How Much Does a Custom Set of Golf Clubs Cost

You’ve probably heard about custom golf clubs, and at some point, it made you think, “Do I really need one?”; thinking you do, you then ask, “How much does a custom set of golf clubs cost?”

How Much Does a Custom Set of Golf Clubs Cost?
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Obviously, if you want to maximize your performance, it won’t oftentimes come for free. If you’re new to this element of the sport, you have to know that there is a cost to fit golf clubs.

But how to build a set of golf clubs, a good set, you ask?

Well, more than knowing the theories and fundamentals in playing, you will need golf clubs tailor-fitted for your swing timing.

How much does a custom set of golf clubs cost?

For golf players, it’s not a one-size-fits-all because an individual’s game is shaped by various factors such as distance and accuracy.

Now, let’s talk more about costs. The cost to get fitted for golf clubs may vary depending on various factors.

Learn more below about the cost of a custom set of golf clubs and other related queries, such as the price of a fitted set and a good set of clubs.

The cost of custom golf clubs is no joke. It would have been better if you know how to get a free set of golf clubs.

But golf in itself is considered to be an expensive sport mainly because of the equipment needed for playing — golf clubs.

Of course, custom golf clubs are way costly compared to off the rack stocks, which can be bought just for $200 (basic set) to as much as $2500 (premium sets).

Typically, the basic set for a custom golf club would be the equivalent cost of a premium set available off the rack.

For instance, a low range complete golf club set at Hodson Golf Precision Fitting already costs about $2000, while its exotic range is priced at more than $6500.

But there is a reason why many players opt to invest in the cost to fit golf clubs.

Regardless, many golfers believe that having custom golf clubs means equipping yourself with the right tools that match your skills, such as your swing, angle, and speed.

Furthermore, having a fitted set of golf clubs gives you the confidence to execute your skills. Before heading to your local golf store to get your club fitting, it’s helpful to do your research first.

So, if you’re considering to have your own custom set, here are some of the things you need to consider:

Brand and custom fitting facility

The cost of custom fit golf clubs also depends on the brand and custom fitting facility you’re opting for.

Today, various club manufacturers also invested in custom club creations, and their prices are higher compared to other custom fitting facilities.

The cost highly depends on where you’re getting your custom set.

Type of fitting

You can opt to have your full golf set customized or do it for your individual clubs. The average player would typically select only a few as their custom golf clubs according to their needs.

This is because the cost to fit golf clubs is not a small amount. Some fitting facilities offer an average of $100 per custom golf club.

Meanwhile, golfers who play in tournaments would typically invest in professional golf clubs cost.


Costs will also depend on how many golf clubs make a set. Whether you have the basic nine types of golf clubs or you have the more advanced set.

Obviously, the more clubs you have in a set, the more you will spend on the club fitting cost.

How much is a fitted set of golf clubs?

The cost to get fitted for golf clubs varies depending on the specific needs of your clubs.

With the help of a trained fitter, specs needed for your clubs such as the lie angle, shaft flex, head design, and grips will be determined.

To do this, aside from trained professionals, fitting facilities would need necessary tools such as a launch monitor and a suitable studio.

That’s why the process and the actual product are pricey. But really, how much is a fitted set of golf clubs?

You already have an idea about how much does a custom set of golf clubs cost and the factors affecting the price.

Yet, for instance, aside from purchasing a complete fitted set of golf clubs for an average starting price of $2000, there is also a cost for the intensive fitting session.

It’s up to you if you’re willing to pay for the custom golf clubs cost top-ups of these golf custom club fitting facilities.

Many golf OEMs offer direct golf club fitting. Some facilities like the Titleist Performance Institute ask for $100 to $125 cost of service per golf club.

Others just require payment per session like Calloway Performance Centers charging $150 for a session and Foregolf charging about $110 for an hour club review.

Still, others provide their fitting sessions for free, given that you will be buying the products from them, or you just need to pay the session rates without being required to avail.

In essence, different facilities would charge differently for their club fitting cost.

How much are a good set of golf clubs?

What comprises a good set of golf clubs depends on your level of expertise, although there’s usually a standard set needed for beginners.

If you’re concerned about how much are a good set of golf clubs, you have to think based on your skills if you’d go for the basic or a higher-end set.

Generally, the professional golf clubs cost is higher from the standard off-the-rack clubs in golf stores. A basic set would usually be around $200, while a higher-end brand will be about $1000.

Obviously, as you gain experience and as you improve your performance, it’s best to start investing in a better set of golf clubs.

Again, a fitted set would be recommended, and you can just check the price on how much is a fitted set of golf clubs section.

