What is The Average Swing Speed in Golf

Have you ever wondered what is the average swing speed in golf? Whether you are a leisure or a professional golfer, it pays to know how fast you are performing compared to the average speed.

What is The Average Swing Speed in Golf
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This information can help you determine the areas you need to work on!

In this article, we will tackle what is average swing speed in golf and how you can improve your speed in order to keep up.

What is the average swing speed in golf?

So, what is average swing speed in golf? Let us see if you are swinging as fast as the majority of players around the world.

  • Average for Men

Based on the golf statistics report by TrackMan, a male amateur player can go as fast as 93.4mph at 214 yards on average.

Hence, they can reach up to 2.29 yards per mph. These players usually have 14-15 handicap levels.

For professional golfers and tour players, what is average swing speed in golf is 114.1 mph at 296.4 yards per drive. Making their average efficiency of 2.60 yards per drive.

During the last PGA tour, professional golfer Cameron Campon garnered the highest average swing speed in golf at 127.00 mph. His fastest speed to date is 132.00 mph.

For reference, PGA tour players have an average height of 71.8 inches (6.0 ft) with most players in their mid-30’s to early ’40s.

If you are curious about who has the Guinness Book of World Record for the fast golf swing, it is no other than Ryan Winther from the USA.

He was able to reach 349.38 km/h or 217.1 mph. Winther performed this groundbreaking swing at the Orange County National Driving Range in Florida.

This recorded speed is definitely beyond average and never been beaten by a PGA golfer.

  • Average for Women

What is the average swing speed in golf for professional female golfers and those who play for LPGA?

According to the same report by TrackMaan, their swing ranges from 94mph using a driver and 78 mph using a 6-iron.

Women golfers who compete in long drive have speeds between 105 to 120 mph. While an amateur female golfer has a slower swing speed at 90 mph.

For those who are playing from scratch or who have a 10-handicapper, their average speed ranges from 79 to 83 mph for 164-yard runs.

So, how does your current swing compare with the average speed? Are you swinging fast enough to achieve a good round?

Where is the speed in the golf swing?

Now it is time to discuss speed in detail. Where is the speed in the golf swing exactly?

Where is the speed in the golf swing lies in the motion produced by the swinging of a player’s hands and arms.

Based on the article by Scigolf.com, 85% of the speed comes from the swinging motion produced by the downswing.

Most of where is the speed in the golf swing are generated right before your hands release the swing and the golf club touches the ball.

On the other hand, 15% of where is the speed in the golf swing is found in your core muscles. Specifically, it is created by the rotating motion when you twist your body.

Improving the area where is the speed in the golf swing can be done by having a balanced form, stable setup, and proper swing sequence, especially in the downswing.

To know how fast your golf swing is, it can be conveniently measured using a launch monitor. It can measure your swing as you hit the ball and release your strike.

How can I speed up my golf swing?

If your current swing speed is nowhere near the average, then you should learn how to increase its speed. This will help you achieve greater distance and impact.

Fortunately, there are many ways on how can I speed up my golf swing. Knowing what is average swing speed in golf is already the first step.

Here are some helpful tips and techniques that answer the question: how can I speed up my golf swing?

  • Use a club with the right fit

The golf club significantly affects your swing and using the wrong one can set you on the wrong track.

Do not simply go to the store and buy the first golf club you see because they come in a variety of weights, lengths, and specialties.

For increasing your speed, focus on finding the right shaft since it affects the distance and accuracy the most.

A club fitter can help you figure out which golf club to use. You can also do it on your own but by trying out different clubs with varying shafts.

Remember to monitor the speed of your spin, club, and golf ball as you perform your swing.

  • Review your swing

The next way on how can I speed up my golf swing is by going back to the basics.

Review the proper swing technique and avoid doing common mistakes that can slow you down. For instance, striking the ball down can increase your spin rate.

Thus, it is important to identify the launch angle that can maximize your swing speed. But remember, going past 3,000 RPM may disrupt your swing and result in the excessive distance.

It is crucial to hitting the ball properly in your downswing because you can utilize the force on the ground to accelerate your swing speed.

  • Do speed training

How can I speed up my golf swing? Through speed training of course!

It is one of the most effective and fastest ways to increase your swing speed. One example is to train with a heavier golf driver compared to your usual ones.

While practicing your swings, use a weighted club to condition your body and allow you to exert more force for a faster speed.

Allot at least 20-30 minutes a day for speed drills. That way, you can build up your speed and see results as soon as possible.

  • Improve your physical health

Another essential aspect of how can I speed up my golf swing is your physical health.

In order to be on par with what is average swing speed in golf, you must invest time and effort in improving your overall fitness.

Your entire body and core strength can impact your speed and help you reach a greater distance. Having a weak core will make it challenging for you to hit the ball properly.

Perform exercises and drills that can target these areas. The better your physical condition is, the faster the golf swing you can release.

Perfect Practice in Swinging Fast!

Being aware of what is average swing speed in golf can guide you in increasing your current speed rate.

You can use this to compare your speed and monitor your progress.

But keep in mind, these numbers may change at any time.

More importantly, a lot of factors can affect your average speed such as body mass and other physical characteristics.

As long as you improve your technique and physical health, you can be able to swing as fast as you can.

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