Best Golf Club Sets for Beginners & Intermediate Golfers

Granted, as a beginner, you probably don’t have that much to spend on high-end equipment. But this should be no excuse to use substandard golf clubs either, let’s explore what are the best golf club sets.

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Key Takeaways TL;DR
🏌️‍♂️ Summary: Choosing the best golf clubs for beginners to intermediate players involves considering various factors such as skill level, club head size and shape, shaft flexibility, club material and weight, irons vs. woods vs. hybrids, grip comfort and size, club length and loft, brand reputation and customer reviews, custom fitting options, and budget considerations.
Careful evaluation of these aspects allows players to make informed decisions and select clubs that enhance their performance and enjoyment of the game.
  • Understanding your skill level is crucial in selecting the appropriate clubs for optimal performance and enjoyment of the game.
  • The size and shape of the club head, made of materials like steel, titanium, or composites, impact trajectory and distance.
  • Shaft flexibility, weight, and material influence power, distance, control, and swing speed.
  • Club material and weight, such as steel or graphite shafts, affect durability, swing speed, and control.
  • Irons, woods, and hybrids each have their strengths and weaknesses, with woods suitable for longer shots and irons for control.
  • Grip comfort and size, along with proper grip pressure, ensure consistent swings and accuracy.
  • Club length and loft determine the ball’s flight and distance, with longer clubs generating speed and higher lofts creating a higher trajectory.
  • Brand reputation and customer reviews help in choosing reliable and high-quality golf clubs.
  • Custom fitting provides personalized clubs based on individual swing characteristics and body measurements, improving accuracy and consistency.
  • Budget considerations include weighing the costs of used vs. new clubs and exploring DIY club fitting options.

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Years of playing golf have taught me a whole lot. But there’s one thing I never miss mentioning when I cross paths with novice players. I’m always quick to say, Golf is largely a mental game, but another important factor crucial to your performance is your equipment.

You’d rather have two high-quality golf clubs than have a whole set of 14 golf clubs that barely make the cut.

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What are the Best Golf Club Sets?

Are you an intermediate player who seems stuck and unable to improve your game?

You may be surprised to find out that your swing is just fine, your eyesight is superb, and that your coach is doing the right thing. The only problem might be the last place you think. Again, look at your equipment.

It’s exciting to receive hand-me-down club sets from your dad, uncle, or grandfather. But should you really be as happy?

It’s no secret, golf is an expensive game. Most players have to save for months to buy balls, clubs, bags, and the right attires because they all cost a significant amount.

Prepare yourself to make a solid investment if you want to learn and enjoy the game as a beginner or intermediate player. It helps a lot to know your needs.

This way, you know where your weaknesses lie and which golf set to purchase to help you get past hurdles.

While online reviews remain a decent source of information, not all of them can be reliable. They can tell you what’s out there, but nothing detailed about that set of golf clubs you may be interested in.

So to help paint a better picture and clear all doubt, here’s a closer look at everything you need to know about getting yourself the best golf club set for a beginner or intermediate player.

Do you like it? Can you afford it? Do you want it? Your answers to these questions are what informs the type of golf club set most players to go for in the long run.

The key thing I would advise you to do is to take your time. It’s all euphoric. As excited as you may be to get a new set of clubs, factor in the pointers in the guide above, and you will not go wrong.

Let’s proceed and discuss in detail what are the best golf club sets!

Best Golf Club Sets
For Beginners & Intermediate Players

Allowance for a forgiveness shot is what many learner golfers are looking for when looking for the perfect set of clubs.

This Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set is designed to offer you just that on every shot.

What more can you expect from these clubs? How about a value for a money guarantee? Each one of the 12 clubs in this Callaway set is easy to use.

Making part of the set is a putter, a 460cc driver, 6-9 irons, a 5H hybrid, and a 3-wood. With these clubs, you can make longer hits, all thanks to a larger sweet spot and forgiveness allowance.

The 5H hybrid stands out, especially for someone having a hard time hitting with the driver or with wood/iron shafts.

With this set, you can not only achieve more distance, but you are also assured of better control and accuracy. The set comes complete with a stand bag featuring a rain hood, backpack straps, and cooler pockets.

If you are looking for a good set of golf clubs that is beginner-friendly and quite affordable, then look no further.

Want to know why this golf club set is ideal for you as a beginner?

