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A putter is arguably the one club you will use the most in your golf club set. How do you choose from the best golf putters that are available in the market today? In this article, we will explore every important detail.

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Key Takeaways TL;DR
🏌️‍♂️ The article provides an ultimate guide to choosing the best golf putter, covering various aspects of putter selection and improvement in putting skills.
📏 Understanding the anatomy of a putter is crucial, including the head, shaft, and grip, as well as materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel.
⚔️ Different types of putters are available: blade, mallet, and hybrid, each with its own benefits and drawbacks, catering to different playing styles and preferences.
📐 Selecting the right putter length is important, considering factors like height, arm length, and putting style, to optimize posture, alignment, and consistency.
⚖️ Finding the ideal weight and balance of a putter is critical for accuracy and consistency, considering factors such as the sweet spot, green speed, head weight, and counterbalancing.
🎯 Face and groove technology impact the roll of the ball, and putter grip options can affect grip consistency and stroke accuracy.
🔧 Customizing a putter by modifying its grip, weight, length, and alignment can enhance performance, comfort, and style, improving putting game.
🎯 Proper putter alignment and setup are crucial for accuracy and consistency, involving aligning the putter face, positioning eyes over the ball, and maintaining consistent grip pressure.
🎯 Putting drills and practice techniques, such as the gate drill and ladder drill, aid in developing consistency, accuracy, and distance control.
🧼 Maintaining the putter through regular cleaning with a soft cloth and mild soap, along with proper storage in a dry and cool place, ensures longevity and functionality.
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There are so many designs available in the market. If you are currently in search of a golf putter, you’d be lost for choice.

You must choose what works. Factors such as the shape, the weight, material, and more all have a hand in determining whether or not the putter you want to buy is the best.

Bottom line, it’s more about the looks, and how much the putter costs. Don’t be surprised if you spend so much money on a putter that barely improves your game.

Don’t be mad if you purchase a putter simply because you saw it with some other pro golfer only to realize later that it was the wrong match for you.

In a Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks

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See, nowadays, manufacturers are looking to enhance how their range of putters feel and roll.

And while the technology still has a big hand in how well designed and capable the putter may be, you still have to consider your style of golfing and skill level.

Here, it’s not so much about how fast you can swing or how hard you can hit. It’s more about how well the putter is aligned to accommodate your putting stroke.

Recently, manufacturers are concentrating on their compact collections, improved looks, feel, roll, and limiting head shapes for ranges.

When you find the right putter, you will instantly know it. It won’t feel too heavy on your hands. The grip will feel right, stable, and with a smoother tempo.

In a nutshell, you will not struggle. Every player has a personal experience with their golf clubs.

This could explain why many find it incredibly hard to find a new replacement when their old set is too old and worn out.

So what are the best golf putters that will level up your game performance? Read on to find out.

What are The Best Golf Putters

The putter golf club may not be as versatile and advanced as the driver club. But if the recent trends are anything to go by, the future now looks brighter than ever.

What with new inventions showing up every waking day, the advancements in the type of putters are likely to overturn every golfer’s performance on the course.

For this reason, all your focus should be aimed towards employing the tips and pointers listed above to find that putter that’s ideal for you. Lost for choice?

Here is a list of the ten best golf putters in the market.

Best Golf Putters
Level Up Your Performance

Weighing at only 380 grams, this mallet face putter is what you need to use for fast greens.

Seeing as most golf putters weigh 40 grams less, it tells you that this is no ordinary putter. It has a crisp, clean white antiglare finish, which allows you to align with ease.

Why? Because you can clearly distinguish between the putter and the vivid green color on the ground.

It also comes with three lines that act as alignment aids making it easy for the player to line the putter with the ball. With this putter, there’s little room for error in each putting stroke.

Everything about its design is meant to help you out. For example, you can conceal a poor putting stroke far easily while trying to forage in and out of different routes across the golf course.

If you are looking for a putter you can work with, then this is the best golf putter guaranteed to lead you to the green.

Here, you have a 34-inch long shaft, a ball picker, and a free headcover. It can accommodate players up to 6’3 feet tall.

To the naked eye, the shaft length may look ordinary but if you are taller than the average golfer, then that little difference means everything.

It supports the right posture and feels comfortable to play with. Who doesn’t want a putter that excites them each time they pull it out of their golf bag?

When it comes to appearance, nothing beats this Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter. Rest assured that you will stand out with this golf club in your hands.

