How To Size Golf Clubs for Better Performance

You might be asking yourself how to size golf clubs? Golf is among the most highly competitive sports out there. It requires skill, mental capacity, and physical extortion.

How To Size Golf Clubs
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The game revolves around using different types of clubs to shoot golf balls into their target holes. As you can see, it is a sport that is heavily dependent on your club and skill.

How To Size Golf Clubs

Playing golf is commonly associated with well-off people because the sport requires professional equipment.

This sport requires you to invest in the paraphernalia so that you can execute your training correctly.

For instance, the size of your golf club can substantially affect your gameplay. But how are golf clubs sized? Especially since they can be a bit expensive.

Whether you are a professional or not, players benefit from using custom-fit golf clubs.

By investing in the equipment, you can improve and compete at your highest capability. Thus, size significantly matters when it comes to golf clubs.

If you happen to use a golf club of the wrong size, it can, without a doubt, affect your game.

You can improve your gameplay by simply finding the perfect shaft length. The shaft is responsible for the ball control and the distance of your golf shots.

If you have a longer shaft, it tends to give you a more extended range of shots. On the other hand, if you have a short shaft, the ball’s travel distance will be brief.

The science behind this principle would be the momentum and the energy transfer in the golf club.

The shaft, otherwise known as the “engine of the golf club,” serves as the link between the player’s hand and the clubhead.

So when you swing, the transfer of energy through the link translates to the distance that the golf ball will travel.

How Do You Size Golf Clubs? There are various steps that you can do to determine the right golf club size for you.

The first one involves measuring for custom clubs.

The different measurements and their technicalities fall under this category. Right now, you might feel overwhelmed on the question, how to size golf clubs.

But this will be discussed in detail for the next part.

The next step is finding the right flex and grip, including your swing speed, irons, and golf gloves. Finally, the last procedure is choosing the right clubs for your playing style.

We will look into these steps in detail below.

How Are Golf Clubs Sized?

There are a couple of factors that you should look out for in terms of how are golf clubs sized. The following are the essential variables that you should always consider.

  • Height

For the personalization of your golf club, several measurements are to be taken, like your height. Generally, golfers would match their clubs to their heights.

By providing your current and accurate height, you are also ensuring that you will have the perfect angle for your clubs when you play.

To measure your height more accurately and to prevent erroneous errors, someone else should measure it for you.

You should measure the length of the bottom of your feet all the way up to your head. Take note that you should not be on a swing position, but rather in your regular upright stance when standing.

This step is among the most crucial factors in determining how to size golf clubs.

  • Wrist-Floor Length

Another essential measurement needed is your wrist-floor length. To measure this, let your hands hang loose on the side while standing upright.

Afterward, measure the distance from the end of your wrist up to the club’s top when placed on the floor. For accuracy, we suggest that you do not wear your golf shoes when doing this method.

You should also stand on a flat and hard surface. This is one of the steps on how to size for golf clubs.

The commonly used units in measurement would be in inches. If you are planning on doing this method, you can look for a golf club size guide, which includes your height and wrist-floor length.

This table will show you how many inches you should add or deduct from the standard club size based on the intersection of your height and wrist-floor distance.

Other Factors To Consider

  • Try A Club At The Golf Shop

For a customized golf club fit, having your height and wrist-floor measurements is already enough.

But trying different sized clubs in a golf store will allow you to experience the club’s feel when you swing.

It will also help if you are aware of the size differences in men and women’s clubs.

You also might want to bring your old club to compare it with others to know the necessary adjustments that you need to make.

To ease your visit to the shop, you must consider looking at the golf clubs size guide.

  • Handicap

A golf handicap refers to a numerical measure of the golfer’s playing ability.

It is similar to quantifying a golfer’s skill level. If you are going to a shop to customize or purchase your golf club, inform the seller of your handicap.

This process will allow them to refer to golf clubs that are suitable for you. Doing so will also help you improve your games in the future.

  • Finding the Right Flex And Grip

Flex and grip are factors vital to having a proper golf game. They are properties in line with the club’s length. So it is as important as the others mentioned before.

