What Is The Most Expensive Golf Clubs?

Even though golf is becoming more accessible, there are still some golfers who prefer to invest in what is the most expensive golf clubs in the market.

What is the most expensive golf clubs?
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Every detail matters to these golfers — the weight, construction, design, angles, and even the price you spend.

For them, it is all about quality and prestige.

Which golf clubs cost the most amount of money?

Prepare to be blown away by these extraordinary golf clubs.

What is the most expensive golf clubs?

People who devote their time and resources in golf are willing to go the extra mile just to achieve a high status and level of precision in the sport.

Some of them have reached the peak of their experience that they don’t mind diving into their bank accounts just to have precious metals and gemstones in their golf clubs.

Since its origin in Scotland during the 1500s, golf clubs have developed so much throughout the years with the help of technology.

Without it, a swing and serve would not be possible and the sport would lose its essence. This explains why golfers put so much value on it.

If you are curious about what are the most expensive golf clubs in the world, then keep on reading. You might be surprised to see how lavish golf can be!

  • Andrew Dickson Long-Nosed Putter

What is the most expensive golf clubs to ever exist? It is no other than the Andrew Dickson Long-Nosed Putter. This luxurious piece was previously owned by golf collector Jeff B. Ellis.

It definitely deserves the top spot because of its vintage appeal and rich history that dates back to the mid-18th century.

The original manufacturer’s stamp remains untarnished in the golf club.

This outstanding long-nosed putter was featured at the grand Glasgow International Exhibition which showcases highly-valuable Scottish antiques.

In 2007, this one of a kind club was sold to an anonymous bidder during an auction by Sotheby’s in New York for $181,000.

Claimed to be made by Andrew Dickson himself, it is also one of the oldest manufacturer-verified golf clubs in the world.

  • Simon Cossar Fruitwood Metal Head Putter

Now that we know what is the most expensive golf clubs, let us talk about the one next in line — the Cossar Fruitwood Metal Headed Putter.

It is crafted with a metal headed blade putter made by one of the oldest manufacturers of golf clubs, this Cossar Club Company. They are still at the top of the industry to this day.

With a price of $165,000 is the second most costly golf club in the world. The person who bought this at an auction was clearly willing to break the bank!

  • Square Toe Light Iron Golf Club

First made in the 17th century, the Square Toe Light Iron Golf is known for its intricate design and iron built.

There were only a few golf clubs made during that era, making this light iron club extremely valuable and historic.

This pioneer golf club was sold in auction for a whopping price of $151,000. It surely earned its place in what are the most expensive golf clubs in the world list.

  • Golden Putter First Lady Special Edition

This special edition golden putter is literally made with gold. It is no surprise that it costs $150,000.

Its shaft is built with a 5-micrometer thick coating of 24K gold while the body is made of cherry wood. As a finishing touch, it is embellished with diamonds.

Without a doubt, this golf club is the definition of luxury.

  • Long-Nosed Scraped Golf Club

Famous for its long-nosed scraper, this golf club has a rich history that dates way back from the 18th century. Surprisingly, it was still in very good quality without any damages.

This rare gem was sold for $91,000 at the Sotheby’s auction.

  • AG Spalding and Brothers Palmer Patent Fork Shaft

What are the most expensive golf clubs in the world and what do they have in common? Well, most of them are made by world-renowned brands in sports. One major player is Spalding.

Their Palmer Patent Fork Shaft Wood golf club was created as a part of the antique collection which features timeless and high-quality sports gear.

It was also sold at Sotheby’s auction for a staggering price of $49,000.

Honma, a world-renowned Japanese golf brand, takes pride in its state of the art process of manufacturing golf clubs.

The Honma five star series is a complete 14-piece set that can be custom-made based on your liking.

Whether it’s platinum or gold, you can request for any material for the club and they will surely turn it into a masterpiece. Did you ever think, why Japanese golf clubs are so costly?

The reason why are Honma golf clubs so expensive is that Japanese artisans are one of the best in the world. They pay attention to every single detail in designing golf clubs.

For many golf enthusiasts, the price range of $75,000 for this set seems pretty fair.

  • Parsons Xtreme Golf 0311 Irons

Last on this list is PXG’s 0312 Irons, which are worth $4,500 for a seven-club set.

While having a lower cost compared to other high-end ones, this golf club should not be underestimated. It is made by a renowned brand known for its wide array of quality golf gear.

Though the design may look quite simple and straightforward, the reason why PXG clubs cost so much lies in the high-priced irons used.

These irons play an important role in improving the structure of golf clubs so it can handle enough strength and pressure.

Since many of what is the most expensive golf clubs are limited edition, let us take a closer look at the top tier brands included on the list.