  • Clean white finish whose contrast with the green improves accuracy regarding alignment
  • Mallet face design which gives you more MOI and forgiveness to work with
  • Shaft measures 34 inches long which is enough to accommodate players up to 6’3 feet tall
  • Conveniently features a ball picker and comes with a headcover
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  • May seem heavy for players who are used to using standard-sized golf putters

There’s no doubt that golf is largely a game that tests your mental capabilities. Which can pose a problem seeing as most people take up golfing for fun.

So, where’s the balance? You only have to find the best golf putter designed to offer you useful hints that guide your way and take tasking calculations out of your game.

This Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter, Men’s M5 putter, does precisely that. It features three horizontal lines on the head present to provide easy alignment for enhanced accuracy.

It also has a mid-sized vertical seam grip, which not only feels solid but also improves your confidence right before you need to swing.

It also has micro-injection polymer face inserts also meant to improve the feel of the club for smooth ball contact.

Bring this club to your next golf match or practice session and watch how quickly your performance changes for the better. This best golf putter is easy to aim, and very well balanced.

Thinner than usual grip with vertical seams that’s perfect for you if you’ve got smaller hands.

Its 35-inch stainless steel shaft is firm enough and quite durable for someone looking for a putter they want to use long term.

The head is also made from stainless steel, which goes to prove its strength and longevity further. If you want a putter that’s easy to control, move and aim, then this Wilson putter is it for you.

  • 35-inch shaft, long enough to accommodate even the tallest players above 6 feet
  • Head and shaft made from stainless steel
  • Micro-injection polymer face inserts also meant to improve the feel of the club for smooth ball contact.
  • Easy to use
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  • The thinner grip may not prove ideal for those golfers looking for a standard size or larger grip

You think your goal to be the highest scorer is too far-fetched?

If you dared answer yes, then you haven’t yet had a taste of this Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter. Pinemeadow is no new name in the golfing equipment arena.

The name itself elicits confidence in the fact that you will get quality, high-performance tools, and durable equipment pretty much summing up all it is you want in your frantic search for the best golf putter.

The Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter is designed with both newbies and experienced players in mind. It is well built with beautiful colors that make you look forward to every golfing session.

Investing in such an effective piece of golfing equipment is certainly a step towards the right direction for every budding golfer serious about overturning their poor performance on the course.

Some of its outstanding features include a large site plate present to increase accuracy and minimize the chances of stroking wrong.

With more accurate strokes, you can line your eye and make a clean shot confident that you won’t miss. It also features offset hosel there to improve accuracy and alignment further.

If you are a beginner golfer, you will find this feature incredibly convenient. A large face enhances consistency and more forgiveness while minimizing ball skipping.

The spider grip enhances control, while the low COG balances the weight of the head. The end result is a more precise, smoother stroke worthy of a standing ovation.

  • Designed with low COG which balances the weight of the head
  • Offset hosel there to further improve accuracy and alignment
  • Firm spider grip set to enhance control
  • Stylish design and attractive color combinations
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  • May be a tad bit pricey for someone looking for a low budget putter

As more and more women make their debut into the world of golfing, it is clear that the focus when it comes to golfing tools is biased.

There are more golf clubs designed to suit the men than there are for women players.

So in a quest to accommodate everyone, Pinemeadow has unveiled the Pinemeadow Golf Women’s PGX Putter for its lady golf course warriors.

Its mallet design, antiglare white finish, tour weighted head, alignment aids are only a few of the attractive qualities that make this women’s golf putter not only easy to use but also appealing to the eyes.

Its feel, length, and other intricate specifications are all designed to suit the female physique. It weighs a total of 380 grams, which is slightly heavier than the standard sized women’s putter.

You should, however, face no problem using it on numerous golf courses who do not mind you using a putter that’s heavier than the standard size club.

This is a deliberate move aimed at increasing stability and control. Alignment aids like the white color easily contrast the green making it easy to map out a stroke.

This Pinemeadow Golf Women’s PGX Putter is designed for the fast greens. Its 34-inch long shaft is perfect for any woman irrespective of how short or tall they are.

No need to bend over excessively or adopt an uncomfortable posture when putting. It also comes with a free headcover and a ball picker.

  • White antiglare finish that is quite appealing and makes you stand out
  • Alignment aids for enhancing accuracy
  • Weighs 380 grams which is slightly heavier and designed for better balance and control
  • 34-inch long shaft that can accommodate lady players as tall as 6’3 feet
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  • Newbie players may find this putter much heavier than what they may be used to playing with a standard-sized putter

In your mind, you know you want to find the best golf putter capable of dramatically changing how you golf. But at the same time, you also want something affordable, stylish, and practical.