  • Swing Speed

The “Flex” refers to a golf shaft’s ability to bend as you swing the golf club. The force that you apply to the golf club is different for people.

You can classify them as fast or slow, and smooth or jerky.

Rating your shaft flexes is done for the convenience of the golf club manufacturers and the athletes. Extra Stiff, Stiff, Regular, Senior, and Ladies are the five general ratings of the shaft flex.

After determining the clubs’ proper angle and length, the next strategy would be to assess both your grip and flex.

To know these factors, you might want to check your swing speed.

You will be required access to a radar machine and an electronic launch monitor. These equipment are usually available at high-end shops.

The correlation between flex and swing speed will help you find the perfect golf club for you.

Generally, the faster the swing, the stiffer your shaft on your wood and iron clubs.

For those with slower rhythms, we suggest that you go for flex shafts when dealing with wood and graphite shafts if you’re more inclined on iron.

  • Track your Drive

The next step would be to track the average drive you perform on each club.

By doing this, you can quickly determine the perfect set of drivers that you should have. You can look up a golf clubs size guide for this online.

  • Right Flex for your Irons

For you to know the right flex for the irons, you can follow a simple criterion.

The type of flex will rely on the type of club you usually maximize to accomplish a 150 yards (137 meters) shot. You can search for a golf clubs size guide based on your flex online.

  • Golf Gloves

The next method is to get the perfect fit for your golf gloves. It should not have wrinkles once you wear them. It should also be snuggly fit with a good grip on the clubs.

Be careful because a wrong grip may cause friction, thus disrupting your swing. To determine your most suitable fit, you may rely on the pinch test.

When you do so, you should be able to pinch the material at your fingertips. Meanwhile, you should not be able to tweak your gloves on the palm area to know that it fits you perfectly well.

Here is a golf clubs size guide that you may follow:

  • small or cadet-small glove – standard lady grip
  • medium or medium-large glove – standard grip
  • large glove – midsize grip
  • extra large glove – oversize grip

Choosing The Right Clubs

Asking yourself how to size golf clubs is one of the essential steps in selecting the right one. Below are some habits that you could try out to determine your perfect club.

  • Talk to a Professional

It will help if you contact a professional golfer for advice.

By doing this, you can ask them questions like how to size golf clubs, what are some great brands to purchase equipment, and whether they have golf clubs size guide for you?

These questions are crucial, especially when you are starting and wanting to improve.

  • Try Different Clubs

If you are still wondering how to size for golf clubs? Then you may want to try investing in a lot of customized clubs.

But for you to maximize your time and effort, you should first develop a consistent swing so that your money will be worth it.

You can also ask your golf buddies to let you use different clubs if you want to know how to size golf clubs. Try to consider choosing a standard club when practicing.

Remember, there is no definite answer to the right golf club size. If you are going to pour your money in an expensive set of clubs, make sure comfortable in playing with it.

You can also ask your golf buddies to allow you to try different clubs. Try to consider choosing a standard club to practice.

Remember, there is no definite answer to the right golf club size. If you are going to invest in an expensive set of clubs, make sure you enjoy playing with it.

Try out small clubs in different situations from different distances and determine the best approach depending on your style.

Check any Golfsmith near your area, and you’ll be glad to see that there is a putting area dedicated to testing clubs.

  • Hybrid Clubs

If you are still unsure of that question, it is time to consider using long irons or hybrids. Using a hybrid club always depends on the person, but it is worth a try.

  • Consider your Loft

Part of knowing information on how to size for golf clubs includes its loft. Vary the loft based on the height that your ball is flying. If it is generally high, then you may opt to go for a less loft.

Trust Your Choice & Have Fun

The whole process might be tricky. It needs a lot of effort to get the perfect club that promotes growth in your games.

So if you are wondering how to size golf clubs?

There are many steps listed above, but what is essential is that you are comfortable and enjoying yourself while using it.

There are a couple of considerations when having your golf club personalized.

You will need to measure a lot of things like your height, wrist-floor length, among others.

But what is essential is the amount of effort you put into choosing the perfect material for you.

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