Woods On The Fairway – How to Hit it Properly

In playing golf, a lot of different factors affect the performance of the player when trying to hit the woods on the fairway. It can be the player’s form, condition, tactics, and even the equipment being used.

Golf 101: How To Hit Woods On The Fairway
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This is why it’s essential to know how to properly play and, at the same time, be updated with the most recommended woods to bring out your A-game better.

Hitting Woods On The Fairway

You may be wondering, what are fairway woods used for? What does it have to do with golf? When it comes to properly playing golf, knowing the basics is the most crucial part.

For hitting woods on the fairway, the fundamentals of golf will come pretty handy.

From position to poise, to swinging and angles, you will definitely learn how to do each strike as accurately as possible.

First and foremost, be wary of seemingly sweeping the floor as a means to angle each swing you make.

Instead of ‘sweeping’ it in that way, think of it as trying to lift the golf ball so that it can fly high and reach your desired destination.

The first thing to remember is the proper placement of the ball.

  • Golf Ball Position

This basic step in the whole process of hitting woods on the fairway is very critical because it helps the player aim its shot.

Various golf professionals would explain this step in such a way that the main point is to ensure that the ball is placed just north of your heel and in between the center of where both your legs are positioned.

With this kind of angle, your hitting point is below the ball so that it is lifted upwards when you swing your golf driver. Thus, making it a steady shot.

  • Poise Matters

The next trick to remember is to position your body well so that your lower and upper body are aligned with each other.

By properly doing this, it allows your arms to swing precisely to the position of your golf ball.

Experts say that projecting your shoulders to be broader and pushing your chest out a bit helps your body be in a more appropriate position for golfing.

Ensuring the alignment of your shoulders with your golf ball allows you to have a more forceful contact with the ball upon swinging so you can hit the woods on the fairway better.

According to professionals, putting your shoulders in a ‘square position’ creates a better angle for swinging so you can strike your target more accurately.

  • Taking Control

Projecting the angle is one thing, and taking control is another. To make sure you have the best swing possible, controlling your grip on the club helps you adjust the strength of your swinging.

If you’re having a hard time, it’s best to adjust your grip just a few inches, making your body bend over a bit while your arms are evenly stretched out.

With this kind of position, you’re sure to get a firmer grip and a more balanced pressure-flow once you hit the golf ball in front of you.

In addition to getting a grip on your golf club, knowing the proper swing is also crucial.

With this, ensure that your equipment reaches the golf ball by trying it out a couple of times wouldn’t hurt so that you can get the hang of it.

Once you’ve stabilized it enough, aim for a smooth shot by swinging downward and slowly going up just enough to strike the ball far enough to reach a reasonable distance.

Although it can take some time to master, practicing the swing this way can help you level your pace in striking better.

Rescue Wood vs Fairway Wood

Every golfer needs to know the pros and cons of each club type so that they can achieve their capabilities at the maximum.

Each club type is recommended for each kind of shot you attempt to make in a round of golf.

Certain clubs are more suitable for certain angles, while there are some which may come less handy in other cases, and that’s why knowing the difference is important.

A common confusion when finding the right golf club is knowing the difference of a rescue wood vs fairway wood. But don’t worry because we’re here to help!

Talking about rescue wood vs fairway wood usually leaves new golf players a bit confused because there are slight but very crucial differences that you can note between the two.

But you may ask, what are fairway woods used for in the first place? This type of club category puts a premium on relatively larger sized clubheads, which are made from metal.

Considered one of the longest of its kind because it goes beyond 40 inches, which isn’t the usual size compared to other golf clubs such as the rescue wood.

It is one of the recommended types of golf clubs because it works better in aiming and striking compared to those made out of iron.

  • Rescue Wood

On the other hand, the talk between rescue club vs fairway wood lies in its material coming from wood and irons.

Although it is shorter in length compared to fairway woods, it contains more loft, which can be an advantage but in certain golf scenarios only.

The main difference of rescue club vs fairway wood is its length and features. Be cautious because, despite it being shorter, it can cut through the grass more efficiently.

Which Fairway Wood Should I Buy?

Now that you have a better understanding of the differences of rescue wood vs fairway wood, it’s also essential to ask oneself questions like, “What fairway woods do I need to perform well?”

If you’re asking yourself: “Which fairway wood should I buy?” or “What fairway woods do I need?”, you’re in luck because here’s a very quick buying guide to help ease the confusion!

Just like any product, numerous factors affect your choice. By knowing the importance of these factors, you can responsibly make product purchases without regretting it in the end.

  • Length

Just like any golf club, length significantly affects the fairway wood’s performance when playing in the game.

One important thing to remember is that when the golf club number is relatively high, it means that the club shaft length is shorter.

It is inversely proportional and not common knowledge to most people, so be careful when making your purchase.

  • Materials

As mentioned in some sections above, golf clubs can be composed of different materials depending on the brand, the purpose, and the club type. Take, for example, rescue club vs fairway wood.

Some are made from actual wood, some are made from metal, and some iron.

By knowing the material of the fairway woods you wish to purchase, you can have an initial idea of what the feeling would be once the product is in your hands.

Having the type of materials as a basis before purchasing your ideal fairway woods golf club is also essential because it affects the strength and price of the item.

Knowing these factors also determines the weight, which is vital for golfers to understand, especially for those who have preferences of lightweight or not.

Weight affects the ability to hit the ball as well as the striking capacity of the player.

Some fairway woods can be made up of various materials combined, so it’s also essential to know these tiny little details.

Since golfing also needs technological advancements, these multi-materials products can be a great asset to your playing game eventually.

  • Loft

The loft of fairway woods can help improve the playing trajectory of a player when aiming for far distances in playing golf.

If a golf club has more loft in number, the golf ball will only be able to travel short distances, which can be a disadvantage when you’re in the playing field.

If you encounter a product that offers adjustable features, feel free to explore and try it out as well since this is a possibility and can turn into an advantage for you as a player.

Hopefully, these factors answer your question to “Which fairway wood should I buy?” so you can have a better idea of the technical terms that are often used in the world of golf.

Also, by knowing what fairway woods do I need, you can have a deeper understanding of the different essentials of playing golf.

In Summary

There are many different factors to have good performance when playing woods on the fairway.

When it comes to strategies, techniques, fundamentals, and knowing what are fairway woods used for, each player should definitely be responsible for it.

However, by knowing the essential factors & the right kind of equipment to stick to.

You can help yourself improve and achieve a better golfing experience.

Happy golfing!

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