Best Golf Bags – Top Rated Picks and Reviews

Recently, I embarked on a journey to finding the best golf bags. I must admit, it is an ABC affair. Crisscrossed more than a dozen courses, talked to a plethora of golfers, and engaged professionals.

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Key Takeaways TL;DR
🏆 Summary: Choosing the right golf bag is crucial for a golfer’s performance and experience. Factors to consider include the type of golfer, number of clubs, course type, and climate. Stand bags are lightweight and suitable for walking, while cart bags are larger and ideal for riding in a golf cart.
Material, durability, color, and design are important considerations. Top golf bag brands include Titleist, Callaway, Ping, TaylorMade, and Sun Mountain.
Lightweight bags reduce fatigue, stylish bags reflect personal fashion, waterproof bags protect equipment, and bags with ample storage space offer convenience.
Golf bags with built-in coolers keep drinks and snacks cold, while bags with integrated GPS systems provide distance measurements and course information.
Affordable bags can still be of good quality, while high-end bags prioritize durability and storage space. Customizable bags allow for personalization.
Proper maintenance is important for preserving the bag’s appearance and protecting clubs and accessories.
🏌️‍♂️ Factors to consider when choosing a golf bag: type of golfer, number of clubs, course type, and climate.
🎒 Stand bags: Lightweight and ideal for walking, with fewer pockets than cart bags.
🛒 Cart bags: Larger and designed for golfers who prefer riding in a golf cart, with more pockets for accessories.
🌍 Factors to consider: Material, durability, color, and design of the bag.
🏢 Top golf bag brands: Titleist, Callaway, Ping, TaylorMade, Sun Mountain.
⚖️ Lightweight golf bags: Reduce fatigue, offer padded straps, multiple pockets, and durable materials.
🎨 Stylish golf bags: Reflect personal style and fashion, with options for classic or modern designs.
💧 Waterproof golf bags: Protect equipment in all weather conditions, with high-quality materials and attractive designs.
🎒 Golf bags with ample storage space: Consider number of pockets, club dividers, durability, comfort, and personal style.
🍺 Golf bags with built-in coolers: Keep drinks and snacks cold, reducing the need to leave the course, with options from Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Cobra, and Ping.
📶 Golf bags with integrated GPS systems: Provide accurate distance measurements, course layouts, and hole information, enhancing strategic decision-making, with models like Callaway GPSync and Sun Mountain C-130S.
💰 Affordable golf bags: Consider nylon or polyester materials, prioritize storage space, comfort, and sturdy zippers.
🏆 High-end golf bags: Prioritize durability, storage space, and ease of use, made from premium materials like leather, carbon fiber, and nylon.
🎨 Customizable golf bags: Add personalized embroidery, logos, or extra pockets to showcase individual style and needs.
🔧 Tips for maintaining golf bags: Clean regularly, store properly, protect against damage, and replace worn-out parts.
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All this, was in my quest, to unraveling the top golf bags. I made several observations. Someone can take a single strike with a golf club and settle for it.

However, choosing the right golf bags seemed like an uphill task for most golfers. Of course, preferences vary from one person to the other.

In a Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks

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What is the Best Golf Bag?

This question lacks a specific answer. So, why then don’t golfers just pick the first golf bag they come across? Well, pointing at any specific bag and awarding it the coveted title of being the best requires research.

One can’t just look at a bag and say it is the best. Being the top-rated golf bag requires the bag to fulfill several requirements. For example, a bag could be tough and durable, but too heavy for the user.

In that case, the bag would appear to be the best on the durability but would fail on the weight feature. Of course, we have manufacturers who push for their golf bags. They claim their brands are the best.

We also have online reviews that root for particular models. However, can you really trust these reviews and promotions? Well, not every day. Some might not be accurate.

There are specific features that tell whether a particular golf bag is a knockoff or a showoff.

Best Golf Bags
Top-Rated Picks and Reviews

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top

This is a cart bag. When checking it out, I came across several features that make it a worthy purchase. It boasts a well-thought design. I loved most of its features.

The dividers, although not full-length, offer easy arrangements of clubs and other items.

For an excellent club organization, this product comes with a 14-way organizer. The organizer offers adequate protection for all irons. They prevent damage and keep the clubs in place at all times.

This way, the dividers protect the clubs from clanging and rattling, bumping into each other, and causi9ng damage. The divider offers spaces for wood, putters, and irons.

Each of these clubs gets designated storage making the bag ideal for most golfers. Of course, the proper arrangement of the clubs guarantees easier access.

