What’s New in Golf Bags – Latest Trends

What’s new in golf bags? Of course, the golf bags we used during our times are nothing compared to the modern models.

Everything comes with benefits and disadvantages. Modern golf bags have offered many benefits. At the same time, they have created a few concerns.

What's new in golf bags?
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Let’s take, for example, the many pockets. To some of us, we see the need for several pockets. However, what is the use of having over ten pockets, seriously?

Although this might not be a major concern, it is a concern, nevertheless!

On the good side, we have modern, advanced, compact, and tougher brands available out there. For that reason, we need to look at the modern trends in golf bags.

Let’s go!

What’s new in golf bags?

When looking at what’s new in golf bags, we shall look at the good and the bad. It can’t only be positive, right? Obviously, the benefits outdo the demerits.

Here are some new trends;

The bags come with too many pockets

Throughout my play, I have seen various golf bags. However, we previously didn’t have so many pockets.

Are many pockets bad? Well, having many pockets is a good thing. However, having too many pockets is my concern.

What’s the use of over ten pockets? Some even have fifteen pockets! Apparently, each pocket has its own unique function. How will I even memorize all the roles of these pockets?

Too many pockets have, in my opinion, affected the ease of access. For instance, if you only have two pockets, you know where to get your golf balls and other items with ease.

However, if there are 15 pockets’, remembering where you kept different accessories becomes quite hard.

Five pockets are not bad. I’m not stirring controversy, though. Some people find more pockets perfect. However, it is a new trend that doesn’t seem to go down well with some golfers.

You might need a pocket for balls, another one for markers and tees and many more. However, having 15 pockets would leave some with no use at all. You need a pocket for wallets, jackets and other valuables. However, others are simply unnecessary.

What do you do about this as a buyer? I suggest getting a bag which offers enough pockets for everything you need. However, if you find too many pockets with no use, that might not be the ideal purchase for you.

The dividers are too many

Like the pockets, some modern golf bags come with too many dividers. I am not saying dividers are bad. However, we don’t really need too many.

For instance, why would someone need 14 dividers? There’s no need for all of them. In most cases, we don’t even carry all the 14 golf clubs. For that reason, you might not even use some of the dividers.

How many sections do I prefer? If asked, I would just say three or two sections. If they have to be many, six would do the work.

What happens if you only have two sections? In that case, you place the wood and putter on the top; then, the irons go to the lower section.

What about four sections? In this case, the woods and hybrids take the top section; the long irons take the middle sections while the wedge and short irons occupy the top section.

Therefore, there might not be any use for 14 dividers. However, this doesn’t mean that these many dividers are bad.

It is a new trend that has impressed some people and rubbed others the wrong way. It’s all about one’s choice.

They are light when empty

What is wrong with a golf bag being light when empty? Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is supposed to be a benefit.

However, it is a blessing in disguise. How is that? Well, a bag is only light when not loaded. Lightweight encourages golfers to add more items.

At the end of the day, the weight exceeds what is needed. Therefore, the user ends up not getting the benefits they’d have enjoyed from a lighter bag.

Therefore, the main issue is to only add the items you need. If you won’t need a jacket, brushes or umbrellas, then don’t add them.

So we have lighter bags when empty. Of course, you won’t be carrying an empty bag to the course.

In that case, being lighter when empty becomes a negative thing for the users. It encourages them to add more items. Then, they end up with an even heavier bag when it’s loaded.

They come with too many clips, slots, and loop

Modern golf bags come with many clips, slots, rings, and loops. While this is a good thing, sometimes it becomes an inconvenience. However, it’s not always that this is a bad thing.

There are hybrids

We previously didn’t have hybrid golf bags. For instance, a travel golf bag could only be used as such. At the same time, a golf bag could not be used for travel.

However, that has since changed. We now have hybrid golf bags. They can be used for travel and also as golf bags on the course.

Hybrid bags offer several benefits. For instance, the bags offer the convenience of a golf bag and the durability of a travel bag.

You have your golf clubs and other accessories protected. While at the same time, you can comfortably go to the course with the bag as a golf bag without hassle.

Therefore, when asked what’s new in golf bags, these are some of the trends I have noticed.

What is an angled cart bag holder?

This is a convenient holder for your cart bag, which offers quick access to the items inside the bag.

Angled golf cart bag holders offer quick access to all pockets. It eliminates straining and stretching when one tries to remove items from the bag.

They leave your bag in a slight angle for easy, quick, and convenient access to different items. Additionally, the cart bag holders ensure that your clubs are well-organized. They offer an easy view for easy picking of your favorite clubs.

Of course, the angled design exposes your clubs to less damage. This is because there is little banging and bouncing. For that reason, angled cart bag holders keep your clubs for longer.

The holders also offer easy attachment and ensure that your clubs or bag doesn’t fall off the cart. This is a good thing for any golfer. Having safety for your golf bag is paramount.

Golf and travel bag all in one

Golf and travel bag all in one! This is what we call a hybrid of the two. As earlier stated, the bags offer the convenience of a golf bag and the durability of a travel bag.

Therefore, you enjoy the two functions. Travel bags feature a solid frame. Therefore, they guarantee safety and protection.

Unfortunately, travel golf bags are heavier and more inconveniencing. Therefore, that can’t be taken to a golf course.

That’s where the hybrid saves the day!

The hybrid offers protection as you travel, then you remove the outer shell and convert it to a golf bag. With that, you enjoy both sides. The compactness of a golf bag and the toughness of a travel bag are incorporated.

To Sum, It All Up

What’s new in golf bags? So many new things! However, not all are beneficial to users. For this discussion, I aimed at offering a critique. This is because we all know the many benefits of modern golf bags.

I have also talked widely about the benefits of the new bags. Therefore, offering a different perspective is quite in order as well.

However, we all agree that modern golf bags have more benefits.

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Last Updated on March 2, 2023 by Paul Roger Steinberg