What Is the Difference Between a Staff and Cart Golf Bag

What is the difference between a staff and a cart golf bag? This question arises in many forums. Staff bags are top-tier options designed for pros and going on a tour. The bags mainly display brand logos and stuff like that.

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Key Takeaways TL;DR
💼 Staff bags and cart bags are two types of golf bags with unique features and benefits.
💡 Golf bags are crucial for organization, convenience, and style during a game.
👜 Staff bags are larger, offer a classic look, and are designed for use with a caddy or on a golf cart.
🔍 Pros of staff bags: durability, ample storage, and organization; cons: heaviness for walking golfers.
🚘 Cart bags fit on golf carts, have more storage space, and offer convenience with features like cooler pockets and umbrella holders.
🔍 Pros of cart bags: storage capacity, padded straps or handles, durability; cons: less maneuverability.
🏌️‍♀️ Consider personal golfing needs, playing habits, frequency, storage space, style preference, and budget when choosing a bag.
🏷️ Top staff bags: Titleist Tour Staff Bag, Callaway Tour Authentic Staff Bag, TaylorMade Tour Staff Bag, Ping Tour Staff Bag, Mizuno Pro Staff Bag.
🏷️ Top cart bags: available options offer functionality, convenience, and lightweight design.
💰 Consider factors such as size, weight, number of pockets, durability, and price when making the final decision.
🛒 The perfect golf bag is one that fits the individual’s needs, preferences, and budget.
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What is the Difference between a Staff and Cart Golf Bag

What about cart golf bags? Well, these ones are used on the cart. They are designed to perfectly fit on a golf cart for easy transportation of golf equipment and accessories.

What is the difference between a staff and a cart golf bag?

To get the difference vividly, we have to define each one of them!

Staff Bag

What is a staff bag? This is a large and spacious bag used by pros when on tour. They are luxurious, prestigious, big, and roomy. Of course, most pros don’t really mind the weight and the large size.

What are they known for? The bags come with company logos. They are more luxurious golf bags. The weight wouldn’t be an issue since pros enjoy the services of a caddy.

Unfortunately, those without a personal caddy might find this bagless appropriate. The bags weigh more than the usual golf bags. Without a caddy, pushing or carrying staff bags becomes quite a stressful undertaking.

Generally, staff bags weigh more than any other golf bag. Perhaps the weight is due to the tough and durable material used in the manufacture. Additionally, the large storage space and the tour-worthy design make the product quite a worthy purchase.

Cart Golf Bag

These are slightly smaller and lighter golf bags. They are lighter than staff bags. They are designed for use on a golf push cart. What does that mean? Well, it means that they won’t be perfect for those wishing to carry their bags on their shoulders.

Cart bags are specially designed for the cart. They might not be perfect for carrying. Weighing about 7 pounds on average, these cart bags are easier to carry and lighter compared to staff bags. The only issue is the fact that they are only meant for the cart. Therefore, carrying them isn’t a wise idea.

What makes the bags perfect for the cart? First, the design offers easy access to the pockets. Therefore, one gets their items easily, even when the bag is strapped to a cart.

Additionally, most cart bags boast a non-slip base. The non-slip rubber base makes them perfect and ideal for use on the cart.

These two features, the non-slip base, and the quick access make these cart golf bags worth a purchase.

Staff Bag vs Cart Golf Bag

Therefore, What is the difference between a staff and a cart golf bag?

Well, the size and weight make the difference. Staff bags are heavier and larger than cart golf bags.

Another difference comes from the fact that staff bags are more about prestige. They are heavier and less convenient for those without personal caddies. However, if you have your caddy, and consider yourself a pro, get these golf bags.

However, for a regular player, wishing to enjoy some convenience on the course, it’d be better if you picked a more convenient golf cart bag. They will work better since you won’t need caddies. They are lighter and smaller in size.

Is it better to push or pull a golf cart?

Is it better to push or pull a golf cart? This is an interesting question. Of course, the two options exist. Which one is better? Would you prefer the push or the pull options?

Of course, as the name suggests, the push cart is pushed, and the pull cart is pulled. However, what is the difference between these two models? The difference comes in the number of wheels on each of the two designs.

Originally, a pull cart came with two wheels. So, a pull cart is a two-wheeled trolley, used to carry your golf luggage.

As for the golf push cart, they come with three wheels. Later on, we even have four-wheeled models of the push cart.

Of course, the push and the pull golf carts serve the same purpose, to carry golf accessories. However, golf pulls are the older of the two models. They have been in existence for decades. However, in the 1990s, Sun Mountain Sports came up with the push alternative.

Basically, pushing is easier and more convenient than pulling, no doubt about that. Pulling somehow strains the shoulders and the muscles. Therefore, the push models took over the market.

Of course, the push design allows for effective transfer of energy to the wheels. Therefore, one still assumes their natural posture.

Therefore, push carts offer the advantage of forwarding momentum. They also come with ergonomic handles and are more stable compared with the pull golf carts.

Recent Design Advancments

With three wheels, maneuverability and stability increases. Of course, these push carts have seen advancement from the first discovery to the latest models.

They have improved on the wheels, the size, and other aspects. The latest push cart models also feature a folding design, which makes them perfect for storage.

With folding construction, transportation becomes easier as well. Additionally, the push carts also feature a better construction. They are durable and ultra-light for easy carrying. They have indeed evolved over the years to more sophisticated designs.

Therefore, if asked whether to push or pull, settle for push golf carts. They are way better, more advanced, and less strenuous to the user. However, this doesn’t make the pull options obsolete. On the contrary, they are still on use, but not quite popular.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preferences. They say old is gold. Therefore, you might want to try out the olden ideas and see how it felt back then.

What is the lightest cart golf bag?

Well, I won’t mention a specific brand. However, there’s the average weight of a normal cart golf bag.

On average, the lightest golf cart bag should weigh less than 3 pounds. However, being the lightest isn’t necessarily the best.

When choosing a specific golf cart bag, there are many factors to consider, as well. However, the weight is important too.

Of course, even with the lightweight construction, we weight also increased after the clubs and other equipment are added. However, a lightweight golf bag cuts down on the overall weight even after loading.

Are lighter cart golf bags better? Well, I’d tend to believe they are better than the heavy models. This is because they offer easy movement across the course. They won’t strain the user. They will also spare one the headache of pushing something too heavy around as they play.

To Sum Up

What is the difference between a staff and a cart golf bag? Well, I believe you have the answers now. Basically, staff bags are perfect for pros. They aren’t just your usual golf bags. They are prestigious, large, and heavier.

On the other hand, cart golf bags are lighter, more convenient, and smaller. They are used on a golf push cart. Therefore, their design mainly works with carts.

We have more tips for you, feel free to peruse through more guides.

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