Best Carry Golf Bag – Top Choices Every Golfer Should Have

The best carry golf bag is a must-have accessory for any serious golfer. They make the most thoughtful gifts whenever you are thinking of surprising a friend, family member, or colleague who adores playing golf.

Efficiency is key whenever you are looking for a golf bag that fits the bill.

It must fit all your clubs, prove useful, whether it’s sunny or during light showers. It is also durable and easy to move or carry around.

Golfing involves frequent movement in between holes.

Finding a golf bag that accommodates all your needs is no walk in the park.

What with a near endless list of options, it would be days or even weeks before you go through each one to see which one suits you the best.

A golf kit usually comprises of several new clubs, balls, and a golfing outfit. Many people forget that the best golf carry bag is also an essential part of this kit.

Without it, you’d hardly be able to move from one point to another, let alone play your game.

In your quest to find the best golf bag, the smallest difference between two golf carry bags is what could have your eyes wide in awe; you finally found what you wanted.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it takes blood sweat and tears to find the perfect golf bag.

In this comprehensive read, you will find out what features to look for when searching for the best carry golf bag and you will also see several featured golf carry bag options, each one presenting a set of unique features that separate it from the rest.

So let’s get started.

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Best Carry Golf Bags
Top-Rated Picks and Reviews

1. SKB ATA Standard Golf Travel Case

SKB ATA Standard Golf Travel Case
  • Compact size that can fit well in carts
  • Hard durable case that protects your clubs and golf bag from external factors
  • Spacious interiors that can fit the standard size golf bag
  • Durable golf case designed using ultra-high molecular polythene
  • Best use when traveling
  • It may be too heavy for most people to carry by hand

If you are as paranoid as I am when it comes to the safety of your clubs and golf paraphernalia, even with a reliable golf bag in place, then you know you will need a golf travel case too.

The SKB ATA Standard Golf Travel Case is designed with people like us in mind.

Do you like traveling to play on different golf courses?

A golf travel case comes in handy because it gives you peace of mind.

Nothing beats the joy of knowing that no matter how bumpy the ride is or how fast you drive nothing will bring harm or compromise the safety of your golf clubs.

This standard travel case is designed using strong and durable ultra-high molecular polythene. It helps keep your clubs secure throughout.

One of its most admirable features is that it is completely sealed. Even the smallest amount of dust, dirt, or moisture couldn’t make it past the rock hard case.

Its interiors measure 48 inches in length by 12 inches width by 11 Inches.

Therefore, big enough and can fit nearly any standard size golf bags when it is fully stuffed with all your golfing belongings.

More Details @ SKB ATA Standard Golf Travel Case – Thorough Review


2. Portzon Golf Stand Bag, Lightweight Easy Carry Travel Shoulder Bag Organizer

Portzon Golf Stand Bag, Lightweight Easy Carry Travel Shoulder Bag Organizer
  • Has a stable three-legged bracket
  • Large enough capacity to fit nine golf clubs or more
  • Designed with an anti-wear, non-slip bottom
  • Detachable shoulder strap for enhanced functionality
  • Has plenty of extra storage space for your other accessories
  • This bag falls short owing to the absence of dividers

Large Capacity of 9 Golf Clubs

Sleek and modern or classic yet daring, whatever your style is, the Portzon golf stand bag will compliment it.

It has a shiny black luster that is alluring, yet a good indication that this best carry golf bag is made of water-resistant material.

Which would be accurate. The Portzon golf stand bag is made from premium Polyurethane-PU material. It has a durable non-slip bottom and solid stainless rivets.

This efficient golf carry bag has a versatile three-legged bracket that can fold and unfold. A feature that comes in handy whenever you want to stand the bag on uneven ground.

This must be the bag to go for if you want a durable, stylish, functional and stable best carry golf bag.

When it comes to capacity, the Portzon Golf Stand Bag does not hold back. It can fit up to 9 golf clubs with plenty of space to fit more if the need arises.

It is lightweight, easy to carry over your shoulders, and has lots of extra storage for all the additional stuff you’ll be bringing to the golf course.

It’s shoulder straps are detachable for enhanced functionality. The only downside with this bag is that it doesn’t have as many dividers for your clubs.