  • The golf clubs in this set driver is designed to help cover a longer distance and yield consistency
  • The iron shaft on this set of clubs offers great control and is very forgiving
  • Purchase conveniently includes a stand bag with shoulder straps, a cooler pocket, and a rain hood
  • The 5H Hybrid club is a welcome alternative that novice players can use in place of other golf clubs. This especially when you are trying to make a difficult shot
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  • The carry/stand bag may be a bit heavy
  • The 3-wood club is below standard for most players looking for more

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Are you a lady who’s enthusiastic about getting into golf? Quit staying on the sidelines.

Why not get yourself this vivacious 14 piece Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Set? It’s made just for you.

Everything about this set is designed to support and increase the confidence of an amateur female golfer. Here, you’ll find a 460cc high lofted driver made to accommodate large sweet spots to enable you to achieve more distance.

There’s also a wide array of wedges and a 3-wood complete with a club head made of stainless steel.

The set also includes a graphite composite shaft designed to enable you to make long shots and swing faster and a 5H hybrid club made to offer more forgiveness and adaptability.

For an average budget, this golf club set is certainly worth the investment.

If you want to improve control and the accuracy of your shots, then you’ll be glad to know that the iron shaft clubs in this 14-piece set have perimeter weighting and comprises intricate technology.

Not forgetting a mallet putter with alignment allowance. By far, one of the best golf club sets for women out there.

  • The set comprises a 460cc driver with a large sweet spot which enables you to cover more distance
  • Part of the package includes a putter, three head covers, driver, a stand bag, 3-wood, 6-9 irons, SW, 5H hybrid, and PW
  • The mallet putter is designed with alignment features for enhanced accuracy
  • A high quality, reliable, and incredibly accurate set of clubs
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  • Most users complain that the hybrid club in this set is short whereas players prefer longer ones
  • This golf club set is also limited to right-handed women golfers only. If you are left-handed you may have to look for a neutral set that accommodates either hand

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The Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set is as simple as they come.

Intricate and stylish clubs are alluring, but more often than not, it is the simple yet trendy golf club set that makes the cut.

When you are a beginner golfer, it is already hard enough to try and master techniques of how to hit and make your shot.

So who wants an even harder time figuring out how to use a particular set of new golf clubs? These Wilson golf clubs take complications out of the equation.

They are entirely designed to help you develop your skills. Ideal for middle school or high school golfing schools, these golf clubs are nothing short of perfect.

At a surprisingly affordable price, you will have everything you will need to use on the golf course in this set.

This Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set comprises ten pieces. This including a 4 hybrid, a pitching wedge, a driver, a putter, 3 wood, and 5 – 9 iron clubs.

You’ll also get a stand bag to make maneuvering and transporting your golf clubs all the easier. Notice how easy it is to swing and make your shots with these clubs.

Wonder why? That’s because they are manufactured using elaborate precision to develop your techniques.

  • This Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set is affordable
  • The package includes a complete 10 piece set. This including a 4 hybrid, a pitching wedge, a driver, a putter, 3 wood, a carry bag and 5 – 9 iron clubs
  • Designed to help improve your game
  • Simple design, plenty of features, and easy to use
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  • These clubs are strictly designed for beginner players. If you are more experienced with stronger and higher swing speeds, you may need golf clubs with firmer shafts than these.
  • If you are taller than 6 feet 2 inches, you may need to find another option featuring longer golf clubs. These golf club sets are made for the average height player

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No need to buy each golf club one by one because you cannot afford to buy the whole set at a go, why not choose this pocket-friendly set instead?

Finally, a set of golf club that eliminates stress and restores joy in every golf training session you go to.

The Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set is designed for those trainee golf players unafraid to take risks. Ones who are ready to take a plunge into the deep end.

The technicalities, features, and details on each one of the 16 pieces making up this golf set are unfathomable. Something that you’ll instantly feel and get to see the second you hold and use the golf clubs for the first time.

The set contains a 4H hybrid and a 5H hybrid, 3 and 5 wood, 6 through 9 irons, a driver, a putter, sand wedge, and a pitching wedge.

What makes this set unique is that the titanium driver boasts a 12-degree loft. The larger sized clubhead means you can get away with more forgiveness shots.

The 3 and 5 wood golf clubs feature aerodynamic clubheads that are well balanced, providing you great distance coverage.