You will get the clubs you need with ease, thus saving time. With the putter spot, it accepts even those larger grips of up to 1.75-inches in diameter.

How about ease of carrying the bag?

Well, this bag features a top-quality lightweight construction. Therefore, carrying it around is breezy. It comes with a large and reinforced base that guarantees safety for your clubs.

Additionally, the golf bag features several handles which make lifting easier. With this bag, you will enjoy the convenience of two side-grab handles. You will get the full benefits of a convenient bottom handle.

In the end, you will have your bag ready for use with ease. You will also find a nice rear handle for added convenience. With all these handles, lifting your bag to a cart is easy.

The padded tuck away carries strap makes it more compact. Furthermore, this bag includes a convenient strap channel which secures your clubs and bag while on the cart.

What more does the bag has to offer? Well, it comes with nine zippered pockets for the storage of other golf items. Of course, it also includes two additional front ball pockets for quick access to your golf balls.

There are two front-side pockets too fitted with mesh for breathability. The 2 long side pockets offer space for bulky items.


What we Like - PROS
  • Comes with an additional two velour-lined pockets
  • Features an external tee holder
  • There’s an impressive umbrella holder
  • Comes with an impressive D-clip for towels or rangefinders
  • Includes a glove holder
  • The set includes a snap-on rain hood
  • 12-month warranty

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • Some buyers complained about not being able to put their large-grip putters

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Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case

This is a lightweight golf bag. It is designed to offer long-lasting durability. With its lightweight construction, this golf bag offers easy carrying across the course.

Of course, the solid ABS shell shields deliver years of service. The shell shields your clubs and bag against damage.

Additionally, this is a product built to offer the utmost comfort. First, the bag features a padded quilted interior construction which makes it safe and ideal for your golf clubs and other accessories.

The padded interior cushions your clubs, keeping them safe at all times. How about ease of use? Well, this is a travel golf bag.

Therefore, it comes with 4-multi-directional wheels which make it ideal for pulling or pushing. The spinner wheels with two in-line skate wheels offer a faster and more convenient pulling and pushing.

What’s more? The product also comes with effective internal compression straps which make it safer and secure for your golf accessories.

With its unique design and compression straps, each club sticks to its position. Additionally, this product accommodates up to 48-inch golf clubs.

The product is perfect for use even with the longer clubs.

With its hard-sided construction, this golf bag guarantees ultimate safety and durability. The travel case features lightweight hard sides made using high-quality ABS shells for the ultimate protection of your golf items.

About its size, the product boasts an impressive and generous size of 54″ L x 12″ H x 16″ W. With the dimensions, this travel golf case offers adequate for long clubs.

The foam-padded interior with excellent compression straps makes the golf bag one of the best on the model.


What we Like - PROS
  • Features a padded design
  • It accommodates large bags of up to 10.5-inches
  • The spinner wheels make it maneuverable
  • It can be pushed or pulled

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • None. No concerns were raised at the time of this publication

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SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case

This is a tough polyethylene travel golf case. It boasts a deluxe construction which makes it quite reliable. Additionally, the product offers the ultimate protection for your golf clubs and other accessories.

First, this is a hardened golf club case. Therefore, it offers years of service for the users. Its ultra-grade molecular construction makes it considerably lightweight. The weighted polyethylene makes it convenient for use.

Something else, this case features a contoured design. The contoured design makes it perfect for all types of golf bags. It can work with carry bags, cart bags, and drivers.

Of course, the tough design also protects your clubs against damages as you travel. How about its dimensions? Well, the product features interior dimensions of 48 x 14 x 11 inches. The carton dimensions are 52 x 13 x 16 inches.

The travel case features moisture-resistant construction too. Therefore, it protects your items against moisture and water.

With its unique moisture repelling abilities, the product guarantees safety for all your valuable golf items. This is an ideal product for those golfers who often take their golfing on the road.

It features an ultra-thin molecular construction which makes it compact and ideal for use. This product keeps your clubs secure throughout the entire airport inspection process.

Of course, your luggage is tossed around during the inspection process. This way, your clubs could get damaged of not well-protected. However, with this travel case, you are guaranteed of excellent results.

The foam-fitting, sculptured design offers excellent accommodation for most of your golf bags. It even creates enough space for those bags which store drives.

What driver sizes can the case hold? The bag holds bags of lengths up to 48-inches. With its industrial-grade latches and patent-pending design, you are guaranteed of excellent performances.