You have to pile all your clubs in one hollow space which doesn’t work very well to enhance the durability of your clubs.

3. Sun Mountain Clubglider Journey Wheeled Travel Covers

Sun Mountain Clubglider Journey Wheeled Travel Covers
  • Made out of durable 1200D polyester material
  • Design features a set of retractable wheels and a stand for enhanced maneuverability
  • Has plenty of space for all your golfing equipment and extra external pockets
  • Rolls effortlessly making it easy to use during travel or movement
  • Boasts internal cinch straps in the main compartment. These ensure your clubs are held in place and do not knock on each other during movement
  • Some users complain that this wheeled travel cover is a bit heavy to carry by hand or shoulder alone

Everything about this golf carry bag oozes durability and functionality.

One look, and you’ll be clear of all doubt whether this is a bag you need to take home.

The Sun Mountain Clubglider is a dream come true for anyone who doesn’t play when it comes to the safety and protection of their golf clubs.

This golf travel cover features two external pockets for extra storage and a large interior that can fit all your golf bags, golf clubs and all other contents you bring along.

Inside the main compartment, you will find cinch straps which go a long way in helping keep your clubs in place. It is made using durable, strong 1200D polyester material.

One of its most distinctive features is a set of retractable wheels and a strong stand that makes traveling or moving that much easier.

No need to carry the bag over your shoulders if the bag proves too heavy enjoy enhanced maneuverability by rolling it to the parking lot, throughout the golf course or anywhere else you want to go.

At 12.75 Lbs. the Sun Mountain Clubglider Journey Wheeled Travel Cover is light enough not to tire you out.

4. RJ Golf Spinner Travel Golf Bag

RJ Golf Spinner Travel Golf Bag
  • Made out of durable Dobby Nylon material
  • Design features a rolling wheel base complete with a retractable handle
  • Has a 14 way divided main compartment
  • 7 additional easy access to external pockets
  • Features a rain hood for enhanced moisture protection
  • It may take you a bit more effort to put the handle back in

The moment you first glance at this beauty, the message hits right home that the Golf Spinner Travel golf bag is not here to play.

Made out of Dobby Nylon material, you can breathe easy knowing that you are assured of strength and durability.

Nothing beats this golf travel bag if what you want is as many dividers as possible. It has a whopping 14 dividers, each one that proves useful.

Whether you want space for your clubs separate from space for your smaller accessories, you got it.

What’s more, you have an extra seven external, easy-access pockets for more storage.

For additional functionality, this best carry golf bag features a retractable handle and a rolling wheelbase.

A detachable rain hood proves quite useful whenever you want to protect your bag from moisture or water.

5. CaddyDaddy Roadrunner Wheeled Cart Golf Bag

CaddyDaddy Roadrunner Wheeled Cart Golf Bag
  • Made out of strong and durable 600 Denier Nylon
  • Has up to 15 full-length dividers
  • Features a stable base complete with inline skate wheels
  • Has plenty of external pockets for extra storage including an insulated cooler pocket
  • Affordable
  • Can be too bulky compared to other standard sized golf carry bags

CaddyDaddy is no newcomer in the golfing accessories arena.

Having made a name for itself and earned a good reputation, you know they don’t joke when they unveil the all-new CaddyDaddy Roadrunner Wheeled Cart Golf Bag.

When you don’t want to compromise on space, quality, and functionality, then the CaddyDaddy best carry golf bag is precisely what you are looking for.

It is made of strong 600 Denier Nylon which speaks to its quality and durability. Its design features a base complete with inline skate wheels.

Moving this bag from one tee to another is going to be a literal walk in the park — Swift, smooth and effortless.

Other attractive features on this golf carry bag include 15 full-length dividers, an insulated water cooler pocket for added convenience and two felt-lined pockets perfect for keeping all your valuable possessions.

6. C8-II Golf Practice Range/Sunday/Stand/Pencil/Carry Bag

C8-II Golf Practice Range/Sunday/Stand/Pencil/Carry Bag
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Features 2 way dividers, two external zipped pockets
  • Has removable padded shoulder straps
  • Features non-detachable top cover for extra protection
  • Durable build and value for money
  • This bag has non-collapsible tube body construction which can make it hard to fit in a golf cart

When it comes to value for money, nothing beats this C8-II Golf Practice carry bag.

