How To Turn Regular Shoes Into Golf Shoes

What if you have this pair of flashy and lucky sneakers. You start wondering how to turn regular shoes into golf shoes?

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Key Takeaways TL;DR
Summary: Repurposing sneakers into golf shoes is a fun and cost-effective DIY project.
Choose the right sneakers, gather supplies, measure for spikes, drill holes, insert and secure spikes, add traction elements, test and adjust, style and personalize, and care for your DIY golf shoes to enjoy a great golfing experience without breaking the bank.
However, investing in a good pair of golf shoes is still recommended for optimal performance and comfort.
📌 Golf shoes provide stability, traction, and comfort for golfers during their game.
📌 Repurposing sneakers into golf shoes is a cost-effective DIY project.
📌 The right sneakers should be chosen based on materials like leather, synthetic leather, or mesh, and from reputable brands specialized in golf shoes.
📌 Gathering supplies such as spikes, spike wrenches, and adhesive materials is necessary.
📌 Measuring for spikes involves determining the distance between the heel and ball of the foot and marking the areas for spike placement.
📌 Drilling holes for spikes requires precision, considering the material of the shoe and the type of spike chosen.
📌 Inserting and securing spikes can be done using metal or plastic options, and regular maintenance is important.
📌 Adding traction elements like adhesive-backed rubber, screw-in spikes, or Velcro straps can enhance the performance of the golf shoes.
📌 Testing, adjusting, and balancing grip and comfort are crucial for optimal performance.
📌 Styling and personalizing the golf shoes allow for unique designs and customization.
📌 Caring for DIY golf shoes involves regular cleaning and proper storage to maintain their quality and longevity.
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How To Turn Regular Shoes Into Golf Shoes

Do you have these shoes for a very long time which brought you lots of wins and luck in your life?

Well, good news for you, because we can turn those regular shoes you love into wonderful golf shoes will absolutely bring you that hole in one.

How to turn regular shoes into golf shoes

Like in any sport, having the best shoes will give you an edge against everybody.

Since it provides you stability, balance, and flexibility during your crucial and winning golf swing, you need to have the best and most comfortable golf shoes for you.

Just like having the perfect golf club that matches your strength, technique, and skill level, your pair of golf shoes should also be capable of comfortably supporting you with every move that you make.

Having to transform your old sneakers, which are just sitting around the corner of your bedroom, into new golf shoes is really exciting.

But first here are things to know before transforming your regular shoes into golf shoes.

  • Sole required to be flat and made of rubber material

Yes, it is required that your old lovely and trustworthy sneakers you want to transform have a flat sole.

This is to make sure the cleats you are going to install are in the right places and are not off angles.

It must be made of rubber too because nobody wants to make a good shot but leaving the cleats on the grass, right?

  • When inserting the crampon, it would be best that the Shoegoo or glue to be dried so it remains flexible.

If you’re choosing to glue them rather than to screw them in, or you just want to add glue while having them screwed in to have a sturdier hold, you need to get the right glue for you.

Picking the best glue to put the cleats on your regular shoes, which are soon to be golf shoes, is needed to be done correctly.

Not just it will hold your cleats well but picking the wrong glue might make you feel discomfort.

The cleats needed to be in place and flexible since you will move a lot while adjusting and making that great swing.

  • The sole of the shoe is usually integrated with the air cushion, so just be aware of that.

Since you may not just be gluing the cleats on your old shoes, beware of the air cushions and other integrated materials on your shoes.

Piercing on the air cushion will definitely throw you off balance while wearing the shoe.

Installing the cleats on a soft surface might take them off while you’re making your way to a sweet hole in one.

We’re creating a golf shoe that will lead you to a victory here. So always check what’s on the sole of your shoe first before installing the cleats.

  • Up to 8 cleats on the shoe are typically enough

Too much will always be too much. Having 4 cleats on the front sole and 4 on the rear will do the trick.

Adding up more cleats will not bring you more power and stability. But rather will give you excess weight and discomfort that may throw you off the game.

