Golf Bags USA – Proudly American Made

Have you recently been searching for golf bags USA because you want to patronize our local products? If yes, then you have come to the right place as we will be discussing the best golf bags that are proudly American made and why you should buy them!

Golf Bags USA - Proudly American Made
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As a bonus, we will also tackle some tips to help you when shopping for new golf bags!

Golf Bags USA – Proudly American Made

If you want to purchase golf bags USA, then it would be interesting for you to learn about what golf bags are made in the USA.

Well, check out this list for you to find out the next brand of golf bag that you will carry in a game with you!

When you ask about what golf bags are made in the USA, then check out Sun Mountain. This golf bag manufacturers are from Missoula, Montana.

They are literally based in a mountain town that fits the name of the company. Sun Mountain was founded by Rick Reimers and he is motivated to innovate the game of golf.

Golfers actually design Sun Mountain products. They know what a player of golf needs and that their product is designed to deliver the best functionality.

Knowing first-hand that each player has their own preferences when it comes to design and color.

They also know that golf equipment can be so heavy, so they integrated a belt technology to shift the weight from your shoulders to your hips, so say goodbye to back sores!

Moreover, their choice of fabric is based on data and not just on the assumption that it will look good on their golf bags.

So, if you are looking for high-quality golf bags USA, come to Sun Mountain!

Since 1965, Belding has been known as a  strong American brand for golf bags, travel luggage, and other sports bags.

Their golf bags are made with high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. Belding USA golf bag manufacturer are famous for their hand-crafted leather golf bags.

You can be assured that these bags are sturdy and stylish. Also, do not give in to the stereotype that machine-made bags are the best golf bags, or that they are cheaper.

Every dollar that you will spend on Belding’s hand-crafted leather golf bags is worth it.

So if you are feeling patriotic and you want to use one of the finest golf bags in the USA, then consider shopping for Belding bags the next time!

  • Steurer & Jacoby

The next to our recommended lists of golf bags USA, is the Steurer & Jacoby golf bags. They started out manufacturing traditional or vintage bags out of Louisville, Kentucky.

But now they are one of the top results when someone searches for what golf bags are made in the USA in their phones or on their computers.

Steurer & Jacoby pride themselves as golf bag manufacturers that are 100% American. Their raw materials are sourced from their own tanneries and not from overseas.

They also craft every product in their workshops at Louisville, Kentucky.

You can expect nothing less from the brand that brought high-quality and stylish bags to golf professionals such as Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus.

This is also the go-to brand for CEOs who love golf, even royalty so you can be sure that this brand is something that you should definitely not miss out on.

The owner of Jones Golf Bags, George Jones, the once 40-year old cab driver that started out selling his hand-stitched bags at the trunk of his cab in Oregon Portland.

He literally took his golf bags from the basement, from where he started stitching them, to countries where golf is big.

Now about 40 years later, Jones Golf Bags have sold millions of golf bags to golf enthusiasts, and even prominent golf professionals.

With Jones Golf Bags, you get a very straightforward golf bag. You will not be paying for an overpromising and overpriced golf bag just because they are golf bag manufacturers that are 100% American Made.

Last, and definitely not the least on our list, is Vessel Golf Bags.

Aside from being included in the top results when someone searches on their phones or computers the question “ what golf bags are made in the USA”, this brand is also actually a charitable brand.

With Vessel’s  Buy a Bag, Give a Bag program, you are not just helping yourself get one of the best golf bags USA, but you are also helping less fortunate students from all over the world to have their backpacks.

There are many golf enthusiasts and even professionals that have been keen on buying Vessel Golf Bags because of its design, performance, and even stability.

So, the next you ask yourself, “What golf bags are made in the USA?” keep in mind this amazing golf bag that will not only help you to store your golf clubs perfectly, but you can also help others.

Choosing the Right Golf Bag

The first step in any purchase is to decide or finalize on what product to buy. In this case, you need to decide on which type of golf bag you need, and want.

You can choose from these 4 types of bags:

  1. Cart Bag, which is meant to be carried by a golf cart
  2. Carry Bag, which can be carried on your shoulder
  3. Stand Bag, which is designed to have its own stands or pegs that will help it stand, and then
  4. Travel Bag, which is used by professional golfers, and it contains more storage space for all your golf equipment.

Tips Before Buying a Golf Bag

  • Required Dividers

Check if the bag that you want to buy contains enough dividers and their dividers are of the optimum size for your golf clubs.