Who would have known that something this simple could prove so functional and valuable?

This golf bag boasts plenty of space, enough to hold a half set clubs. It features a sturdy stand and a protective top cover that is not detachable.

At only 6 Lbs. it is incredibly light in weight and easy to maneuver. It also comes with removable padded shoulder straps for enhanced comfort even when carrying a heavy load.

Other attractive features include two-way dividers, a webbing handle, and two external zipped pockets for your valuables and accessories.

This golf carry bag is made out of durable and waterproof 600D nylon material.

7. Deluxe Golf Travel Mate CarryOn Rolling Wheel Golf Cart Bag

Deluxe Golf Travel Mate CarryOn Rolling Wheel Golf Cart Bag
  • Lightweight build weighing at 10.4 Lbs.
  • Has up to 6 dividers and a set of outer pockets for additional storage space
  • Solid construction for enhanced durability
  • Has a set of wheels and shoulder straps for easier maneuverability
  • Has a protective hood
  • This golf carry case has an inner steel ring that may limit how well it fits into tight spaces when it is not in use.

TSA Lock and Protection Cover

Think of convenience; think of the Deluxe Golf Travel Mate Golf cart bag.

With up to 6 dividers, you have plenty of space to store your clubs and valuable without fear that they will weaken or chip from constantly knocking/grinding against each other.

This bag looks trendy and comfortable to carry and it fits right in.

Weighing at 10.4 Lbs. this 600D nylon padded bag is perfect for traveling.

It has a hard top cover, which is all the protection your golfing equipment needs from the rain, scorching sun, and dust.

Durable yet compact construction tells you that your money will not go to waste. This bag is designed to offer you constant quality service for years without losing its luster or functionality.

8. TOURBON Vintage Golf Club Carry Bags Travel Case – Canvas and Leather

TOURBON Vintage Golf Club Carry Bags Travel Case
  • Lightweight build weighing at 3 Lbs
  • Padded shoulder straps for additional comfort
  • Large main compartment and extra pockets for optimum storage space
  • Made from leather and canvas materials which hints at quality and durability
  • Has a handle for easy maneuverability
  • This bag is too small compared to most standard-sized golf carry bags

What is our taste when it comes to golf bags?

The Tourbon Vintage Golf carry bag speaks to those guys who love simplicity, yet refuse to settle for less.

Whether you are an avid golfer or an occasional one, you need a golf bag that complements your style and your game at the course. This Tourbon bag promises to do just that.

Its irresistible features include a thick padded top for extra protection, padded shoulder straps for enhanced comfort, and a handle that makes it easy to pick the bag up whenever you need to move.

This golf bag is made from high-quality canvas and leather materials. It also has a set of extra pockets for additional storage.

9. Wilson Staff EXO Carry Golf Bag

Wilson Staff EXO Carry Golf Bag
  • Sturdy non-skid base
  • Has a convenient self-standing design
  • Has a 3D airflow strap for increased comfort
  • Features an umbrella holder, glove holder, and towel ring
  • Has a rain hood for maximum protection from external factors
  • It can be a bit over-budget for someone looking for an average priced golf carry bag.

With more than enough capacity to fit all your needs, this one of a kind golf bag is more than you could ever ask for.

Its full-length garment pocket means that your clubs will all fit in and none will be left out exposed.

All the pockets here are designed with dry tech technology completely protecting them from moisture.

The Wilson Staff EXO best carry golf bag has five sections and numerous pockets for extra storage. It features a non-skid base and a self-standing system for unwavering stability.

A 3D airflow padded strap means that you won’t be all sweaty and uncomfortable when carrying the bag during hot weather.

10. Caddymatic Hard Top Shell Padded Travel Cover with Wheels

Caddymatic Hard Top Shell Padded Travel Cover with Wheels
  • Strong hardshell design at the top for protection against impact
  • The bottom part is made from durable 1860D Polyester material
  • Has anti-burst straps
  • Has two inline wheels for easier maneuvering
  • Simple, functional design and Affordable
  • May seem too basic for someone looking for something more stylish

As a golfer, you dream of that one accessory that will accommodate most, if not all of your needs. It’s the little things that make all the difference.

