Can You Push an Electric Golf Cart?

Can you push an electric golf cart? Yes, you can. However, why would you want to push and electric golf cart, seriously?

Of course, there are various reasons why one would want, or be forced, to push their electric golf cart. Under ideal situations, I think anyone would rather ride an electric golf cart.

Can you push an electric golf cart?

I mean, you have spent some extra money to enjoy the convenience of the electric function.

However, some situations prompt the need for one to push their electric golf carts. Sometimes, you don’t even have an option.

We need to look at the situations that would prompt one to push their electric golf carts!

What would be the situations for you to Push your Electric Golf Cart

Electric golf carts are amazing. In fact, they are handy for anyone facing mobility issues. However, they also have some issues. From experience, most golfers prefer going the push cart way. This could be for convenience.

Some golfers choose golf push carts to save some bucks. Others choose push carts because they need to undertake some light exercises pushing them around. Whichever the case, golf push carts are an amazing investment for golfers.

Electric golf carts are designed for driving. Therefore, what cause one to have to push their electric golf cart?

When you run out of battery

This is one of the many reasons that force one to push their electric golf carts. Perhaps the battery dies easily. Or, the battery didn’t get fully charged the previous night. Whichever the case, when you run out of juice in the 10th hole, you will have to push the cart.

Therefore, every golfer needs to be ready for such misfortunes. When that happens, you need to turn your cart from run to tow mode. This way, you might have to push or pull the cart. Of course, this doesn’t really have anything to do with the motor or the transmission.

Therefore, running out of power is one of the reasons that force one to push their electric golf cart.

What is the solution?

Well, running out juice in the 10th hole isn’t the most pleasant thing for any golfer. Therefore, this is a problem.

Throughout my golfing career, I have never faced this problem. That is because I had seen many people face it, and I had to come up with a solution.

First, ensure that you have a golf cart battery indicator or meter. This way, you will keep track of how much juice you have left. In that case, you will approximate the distance to be covered.

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Something else, you could also ensure that you have the best golf cart batteries out there. There are many options. However, having genuine brands ensures that you get the ultimate service. Going for the cheaper will put you at risk.

Of course, electric golf carts weren’t always that popular before. They have become popular with time. For that reason, more manufacturers have also gotten into the business.

Go for the best. I have made several suggestions for you. You can peruse through for some ideas.

When there’s a mechanical failure

Electric golf cart are mechanical devices. Of course, any mechanical device is bound to face some mechanical issues. Even your car fails at times.

However, this can be avoided by regular maintenance and check-up. Assuming on this day you didn’t attempt to check the condition of your electric golf cart, you will have to push it.

For exercise

Awkward as it may sound, some people just want to push their electric golf carts for fun. I have done that severally.

Some people ask me, why not just by a push cart instead? That really sounds like a funny reaction. It isn’t each time that you will want to be pushing a cart around the course.

Therefore, I love the convenience of being able to push my cart for fun. I also love the freedom of choosing whether to push or ride,

Most people love comfort too. When you are in the mood of pushing your cart, you do it. When you want to ride, you do it. It can be fun sometimes.

Can you push an electric golf cart? As stated above, you can. And, several reasons prompt the need for one to push their electric golf cart like shown above.

How to Push your Electric Golf Cart

We have said that You can push your electric golf cart. The next question is, how do you do that? Well, there’s a strategy for doing that. You don’t just push like it’s a bicycle. You need to observe a few steps to do it correctly and perfectly.

Ensure it is on a freewheel mode

When you want to push your electric golf cart, ensure that it is in a freewheel mode. Of course, getting your electric golf cart in the freewheel is easy.

However, you also have to ensure that the cart is not in reverse mode. For gas-powered golf carts, you should switch it to neutral, and you are good to go.

The neutral mode for gas-powered golf carts becomes the freewheel mode. Therefore, turning it to the neutral mode offers easy movement.

What next?

Move to the left side of your electric golf cart

This is another crucial step if you want to push your electric golf cart easily. You need to move to the left side of the cart.

After that, you need to steady the cart. With your right arm placed on the steering wheel for easy control, place the left arm on the frame. The left-arm offers leverage. This way, you are stable and able to control the cart’s movement.

In case you have assistance from someone else, let them steer the cart using their right hand then push with their left hand. With that, you need to be at the back of the cart to push forward.

Of course, you need to ensure that the cart can move before you even start pushing. What’s the use in attempting to push something that won’t move at all? Therefore, ensure that the cart is movable before exerting all your strength.

In case the cart starts moving backward, move out of its way. This will offer safety for you. And yes, you are better off safe.

What is the most compact golf push cart?

Many people ask this question. Is there a specific weight prescribed for a golf push cart? Well, this is a rather tricky conversation.

There are dimensions and weight for an ideal golf push cart. However, the size varies. For that reason, what dimensions describe the most compact golf push cart?

Generally, golf push carts come in a wide range of formats and dimensions. They deliver different speeds as well.

On average, push carts are about 4-feet. That translates to about 1.2 meters in the width. As for their length, they measure 8 feet. That translates to 2.4 meters. As for the height, they are 6 feet or 1.8 meters.

Therefore, the most compact golf push cart would measure anything below 4 x 8 x 6 feet. As for the weight, an average golf push cart weighs about 900 pounds to 1000 pounds. Therefore, anything below that would be the most compact.

Being compact is an important feature of a golf push cart. However, quality determines everything. In that case, which is the best compact golf push cart? The best compact golf push cart ought to fulfill the stipulated dimensions and still give an impressive performance.

How much are golf push carts?

Clearly, there isn’t a specific price. The price of a golf push cart depends on various aspects. For instance, you look at the quality and the brand. Some brands are luxurious. Therefore, their prices go up.

In that case, we look at the average price of a golf push cart. The price range from $1000 or less to over $20, 000. Several factors affect the price of a golf push cart.

For instance, whether you will be using the golf push cart for golf courses or a country club determines how expensive it costs. You could also look at a factors like whether it is new or used.

A used golf push cart goes at a lower price than a new one. Something else, buying a high-end golf push cart, also affects the price. We have luxury models that go for a higher price.

Of course, the rise in the use of golf push carts and electric models has resulted in most golf clubs creating rooms for storage. Therefore, you might not have to bear the burden of carrying your cart daily to and from the course.

Can you carry a training aid in your golf bag?

This is a rather controversial question. It is 100% okay for one to carry their training aid in their golf bag.

In Closing

Can you push an electric golf cart? We have answered this question and put it to rest. You can push your electric golf cart. However, you need to follow the steps listed above.

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