no more because here are the steps to do so:

  1. Start off by pulling the black strap
  2. After pulling it you will hear repeated clicks from the cables inside, this is the sound you want to hear because this means you have tightened the fit on your shoe.

If you want to reset the tightness on your shoe, just pull on the red strap, which is smaller than the black one, and you will hear one click signifying that you have loosened the fit to your shoe.

You also do not have to worry about the cables giving you tightness in just one area because they apply pressure evenly on your foot!

Each click of that you will hear from your shoe after pulling the black strap will add about 55 pounds of tension resistance for your shoe.

You do not need to pause and tighten your shoe every now and then during your golf games.

The Nike Zoom TW71 features a very modern design that is minimalist and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. It also prides the “Tiger Wood” branding.

It is also very comfortable to wear as it features a padded ankle collar and tongue, and a full-length Phylon cushioning-

which is why there is no doubt that this is one of the answers to the question, What golf shoes Tiger is wearing.

  • Nike TW20 Frank Edition

Are you curious about what golf shoes is Tiger Wood wearing in The Match II just this year?

Well, that is the Nike TW20 Frank Edition which is still a prototype. This is cool, right?

Tiger Woods gets to do a test on Nike’s prototypes and he would tell them which aspects they should improve on,

so when they finally release it to the market, you can brag that the world’s number one golf player was consulted in its making!

Also, one interesting fact about this is its a Frank edition! Who doesn’t love Frank, right?

Tiger Woods has shown Frank the clubhead cover for his drivers ever since the early years of his career.

Aside from his drivers and golf bags, you can see Frank on Tiger Woods’ golf equipment such as his hats, shirts, and even shoes.

The TW20 shoes have a resemblance to Frank designed to its back portions. And of course, the Swoosh is boldly positioned at the dominant side of the shoe.

If one would observe a little deeper, there is a similarity between this pair of shoes and the Champ Pro Stinger shoes that are frequently worn by Tiger Woods.

Fans and many golf enthusiasts can also notice that throughout Tiger Woods’ career, there have been many types of shoes that have been worn by the PGA Tour Champion of many seasons.

Tiger Woods is known to be versatile, even with his selection of shoes.

Just like Tiger Woods, the TW20 Frank Edition offers flexibility to both beginner and veteran golf players alike. It is waterproof, comfortable, and effective.

Sadly, the TW20 Frank Edition will not be released by Nike for retail on its stores this 2020. So those who want to try out this shoe would have to wait a little longer.

Where Can I Buy Tiger Woods Golf Shoes?

Now you know some of the top and most talked-about answers to the question, What golf shoes does Tiger Woods wear!

But, this thing won’t be complete if you still have an unanswered question in your mind.

Maybe you can’t even sleep while constantly thinking about Where can I buy Tiger Woods golf shoes?

So let us satiate your desire to wear the same golf shoes that the world’s number 1 golf player is wearing!

Here is a list of places that answers to your inquiry of Where can I buy Tiger Woods golf shoes:

Of course, top on our list of Where can I buy Tiger Woods golf shoes is straight from its manufacturer, Nike!

Nike has constantly been thinking of ways to improve the athlete’s experience by analyzing the players’ needs and innovating their sporting equipment according to those.

This brand has also collaborated with big names in the sports industry such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and many more.

Professional golfers have trusted this brand for many years, so you can trust that they really deliver the functionality that they promise.

Plus, since Nike is the direct manufacturer of Tiger Woods golf shoes, you can find here all the colorways and models of what golf shoes does Tiger Woods wear!

  • Golf Poser

Never miss out on golf equipment trends with Golf Poser. You can always find the latest releases of golf clubs, shirts, and especially shoes.

So if you are asking yourself, where can I buy Tiger Woods golf shoes, make sure to check Golf Poser’s physical stores or store websites.

Fun fact, Golf Poser’s roots can be found in Scotland, the birthplace of Golf. So you can be assured that Golf Poser’s staff are more dedicated than the staff of any other golf stores out there.

Their team has a collective goal of bringing the best golf equipment from Scotland, to the rest of the world.

If you do check out their website, you will easily find the difference between them and other golf stores. They offer extensive information on every product listed in their catalog.

  • McGuirk’s Golf

McGuirk’s Golf is another good store to check out if you want to answer your question of, Where can I buy Tiger Woods golf shoes?

This company from Ireland has been one of the leading suppliers and distributors of golf equipment manufactured by the Irish, to be delivered to the rest of the world.

There are also those who prefer to travel directly to Ireland and buy from McGuirk’s Golf stores and this just goes to show how popular and how credible this golf store is.

McGuirk’s Golf is known to be the supplier of golf equipment for huge international sports brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas.

They are also the suppliers of golf equipment for leading golf brands such as Callaway, TaylorMade, and PING. These brands are heavily used and favored by Tiger Woods.

Reasons to Buy Tiger Woods Golf Shoes

It is not enough to just ask about What golf shoes does Tiger Woods wear, you should also know the reason why you should buy Tiger Wood’s shoes.

  • Tiger Woods contributed to the design

The shoes are not just inspired by Tiger woods, he was also consulted about its features and functionality before they officially release it to the market.

Tiger Woods gave insights about the design of the golf shoes, which is why you cant trust that they have what you need to play golf!

  • The shoes deliver

Tiger Wood’s shoes deliver what it promises. Be it about traction, comfort, breathability, or any other concerns- the shoes that the number one golf player trusts can offer all of that!

So what are you waiting for? Go grab a pair of Tiger Woods golf shoes!

Get The Best, Be The Best

There is nothing wrong with idolizing Tiger Woods and trying to imitate him by asking What golf shoes does Tiger Woods wear.

You cannot deny the fact that there is an added confidence knowing that you play wearing the same shoes that the world’s number one golf player is wearing.

There is nothing wrong with getting the best to be the best!

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