These are major manufacturers that continue to create high-quality golf clubs  — Honma, Japanese brands, and PXG.

Why are Honma golf clubs so expensive?

Honma is one of the leading manufacturers of golf clubs in the world. Based in Sakata, Japan, the brand has expanded from merely creating golf gear to designing apparel as well.

But why are Honma golf clubs so expensive? Let’s discuss what makes this brand special.

  • Custom-made

No other brand can make custom-made golf clubs as well as Honma. Their design technology can cater to almost every request. Some golf clubs even have gold plating and crystal embellishments.

Their design catalog is very diverse, a couple of clubs were designed for highly influential people. This is the main reason why are Honma golf clubs so expensive.

  • World-class artisans

Another reason why are Honma golf clubs so expensive is that they are crafted by world-class artisans. Some golf clubs even have gold plating and crystal embellishments.

Their design portfolio is very diverse, a couple of clubs were designed for highly influential people.

  • High-end branding

What is also interesting is that Honma has positioned itself as an elite, luxury brand without even hiring endorsers. The brand speaks for itself.

Golf is a very famous sport in Japan, so they value their golf clubs very seriously.

  • A range like no other

More importantly, Honma golf clubs have the best range. Which is why are Japanese golf clubs so expensive.

They are famous for light and soft graphite shafts that have a minimal torque. Even if the shaft is lightweight, players can twist while stroking and it will still go in the right direction.

Honma uses stars to measure the value of their golf clubs.

Two-star shafts are already good, but they also have 4-5 star shafts which are very expensive but deliver the best performance.

Why are Japanese golf clubs so expensive?

Other than Honma, several Japanese brands have been stealing the spotlight from Western competitors, but it comes with a price.

Miura, Mizuno, and ONOFF are some Japanese manufacturers that were ranked as part of the world’s best quality golf clubs. Why are Japanese golf clubs so expensive?

Here’s why.

  • Authentic materials

Japanese brands have been praised for using authentic and exquisite materials in creating their golf clubs.

This explains why they are regarded as the best manufacturer in the world and answers why are Japanese golf clubs so expensive.

  • Passion for golf

Golf is very popular in Japan. It’s not only a sport for them it is a whole industry. In fact, there are thousands of golf courses in the country which explain why are Japanese golf clubs so expensive.

Due to their well-respected status in golf, Japanese brands have marketed themselves as high-end.

Why are PXG golf clubs so expensive?

Parsons Xtreme Golf is known for its strong presence in different tournaments across the globe but many wonder why are PXG golf clubs so expensive.

PXG’s price point is relatively lower compared to the brands included in what is the most expensive golf clubs list. Their main goal is to make luxury golf more accessible to the market.

However, their golf clubs are still not affordable for a typical golfer. Here are some reasons why are PXG clubs so expensive:

  • Marketing costs

The owner, Bob Parsons has developed PXG as a luxury brand for both veterans, professional and leisure golfers. Their brand heavily invests in marketing.

They are quite known to have influential golfers as their endorsers which explains why are PXG golf clubs so expensive.

  • High-quality

Another reason why are PXG golf clubs so expensive is that their irons are built to last decades and can withstand common damages.

For instance, the 0311T irons are built with an ultra-thin face incorporated by a Thermoplastic Elastomer insert, carbon crowns, and forged with S25C mild carbon steel.

It is a golf club infused with modern technology and classic design.

  • Continuous innovation

PXG’s high prices are well-justified because they need to compensate for the rigorous amount of research and development they are doing to keep up with the evolving trends in golf.

  • Best engineers using the latest technology

Lastly, the explanation of why is PXG golf clubs so expensive is because the technology used by PXG engineers is the best in the world and can compete with elite level manufacturers.

They also produce several kinds of golf clubs varying in head shapes and weight systems. PXG engineers are one of the most talented in the industry.

In Summary

Due to its nature, golf is considered a sport of luxury that is mostly played by rich people.

This is true to a certain extent due to the increasing prices of membership, training, and gear.

By knowing what is the most expensive golf clubs, you can have an idea of how golf enthusiasts are willing to pay just to experience the luxurious side of golf.

Let’s be real, an expensive club does not guarantee a perfect shot, but it can definitely boost a golfer’s confidence and status.

If you’re someone who is both passionate in golf and also willing to shed thousands of bucks, then these are the sets that you can include in your bucket list.

On the other hand, these highly-priced golf clubs are certainly not practical for everyone.

For beginners and casual golfers, going for a more affordable set is the wiser choice, especially if it’s only for practice.

After all, you don’t need to have what is the most expensive golf clubs in the world to succeed in the sport!

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