Why Use a Golf Rangefinder?

Why use a golf rangefinder? Perhaps the question ought to be, why not use a golf rangefinder? Why so? First, these are crucial devices for golfers. Besides improving one’s performance, they also motivate players.

Why Use a Golf Rangefinder?
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I mean, failure has never been a motivating factor. For that reason, improved shots motivate players to do better. However, the reasons for having a rangefinder are quite many. However, perhaps we should first explain what these devices are and what they do.

What is a golf rangefinder?

These are devices used by golfers to estimate the distance between the ball and the target. Besides golf rangefinders, we have hunting and forestry rangefinders too. However, for this discussion, we shall stick to golf rangefinders. Now that you know what these devices are, let’s look at why you need them!

Why do you need a golf rangefinder and why use a golf rangefinder?

First, we all know you need a rangefinder. Funny enough, even avid golfers, like me, need this crucial device. In that case, why do you, and I, need the device? First, any avid golf lover shouldn’t mind shelling out a few bucks for a golf rangefinder.

The gadgets help improve your scores. In fact, they are a must-have for golf players. Of course, you don’t necessarily need the model with the most bells and whistles. For a beginner, you could settle for something less expensive.

A simple golf rangefinder would work perfectly for beginners. However, as you advance, you may consider coughing some extra bucks for a more sophisticated model.

In that case, what do these rangefinders do for you?

They give club details

How do you determine the club details? Without a golf rangefinder, that would be one hell of a task. However, with a rangefinder, you easily determine club data with ease. For instance, when you crank a specific distance using a specific club, then you will use it in the future with similar distances.

For example, let’s say you used your 8 iron for a distance of 150 yards; the data shall help you in future. Similarly, the difference also tells you how long the club strikes the ball. If it exceeds by 10 yards, then that club is perfect for 160 yards. If it is less by 10, you could use the club for 140 yards in the future.

However, several factors affect how far you hit the ball. For that reason, taking an average of three shots then calculating the mean distance would be a great idea.

Enhanced distance control

Using your plain eyes to determine the distance to the flagstick would take eternity. That’s why you need a golf rangefinder. They spare you the hassle of manual calculations. Neither you nor your partners want to waste time manually measuring the distance, right?

With the distance in mind, you easily determine which club to use. For that reason, they indirectly determine the club you use to take shots. For experienced golfers, the device helps one take precise strikes with a negligible error margin.

However, these gadgets don’t help in improving skills. They only give an overview of the distance to the target. The next stage depends on the skills of the golfer. For that reason, practice and experience determine how accurate you perform.

Learning yardages and distance control plays an important role in ensuring that you have a perfect swing. However, with the distance in mind, you wouldn’t have difficulty deciding how much force you use, would you?

With a rangefinder, you know where to hit the ball and which target to achieve. This way, rangefinders also help one learn when to use different clubs in their package.

Course management

How does a rangefinder assist in course management? Well, rangefinders offer data of shots and other play elements. With this data, you easily master the course for future uses. It helps one keep specific yardages at different times.

When using a golf rangefinder, consider keeping specific data for analysis. For instance, something like the club you used for a particular shot and the shots taken to a specific target. With this information, you maintain a proper club choice and swings.

They assist in understanding angles

Advanced rangefinders offer better and detailed information. For instance, with a developed rangefinder, you get information like the slope and the angle. Using the rangefinder eye-chronometer, you get the exact location of the target and the angle.

With this information, you can take perfect shots and achieve better results. Estimating angles without a good rangefinder would be quite hard. However, with the gadgets, you get these details which help you achieve the best shots. You gauge the points between, in the front or in the middle of the target.

Improves confidence

It is without doubt that confident people play better. So, how does a rangefinder improve your confidence? Confidence comes from the ability to hit perfect shots at all times. With a rangefinder, you have the perfect distance. This way, you have the confidence to take perfect swings.

The confidence to execute good swings assists a lot. Of course, practice also grows your confidence. For that reason, practice more and use your rangefinder perfectly. This way, you will see your skills shoot to the best levels.

Faster playing

Imagine manually calculating the distance between the ball and the target? That would take eternity, right? How about with a rangefinder? You get the distance fast, so you play faster. This way, you save time and focus on the main activities on the course.

Manual approximation of distances would take quite a long time. So, to avoid wasting time, you need to use a rangefinder.

What types of golf rangefinder is the best for you?

We just answered the question; why use a golf rangefinder? Now, which type of golf rangefinder is best for you? This is a tricky question. Why is it so? Well, many factors determine rangefinder is perfect for your use.

For instance, your skills, your budget and the functionality of a rangefinder determine which one is best for your needs. In that case, we need to look at some of these features and how they affect the option you choose.

Your skills

Your skills determine the type of rangefinder you pick. For instance, if you are a beginner with limited skills, getting a simple rangefinder would be a perfect decision. Why? A simple gadget goes at a fair price. Since you are just starting, it’s advisable you don’t spend too much.

However, as you grow your skills, you can get something more sophisticated. How about experienced golfers? For these ones, spending more on a piece of top-tier golf rangefinder wouldn’t be a bad idea. For that reason, professional require more features but a beginner might just need the basic functions.

Your budget

How much are you willing to cough? This is an important consideration. It determines which of the available options is perfect for you. Additionally, the price also depends on your skills and the features available.

Like mentioned earlier, beginners don’t really have to spend much on a pair of rangefinders. However, more experienced golfers can spend some extra bucks to get a much-sophisticated device. So, your budget determines which rangefinder is best for you.

The best one ought to fall within your budget.

Are golf rangefinders worth it?

I get this question quite often. The answer is a bold YES. Golf rangefinders are worth a purchase. They offer faster operations and also improve your confidence.

Besides estimating distances, these devices also help in checking angles and slopes. Although some of the functions are banned, the gadgets help in sharpening the skills of a user.

Gold rangefinders also assist in choosing a club. They also determine the swing and the shots taken. For that reason, their benefits can never be overlooked.

Of course, most beginners imagine that they would save by not buying a rangefinder. Well, that might sound like saving but your skills might stay stagnant forever. For that reason, overlook the cost and have a simple device. Like earlier mentioned, you don’t necessarily need the most expensive model.

In Summary

Why use a golf rangefinder? I also had the same question when I started my career. However, after using it for a while, I came to understand why it is a crucial device. If you had doubts, this guide must have been of help to you. Peruse through my site for more golf tips.

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