While the club fitting cost may cost you some fortune, you can get a lot of benefits from it. Purchasing custom golf clubs is an effective way to significantly improve your overall performance.

However, if you don’t have the means right now to go for a customized set but want to level up your game, there are various high-quality clubs that you can buy as an alternative.

These professional golf clubs cost relatively lower than the cost of custom golf clubs.

You can try checking the following on online selling platforms or go to a store nearest to you:

How to get a free set of golf clubs?

Custom fitted golf clubs cost a fair amount of money for the average player.

Many would agree that golf is a sport that anyone can enjoy, yet not everyone may afford it. After all, the cost to get fitted for golf clubs starts at least $100.

But there are cheap options for you if you’re a little tight on budget. For instance, online shops like Amazon and eBay offer complete second-hand sets that you can buy from $50-$350.

You can also wait for clearance sales to save a few bucks. However, if you really want to know how to get a free set of golf clubs, there are few things you can do.

Ask a friend or an acquaintance

Someone might be kind enough to give you their old yet well-functioning club set. It will be of great help, especially if you’re just starting and want to gauge if golf is for you.

Join golf clubs and be a brand ambassador

Some amateur players receive complete golf set free of charge from known brands and companies. Aside from marketing, companies wouldn’t want to lose the opportunity of discovering the next big star.

If you get picked, you would also have the chance to take advantage of free custom fitting and save money from the expensive cost of custom golf clubs.

Play in local tournaments

Some local matches award free golf clubs in various game categories. They would typically give away clubs that are on par with a fitted set of golf clubs.

If you’re lucky, you might even get offered a golf club fitting in their partner golf store.

How to build a set of golf clubs?

Your set of golf clubs depends on your ability level and preferences.

Although traditionally, a golfer’s complete set includes a driver, fairway woods, some irons and wedges, and a putter.

Knowing how to build a set of custom golf clubs allows you to gauge your strengths and weaknesses.

Listed below are easy guidelines on how to build a set of golf clubs.

  • Try different golf clubs suited for you

You must be smart during your golf club fitting to maximize the benefits you can reap from the cost of custom fit golf clubs.

To better explore your options either for buying your first set or for your next upgrade, you can borrow from your friends and use them during practice.

You can also look for brands and sites that offer demo trials. A demo trial will allow you to use the product for free to have an idea if it fits you.

Additionally, it can save you from refitting. Which would cost you additional money on top of the regular custom fitted golf clubs cost.

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses

You must know how you play. Your goal in investing in custom golf clubs cost is to improve your swings and overall performance.

Buying the best and most expensive set of golf clubs won’t be of much use if it does not match your skills.

Make sure that you’re getting a fitted set of golf clubs that are tailored to your abilities.

  • Decide on what to buy

If you are a beginner, off rack displays would do. However, if you already have a consistent swing and consider oneself to have intermediate to expert level skills, then go for a custom set.

You won’t regret the benefits you’ll get from the cost to get fitted for golf clubs.

For an idea about the price, refer to the section: how much does a custom set of golf clubs cost. Again, custom-fitted golf clubs cost vary depending on many factors.

Hence, it is crucial to do your due diligence before anything else.

How many golf clubs make a set?

If you are a beginner, you might be curious about how many golf clubs make a set.

This will also help you in identifying which ones to buy and how much are a good set of golf clubs.

Furthermore, it would give you an initial look and estimate the cost to get fitted for golf clubs.

You have to note that the custom golf clubs cost may also differ depending on the type of clubs.

Well, according to the United States Golf Association, you are allowed to carry at most 14 golf clubs in your bag.

Yet typically, it’s essential to have at least nine different golf clubs composed of the following. 

  • 4-5 clubs of irons and wedges
  • two (2) hybrid clubs
  • two (2) woods
  • one (1) putter

For a modern set, it is mostly composed of 12 golf clubs with the following combination. Three (3) woods, seven (7) irons, at least one (1) hybrid, and one (1) putter.

It’s up to you whether what combinations you’ll follow based on your ability. After all, more tools mean more options that might lead to better game performance.

When it comes to custom fitting, you may or may not want to invest in the cost of custom fit golf clubs for each type.

Final Remarks

The answers to your concerns such as “How much does a custom set of golf clubs cost?” or “How much is a fitted set of golf clubs?” depends on multiple factors.

Regardless of the cost, it was emphasized how custom golf clubs significantly improve performance.

Yet, after all this, you might be wondering if indeed, a custom set is a worthwhile investment.

Better to give it a try and see for yourself the reported benefits many golfers experienced from custom golf clubs.

After all, golf clubs are just tools. The results of the game will still depend on you.

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