With the Caddymatic Hard Top Shell Padded Travel Cover with Wheels, little things include a hard shell top area intentionally designed to protect your golf clubs from impact during movement.

The lower part of the bag is made from 1860D Polyester material which is just as durable and strong.

This bag is designed with a pair of inline wheels for easier movement and has anti-burst straps. It has an internal padding system and an extra pocket for more storage space.

If you want a golf bag that can comfortably house all sizes of clubs, you’ll be glad to know that this golf carry bag is what you’re looking for.

Benefits of having the Best Carry Golf Bag

Are you one of those people who barely give two thoughts on the type of golf bag you choose?

A seemingly simple item like the best golf carry bag could make or break your golfing experience.

A golf carry bag is unlike other bags. It offers more functionality and versatility than any other type of bag can, proving itself as a solid investment.

This type of golf bag is fitted with straps that make it easy to hoist on your back when moving and just as easy to put down at every stop.

Here are a few benefits you get to enjoy if you get yourself the trendiest, highest quality golf carry bag.

  • It saves you money

Golf is one of the most renowned high-class sporting activities. It is no surprise to find players spending a whopping $20 to $30 for a golf cart to carry their golfing paraphernalia.

If you are a once in a while golfer, then this number wouldn’t concern you much, but if you are a regular player, these dollars add up.

Using the best carry golf bag means that you save the money you would have spent paying for a golfing cart.

  • Enjoy More Freedom

Using the best carry golf bag means that you pick your bag up and go.

No need to fumble around and putting all your clubs and gloves together first to keep them from falling off as you move.

This best carry golf bag is thoughtfully built to hold everything in place. Its ergonomic design allows you to walk comfortably even when your bag is full.

Now you can fully focus on your game without getting distracted each time you have to move.

  • Incredibly Light in Weight

Compared to all other designs, the golf carry bag is the lightest in weight. It doesn’t have metal stands attached, nor do you have to pull it like you would a cart.

Golfing entails a lot of walking on an otherwise vast golf course.

The fact that a golf carry bag is made from very light materials means that you won’t complain of backaches or need to call for help for someone to help carry your bag.

As it is, golf clubs are heavy enough. No one wants to have to deal with even more weight in a golf bag.

Golf carry bags may look bulky but the design is intentional to ensure they fit everything you need. This isn’t to mean that they weigh just as much as they measure in dimension.

The best carry golf bag manufacturers work tirelessly to ensure they are as light as can be.

  • Surprisingly Convenient

Imagine having nowhere to keep all your golfing paraphernalia when playing on the course?

You would either have to carry everything by hand or play on the same spot to avoid moving.

The fact that you can bank on your best carry golf bag to hold everything you need intact in and out of the golf course is the level of convenience a few other bags can guarantee you.

A good golf carry bag works as excellent storage too.

  • Enhanced Safety

Most carry bags have zips and straps to keep everything in place.

What’s more, they have different fittings to make sure the best lightweight carry golf bag doesn’t fumble around whenever you move.

No one wants a golf carry bag that doesn’t guarantee that all their possessions stay in the bag.

In this case, your golfing items enjoy the safety, and so do you.

How? Golfing clubs need to be in their best shape for you to make accurate shots; if they fall off from your bag, they lose their balance and may throw you off at play.

On the other hand, the same clubs may land on your toes or injure your knees if they happen to fall off as you are walking.

Factors to Consider When Looking to Buy the Best Carry Golf Bags

Chanting eenie, miinie, miney, mo….. you know, like the kid’s song would be the wrong approach to use whenever you are trying to settle for the right best lightweight carry golf bag.

You’d, however, be surprised at the number of people who secretly do because they just can’t seem to settle on one bag.

Rightfully so, with almost all golf carry bag manufacturers claiming theirs to be the best bag, you would be dancing round in circles before you find that best lightweight carry golf bag that suits all your needs.

The challenge lies in knowing what to look for and value. Good thing you don’t have to go through all that trouble today.

In these golf carry bag reviews, we’ve made it so much easier for you to find your dream golf carry bag.

Here are some of the main factors to consider whenever you are looking to buy a new golf carry bag.

