Where to Donate Golf Clubs and Why?

When you already have too many golf clubs in your house, you can donate it to a charity, but the question here would be “Where to donate golf clubs?”.

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SUMMARY: If you have unused golf clubs and want to donate them, there are several charities and organizations that will be happy to accept them.
You can ask around at your local club or course, search online, or donate to organizations such as TGR Foundation, Birdies for the Brave, The First Tee, United States Disabled Golf Association, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes Golf.
Donating golf clubs can help underprivileged students, military personnel and their families, young people, and disabled golfers.
  • Golf clubs can be very expensive; some people rely on golf equipment donations. 🏌️‍♂️💰
  • You can start by asking around at your local club or course, or search online to find a place to donate golf clubs. 🔍💻
  • TGR Foundation was founded by Tiger Woods and aims to empower underprivileged students in science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. 🐯🎓
  • Birdies for the Brave, founded by Phil Mickelson, supports military personnel, veterans, severely injured heroes, and their families. 🦅🇺🇸
  • The First Tee helps grow the game of golf by teaching young people coming from all walks of life, reinforcing values such as respect, perseverance, and integrity. 🌟🏌️‍♀️
  • United States Disabled Golf Association hosts golf events for disabled golfers across the US to raise awareness that disabilities are not hindrances. 🙌🏼🏌️‍♂️
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes Golf supports athletes and coaches by helping them grow a bond with the Christian church and teaches them values such as integrity, service, excellence, and teamwork. 🙏🏼🏌️‍♀️

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Where To Donate Golf Clubs

There are lots of charities out there, and the things that you already consider trash may be a treasure for them. Donating golf clubs it has a good purpose- it can surely put a smile on someone else’s face.

Where to donate golf clubs?

There’s a lot of golf clubs in the world, and it’s tough to keep up with all the new ones that are released every year. If you’re wondering what to do with your old golf clubs, there are plenty of place to donate golf clubs that will gladly take them off your hands.

Golf clubs can be very expensive, that is the reason why there are people who want to enjoy golf but cannot afford the equipment for it, so they rely on golf equipment donations.

If I were looking for a place to donate golf clubs, I would start by asking around at my local club or course. They might have someone who is interested in taking on some extra gear without having to pay anything for it.

I would also search online to see if there was a place to donate golf clubs in my area that might take them. The U.S Golf Association has an extensive list of organizations and charities that are looking for golf club donations.

So, if you are well off and have some extra clubs at home that you are no longer using then it would be best in donating golf clubs to help someone enjoy golf.

If you are eager to donate your old clubs and ask where to donate old golf clubs, then here is a list of the charities and organizations that will be very happy to accept your golf club donation.

  • TGR Foundation

Do you know Tiger Woods? Well, he is one of the world’s most renowned golf players. As a way of giving back, he founded the TGR Foundation.

This foundation not only aims to raise awareness about the game of golf, but it also seeks out to empower underprivileged students.

They do this by educating the students in science, technology,  mathematics, and engineering. Furthermore, they instill a team-player mindset in these kids and assists them in going to college.

There is a huge probability that some of these children will aspire just to be like Tiger Woods who is the one who helped them through.

So, if ever you have any unused golf clubs sitting somewhere in your stockroom or basement then a golf club donation would be much appreciated.

First on our where to donate old golf clubs list is to the TGR Foundation and fulfill someone’s dreams of becoming the next Tiger Woods!

There are people who fought bad most of their lives just to keep us safe.

While we are doing our normal life routine, they are out there fighting wars and sacrificing their own lives. And do you think their fight stops when they retire?

For some, it might, but for most, it doesn’t.

They continue fighting their own battles such as trauma, depression, and many more. This is the reason why you can help them even just by donating old golf clubs.

So, where to donate golf clubs for veterans if you want to help? Well, one of your choices is the Birdies for The Brave which is a charity founded by Phil Mickelson and run by the PGA Tour.

They put a lot of effort into making sure that they can support, care, and give important services to the military personnel, veterans, severely injured heroes, and their families.

You can donate your extra golf clubs to them and make their favorite pastime more special!

  • The First Tee

Don’t have that many ideas for old golf clubs?

Then, we suggest that you donate it to The First Tee. This organization helps in growing the game of golf by continuously introducing it and its inherent values to young people.

They spearhead and organize after-school and in-school programs, teaching golf to children coming from all walks of life.