The product also comes with powerful latches and a unique TSA-locking feature. Of course, use TSA-approved locks for your safety.

With an ideal valance bending system, this case delivers tight, secure, and more appropriate protection for your valuable golf items.


What we Like - PROS
  • It is affordable
  • Creates ample space for different bags
  • The strong design offers excellent protection
  • Somehow compact
  • Lifetime warranty

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • There were concerns about the bag being too small for some golf bags

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CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover

I bought this travel a few years after reading several best golf bag reviews. I had previously used two, now I wanted to try something different. Well, it proved quite impressive on various features.

For my previous travel bags, one did not have wheels. Of course, wheels are critical for travel golf bags. Therefore, I had to stop using the bag. I made the next purchase.

The new one had wheels but was made of low-quality plastic material. It barely survived a single journey. Then I delved into research and decided to try this particular golf bag.

There are various reasons why I think it is among the best golf bags out there.

First of all, this is an ultra-quality product. It isn’t flimsy like my previous purchases and also offers ample space for most golf bags, if not all golf bags. Will easily accepts any golf bag without hitches.

Something else, this is a lightweight golf travel case. It weighs just 8 pounds. Since my bag and most fully-packed golf bags, weight around 24 pounds, the total weight translates to like 32 pounds.

Most airlines allow for up to 50 pounds of a travel bag

This travel bag is within the limits and won’t be an added expense for you. Additionally, the product comes with convenient zippers which make it safe for your valuable golf products.

Another thing, this golf case features two convenient handles. The handles allow two people to easily pull the golf bag. After inserting your golf bag, the product stands freely on its own.

Therefore, you won’t be holding it all through the entire checking duration.


What we Like - PROS
  • The wheels are sturdy
  • Comes with two slots for the address
  • It comes with two straps for easy locking
  • There are two bags on the side for shoes and other accessories
  • The side bags can hold your extra clothes
  • It folds to half for storage when not in use
  • One-year warranty
  • It comes with a convenient club protector
  • Features durable nylon material
  • The fully-adjustable clamp keeps your clubs safe

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • None. No concerns were raised at the time of this publication

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TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

This is a top-rated golf bag. It is a stand golf bag. It works perfectly with carts and can also be carried.  hat does the bag offer?

Well, this bag features a great design. It offers ample space for all your clubs and other golf items. Additionally, the product boasts a lightweight design which makes it perfect for golfers.

With its 5-way top design, the golf bag remains gentle on your clubs. Additionally, the bag includes six pockets that offer additional storage space for your other items.

For instance, you can store your balls, valuable items, and clothes inside the six pockets. Furthermore, this product features a powerful and anti-slit design.

The anti-slip feet pads offer safety for your golf clubs and accessories too.

Another thing, this golf club bag features a contoured design which makes it perfect for carrying around the course. The ergonomic dual strap design offers added comfort for the users as well.

The shoulder straps feature an impressive air mesh for additional comfort. With an EVA molded hip pad, this bag won’t go hard on your hips lick most other brands.

The pad limits pressure, therefore, offering comfort. And yes, the set includes a matching rain hood.


What we Like - PROS
  • It weighs just 4.1 pounds
  • The full-length divider offers easy club arrangement
  • Include six pockets
  • Velour-lining offers safety
  • Features ergonomic dual straps
  • The multi-grab handles offer easy transportation

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • It is a bit expensive

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Team Golf NCAA Fairway Golf Stand Bag, Lightweight

This is a little lighter stand golf bag compared to other models. It boasts a compact design. Additionally, the bag comes with 14 full-length slots for convenient club arrangement.

What’s more, the tough ripstop nylon makes this a durable golf bag. How about pockets? This golf bag features many pockets. There are many pockets for storing tees, balls, towels, and other items.

The bag also includes a convenient stand that offers easy operations. The set includes an incredible cover. The cover easily stores away in the large pocket. This way, you won’t be inconvenienced.

Additionally, this is a lightweight product weighing just 6 pounds. The compact dimensions of 35 x 11 x 9 inches make it easy to carry. Can you use this bag on your cart?

Well, I actually do that. This is an ideal bag for anyone wishing to carry or use on their cart. The two lifting handles make using the bag easy and convenient.

With the five zippered pockets, you are assured of more safety for your items.

The bag also comes with a fleece-lined pouch which makes it ideal for sensitive golf items. The cooler pocket is amazing, wish it came with a zipper or closure.


