Where to Buy Jordan Golf Shoes – Most Valuable Shoes!

If you are a Jordan fan, then you should definitely know where to buy Jordan golf shoes. Yes, you read that right, Michael Jordan has his own line of golf shoes.

Where to Buy Jordan Golf Shoes - Most Valuable Shoes!
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The GOAT, or Greatest of All Time as he is called, did not only take his shoes for the hardwood on the road to stardom.

He also introduced to the world his shoes for the golf course and for many other sports fields.

Where to Buy Jordan Golf Shoes

After dominating basketball, Michael Jordan started to play professional golf.

He has made some good friends among the PGA Tour Champions and other golf elite players.

Michael Jordan is also reported to have designed his customized golf course in Florida which opened just recently in 2019.

The GOAT also has his mark on golf shoes, and Nike has released numerous golf shoes bearing the Jordan name.

So if you want to know where to buy Jordan golf shoes and wear them on your next golf game, you should check out these stores.

Michael Jordan and Nike go way back and have been significant in each other’s achievements and milestones.

In his early basketball years, Nike designed a custom shoe for Jordan, and when Jordan hit his prime, both he and his custom shoe gained massive popularity around the world.

Nike then decided to help Jordan launch his own sportswear brand, Air Jordan.

With over 1,000 stores worldwide, Nike is your go-to store when you are wondering where to buy Jordan golf shoes. Nike has it all in terms of your sportswear needs.

Some Nike outlet stores only offer highly marketable products in their area, so if you think Jordan golf Shoes are famous in your area, then head over to any Nike store near you to find out!

  • Eastbay

What started as a brochure offering information and price lists for quality shoes and sportswear to small-town athletes, coaches and teams in the 1990s, is now part of one of the biggest sportswear stores around the world, Footlocker.

In 1997, Footlocker took Eastbay to its umbrella, and it is now offering sportswear for almost any type of sports to nearly every state in the US.

Once you check out any of Eastbay’s stores, you will find out that you no longer have to be wondering with the question, Where can I buy Jordan golf shoes?

Eastbay has the latest releases of Jordan golf shoes, as well as its classic releases.

Like Nike, Eastbay, with the help of Footlocker, has established more than 1000 stores worldwide.

They also offer shipping and pre-order options if you want to buy Jordan golf shoes from them, but cannot directly go to their physical stores.

If you are still asking yourself, Where can I buy Jordan golf shoes?, and after checking out the two stores above, you can try searching for Jordan golf shoes at DICK’s Sporting Goods.

With over 720 stores located in the US., DICK’s Sporting Goods should be the next store that you should check out if you want to know where to buy Jordan golf shoes.

They offer sportswear for all sports types, and their products are made from original materials and were handled with the utmost care and excellent craftsmanship.

DICK’s Sporting Goods is also the mother-company of specialty sportswear stores: Golf Galaxy, DICK’s Sports HQ,  and Field & Stream.

Golf Galaxy is known to sell Jordan golf shoes, both new release versions, and old release versions, at their websites or at their physical stores.


Not one to miss a trend is what defines TRENDYGOLF. Since 2004, their mission is to offer any golfer the latest trends in golf equipment and fashionable apparel.

So if you want to know where to buy Jordan golf shoes aside from the high-end shoe stores, TRENDYGOLF USA is there for you.

Got stuck behind a long line with other enthusiasts of Jordan golf shoes?

Constantly stressing yourself by asking, where can I buy Jordan golf shoes aside from your usual stores whenever a new Jordan golf shoe is released?

Then worry no more!  Do not miss out on the latest Jordan Golf shoe releases because you could always head out to TRENDYGOLF stores and buy a pair for yourself.

You can even have a customized Jordan golf, although it may cost more than the usual Jordan golf shoe versions.

This should be your last resort if you are still asking, where can I buy Jordan golf shoes or, where to buy Jordan golf shoes, after checking out the four stores indicated above.

Amazon is famous for its eCommerce website that sources products from all over the world and delivers them to their users not long after they place their orders on the site.

You can find pre-owned, brand-new, new release, old release, and even “Class A” Jordan golf shoes on Amazon.

All you have to do is place your order, pay, and then wait for the delivery.

How to Buy Jordan Golf Shoes

You might think that buying Jordan golf shoes can be done in three simple steps: select your preferred shoe, pay the seller, and wear the shoe.

In reality, you should not just be doing these steps, even if you have a lot of money and can afford to spend needlessly.

For a fan, having a pair of Jordan Golf Shoes is like having a piece of Jordan’s legacy with them, and

here are some tips that can help you on how to buy Jordan golf shoes at two types of golf shoe stores: physical stores and online stores

  • In a brick-and-mortar store

If you personally prefer to see, inspect, and fit the golf shoes before buying, then you should keep these things in mind if you want to know how to buy Jordan golf shoes from physical stores or “brick-and-mortar” stores.

Scout for the best store

Many people often overlook this step before going out to buy golf shoes.

You have to make sure that the store you are planning to go to will have available stocks, and their golf shoes are ready to be bought out anytime by any customer.

You should also find out first which store is near you; this saves you time and money spent going to farther stores.

Find a store that offers good deals

Another thing that can help you in your question of, How to buy Jordan golf shoes if you are planning to buy from physical stores, is to look for deals.

Even though you have already set a budget. You must always look for shoes that are priced lower than what you expected.

  • Through Online Stores

Too lazy to go out? Or maybe you have something important going on with your life that you cannot afford to go to physical stores to buy Jordan golf shoes?

Whatever it is, you can always buy the shoes online! However, here are a few tips that can help you before doing so

Trust only authentic stores

You should always shop at stores that are trusted by many and are authorized to be re-sellers of Jordan golf shoes.

Normally, you would find information from these stores on the first page of any search engine when you search online for questions like, How to buy Jordan golf shoes?

By shopping at authentic stores, you are avoiding the risk of getting duped or tricked into buying a fake or a cheap knock-off of Jordan golf shoes.

You might also get bonuses from these authentic stores.

Look for discounts

You can also save more when you buy Jordan golf shoes online!

Many stores nowadays launch promotional campaigns that include discounted prices on their catalog of Jordan golf shoes.

Take note of the final price

Once you have decided on which online store to buy from and what shoe to buy from it, you must consider the final price before making any payment.

It is important to know the breakdown of the charges that you will have to pay for the product.

This can help you be assured that the prices are set reasonably, and are not meant to scam you off or make a quick buck from you.

Wait for delivery

After placing your order and completing your payment, the only thing to do is wait.

While waiting, you should note your order ID, reference number, or any information that can help you track and monitor your order efficiently.

Just Do It 🙂

Now that you have an idea on the best stores from where to buy Jordan golf shoes from.

And some tips to keep in mind before doing so, the only thing left is for you – Just Do It.

Always remember that his Airness, Michael Jordan, became great not only because of his shoe-deal with Nike or because of his Air Jordan brand.

He put in practice and a lot of work before he got to where he is today.

So if you want to be like Mike, do not just lace up in one of his shoes.

You should also improve your work ethic and mentality on the golf course.

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