How to Waterproof Golf Shoes

Playing golf in the rain is a more exciting experience and with that, you might ask about, How to waterproof golf shoes?

How to Waterproof Golf Shoes
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However, not all golf shoes are made to be waterproof, and it might be expensive for you to get one.

So, let us find out in this article the best ways and products to make your golf shoes waterproof!

How to Waterproof Golf Shoes?

As mentioned, there are golf shoes that are made from waterproof materials such as ripstop, leather, and many more.

However, what if you badly want to play under the rain, but it would be costly for you to buy a new pair of waterproof golf shoes?

Would you just set aside an incredible experience or would you find a way to make it happen? The latter sounds like the best choice, right?

Using products that can make your golf shoes waterproof is much less expensive than purchasing a new one.

This is why our article aims to help you find the best ways to prevent your golf shoes and feet from being soaked after playing in the rain.

Waterproof Spray

A waterproof spray is the most helpful since it can be used in any material such as leather, synthetic, canvas, or many more.

The best answer to your question, how can I waterproof my golf shoes are these specific waterproof spray products.

Check them out, and they can make your golf experience an entirely new one!

  • Tarrago Hightech Nano Waterproof Spray

If you are wondering how to waterproof golf shoes, then you should only trust information from top-waterproofing products.

Tarrago Hightech Nano Waterproof Spray is one of the best products out there that can help you out if you have only leather golf shoes in your shoe rack or golf bag.

It will surely help you answer your questions of, How to waterproof leather golf shoes?

Tarrago specializes in taking care of leather products, especially in waterproofing them.

This spray uses nanotechnology to use molecular particles to fill up even the tiniest holes in your leather golf shoes to help block water from seeping into your shoes.

  • Apple Bran Garde Rain and Stain Water Repellent

This is another good product that can help if you are asking yourself, How can I waterproof my golf shoes?

Apple Bran Garde makes high-quality waterproof sprays for your golf shoes, especially for leather golf shoes.

If you are wondering if this product can help you with your question of, how to waterproof leather golf shoes?

Then make no mistake, Apple Bran Garde Rain and Stain Water Repellent create a strong silicone barrier for your leather shoes against water.

You can also get this spray at a lower price than most waterproofing sprays for your golf shoes.

Get another high-quality waterproofing spray for your golf shoes with the Kiwi Boot Protector. This spray provides a sturdy silicone barrier made especially for outdoor shoes.

It gives you excellent water protection and great comfort to your feet. This spray is highly recommended for dark-colored leather golf shoes.

One important thing to remember when reapplying the spray is to focus on the part of the shoe’s seam where the sole or the layer below is connected to the vamp and linings, the layers that cover the front of shoes.

Next on the list is Crep Protect spray that can cater to any type of golf shoes that you have. It offers all-around protection against many weather conditions.

You no longer have to worry about how to waterproof leather golf shoes because this spray can protect your leather golf shoes and many more!

Crep Protect spray combines two types of protection for your shoes: Nanotechnology and resin.

Nanotechnology helps to seal the molecular “pores” on your shoes and works to fight against the slightest amount of water to seep into your shoes.

The next is the resin barrier which also offers supplementary protection against water and even debris that can easily get into your shoe without it.

The brand Rust-Oleum is famous for offering protective materials and other coatings for almost any type of surface for both industrial and residential types of buildings.

Now, they are offering a water repellant spray to help your golf shoes withstand heavy rains and muddy surfaces.

Beeswax is also the best product to use in waterproofing golf shoes of different materials.

However, the question here is, how to waterproof golf shoes using beeswax. Well, once you get a hold of a solid piece of it, scrub it on your golf shoes.

After that, use a hairdryer to melt and evenly cover your golf shoes.

  • Candle Wax

If you are having a dilemma about how to waterproof golf shoes because you cannot find any beeswax, then don’t worry!

Try to look for a candle wax instead as it is the most suitable substitute for beeswax. The application is just the same as using the beeswax too.

Are Golf Shoes Waterproof?

Are you concerned about are golf shoes waterproof? If yes, the only response about that is golf shoes are waterproof, but it depends on the materials that manufacturers used to make them.

Some are made from waterproof materials, and some are not.

Do you want to know which golf shoes are waterproof? Then check out this list!

Are golf shoes waterproof? Yes, and the Footjoy Pro SL is the best example of that. It is made with Footjoy’s most prided technology, which is called the ChromoSkin.

The ChromoSkin makes the Footjoy Pro SL 100% waterproof, durable, and lightweight.

Furthermore, it also features a lace-up closure system that allows you to adjust it to fit you well.

Spiked golf shoes should be waterproof since they are made so you could keep your stability despite playing in waterlogged surfaces.

So, stop asking the question, are golf shoes waterproof, because there is no doubt that the spiked golf shoes, Adidas Tour 360 Boost-M is waterproof!

Of course, you should not forget that this is possible because of the ClimaProof technology of Adidas!

Made from Ditton leather, there is no doubt that the ECCO Cage Pro golf shoes are the best pair of waterproof golf shoes you can get.

The Ditton leather is one of the water-resistant hydromax leather that ECCO is very proud of as it offers both functionality and taste.

So, if you want the best waterproof golf shoe, you should definitely purchase for yourself a pair of the ECCO cage pro!

  • Puma TitanTour Ignite

If you want superior revolutionary performance, then you should go for the Puma TitanTour Ignite.

With a pair of these golf shoes, you will experience top-notch waterproof ability as it is made from a full-grain leather sewn together with heavy gauge threads.

With scientific and biochemical innovations in mind, the Adidas Powerband BOA Boost is born. This ensures that you get the most value of your money.

If your concern is about its waterproof ability, then you have nothing to worry about since it is manufactured using the ClimaProof Stretch Microfiber leather material.

If you want your feet to be fully protected when playing under the rain or on waterlogged surfaces, then you should choose to wear Nike Golf-Lunar Control Vapor.

It has a waterproof membrane that is embedded on the top and under the footbed. Also, you will get a two-year waterproof warranty from Nike!

Who can resist a classic design?

The Skechers Performance Go Golf Pro 2 might probably be your next favorite go-to golf shoe when raining for it is made with Skechers H2GO Shield Waterproof Protection Technology.

This spiked golf shoe is made from water-resistant microfiber leather. Plus, the design is really attractive and nice, so you can keep your feet dry and look good at the same time!

Leave Nothing to Chance

Even though most golf shoes are already made with materials that are water-resistant.

It may still not be enough when you are already in the golf course and the rain starts to pour hard.

Protect your golf shoes against rainy weather just like how you protect your other golf equipment.

Now that you have some general idea on how to waterproof golf shoes,

Here are some big reasons why you should do so:

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