Well, the good news here is that you just carefully describes exactly what the Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR500 Putter can do for you. Try it today. We promise you won’t regret it.

Its premium technologies are what make this the first pick for most players.

They don’t have to dig in too deep into their pockets and also get to improve your performance significantly. Who wouldn’t want that?

When it comes to alignment, let’s just say that it will be tough for you to stroke the wrong way. Why, because there are clear lines and undertones to guide your way.

This Ray Cook putter is not only worth your time, it is also lovely to look at whenever you are out playing on the golf course.

What with a charcoal gray finish, you never have to worry about glares interfering with your line of vision as you try hard to align and realign the ball.

Its heavier head is intentionally designed to maintain stability and accuracy in each of your strokes.

Finally, a golf putter that’s not all about serious golf: let loose, and have fun, but then again get that ball in a cup and celebrate your win.

  • 70-degree lie and a 3-degree loft
  • Boasts an antiglare charcoal gray finish
  • Heavier than usual head meant to increase accuracy and stability
  • Comes with a mid-size soft grip
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  • Designed for use by right-handed newbies. Plus some find this putter far too heavy than the standard club

Considerations on Purchasing the Best Golf Putters

The importance of a putter in your golf club set cannot be undermined. With a good putter, you can feel the space and depth.

You can also tell where the shot line is and feel the ball before going for your shot.

There is no club you will need to use more times than the putter. It only makes sense to find that putter that fits. How?

Here are a few things to note when shopping for a new putter:

Type of Golf Putter

Putters from afar tend to appear the same, but a closer look will reveal specific differences in how the face is shaped, the angles, and how the particular putter is used.

  •  Face Balanced Putters

In this case, the putter’s face is turned upwards towards you, assuming that you are holding the shaft. A face balanced putter is best for you if you are a player looking to shoot a straight putting stroke.

This because it is designed to be more closed off on the backswing and more open on the follow-through.

  • Toe Balanced Putters

This type of putter has a toe that points downwards to the ground when holding the shaft upright as if you want to swing. Here, the putter is almost equally open and closed with each stroke.

If you have an arc in your putting stroke, then the toe balanced putter is the best type for you.

Putter Head Designs

Generally, there are three main putter head designs. They include the blade putter design, peripheral weighted design, and the mallet putter design.

  • Blade Putter Design

Back in the early and late 1900s, all golfers could use was the blade putter design. It has a relatively simple design with a smaller head and a flatter appearance.

One can still find players using it on the golf course today. You’ll notice how softly it hits but, make no mistake.

Should you want to hit harder or faster, this putter design will still get the job done.

If you have a straight putting stroke, you’ll be glad to know that this putter is deliberately designed with a balanced face to accommodate this.

  • Peripheral Weighted Putter Design

Also known as a heel-toe weighted putter, this putter design is an advanced version of the blade putter above. Its address looks longer and thinner than usual.

It is, however, much heavier on the heel with a slightly softer hit. With this putter, you can enjoy improved consistency and forgiveness in case of mishits.

The Peripheral weighted putter design is, currently, the most preferred by numerous expert and world-renowned golfers. Initially, it is toe balanced.

However, comes with the option of adjusting its length and hosel design to accommodate nearly all stroke styles.

  • Mallet Putter Designs

The mallet putter is quite identical to the large clubhead/driver when it comes to function. While the large driver is designed to offer layers more forgiveness and consistency.

In the same way, this mallet putter design is built to provide you with far more consistency and forgiveness than the putters listed above.

And seeing as the mallet putter is significantly larger, manufacturers have more space to add features that increase its performance by far.

They play around with factors such as the putter’s center of gravity. Here, you find more intricate technologies like increasing MOI-Moment of Inertia and lower and deeper COG-Center of Gravity.

You’ll notice that with this putter, there are reduced ball spins, and you get better performance.

Putter Faces And Inserts

Your stroke style and personal preference are the two factors that tell you which putter face design you should go for.

Other important things you should consider when choosing the putter face include your golf ball design and your swing speed.

No two players have the exact same style and preferences when it comes to playing golf. For this reason, there is a wide array of putter faces and inserts aimed at accommodating everyone.

