How to Clean Ecco Golf Shoes | Tips & Tricks

Are you stressed out and looking for ways on how to clean Ecco Golf Shoes after a messy golf game?

How to Clean Ecco Golf Shoes | Tips & Tricks
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You do not have to stress yourself too much anymore.

Because in this article you can find out the easiest and most effective tips and tricks to clean your Ecco Golf Shoes!

How to Clean Ecco Golf Shoes?

Ecco golf shoes are usually made of leather, which is a material that is very prone to dirt and also infamous for being a material that is hard to clean.

Aside from that, Ecco golf shoes are quite expensive, so if you are thinking of just getting a new pair rather than cleaning Ecco shoes which is an old one, you will be making a mistake.

It is actually more cost- and time-efficient to clean an old one. So, here are some tips and tricks on how to clean Ecco golf shoes:

  • Step 1: Remove the shoelace and inner sole

Whether you are searching for how to clean white Ecco golf shoes or how to clean Ecco yak golf shoes, the first step will always be removing the shoelace and the inner sole.

Why is there a need to remove the shoelace?

The reason why you need to take off the laces on your Ecco golf shoes first is that dirt and grass particles also accumulate in the holes where you insert them.

On the other hand, if your pair of Ecco golf shoes come with a detachable inner sole, you should take it out too.

Insoles are usually made of foam, and once soaked in water, it will be hard to dry it out and it might lose its shape.

Also, failure to dry it properly may result in an unpleasant odor in your Ecco golf shoes.

  • Step 2: Clean the upper part of the golf shoes

The next step on how to clean Ecco golf shoes is to use a mild soap and water or an Ecco golf shoe cleaning solution to clean the upper part of it.

With a towel, dampen it with a mild soap mixed with water then, wipe away the visible dirt on the upper part of your Ecco golf shoes.

Just remember not to fully submerge it into the solution as it could cause severe damage, especially if it is made of leather.

You can also opt to use the Ecco golf shoe cleaning solution. It comes with an applier, so you don’t have to use a towel anymore.

However, if you are talking about how to clean white Ecco golf shoes, you should not forget to use an Ecco golf footwear cleaner that is available as a solution.

A white Ecco golf shoe care cleaner solution is specially formulated to clean hard-to-remove scuff marks.

If you have dark-colored Ecco golf shoes, there are also different shoe creams made for it. Using the right shoe cleaner will give it a look that is good as new.

  • Step 3: Use a shoe polish

Do you want to know how to clean Ecco leather shoes or how to clean yak leather shoes for that matter? Ecco golf shoes are made of yak leather, which is the most durable type of leather, and there is a particular way to clean it by using an Ecco yak leather care kit.

One of the ways on how to clean Ecco yak golf shoes is to use shoe polish. Using a Ecco yak leather care shoe polish will help prolong the life of Ecco leather golf shoes, just make sure to get a matching color.

To apply it, use a shoe brush and scrub it on the scuff marks.

Do this step regularly after using your Ecco leather golf shoes, and it will surely look fresh every time!

  • Step 4: Clean the Outsoles

Once you are done with the third step, wait for ten minutes for the shoe polish to settle, and you may now proceed with cleaning the outsoles.

To clean the outsoles, mix soap and water. Use an old toothbrush or a rag to scrub away the dirt particles that accumulated on it.

After that, get a new dry cloth to wipe out the leftover soap solution.

  • Step 5: Air dry your Ecco golf shoes

One of the most important things to remember about drying your Ecco golf shoes is never to put it under direct sunlight or use a blow dryer.

Drying this way might cause the leather of your golf shoes to chip off.

Instead, just put it on a shade and allow it to dry before wearing it again completely.

  • Step 6: Treat with Ecco leather oil

The last step on how to clean Ecco golf shoes is to treat it with Ecco leather oil.

This step is not required; however, if you want your leather golf shoe to not lose its shine, then you might find this step helpful.

To treat your golf shoe with Ecco leather oil, apply a small amount on the upper part of your golf shoe.

Then, with the help of a polishing cloth, massage the oil to the golf shoe to make sure that it seeps in.

How to Care for Ecco Golf Shoes?

Aside from knowing how to clean Ecco golf shoes, you also need to learn how to care for Ecco golf shoes.

Doing so will help you maintain your golf shoes. After all, it is less costly to take care of an existing one than buying a new pair of golf shoes.

If you are curious about how to care for Ecco golf shoes or how to care for Ecco Biom golf shoes, here are a few tips:

  • The first tip on how to care for Ecco golf shoes or how to care for Ecco Biom golf shoes is to never forget to clean it after every game.

Always carry a damp towel with you in your golf bag and use it to wipe off the visible dirt and grass once you finish your game.

The reason why you should do this is that it will be harder to clean the dirt once it dried out.

  • Next on our list of how to care for Ecco golf shoes is to use Ecco’s shoe care products.

Just like how you need a lotion to improve your skin’s condition.

Ecco golf shoes also need shoe care products to maintain its suppleness and prevent the leather from cracking or chipping off.

This is also helpful if you are asking about how to care for Ecco Biom golf shoes.

  • One of the ways on how to take care of Ecco Biom golf shoes is to use a waterproofing spray.

With the use of a waterproofing spray, you can make your leather golf shoes water- and stain-resistant.

  • To answer your concern, how to care for Ecco golf shoes, you must use a shoe tree.

A shoe tree helps maintain the form and sharpness of leather golf shoes.

  • Lastly, if you are looking for DIY tips on how to care for Ecco Biom golf shoes,  but do not believe about using wax.

According to experts, wax can make your leather golf shoes shine, but it can compromise its quality and wear-and-tear. And one more thing, don’t even think to wash Ecco shoes in a washing machine. It’s a big no-no.

What’s Inside An Ecco Shoe Care Kit?

Now that you have already learned about how to clean Ecco golf shoes and the ways by which you can take care of it.

It is also essential that you know which products are best used to maintain the quality of your Ecco golf shoes.

Do you want to care for your leather golf shoes in a gentle yet effective way?

Then, you should choose to have an Ecco Leather Lotion inside your shoe care kit.

This product mixes well with conditioning oils and waxes to nourish your leather golf shoes, making it more supple and look sharper.

Applying Eco Leather Lotion to your golf shoes also helps prolong its life, and it is also safe to use on delicate leathers and on shoes with the Gore-Tex membrane.

Just as you use skincare creams to keep your skin on its top condition, you also need to use Ecco Revive Cream on your golf shoes to enhance it.

The Ecco Revive Cream is made from natural oils and beeswax, making it safe to use. But, the real question here is, how does it work?

With the same principle of skincare products in mind, the Ecco Revive Cream deeply nourishes to help restore the leather’s original look.

It also enhances its color so that it will look good as new.

The Ecco Smooth Leather Care Cream is a part of the products developed by Ecco for its “Clean, Care, and Protect” product line.

It is a gentle, water-based formula that you can use every day to maintain your leather golf shoes’ suppleness and quality.

Shoes for Life

One of the most famous slogans of Ecco is “Shoes for life”, and rightly so.

If you know how to clean Ecco golf shoes then you can use it longer compared to other golf shoes.

This also saves your wallet from buying a new pair of golf shoes every now and then just because your existing ones are damaged or got too dirty for you to clean.

Aside from efficiency, taking care of your Ecco golf shoes helps you to maintain a certain confidence level when you are in the golf course.

By keeping your golf shoes clean and well cared for, you are also keeping the quality of its performance.

So if you want to keep your Ecco shoes for life, remember these tips and tricks for cleaning them after a messy game in the golf course.

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