Also, they help reinforce values such as respect, perseverance, and integrity through the game of golf.

So, if you want to share with them in making a difference, donate your golf clubs that are not yet more than six years of age and other golf accessories!

This will help change children’s lives and make them better.

  • United States Disabled Golf Association

The United States Disables Golf Association is founded by a person who has cerebral palsy.

His name is Jason Faircloth and he has an incredible connection with this organization. They host golf events for disabled golfers all across the United States.

The players that participate here are the living proofs that disabilities cannot hinder you from doing what you want. Such a wonderful and huge statement, right?

Therefore, if you want to support them in raising awareness that disabilities are not hindrances, then donate your golf clubs to them!

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes Golf

If you are a religious person and at the same time loves playing golf, then why not support those two things together?

But, you may ask about how and probably about ideas for old golf clubs. Let us give you an idea: donate your golf clubs to a religious group!

However, another question will arise: where to donate old golf clubs if you want to do so? Well, one choice would be to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Golf.

This religious organization supports athletes and coaches by helping them grow a bond with the Christian church and light up their faith.

Moreover, they teach them values such as integrity, service, excellence, and teamwork.

What are Reasons to donate old golf clubs

Maybe your golf clubs have sentimental values and it will be so hard for you to let them go.

But if they are just sitting there and collecting dust, then maybe it’s time to give it a new purpose and get them a new owner who can use them actively?

I know it’s going to be hard for you to let go, however, let us try looking at the bright side by reading these reasons to donate your old golf clubs.

  • Make space for a new one

Technological advancements are fast to come. You can buy a new model today and in a few month’s time, the manufacturers will release a better one.

So, if you are fond of having updated golf clubs and stocking your old ones in the basement, then it would be better to donate them and help someone else who cannot afford to buy new clubs.

By letting go of your old golf clubs, you are actually making space for a new one.

And, don’t think that it stops there, it is actually giving off mutual benefits because you are able to help someone in reaching their dreams.

  • Spark the interest of a youth

The youths are the future and by donating golf clubs to the youth, you are actually perpetuating the game of golf.

But, these youths sometimes don’t know what they want yet. They are still waiting for a door of opportunity to open up or for a sign to show up.

Who knows that by donating golf clubs to them, we could spark interest and ambition.

Maybe that’s the sign that they are waiting for and they could actually be one of the world’s greatest golfers just because of that.

As mentioned before, there are veterans who suffer from mild to serious trauma and depression.

By donating your golf clubs to them, you are helping them to forget about the pain, fear, and guilt that they are feeling.

Plus, it is their favorite recreational activity!

  • Grow the golf game

While you are done asking where can I donate used golf clubs, start thinking why should you donate them. One of the reasons is to grow the game. If you really love golf, then you don’t want it to be another long-forgotten game.

By donating golf clubs, you are equipping more and more people to be able to play golf and raise awareness about its existence!

So if you do not have any other things to do for old golf clubs, donate it to grow the golf game!

  • Make a dream come true

There are underprivileged but highly-skilled players out there.

They find buying golf clubs to be a lot expensive. When you ask them, they dream of participating in tournaments but the reason that they cannot is because of the lack of golf equipment donations.

So, if you have any extra clubs out there, donate it to them and make a dream come true!

Where Can I Donate Used Golf Clubs

Donating used golf clubs is a great way to give back to the community and help those in need.

There are a few options for donating golf clubs, but the best places to donate used golf clubs are organizations that specialize in helping provide golf supplies and equipment to those who cannot afford them.

Golf club donation centers like The First Tee, Birdies for the Brave, and The Salvation Army all accept your donation used golf clubs as well as donation old golf clubs.

You can also find local charities near you that accept if you donate used golf club or donate old golf club by searching online or asking at your local sporting goods store.

Many charities will accept gently used clubs and use them to provide opportunities for youth and other members of the community.

You can also check with local golf courses, pro shops, or driving ranges as they may have programs that accept donations.

When looking for where to donate used golf clubs near me, make sure you check with each organization before donating to ensure they accept the type of clubs you have available.

5 Places to Donate Old Golf Clubs

  • Golf Course Recycling Center

Many golf courses offer recycling programs for golf equipment. These programs allow golfers to drop off their used golf clubs and receive credit toward future rounds.

Some golf course recycling centers accept golf bags, shoes, and carts as well. Check with your local golf course to see if they participate in such a program.