What we Like - PROS
  • The spring action stand makes it convenient
  • Comes with a removable rain hood
  • There’s an impressive umbrella holder
  • You get a towel ring
  • The ultra-duty nylon material offers durability

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • Cooler pocket lacks closure design

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SKB ATA Standard Golf Travel Case

This is an ideal travel golf case for standard golf bags. It works perfectly. If you are an avid golfer, wanting to take their golf fame on the road, then this would be an ideal purchase.

The product features an ultra-quality molecular polyethylene construction. The material makes it lightweight and durable.

Something else, the product features an advanced design that keeps your golf accessories and clubs safe during the inspection process. Of course, this case accommodates all popular golf bags.

For instance, it works with carry bags, cart bags, and driver bags. It works perfectly with bags of up to 48-inches. Therefore, your items are secured even in the roughest travel environments.

The product doesn’t just protect your clubs. You are given a $1500 club guarantee with each purchase. Therefore, if your clubs get damaged while inside this travel case, you are given $1500.

Additionally, the product comes with a perfect seal that keeps dirt and moisture away. With dimensions of 48.00″ L x 12.00″ W x 11.00″ D, this product guarantees ultimate comfort and convenience.

The overall weight of 18 pounds makes it ideal for most users on a journey.


What we Like - PROS
  • Features valence bending system
  • It includes a perfect seal for keeping moisture away
  • Backed by $1500 club warranty
  • Features strengthened construction
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • A customer complained about the case is too small for their golf bag but that seemed like an isolated case.

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Hot-Z Golf 4.5 Cart Bag

This golf cart bag is among the best golf bags on the market. First, the club arrangement is on point. Then, it offers plenty of space that offers convenient storage for all your golfing accessories.

Going through the best golf bag reviews paints this bag a must-have for its users.

It boasts a 14-way divider design which makes it ideal and safe for your clubs. Something else, the dividers are ideal for all clubs, including the longest.

With its impressive top putter pit and incredible handles, this product guarantees ultimate safety and convenience.

The 14-full length dividers offer proper and convenient organization of your clubs.

Additionally, the 8 zippered pockets, including an excellent velour-lined pocket for valuables, make the product one of the top-rated golf bags. It also includes a bottle compartment so that you won’t get dehydrated easily.

How about ease of carrying the bag?

This bag comes with a padded rear position. It includes a carrying strap for easy loading to the cart. Additionally, the elastic band offers a secure attachment of the bag to the straps.

Other things include a pen sleeve and a towel ring for easy and convenient carrying of your other items. You also get a Velcro glove attachment to easily carry your gloves when going to the course.


What we Like - PROS
  • Includes a hook for scorecards
  • You get a matching rain hood
  • Lightweight
  • It is affordable
  • The compact design offers easy carrying

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • A few complaints about the carrying straps

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EG EAGOLE Super Light Golf Cart Bag

This golf cart bag features an impressive design. It comes with 9 pockets for convenient storage of different golf items. Additionally, the product boasts an upper echelon construction.

You get two full-length pockets on either side of the bag for storage of different items. The bag also comes with velour-lined deep pockets that guarantee safety for your valuable golf items.

The deep pockets can hold up to 8 bottles, that’s how deep the pockets are. It comes with 14 full-length dividers which make it an incredible investment. The dividers offer secure storage for your clubs and other items.

The three integrated handles offer easy and convenient lifting of the product. I mean, getting the bag in and out of your car is a breeze.

Something else, the E-trolley base design offers a perfect fit inside a pull or push cart.

The bag even fits inside a riding cart. The long design makes the bag perfect for long clubs. It offers an easy arrangement of clubs. Of course, proper arrangement translates to easier access.


What we Like - PROS
  • The strap on the back offers easy transport
  • The package includes a rain hood
  • There is a slot for every club
  • Super lightweight
  • 5-year warranty

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • None. No concerns were raised at the time of this publication

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TaylorMade Golf TM Cart Golf Bag 5.0

This is a cart-optimized golf bag. It boasts an excellent construction with velour-lined pockets for added safety. The two garment pockets offer convenient storage or your clothes and other items.

Of course, it is protected to ensure there is no contamination. The cart bag offers ample space for the storage of all your gold accessories and clubs. It features a 14-way design which offers easy club arrangement.

The three-divider design offers safer and more reliable storage for your clubs as well. How about the pockets? This golf bag comes with 7 pockets.

The pockets include an oversized garment pocket for convenient storage of your apparel.

The cart optimized base makes this golf bag even better. For instance, it comes with a cart lock strap which keeps it in place at all times. The padded shoulder straps also offer easy carrying of your golf bag.

