Which Golf Clubs to Use – Make the Right Choices Every Game

Every golf player regardless of whether you are an expert or just a beginner has asked this question: Which golf clubs to use? Playing golf for the past few years has made me acquainted with knowing how to choose the right golf clubs in different settings.

Which Golf Clubs To Use – Right Choice Every Game
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In my own experience, it is a must to have all the essential tools in your golf pack with you whenever you step onto the golf course.

And surely, deciding which clubs to use in golf in specific circumstances can be a great challenge.

I have compiled all of the tips to direct you in deciding which golf clubs to use to assist you in what each club can accomplish in each type of game.

Which Golf Clubs to Use?

For any golf play, the golf club is their weapon in the game. Each club is made out of a pole with a grip and a club head. There are different kinds of materials used for making golf clubs.

Woods are primarily utilized for long shots; iron can be used for different kinds of shots; hybrids of both wood and iron has also become increasingly popular among golfers for the past few years.

It is important to note that a standard set that a folder can buy is composed of 14 golf clubs and the players are allowed to utilize a maximum of 14 clubs in any official golf event.

When I was first simply starting out playing golf, I always asked “which golf clubs to use?” and “what is each golf club for?” each time I have to play a game with family and friends.

My companions would often guide me step by step on deciding which clubs to use in golf and along the way, I have learned the art of choosing.

Choosing which clubs to use in golf can be daunting and takes a considerable amount of time and effort, but the main key to making the process easier is being acquainted with each tool.

The most important step to do is to first identify what are the types of golf clubs available to all golf players.

I have categorized the different golf clubs into five types and knowing these will guide you in knowing “which golf clubs to use?”.

This is the principal golf club to utilize when you are simply starting with playing golf. Its shape is the longest among all the clubs you may put in your sack.

Drivers are intended to give you distance off the tee and give the lowest loft angle.

A golf club to use that is flexible for any purpose is the fairway woods. These can be utilized off the tee when using a driver comes with difficulty.

Each type of fairway wood has a specified average distance: 

    1. 3-wood fairway wood ranges between 125 and 240 yards
    2. 4-wood fairway wood ranges between 110 to 220 yards
    3. 5-wood fairway wood ranges between 105 to 215 yards
    4. 7-wood fairway wood ranges between 90 to 170 yards

However, it is important to take now that the distance for the ball to travel still solely depends on the aptitude and clubhead speed.

Another type of golf club is hybrid. It is a mix of fairway woods and irons which unites the best features and parts of both.

Hybrids are utilized to supplant a portion of the hard-to-hit long irons as well as recreate the distance of the clubs.

This type of gold club to use can likewise assist in control without having to compromise distance and trajectory.

In case you’re searching for a golf club that will be able to assist you in your approach of playing, it is definitely a must to include an iron golf club in your sack.

This type of golf club aids you in having more control of your swing strength and direction.

The following is the specified average distance that you can expect from iron:

    1. 2-iron ranges from 105 to 210 yards
    2. 3-iron ranges from 100 to 205 yards
    3. 4-iron ranges from 90 to 190 yards
    4. 5-iron ranges from 80 to 175 yards

Wedges are a type of iron that provides more accurate and high trajectory as well as low-distance shots.

There are four subtypes of wedges that can help produce different ranges of distances for various situations.

    1. Pitching Wedge This wedge is built with the lowest loft angle which is a great option if your shots are approaching the green while still letting you reach a greater distance. This was intended for shots ranging between 50 to 120 yards.
    2. Gap Wedge This type of wedge is utilized for various circumstances especially because it has more loft than a pitching wedge which will bring a shorter shot.
    3. Sand Wedge For instances that you’re attempting to get a ball out of a bunker, this golf club must be your go-to for these cases.
    4. Lob Wedge This wedge is very essential in your gold pack as it’s capable of doing extremely steep angles of ascent and descent. With this, it is able to assist you with getting a ball into the air. This is a great alternative whenever you want to make a shot around 35 to 90 yards.

This golf club is used whenever you’re on the green and you wish to send the ball home.

There are different forms of putter as well, so it is best to be acquainted with the right putter for you to prevent adding strokes into your score.

Now that you are informed on the various types to help you in which clubs to use in golf, it will aid you in knowing which golf clubs to use.

It is best to know each of these by heart and now just by knowledge as being a golf player involves personally knowing the feel and the technique needed to be used for each golf club.