  • Weight of the Golf Carry Bag

A good golf carry bag weighs between 2 pounds and seven pounds. We are talking about a full-service carry bag that can fit everything and more.

The main contributing factors behind why a golf bag weighs less or more include the type and amount of material used to design the bag, its straps, handles, and stand.

The more sections/dividers the bag has, the more likely it is that the bag weighs more.

Go for that best lightweight carry golf bag with as many club sections as you need, choose the one with the toughest material and check for pockets too.

  • Durability

Owing to how intricate golf carry bags look, you may find that manufacturers focused more on the design forgetting all about the quality of the materials they use.

We all want to go for the trendiest best lightweight carry golf bag in the shop, but first, you must feel with your hands and test to see if the bag is durable enough. Also, check how tight the stitching is.

If not, your hard-earned money will all go to waste when you have to go right back to the shop to buy a new golf carry bag.

This, when the other one is looking old and frail, barely months after you got it.

  • Water-Resistant

The grass on the golf course stays ever-fresh because it is often watered. Alternatively, light showers may occur when you are still playing.

Do you run off and protect your golf bag from the water, or do you continue to enjoy your game, unbothered?

If you answered nope! Then you are absolutely correct.

You need to find a golf carry bag made out of water-resistant material because you want nothing coming in between you and your game.

You also don’t want your golf clubs especially the metal ones to come into contact with water as it may cause damage.

  • Pockets or extra storage

The more pockets there are, the better for you. Some golf carry bags have a paltry three pockets, yet others come with upwards of twelve pockets.

You may want space to place small items like your keys, phone, money, water bottle, and wallet and so on.

You may also want pockets large enough to fit your towels, balls, umbrella, gloves, first aid kit, and tees and so on.

To know which bag to go for, first ask yourself, ‘How much storage do I really need?’ The answer to your question will surely point you to the right bag.

  • Carrying Comfort

Yes, your golf carry bag will be a tad bit heavier than say a hiking backpack, for example.

But make no mistake, this is not to mean that your carrying experience should be unpleasant or uncomfortable.

When shopping for the right bag, I usually ask myself, how thick are the shoulder straps?

What provisions are there for adjustability?

What is the general quality of the bag?

I kid you not, once I have the answers to all these questions, it doesn’t take five minutes for me to find precisely what I want.

See, I already know that when the shoulder straps are thick and strong enough, and the bag is of the highest quality, I will enjoy the comfort and ease carrying the bag.

This irrespective of how heavy the bag is, or for how long I have to carry it.

Go for a bag that has a handle at the top, this seemingly small feature will make a huge difference whenever you are trying to carry the bag up or get it off your shoulders.

The best golf carry bag has shoulder straps made out of strong, durable materials like leather or nylon and has anti-slip rubber grips for added stability.

  • Number of sections or dividers

There are golf carry bags designed with one or two full-length dividers only. This means that there’s a lot of hollow space for your golf clubs.

See anything wrong with fewer dividers?

Fewer dividers mean that you will have to pack a bunch of golf clubs together in one section.

This means that the clubs will likely grind and knock on each other the whole time you are carrying them.

Soon, your clubs will chip, weaken and look old.

There are some bags that have so many dividers you would have enough to place each one of your clubs separately.

Plus, there’ll be more space to bring other essentials that you’ll need when out in the golf course.

The bag I would go for is the one that has at least 14 dividers or section to fit all my clubs individually.

I also want larger compartments to keep my towels, water bottles, and a snack, and so on.

The outer pockets also count as additional sections that come in handy whenever a need storage space for my smaller sized items.

Speaking of pockets.

Did you know that different golf carry bags come with different pocket designs?

And no, it’s not what you think; we are not only talking about shape here, it’s more about functionality. Not sure what I mean?

Read on. You’ll find out.

The best carry golf bag comes with about ten pockets or more all designed to play specific roles. They include,

Insulated Pockets

These pockets are good for placing very cold or very hot water or soft drinks inside. They are designed to maintain very high or very low temperatures.

Standard Pockets

These are regular pockets where you can store practically anything so long as it fits inside.

Apparel Pockets

As the name already hints, an apparel pocket is designed for apparel like t-shirts towels and other types of outfits. It is located at the top of the golf carry bag.