With its ultra-quality nylon material, the bag delivers unrivaled performance. It offers years of service. And yes, it guarantees ultimate protection for your clubs and other golf accessories.


What we Like - PROS
  • Extremely durable
  • It comes with ideal pockets
  • It offers enough storage space
  • The strap offers comfort
  • It is lightweight

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • A customer complained about the overall layout but that was just a unique concern

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What is a Golf Bag?

A golf bag is, of course, a special type of bag which is used to carry golf clubs and accessories. It serves a plethora of purposes. Some golfers settle for a basic golf bag to carry their clubs, balls, and tees, among other items.

However, we have more advanced designs. For instance, those with slots offer easy arrangements for your clubs and other items. Golf bags also extend to golf travel bags.

The best golf bag ought to offer the ultimate protection for your golf clubs, balls, and the other items.

Types of Golf Bags

Golf bags come in different forms and designs. They also come in different types.

Choosing one type over the other is, of course, a matter of choice and preference. However, there are fundamental differences that make one type of golf bag better than the other.

What are these golf bag types?

  • Staff Golf Bags

Are staff bags the top golf bags? I wouldn’t say anything at this point. I will let you be the judge after we are done looking at the other types too. First, what are staff golf bags?

These are special types of bags used by staff golfers when on a trip or tour. These are bags for privileged golfers. They are lucky enough to have someone carry the bags for them.

Of course, they are some sort of luxury. Most people, not all people, look at these bags as some sort of ego boosters. Of course, luxury comes at a higher cost. And yes, these bags are not an exception.

With staff bags, you will cough some extra bucks to have them. Then, they are heavier than the usual golf bags. The bags are bulkier and larger than usual golf bags. These are more of sponsorship nags.

They are meant for brand identity and less for players. Therefore, staff bags are a preserve for the ardent golfers. If you want something simple, forget about staff golf bags. They are not perfect for regular players.

If regular golfers can’t use staff bags, what else can they use?

  • Golf Cart Bags

As the name suggests, these are golf bags designed for use with a golf cart. They are designed to sit at the back of a golf cart easily.

These are large and full-size bags that create enough space for all your golf accessories. In fact, they offer plenty of space for one to carry other items like wipers and snacks.

The bags weigh between five and nine pounds. They have a larger surface area than stand and carry bags.

Therefore, they are not ideal for carrying on your back or shoulders. Do cart golf bags stand upright? Well, these bags come with a single strap. They do not, also, feature a built-in standing mechanism.

Therefore, they do not stand on their own. What does the strap do? This strap either serves as a tie-down or a sleeve for keeping your bag secure.

The bag includes forward-facing pockets that offer quick and convenient access to golf accessories like balls. Of course, cart bag pockets have zippers to keep your items safe and secure.

Additionally, the bags often come with full-length dividers for the clubs.

  • Stand Golf Bags

This is another type of golf bag. What are they? Well, stand bags are special types of golf bags that stand on their own, just like the name suggests. What is the difference between them and cart bags?

Well, unlike cart bags, stand bags have a built-in stand mechanism. Therefore, they can stand on their own. They are among the most versatile top-rated golf bags out there.

Generally, they are lighter and weigh between 3 and 7 pounds. The weight varies depending on the features included and the design. These are bags designed to settle calmly on your back.

They are, therefore, comfortable and convenient. Most manufacturers include ergonomic and contoured design. They also include padded double shoulder straps for easy carrying.

The dual-strap design offers convenient weight distribution.

You get even weight distribution. This is, unlike staff and cart bags. Of course, the latter can’t be used on the back.

To make stand bags better, most manufacturers include clips and straps that easily lock on the legs when one is using a push cart.

Of course, the presence of clips and straps is often overlooked by most people. However, this feature ensures that your stand golf bag fits perfectly on a push cart.

Therefore, they both offer stability and safety for your golf accessories and clubs. Stand bags feature a lighter design. Therefore, they reduce fatigue for the users. Additionally, they come in a compact design.

On the flip side, these bags tend to be smaller and are sometimes made from low-quality materials. While there are some low-quality models, we also have high-quality, robust, and durable stand bags.

They look more like smaller staff bags. Stand bags come with multiple pockets that offer convenient storage for golf items. You could carry extra balls, accessories, clothes, and snacks.

  • Carry Golf Bags

Lastly, we have carry golf bags. As the name suggests, these bags are carried over the shoulders or on the back. Besides being light, carry golf bags are more compact than the other types of golf bags.