It is highly recommended to decide on how many slots that you need on a golf bag, before actually buying one.

If you want to add more slots after purchasing a golf bag, you might find it hard or more expensive to stitch in or to install extra dividers to get you more slots.

  • Sufficient Amount of Pockets

Aside from slots, you also have to think about the pockets of a golf club before buying one.

There are many essential items aside from golf clubs that should be stored safely and easily inside a golf club

You should decide on which equipment you would want to put inside your bag so that you can find the appropriate pockets for this equipment.

Need to decide on how many pockets you would want on a golf bag before buying one. Just like dividers, it is not that easy to add extra pockets on a golf bag.

  • Weight of the Golf Bag

The next consideration that you have to make is the weight of the golf bag.

This is extremely important if you want to buy a carry bag, or you are used to carrying your golf bag by yourself.

A heavier golf bag will add to the weight of your golf clubs. When you are carrying at least 5 golf clubs inside a heavy golf bag, your shoulder and back will take so much stress.

It is highly recommended that you purchase any golf bag with a weight that will not exceed 6 pounds.

If you are being offered golf bags that weigh more than these, you might have to take a step back and choose a lighter one.

  • Budget

Lastly, you have to consider your budget. There are many online stores out there that claim to have the best golf bags USA, but they will charge you for a high price.

Never get carried away by such offers. Always remember what a golf bag’s purpose is, which is to carry your golf equipment.

You do not necessarily need golf bags laced with diamond, gold, or any other expensive materials. As long as it is fit for all the golf equipment you plan to carry, it should be good to go.

Beware of fakes!

Now that you have a general idea of the things you need to consider before buying golf bags USA and the list of American-made golf bags, there is one last thing that you should not forget.

Always check if your golf bag is fake or not.

There are a lot of online stores out there that can pop out when you search for “what golf bags are made in the USA” on your internet browser.

Most of these stores offer golf bags that are cheaper than what is being sold by most of the USA golf bag brands.

While it may be tempting to grab their offer, remember that legitimate golf bags can last up to years while some of the fakes can break down after being used for a few games or after being under the sun too much.

Here is some helpful information that can help you to check if the golf bag that you are about to buy, or have purchased already, is fake or not:

  • Logo details

Scrutinize carefully all of the details of a legitimate branded golf bag and compare it to the golf bag that you are planning to buy, or have bought already.

If you notice some details that are misaligned, faded, or have incorrect design elements, then there is a good chance the golf bag is fake.

The logo is one of the easiest elements of a golf bag that many people can miss out on if they are not being extra careful.

  • Low Rating of the Seller

Most of the time, the ratings are given by other buyers on a certain seller are a good indicator of whether a golf bag is fake, or not.

Satisfied buyers will leave out good feedback for the seller to increase the seller’s credibility, as well as the products’ credibility.

If you come across a seller with a low rating then it is highly likely that the golf bags being sold are fake, or worse, have so many defects.

  • No other information is given

Extremely important that you are given an opportunity to view the product and check it first-hand before buying it.

If you are being offered golf bags by any online store or seller, and they refuse to send you details, pictures, and other relevant information of the golf bag, then you should refuse immediately.

Not only is this a breach of legal procedures required for a sale of any product, but this is also a sign saying the golf bag is fake, and they just want to get some money out of you.

It is your right to view and request for relevant information or details regarding a golf bag before buying it.

If you really want to avoid fake golf bags or be tricked into buying fake golf bags, then head straight to official stores of USA golf bag brands.

Not only do they offer affordable prices, but they also have an after-sales or customer care hotline to take care of your needs immediately after purchasing any golf bag from them.

Proud Owner of Golf Bags USA Made

Who says being patriotic is only limited to becoming a good citizen? Be a patriot even through golf.

You can support the USA by simply buying purely golf bags USA made to play your favorite game of golf.

Keep in mind this list of recommended golf bag brands, the next time you go out shopping for your golf bag.

Not only will you help yourself store golf equipment in an orderly and secure manner, but you are also helping American companies and the whole American economy.

There are also USA golf bag brands that donate to charitable causes across the world.

Also, remember the tips before buying any golf bags to avoid wasting your dollars and to harbor regrets about it in the long run.

Make sure that the golf bag that you would be getting is legitimate and not just some cheap knock-off from the best USA golf bags out there.

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