In the same way, this will also better equip you in situations when another golf player asks you inquiries about which clubs to use in golf.

An amazing trick that you can use in choosing which golf club to use is borrowing the golf club from another person.

This can help you in learning your preferences and finding what works best for you.

This can also be a way to save money as you wouldn’t have to spend on a golf club but later realizing it’s not for you.

This will then enable you to invest in the right golf clubs that you will be using the most.

Taking these into account when deciding which golf club to use will help you lots in your journey as a golf player.

Choosing Your Golf Clubs Wisely

Knowing the different types of golf clubs can aid in learning more about which golf club that you should use.

However, if choosing based on types is still not enough for you to make a definite choice, there are various guidelines that can help you decide.

  •  Length

Golf club length is significant in choosing which golf club to use.

It is important to note that the golf length heavily relies on the stature of the golf player as well as the club shaft. The length is what connects the club shaft and the grip.

For golf players whose stature is below than 5-feet 5 inches, they must utilize a half-inch shorter golf club length.

For golf players whose stature is between 5-feet 5 inches and 6-feet 1 inch, they must utilize average size golf club length.

Meanwhile, for golf players taller than 6-feet 1 inch, the golf club should be longer than the standard size.

  • Loft

Different types of golfers likewise have a loft that matches them. For beginners, it’s best to begin using higher lofted clubs as they aid in higher accuracy and longer distance.

Lower loft clubs are harder to manage. Experienced golfers recommend using higher lofted clubs if you’re having a hard time to spin the ball and hitting directly.

  •  Club-head

Numerous golf players ignore the clubhead capacities.

Clubhead weight can likewise drastically influence your shots. Hence, it is important to remember that swing speed is proportional to the clubhead weight.

Golf players with lower swing rate will acquire speed with lighter clubheads.

In the event that you have a lower swing rate and you are utilizing a heavier club head, you will definitely lose speed.

  •  Gender

Sexual orientation can likewise be a significant factor in picking golf clubs. Male golf players have a higher swing speed than most ladies.

For men, the fairway 3 wood with 17-degree space can be a helpful club to have consistently. Be it starting or shots off the fairway, this club is very adaptable.

It is best to overlook drivers and instead utilize the 3-wood fairway or half breeds.

Meanwhile, for women, consider using a golf club that helps you manage your distance as they tend to have lower swing speed.

It’s recommended to use 5 through 9 fairway woods, and 9 iron.

Obviously, a professional golf player could never play with all drivers or more than one putter.

Most players will in general utilize some kind of variety of golf clubs, including one putter, a lot of irons, and one driver.

Indeed, on the off chance that you look in a golf player’s pack, you’ll presumably locate a set that is fairly conventional.

The clubs you pick can go far with regards to deciding the shots you’re ready to hit on the green. Therefore, the clubs you use will likewise figure out what scores you’re ready to shoot.

On the off chance that you regularly find that you’re hit with incalculable shots that you don’t have the correct club for, at that point, it’s the ideal opportunity to change.

Deciding which golf club to use is very critical.

The best golfers regularly switch up their set from week to week or even between adjusts, in order to continue testing their golf match-up and make enhancements on their shortcomings.

The right golf clubs will work for you, while the wrong golf clubs won’t assist with improving your game.

It’s best to practice your best qualities and improve your shortcomings with the right tools.

In Summary

If ever you ask yourself again “which golf clubs to use?”, it is best practice to recall all of the information you have learned when you browsed through books and the internet then apply it to practice by being familiar with all of the golf clubs.

The best teacher is still an experience.

While we could learn all of the nitty details about each golf club, it is still different in personally knowing each club as you use it in different games.

In my case, the more I played golf with comrades, I learned to feel how each golf club could support me in various scenarios.

It comforted me knowing that knowing which golf club to use doesn’t come instantly.

But it is a process of constantly educating ourselves about the different types of golf clubs as well reading on the best practices of proficient golf players and how they practice.

They know best the struggles of being more acquainted in choosing which golf club to use so they will be able to provide essential tips and guides.

Constantly playing golf regularly, may it be with co-workers or simply with your family members, will greatly help in your decision process.

The experience of handling different golf clubs will help you the most in instinctively choosing the best golf club for you in different situations.

This is the best way to learn than simply reading about the information about them through online articles and other resources.

So what are you waiting for?

Go prepare your golf sack and invite your family and friends to play golf with you!

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