  • Local Charity Organization

Charity organizations across the country collect used golf clubs and other sports equipment. Many charities provide these items to children and families in need.

Check with your local charity organization to see if they accept donations of used golf clubs.

  • Goodwill Industries

Goodwill accepts donated golf clubs and other sporting goods. In fact, Goodwill has over 1,000 locations nationwide.

Visit www.goodwill.org/golfclubs to learn more about donating your used golf clubs.

  • Salvation Army

Salvation Army accepts donated old golf clubs and provides employment opportunities for individuals interested in working in its stores.

Visit www.salvationarmyusa.org/donate-your-used-golf-clubs to find a location near you.

  • United Way

United Way accepts donated used golf clubs and helps fund community projects. Visit www.unitedway.org/give-to-us/golf-clubs-and-other-sports-equipment to learn more.

Donating used golf clubs to any one of these five places will ensure that your old clubs are recycled properly and that they’ll continue to serve others.

Additional Places to Donate Used Golf Clubs

  • Used Equipment Store

Used equipment stores usually charge a fee for storing your club. However, they typically offer discounts for multiple memberships.

  • Freecycle Network

Freecycle is an online network of communities across North America. People share items they no longer want or need. You can sign up for a membership and search for groups near you.

  • Online Marketplace

Online marketplace sites allow you to donate used golf clubs. Some sites even pay you for your old golf clubs.

Other ideas to Donate old golf clubs

If you have already asked countless times about where can I donate used golf clubs and still cannot find a place to donate golf clubs to give it to, then here are other ideas for old golf clubs that you might find helpful.

  • Trade-in

One of the ideas for old golf clubs is to trade-in when you are going to buy new golf equipment.

Clubs, especially when taken good care of, do not easily lose that much value, so if you will trade it in, you can actually save a lot of money.

  • Sell

There are people out there who are willing to buy second-hand golf clubs because they are working on a tight budget.

So if you do not have any more ideas for old golf clubs, then just sell it!

  • Make an art out of it

If you are an artsy person, then I’m pretty sure that you have lots of ideas for old golf clubs. No one is stopping you from making a craft out of it and displaying it in your home!

Where Can I Donate Golf Clubs for Veterans

Donate golf clubs for veterans is a great way to show your appreciation and support for those who have served our country.

Not only does it provide veterans with the opportunity to enjoy the game of golf, but it can also be a great form of physical therapy for those who may be dealing with injuries or disabilities from their service.

It’s important to remember that donating new or used golf clubs doesn’t just help veterans, but it also helps organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project and other nonprofits that use golf as a rehabilitation tool.

So take the time to donate your gently used golf clubs and help out those who have sacrificed so much for us all.

There are several organizations that accept golf club donation specifically for veterans, such as the PGA HOPE program, the National Veterans Golf Association, and the USO.

Many of these organizations offer online donation portals, making it easy to donate new or used golf clubs.

Additionally, some local veteran-friendly golf courses may also accept donations of gently used clubs.

Donate golf clubs for veterans is a wonderful way to help give back to veterans in your community and show your appreciation for their service.

5 Places Donate Golf Clubs for Veterans

When you think of donating items to charity, you probably imagine giving away clothes, furniture, books, toys, and electronics.

However, there are plenty of organizations that collect used golf equipment and give it to military veterans.

These organizations provide these men and women with an opportunity to play golf again after serving their country.

So if you’re thinking about donate golf clubs for veterans, here are five organizations that accept donations of golf equipment.

  • Golf For Vets

This organization collects used golf equipment and gives it to active duty service members and veterans. If you have unused golf equipment lying around, you can drop off your gear at one of their locations.

  • American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial Foundation

This foundation accepts donations of golf clubs and provides grants to disabled veterans. Donations are tax deductible.

  • United States Golf Association Charities

This organization collects used equipment and distributes it to qualified charities. They also hold tournaments for veterans and active duty soldiers.

  • National Golf Foundation

This organization collects used clubs and distributes them to charitable groups. They also sponsor events for veterans and active duty personnel.

  • Military Order of the Purple Heart

This organization collects used golf club heads and distributes them to wounded warriors. They also host golf clinics for veterans and active duty troops.

Wrapping it Up

People find purpose from what we think is already purposeless for us– this is true even for golf clubs.

Therefore, if you have some golf clubs that you can donate, don’t think twice, ask where to donate golf clubs.

You can give it to a charity or an organization, and spread smiles on other people’s faces!

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