As a new golfer, you’re probably not familiar with how you should go about choosing the best putter faces and inserts. You must match the putter with the proper ball.

It is therefore advisable to refrain from using a metal faced putter on a hard feeling ball on the fast greens.

Regarding which inserts you should go for, listen to the sound your putter makes as it comes into contact with the golf ball. Generally, there are soft inserts and hard inserts.

If you don’t like too much noise, then go for a soft insert, and vice versa.

Here’s a closer look at putter face types.

  • Metal Faced Putters

Steel is the material you’re likely to find on metal-faced putters from as far back as golf started.

But now, manufacturers have designed other intricate metal faces using brass, titanium, aluminum, zinc, bronze, and copper.

Metal is naturally durable and dense, which makes it the perfect material to use for putter faces.

Owing to the solid feel, control, greater than usual performance, and a higher level of hardness steel has, people still prefer to use steel as their metal of choice when it comes to faces.

Other metal types are also preferred because of the sharp knocking sound they make. The sound is also what most players use to tell where the center of the putter is.

To make it sound softer, other putters feature millings or ridges on the face. This way, there’s less surface coming into contact with the ball.

  • Insert Faced Putters

In place of a metal face, insert faced putters have other viable materials inserted on the face of the putter. These materials are far lighter than metal and also offer increased MOI and forgiveness.

Why fewer people prefer to insert faced putters is because the sound isn’t as loud as that made from a metal-faced Putter. This type of putter, however, feels significantly softer than steel.

  • Groove Faced Putters

Grove faced putters are a relatively new thing.

Most players are hesitant towards such putters, but groves have their benefits and shortcomings, just like the putter face designs listed above.

Regardless of the face design, several outcomes happen whenever the putter hits the ball. It either skids, slides, spins backward or hops before it starts moving on the green.

But the trick that many players struggle with is getting the ball to roll forward with every strike. The grove faced putter is your solution to making it past this hurdle.

The groves help keep the ball inline by lifting it from its stand-still position and rolling it forward.

Putter Shafts and Hosels

Almost all putters come with steel shafts. The only difference comes in at the heel where the shaft connects to the hose.

Here you can choose from two options, including the heel-shafted putters and the center shafted putter.

The heel-shafted putter is where the shaft is connected directly to the head. On the other hand, the center shafted putter is where the shaft connects to the center of the head.

Which one you choose is solely up to personal preference or what feels right. One player may find it convenient to use one design and harder to use another model.

Regarding shaft length, you’ll notice that not all putters are the same. You must be keen to choose the putter length that matches your physical height.

This way, you putt consistently and make solid strikes.

Using the wrong length not only negatively affects your consistency, but it also forces you to adopt the incorrect posture, which may later bring health complications.

It is advisable to have your putter professionally fitted to accommodate your height. Generally, you will have to choose from three length options.

They include the Traditional length putters, which measure between 32 and 36 inches long, the Belly putter measuring between 41 and 46 inches long, or the long putter, which measures between 48 and 52 inches long.

Note that some golf courses may bar you from using some putters based on their length. So be sure to find out what the rules are before making your purchase or paying for a membership

Grips and Alignment

The grip is an essential factor to consider because it is the only point of contact. If it’s not solid, you may quickly lose grip or stroke differently.

Some putters have a flat edge designed to face outwards. The goal is to provide guidance on where to place your thumbs.

Grips on putters feature different diameters. Some players feel comfortable using thicker, standard size grips others prefer thinner ones.

In the long run, if you can improve your performance on the greens using a particular grip type, then you’ll know which one to go for.

Having a hard time putting? Check your alignment. With the right alignment, you can use your putter to detect the most accurate line to the target.

With poor alignment, you are likely to miss your target.


If you are relatively new to golf, it’s advisable to go for that putter that’s priced well within your budget.

Remember, this is only one of the many putters you’ll own. When you’ve saved enough, or you are well off financially, then you can invest in a pricier, more advanced putter.

You can gain solace in the fact that golf clubs aren’t very strict on the sizing and type when it comes to which putter you can use.

So cheap or expensive, long or short, you are free to use whichever putter suits you best.

Sink Your Putt Every Time!

For now, it’s clear as day that manufacturers are more concerned about making the putter more accurate, consistent, and long enough.

While you are probably more worried about dropping more putts in the cup or how you can cover more distance off the tee, it is clear that the quest towards losing or winning a game ends on the green.

Above are excellent choices you should consider in your quest to find the best golf putter to purchase next.

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