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With over 40 types of golf clubs to choose from, you might be left thinking, What golf clubs do I need? But as some say, must-have clubs are nonexistent because things will only boil down to what you’re most confident using.

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What Golf Clubs Do I Need?

For reference though, especially for starters, we’ll present you with the basics in terms of what golf clubs are necessary.

What Golf Clubs Do I Need?

Finding the right golf clubs to be included and assembled in your golf bags may be a bit confusing and overwhelming. “What golf clubs do I need?”

Apart from this, several other questions may have been going in your mind for quite some time now. How many fairway woods should you have?

Is a hybrid better than fairway woods? How many golf clubs do you need? In answering that, you need to understand what golf clubs are necessary.

However, this golf tip will not always apply to everyone. Again, the only thing that matters is you’re confident and playing performance whenever using your golf clubs.

Before answering your concern, “What Golf Clubs Do I Need?” let’s first differentiate woods from iron and fairway woods from a hybrid.

This will help you later on when deciding what golf clubs are necessarily based on your skill and performance.

Both of these clubs are essential parts of a club set that serves a completely different purpose. Woods, having a larger head, can be used for longer distances.

Meanwhile, irons are used within the 200-yard range. In terms of composition, woods, and irons are made of metal, although woods are traditionally made of wood.

In the past few years, golfers, whether novice or professionals, began adding hybrid clubs in exchange for long irons.

Most golfers who decided to do so noticed that hybrids provide better control as compared to using fairway woods.

Since hybrids also blend the characteristics of woods and irons, hybrid clubs are easier to hit compared to long irons.

Besides, hybrids are smaller than a fairway wood, making it a better option for some golfers.

Going back to your question, what golf clubs do I need? , keep in mind that we’ll only cover the generalities.

If you’re using clubs that are not included in this list but provide you great results, it’s okay.

At the end of the day, you want to know what golf clubs do you need because you want to improve your performance, right?

Now, some golfers believe that out of the allowable number of golf clubs in a golf bag, seven clubs are necessary.

This includes a driver, 3 Wood, 3 iron or hybrid, 5, 7, and 9 iron, sand wedge, and a putter.

These basic clubs are just what you need to improve your performance and learn how to dominate the golf course.

Considerations by Skill Level

Ideally, this is a perfect start for beginners. However, if you consider yourself to be an average or professional golfer, you’ll have a different set of needs.

Professional golfers, for instance, are more capable of using specialized clubs. If seven clubs may not be enough for you, then how many golf clubs do you need?

Well, you can carry as many types of golf clubs as you want, but in terms of number, you can only carry a maximum of 14 clubs.

If you are competing in a tournament, you’ll incur a penalty as you exceed 14 golf clubs. But you can always have less than that if you wish.

So, as you ask yourself, “What golf clubs do I need?” check out the following suggestions based on your skill level to help you in your decision-making.

Beginner Golfers

Most, if not all, highly-skilled golfers won’t recommend you to invest in a 12-club set if you’re just learning about the game.

Besides, a beginning golfer doesn’t have enough skill yet to take advantage of some types of clubs.

For instance, the results of your game are unlikely to change regardless if you have several iron clubs.

It’s a fact especially if you aren’t swinging that fast yet. Some beginners can’t even hit a driver no matter how hard they try.

Other than the initial seven golf clubs provided earlier, consider this basic club set:

  • 3-wood
  • 4- to 6-hybrids
  • 7- to 9-irons
  • Pitching wedge
  • Putter

Additionally, you can check golf stores offering a beginners’ club set that usually includes six to nine clubs. You can start with this and expand your clubs as you develop.

Average or Intermediate Golfers

If a driver is not yet recommended for beginners, certainly you can utilize it better if you’re an average or intermediate golfer.

You’ll have a better chance of controlling a driver at this point. Although, you might still be more comfortable using a 3-wood.

You might find yourself better at using hybrids than long irons as well. Also, if you’re pretty sure at this time that you want to pursue golf, doing a club fitting can be considered as an option.

Club fittings will provide you with clubs that are more suitable to your gameplay. It can even help you have better scores!

If you are an average or intermediate golfer, you may want to include try including the following clubs:

  • 3-wood
  • 4- and 5-hybrids
  • 6- to 9-irons
  • Pitching wedge
  • Sand wedge
  • Driver
  • Putter

Professional Golfers

Professional golfers would have a completely different set from that of a beginner.

Once you become a professional golfer, the better option is to fully customize your clubs to match your game performance.

If you get a chance at peeking to the golf bags of other professional golfers, you’ll notice that their choice of 14 clubs greatly varies.

In some cases, they even change their sets sometimes on a weekly or monthly basis.

So, how many golf clubs do you need and what types should be included? You can start with this:

  • 3-wood or 2 hybrid
  • 3- to 9-irons
  • Pitching wedge
  • Sand wedge
  • Gap wedge
  • Lob wedge
  • Driver
  • Putter

Note that the list included several types of wedges because these allow golfers to play specialty shots.

For a full set of golf clubs, 12-clubs are enough which typically consists of at least one hybrid (3H), three woods (3 and 5 woods, and 1-driver), 4 through 9 irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter.

This 12-club set will have you covered but you can always add an extra wedge or specialty hybrid to complete your 14 golf clubs.

3 Things to Do When Choosing the Right Golf Clubs

The golf clubs that you’re using greatly determine your performance. It determines what shots you’re able to do and how many scores you’ll get.

Therefore, take some time to evaluate how you play concerning the current clubs you own. Then, ask yourself, “What golf clubs do I need?”

Check out these three things that you should consider doing when choosing the right golf clubs for you.

  • Take things slowly. There’s no need to rush.

Purchasing golf clubs is a form of investment. Besides your budget considerations, you have to take your time in evaluating your skill level.

You should never make a spontaneous decision when buying clubs. So, even before opening your wallets, do some research first. Ask expert opinions from highly-skilled golfers.

You can always refer to the list outlined above as well.

  • Experiment with different brands.

You probably have your favorite brand but it also helps to try out what other brands and models can offer.

If you’re following professional golfers, you can use their club sets as guides, but you don’t necessarily have to own the same. Take note that the golf club technology continuously advances.

If you’re still not sure which one is for you, most specialty golf stores and club manufacturers allow you to test the clubs first before purchasing.

Focus on choosing the clubs catering to your game requirements.

  • Carefully consider the specifications.

What golf clubs do I need? If you’re eager to answer that and you want to choose the right clubs for you, always check the specifications.

These include grip thickness, shaft, loft, and clubhead. If you choose the right one vis-à-vis your body composition, physical strength, and game performance, you’ll massively benefit from it.

Find the Golf Clubs that Complements You

Congratulations! You now know the answer to your query, “What golf clubs do I need?”

We hope that at this point, you’re aware that the only wrong golf clubs for you if there are any, are those that don’t match your skills.

Let your skills determine what types of clubs you will be using.

Go back to the list to guide you in buying your golf clubs.

Good luck with finding the golf club set that complements you!

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