Will Golf Shoes Stretch | Fitting Guide

Finding the right size of footwear seems like a good enough reason to immediately hand out your cash to a golf store, but you should first ask yourself — will golf shoes stretch?

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📌 Signs that indicate golf shoes need stretching: tightness, discomfort, pain, blisters, restricted movement, or if they are new and not yet broken in.

📌 Preparing golf shoes for stretching: Identify the shoe material, clean them thoroughly, and consider professional stretching services.

📌 Using a shoe stretcher: Special devices designed to apply pressure and increase shoe size can be used for stretching golf shoes, providing comfort and reducing the risk of foot injuries.

📌 Stretching golf shoes with ice and water: Fill a plastic bag with water and freeze it inside the shoe, or dampen a towel and heat it with a hairdryer inside the shoe.

📌 Stretching golf shoes with a hairdryer and socks: Wear thick socks, heat the shoes with a hairdryer, and let them stretch and conform to the shape of the feet.

📌 Stretching golf shoes with alcohol: Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the inside or outside of the shoe, wear them until dry, but exercise caution to prevent damage to certain materials.

📌 Stretching golf shoes with a shoe tree: Use a shoe tree to gradually stretch the material and achieve a better fit, preserving the shape of the shoe and reducing creases.

📌 Tips for preventing golf shoes from shrinking: Keep them in a cool and dry place, avoid exposure to heat, use proper cleaning products, and store them in a shoe bag or box.

📌 Proper maintenance of stretched golf shoes: Regular cleaning, using shoe inserts for support, and following care instructions to extend the lifespan of the shoes.

📌 Stretching golf shoes improves comfort and performance: Proper maintenance and stretching techniques can enhance the fit, support, and overall golfing experience.

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Will Golf Shoes Stretch | Fitting Guide

Knowing the answer to the query can help make sure your money is not wasted.

You might find shoes that fit you well, but if it stretches in the long run, your investment for such gear might just go down the drain.

Will Golf Shoes Stretch

Most golf shoes are not cheap, and they often cost almost hundreds of dollars or euros. Proper selection should be done to ensure you get your money’s worth.

There are several factors you have to take into account when buying golf shoes. Fortunately, we are here to cover a golf shoe fitting guide.

Perhaps, you have found yourself deciding whether to buy a shoe in your perfect size or purchase a pair with a little allowance.

While both can be right in different contexts, you should first learn more about how footwear for golf is designed. Can golf shoes be stretched?

This is a query that can clarify what fitting method you should follow.

But before we delve into that, let us first cover the engineering behind golf shoes.

How Are Golf Shoes Fashioned

Can golf shoes be stretched? Several materials are used to design golf footwear. You might find a pair of golf shoes made out of leather, waterproof linings, or synthetic material.

All of them provide golf players with support and comfort, although to a different extent.

To elaborate, their key differences are outlined as follows:

Among the three materials mentioned, leather is most commonly used in developing golf shoes. It is typically fixed and processed at the shoe exterior.

So, will leather golf shoes stretch? Leather golf shoes gained popularity among golfers because they are stretch-free footwear.

They are usually tightly fitting. The way leather golf shoes are fashioned is one of the reasons why they are a smart choice for summer golfing.

Leather offers higher breathability than any other available option. It is also responsible for stabilizing the golf shoes.

Into the bargain, they are usually waterproof also. However, you should know that when you purchase leather golf shoes, manufacturers offer at least one or two years of guarantee only for waterproofing.

There are also different types of leather where golf shoes are made from.

Cow leather sits at the top as the most common choice of golfers around the globe, but you can buy other leather too, such as yak.

It is also an excellent choice since it is very strong. It can withstand harsh conditions on the course, especially in the cold weather.

Apart from that, yak leather is also waterproof. But, will leather golf shoes stretch?

  • Waterproof Linings

Golf shoes are often waterproofed to ensure that players like you can maximize your foot action by preventing any moisture from causing your feet to slip or slide out.

Although not all golf shoes are waterproof, it is best to pick a pair that can withstand moisture.

Golf is not an indoor activity. Your shoes will certainly encounter grass with heavy dew on them if you play in the morning.

Selecting non-waterproof golf shoes cannot guarantee that your feet will be kept dry throughout the game.