Specialty pockets

Specialty pockets are additional storage spaces for your golf balls, keys, phones, headphones, and other smaller sized accessories.

What makes them unique is that they are waterproof inside and out.

If you want to bring something that shouldn’t come into contact with water or too much humidity, this is the right spot to put it.

Wool lined pockets

If you ask me, wool-lined pockets are only a luxury addition to make it look like less of a bag and more of a convenience.

Which is a considerate addition, I must say. These pockets are lined with woolen surfaces.

Here you can store valuable personal items like earrings, studs, rings, necklaces, bracelets, eyeglasses and so on.

Such pockets are designed to preserve your precious items and to keep them from scratching.

  • Golf Carry Bag Stability

A full functioning trendy golf carry bag comes fitted with a pair of levers.

This way, whenever you put the bag down, you won’t have to lay it flat on the ground but rather hoist it upwards using the levers.

The end result is a bag that stands on its own like a tripod.

Levers are not all designed the same. It is advisable to consider the width, length, and material of these levers first to get a hint on how much stability they can guarantee you.

If, for example, the levers appear weak and too narrow, the bag is bound to topple over when left to stand on its own.

Alternatively, if the levers appear slightly thicker and solid, then you are sure that the bag is stable and can stand on its own.

Sturdy, ergonomically designed levers tend to prolong the durability of your bags.

Plus you really don’t want to have to deal with malfunctioning levers that fail to stand or ones that keep rubbing on your legs.

  • Value for Money

It’s safe to say that the first thing on top of shoppers’ minds is what value they get in return for spending whatever amount of money purchasing a golf carry bag.

It is all about getting value for money.

If the golf bag has tons of pockets and sections, is made from durable materials, has solid straps and levers, has a lot of extras, and is generally fully functional, then even I wouldn’t think twice about getting it.

Truth be told, it’s hard to come by a golf bag that checks all your boxes.

Most people have to compromise or settle for something less than what they wanted.

So I make it a habit to go for random window shopping for the best golf carry bags.

I have stumbled on some of the most valuable golfing paraphernalia during my strolls. This includes golf bags.

What tricks do I use?

I always try to look beyond the outer appearance of a bag.

Instead, I check the weight, features, benefits, and the downsides attached to each bag. Then I always have a set budget in my head.

Golf carry bags range between $50 and $300 retail price.

Through experience and lots of mistakes buying bags too cheap or too expensive, I now know that the most valuable golf bags are priced right at the center of this range.

  • Any Extras?

Of all the factors in this list, the number of extras in a bag is the only thing you shouldn’t be too serious about.

If you find a bag that has fewer extras but has every other factor as listed here, then buy it right away.

Extras features aid in enhancing convenience and your experience during golfing.

Different models come with a different set of extras. However, the most basic extras available in almost all bags include,

Rain Hood

A hood is what you use to cover and protect your golf carry bag and all other possessions inside from getting into contact with water when it’s raining.

Usually, the rain hood is detachable. You only pull it out when it is necessary.


No one said that just because you are going out golfing where few will see you, it serves an excuse not to look cool.

Think about the color combinations, the design, and general outer appearance does it match your style?

I’ll leave this one for you to answer.

Cart Compatible

Let’s be honest. A golf carry bag is great because you will use the straps to carry it around from one hole to another.

But this is not to say that you will never hop on a pushcart or a golf cart to get to those distant holes far far away.

For this reason, you should at least make sure the bag you purchase has a set of extra straps or harness to help secure it to the cart to keep your golf carry bag from falling off or moving around.

Top Rated Golf Carry Bag Reviews

Now that we are through with what factors you need to look out for, it is now time to get down and dirty and look into some of the top golf carry bags available in the market.

From this golf carry bag reviews list, you are sure to find the perfect fit that will accommodate all your requirements and so much more.

Final Thoughts

Finding a golf carry bag at this point for you is as easy as counting 123.

In this golf carry bag reviews detailed read, you have all the knowledge needed to find not just any back but a golf carry bag worthy of a standing ovation.

Durability functionality, class, style, and more are only the tip of the iceberg whenever you are looking to buy a new golf bag.

Now, forge on in confidence that you have everything it will take to find what you want.

Happy Golfing!


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