Where to Buy Used Golf Clubs – Best Savings Ever

Where to buy used golf clubs? Not everyone has the luxury to buy brand new golf equipment, and it’s okay.

Where to Buy Used Golf Clubs - Best Savings Ever
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Playing golf is not about whose player has the most expensive or newest golf clubs. It is about how you carry the game. Brand new items cannot guarantee you would break records.

It is still about your skills at the end of the day. Don’t beat yourself up if you are on a budget because it does not make you any less of a golf player.

And besides, there are many used golf clubs sites where you can buy second-hand golf equipment that is still of the highest quality.

Where to buy used golf clubs?

Unfortunately, Amazon cannot cover for you this time. But don’t fret, it is not the only store in the world. You have to be meticulous when buying to avoid any second-rate items.

You can check different websites online to canvass for slightly used clubs.

In this article, we will go over some stores and websites you can order clubs from for a much more affordable price without compromising quality.

Of course, we want to help you advance your golf career even when money is tight at the moment.

You should know that the list is in no particular order. What we have compiled here is legitimate and your best pick might not be the same as others’.

So here is the list of websites/stores that you can count on.

If you are on a budget, Callaway Golf Preowned is a used golf clubs website that is worth checking out. The company is very particular on grading conditions of the equipment they sell.

Hence, you are assured that you get your money’s worth. When you keep yourself updated with their weekly deals, you can say that Callaway Golf Preowned has some of the best-priced golf clubs.

Some of the products they sell look new rather than slightly used.

If you would think about this – where to buy used golf clubs and still get an authenticity certificate, then you know the store is leveling up its game.

Not all golf clubs for sale sites give you a certificate to prove the condition of your purchased club. Most stores would say it is already second-hand and there’s no need for that.

However, it is essential since it justifies if your purchase is worth the money.

Apart from that, Callaway Golf Preowned also gives you a certificate stating that the clubs you bought from them are now registered in your name.

Of course, you need reassurance that the equipment you bought is authentic. Many fake clubs from overseas are getting more and more popular.

Fortunately, Callaway Golf PreOwned has an exceptional inspection process. Their wide selection is also more commendable than other used golf clubs sites.

They have TaylorMade, Mizuno, Titleist, etc. Among other things, Callaway’s pricing is quite a steal. Outstanding customer service is also a plus point for them.

The employees of the company ensure that all queries are answered properly. They also give suggestions and buying used golf clubs tips if you need them.

So, when you think of where to buy used golf clubs, make sure to add Callaway Golf PreOwned in your list since it only sells authentic and quality used clubs.

  • 3Balls

Where to buy used golf clubs for the lowest price possible?  3Balls is your best bet if you are looking for a used golf clubs website with a huge discount.

You are likely to find a club of your choice in this store since they also have a wide selection just like Callaway. Sometimes, it is even better than their rival stores.

The price of their gold equipment is usually $5-$10 cheaper. If you are tight on budget, that is already quite a saving.

The authentication process of this used golf clubs website is not as in-depth as the previous store mentioned. Nevertheless, we still believe that they are only selling OEM golf clubs.

The good thing about purchasing from this store is that they also have a loyalty program where you can earn credit.

As for the models, 3Balls has a wide selection of old golf clubs and not as much for the recently released golf equipment.

If money is your number one issue, might as well settle for the old models first. You can always upgrade once you have the capacity already.

  • Global Golf

If you haven’t decided yet on where to buy used golf clubs, you should check out Global Golf.  This used golf clubs website is fitting if you want to compare prices between brand new and secondhand equipment.

Most golf clubs for sale sites market their products without making comparisons between new clubs and used counterparts any easier for potential buyers like you.

How sure are you then that you are getting your money’s worth?

That is precisely what Global Golf is allowing you to do so. It gives you a chance to decide if the products they offer will be more beneficial to you in the future than purchasing brand new clubs.

Apart from that, you can try their items before you actually buy them so you can judge if it is worth it. We believe that it is a good marketing strategy since they put their customer first.

The store is more into helping aspiring golfers who lack the budget to advance their performance.

In terms of the selection, they also have many models to choose from since Global Golf is one of the largest used golf clubs sites.

What are the best-used golf clubs to buy

If you are an amateur golf player on a tight budget, this is probably one of the questions you have in mind. What are the best used golf clubs to buy? 

Before you visit used golf clubs sites, it is better to do thorough research first about golf club models you can buy.

Doing so can not only increase your purchase efficiency but it can also save yourself from future disappointment.

So, what are the best used golf clubs to buy in terms of price and performance?

Wilson D7

  • To our surprise, we found a Wilson D7 (which is a 2019 driver model) being sold for less than $250. The price of golf equipment continues to skyrocket, that is why this find is quite a shock to us.
  • Its speed is impeccable. Since its head and shaft come in 19g lighter than other typical models, its speed is greater.
  • The model comes with three different loft options so might as well pick wisely since it can highly affect your game.

TaylorMade M4

  • This is another quality golf equipment that is below $250. If your budget fits might as well check it out.
  • M4 is a 2018 model. Nonetheless, it can still match the game of the newly released golf clubs as long as you know how to handle it.
  • The launch price of M4 is originally $450 but now you can purchase it for a price that is almost less than $250.

TaylorMade M3

  • This model is also for less than $250 (which is 38% less of its original cost) and is your best bet if you are going for a low spin.
  • It is ideal for players with high swing speed.

The answer to what are the best used golf clubs to buy depends on your skills as a player. So make sure to read some of our other posts to learn more about what equipment matches what skills.

Should I buy used golf clubs?

Of course, even when on a tight budget, we can’t all help but think — should I buy used golf clubs?

And it is completely understandable since there are some golf clubs for sale sites that sell second-hand golf equipment as if they are brand new.

Sometimes, we ask if the price difference is worth it or, especially in the long-run.

If you are still asking yourself this question, then here are some of the things you should see first before finalizing your decision.

  • Advantages of buying used golf clubs

The biggest advantage of buying a used golf club is you get to save money. Some second-hand golf gears look more brand new than slightly used.

Hence, you can still use golf equipment as if it was not used before by some other golfer.

  • Disadvantages of buying used golf clubs

The most challenging part of buying a used golf gear from golf clubs for sale sites is to evaluate the fitting. Some golf clubs are customized according to the preference of its original owner.

If you happen to purchase personalized gear, it will be hard for you to adjust especially if your gameplay is quite different from the first owner.

Should I buy used golf clubs? Yes, it is still worth it. Just make sure to be keen when choosing a gear to purchase.

Buying Used Golf Clubs Tips

Are you looking for buying used golf club tips? If you are, then this article is for you.

Here are some of the things you should remember before taking that cash out of your pocket.

  • If you are looking for specific specs, make sure to carefully choose a golf club that would fit your gameplay best. Just pick a gear that has half or one-inch (over and less) measurement than the actual spec you are looking for.
  • Don’t get discouraged that you are only buying second-hand gear. If I just started playing golf, then should I buy used golf clubs? Yes, it is actually a smart idea.

Why Did I Invest in Used Golf Clubs

Golf is not an exclusive sport. Of course, everyone who is interested can play it.

If you want to start a golf career, but money hinders you, find a way. Invest in your determination.

You can buy used clubs first and upgrade once you already have the resources.

The best way to go about this is to know where to buy used golf clubs.

Check out the stores we’ve mentioned, and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

But before you decide where to buy used golf clubs, make sure to review the tips we’ve given you for a better purchasing experience.

If you need more suggestions aside from buying used golf club tips, you can check out our other articles about golf in general.

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