The waterproof lining that is most popular among golfers is the Gore-Tex since its pores are about 20,000 times smaller than that of a water droplet.

Water cannot penetrate the golf shoes. Footwear with this material is also great because of its high breathability.

As far as temperature is concerned, it is warmer than leather, making it a more suitable choice for winter golfing.

  • Synthetic Golf Shoes

This material is a cheaper alternative for leather.

Instead of a more natural shoe cover, synthetic material is more of a man-made layer of polyester that is spread across the shoes. This is to protect the exterior of the footwear.

In comparison to leather, synthetic golf shoes are much thinner and lighter.

However, this type of material can only provide limited breathability. It is not as comfortable to use, resulting in poorer foot movement.

Synthetic golf shoes are not as common as golf footwear made out of leather since it does not offer a decent amount of comfort.

Consequently, many manufacturers tend to find other alternatives. So, can golf shoes be stretched?

As you might already know, synthetic shoes (regardless if it is golf or not) are typically stretchable.

So if you purchase golf shoes with synthetic cover, it will most likely extend after using it for extended periods.

Nevertheless, they do not stretch more than half of the original size, if that is what you are worried about.

To give a clearer answer to the query — do golf shoes stretch, let us go over the stretchability of other materials mentioned.

Will Leather Golf Shoes Stretch

Let us answer the question — will leather golf shoes stretch. Leather would not be the most used material for golf shoes if it does not serve its purpose.

Wearing shoes that perfectly fit you can make a huge difference if you wish to have better foot movement.

However, there are times where golf shoes fit you now and don’t later. This is because they stretch at some point, although it is not always the case.

Stretchability differs depending on what material your golf shoes are made from.

So, will golf shoes stretch? In most cases, they do not. However, you should know that all shoes stretch after a while.

The catch with leather is that it does not stretch as much as other materials, even after using it for extended periods.

This is because leather contains thin and also compact woven collagen fiber. One thing you should take note though is that not all golf shoes use authentic leather.

Some disguise synthetic material for faux leather. So, make sure to be meticulous when purchasing your footwear.

Do golf shoes stretch? Yes, if your shoes are made out of faux leather.

How Can I Stretch My Golf Shoes

Golfers do not only encounter golf shoes that are too loose. Sometimes, players like you may struggle with the tightness of the footwear you use.

When finding the proper golf shoes, these are not the footwear that has a super tight fit.

More often than not, the perfect footwear is that of which is snug enough to prevent excessive foot action when you take a swing.

You might have asked yourself — how can I stretch my golf shoes, after you purchased footwear with no allowance at all.

There is no need to fret because we made an outline of answers to how can I stretch my golf shoes for your benefit.

  • Will golf shoes stretch? Wearing your golf shoes around the house might seem like a crazy idea but it does work. Try them on for a couple of days and expect it to soften a little. How to stretch golf shoes? Maximize using them. It might be uncomfortable at first but it can help you lose some of that tightness.
  • Will leather golf shoes stretch? If you are just going to wait for it, you will certainly do a lot of waiting. So, how can I stretch my golf shoes? What you can do is to put on thick socks and prepare a blow dryer. Wear the shoes and use the dryer for 20 seconds at a time. Make sure to just set it at medium heat to avoid damaging the leather.
  • If the two methods did not work, you can also use some intervention. Various sprays and liquids are now available in the market to help stretch material like leather or you can use stretcher golf shoes.
  • In case the three options still did not work, How to stretch golf shoes? Well, if none worked, it would be best if you ask help from a shoe professional already. It might cost you a few dollars but it is better than buying another pair of shoes.

Yes, there are ways!

Will golf shoes stretch? How can I stretch golf shoes?  Of course, golf shoes can also be stretched just like any other athletic footwear.

However, the difficulty differs depending on what material is used to design the golf shoes.

As mentioned, synthetic golf shoes stretch easily, that is why they are often the least common choice.

When you buy golf footwear made out of leather, you do not have to worry about it stretching so much because of its compact collagen fiber.

But in such cases where your golf shoes are too tight, there are various ways on how to make them snugger.

You can maximize wearing them or get some intervention such as sprays and liquid to loosen them up. 

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