When going through the best golf bags, carry bags feature quite often. Most carry bags fold to a compact size for easy storage and carrying when empty.

Additionally, these bags are ideal for carrying essentials and not those extra unnecessary golf items. However, golf bags come with hooks for golf towels and an extra-large pocket for storing other necessary items.

You also get a ball pocket, strategically positioned. Generally, these are lightweight golf bags. However, they don’t offer much storage space.

How to Pick the Best Golf Bags

  • Ride or Walk

As earlier pointed out; we have different types of golf bags. We have stand bags, staff bags, and cart bags. When choosing the best golf bag, consider whether you want to walk or ride.

This is because some bags are meant for people or want to walk while others are designed for carts.For those intending to walk, you might want to consider the standard golf bags or a stand bag.

The standard carry golf bag boasts a lightweight construction, perfect for carrying around.

  • Convenient Straps

Carry bags also come with convenient straps

We also have a hybrid option that offers more space for one to store all their items and still carry it. On the other hand, if you want something to carry on your back, consider going for a staff bag or a cart bag.

I’d suggest a cart bag for ordinary golfers. Staff bags might not be the best option. This is because they are quite expensive and bulky. Cart bags will offer enough space for your items.

You will even have space for extra items like an extra shirt, more balls, and many more. Of course, if you settle for a staff bag, better make sure your skills match the prestige that comes with owning it.

No one wants to play with a poor golfer carrying a luxurious bag. It’s poorly driving a luxury car!

  • Comfortable Straps

How comfortable are the straps?

The top-rated golf bag ought to have comfortable straps, especially for carry and stand bags. What is a comfortable strap?

Well, I tend to believe that a comfortable strap ought to be wide, adequately padded, and with adequate room for adjustment.

The straps should also balance to ensure that your bag stays evenly on your bag. They should ensure that your bag evenly distributes weight across your back.

Something else, the bag should also adjust such that it slightly leans for quick access of your golf clubs. Therefore, the best golf bags ought to come with comfortable straps.

If the straps dig into your shoulders and don’t feel comfortable, better avoid that golf bag.

  • Reasonable Weight

The top-rated golf bag should boast a reasonable weight. What is a reasonable weight? Of course, carry bags can’t be carried when they are too heavy. And yes, modern golf bags try to shed the extra weight.

Golf bags differ in their weights. We have some which weigh as low as 3 pounds. The others go as high as 15 pounds or more. Having a lighter bag means sacrificing some features.

For instance, a lighter bag will, most likely, have fewer pockets. Of course, you will have to manage the few pockets and lesser storage space. After all, the essence of having a lighter bag is to go easy on your shoulders.

Additionally, lighter bags tend to be less durable. Therefore, you could be trading durability for a lighter weight. In a nutshell, getting a lighter golf bag means making a few worthy sacrifices, here and there.

  • Hooks for Items

You will probably need a hook for your umbrella. Or perhaps, a hook for other items too.

Therefore, you might want to consider getting a bag with hooks for stuff. You might also have several bag tags you wish to display. The best golf bags should have hooks for these items.

You will also want a place for your towel too. Some top golf bags have hooks for your stuff, but some don’t.

  • Adequate storage

The top golf bag ought to offer ample space for you to store your items. You will need space for the balls, gloves, tees and several other accessories like a rangefinder and a brush.

You might also need some snacks. Unless you travel a lot, you might not be a whole wardrobe of gloves in your bag. You might just a single extra waterproof glove too.

You also need something like a pocket for your marker or water bottle. A pocket for your scorecard might also be in order. Of course, some bags also have some fleece-lined pockets, ideal for other valuable items.

  • Price

What is the best price for the best golf bags? Well, on average, most golf bags go at a price of between $120 and $150.

However, the price depends on the type and the make. We even have cheaper models going for just $90. On the other hand, we have models going for $400.

However, when making a purchase, ensure you get value for your money. If you buy a golf bag at $400 or more, ensure it offers the value equivalent to that price.

At the same time, if you buy the models going for $90, do not expect the same quality as that of the models going at a higher price. Some brands just sell at higher prices because of their name.

For instance, if you buy a golf bag from a renowned company, you might have to spend more. This doesn’t mean the other less known models are of a low quality. Sometimes you are just buying the name.

Final Thoughts!

Getting the best golf bags is not easy. You have to research. Of course, that is a tedious process.

However, I have shouldered the burden for you.

Our list of the top 10 best golf bags is a result of extensive, thorough, and in-depth research.

Feel free to add any to your shopping cart!

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