But if you have a small shoe, you can lessen the cleats instead. A 4 in front and 3 in the back will do good.

Just don’t overdo it because having a lot of cleats might bring you discomfort that may lead you to lose the game

  • Keep the cleats on the shoes all the time

You installed the cleats for a reason. It is to turn your old sneakers to a great golf shoe that will lead you to a nice and smooth hole in one.

Removing the cleats when you use glue will just break your old shoe. The cleats will not be available when you remove it after gluing.

Otherwise, if you have decided to use the insertion hole, the hole gets larger if you remove the cleats and the cleats need to stay hooked that requires having enough material.

The soles must at least measure 0.84 cm when installing the cleats so that the crampon screw does not puncture a hole and hurting your foot.

Since having insertion holes will hold the cleats better than glue, it is recommended to install the cleats on soles that measure at least 0.84 cm.

This is important in knowing how to turn sneakers into golf shoes. It is to avoid the screws crossing too deep into the soles which might puncture your foot while playing golf.

The gold shoes we want to make must be comfortable and must not cause you injuries.

Materials required for this project

The most important thing needed is of course your regular shoes. The shoes must have a flat, rubberized sole to install the spikes.

That will help you in how to turn your sneakers into golf shoes. Make sure it is not too worn out or else the screws might poke your foot.

  • Cleats or golf spikes

This is the second most important material needed, aside from your good old sneakers, in this project. This will put traction on your regular shoes that will transform into a golf shoe.

  • Screwdriver

A small Philips screwdriver will do the trick to install the cleats on your regular shoes.

  • Marker or any pen

You need to mark the positions of the cleats you will be installed so it will not lose its place. A marker or any kind of pen will do good.

  • Glue (Optional)

Using glue will help to lock the cleats more in the sole. It is optional if you’ll screw the cleats into your regular shoes.

From regular shoes to golf shoes: Step-by-Step

Now that you have read all things you need to know before learning how to turn regular shoes into golf shoes and got all the materials needed.

Let’s now get through it and transform your favorite regular shoes into eye-catching golf shoes.

  • First, you need to get your regular shoe.

When learning how to turn sneakers into golf shoes, make sure the sole is still intact and is not truly worn out.

It is also important that it have a flat and rubber sole. It is better to get the sole cleaned to make the cleats installed correctly.

  • Next is laying out the cleats you will be installing.

Having them laid out will make it easier to install later.

Remember to put it in the footprint of the shoe. Because we don’t want them hanging off the side and have them on spots where you are most likely to step on.

Which is on the front and rear sole. After laying them out on the sole, mark the positions with a marker where you will be screwing the cleats in.

  • Now you have the marks on.

Get the cleats, and start screwing them on the marked areas. It helps to have backpressure, so it is better to put a hand inside the shoe to push it backward.

Start screwing them slowly and once you feel them going through the sole. Once the cleats are in the sole nicely and intact, it is already done.

Make sure not to screw them too deep since it might go through the sole which might puncture your foot.

Continue to install the rest of the cleats to finish the steps on, how to turn regular shoes into golf shoes.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure the sole of your sneakers can allow the screw to be inserted without reaching your feet.

You must avoid shoes with thin soles. Because this might not be enough carrying the cleats with the screws on it as it might create discomfort for you.

This is a very important step when learning how to turn sneakers into golf shoes.

  • When learning how to turn regular shoes into golf shoes.

Glue can help to lock in the cleats into your sole especially if you have a flexible sole like a skate shoe.

A glue that dries with a bit flex on it is better than glue that dries crispy.

  • Buy extra cleats.

In case you mess up in installing the cleats or lose some in the track. You won’t be needing to rush to the store to get new cleats.

DIY Golf Shoes!

That’s how to turn sneakers into golf shoes. Not just it looks flashy and stylish.

It gives you a sturdier foundation, more flexibility, and adaptability on all terrains.

Well, that’s it! You transformed your old goodie regular shoe into a fantastic, sleek golf shoe.

Now you can head on the course stylish but in control and hit your hole in one.

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