  • The package comes as a full set complete with 16 pieces. This including 4H hybrid and a 5H hybrid, 3 and 5 wood, 6 through 9 irons, a driver, a putter, sand wedge and a pitching wedge, and a carry bag.
  • The two-hybrid clubs present here mean you have more control and can make better shots
  • The putter has a 3.5-degree loft designed to make even more detailed shots
  • A wide range of clubs mean value for money guarantee
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  • Some players find the grips on these clubs a tad bit too thin
  • Most users also aren’t happy with the quality of the carry bag that comes as part of their purchase buying this set

Why is this Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Set the best golf club set for beginners?

Popular verdict points towards this being the set of golf clubs capable of helping you achieve cutthroat speeds.

Designed with speed maximizing technology, the Wilson women’s golf club set is just what you need to move from being labeled a beginner to a pro player.

Granted, ladies have a slower swing speed compared to men. So to help you register better performance, these clubs are intentionally manufactured to solve this puzzle.

Soon, you can make swings just as fast as or even faster than most of your male counterparts on the golf course using this set.

The good thing about this complete golf club set is that tall or short, chubby or skinny; you will love and have an easy time using these clubs.

Never heard of a one size fits all golf club set? Why don’t you try these ones?

The golf clubs here are manufactured to accommodate the physical features and characteristics of a female player.

  • Golf clubs have graphite shafts which feel much lighter, accurate, and easier to control
  • Each club features a soft all-weather grip that most women users will love
  • Designed to help you play better and achieve cutthroat speeds all thanks to speed maximizing technology
  • The driver in this set has a larger sweet spot. This allows you to cover more distance and swing faster too
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  • Designed for women players only

Golf Club Set Buying Guide

No doubt, golf equipment is a huge factor in how good a player you become. The skills you learn, the tricks you gather are all based on the type of clubs you use to train.

Before you purchase a new golf set, there are certain crucial factors you need to keep in mind. So to help you out with that here is a detailed golf club set buying guide to set you on the right track.

  • Clubhead Size and Appearance

There are two types of beginners in the golf game. There are ones who are not afraid to test their limits and there are those that hold back from unleashing their full potential.

It is the former who have no problem going for the standard size golf clubs and the latter player who prefer simpler, smaller sized clubs.

To be honest, it matters not how big or small the golf club is. What matters the most is how well you are able to work with it.

It’s no surprise to find a player missing a shot because the clubs are too big for them and vice versa.

My tip here would be to advise you to go for a mid-size clubhead size or a large clubhead. At best, a beginner should use 450cc to 460cc drivers.

This way, even when you mishit, it’s forgivable. Plus, when you use large-sized clubheads, you improve to more intricate club heads faster once you become a pro.

See, professional golfers prefer small faced golf clubs with tight sweet spots because they have better grip and control.

They also go for plain lades because their clubs are conveniently lighter that way. As a beginner, you have less leeway. The heavier and larger the clubhead is, the better for you.

Remember that self-confidence and self-belief are everything.

You may have the most intricate and expensive golf club set as a beginner but with self-doubt, you’re going to see very little progress in your game.

If getting larger clubs can help improve your attitude, then, by all means, get yourself the best golf club set in the market right away.

  • Shaft

The shaft is the long part of the golf club that you hold when swinging. Unbeknownst to many, this is yet another important part you should focus on when shopping for a golf club set.

The shaft is just as significant as the clubhead in determining whether or not you make a successful shot.

You have to know how heavy or how thick a shaft is right for you. In addition, you must choose a shaft made from the right material.

Generally, golf club lengths are standard. But the weight may be different based on whether the shaft is made from iron or graphite materials.

Another factor that may determine how heavy your shaft is depends on how thick it is.

The weight of the shaft can influence your performance. For example, heavier shafts produce low ball flights whereas a lighter shaft means faster swing/clubhead speed.

Looking at the results, you would achieve more ball distance with a lighter shaft than with a heavier one.

Beginners prefer graphite shafts over iron shafts. This because it is less laborious for them to hit the ball more accurately and at a faster speed.

Wood shafts fall in the same category as graphite shafts.

  • Level of Performance

A large part of your performance is determined largely by how good you are at playing gold.

But another significant part of your performance, as we’ve already gathered, is in how well your equipment supports your performance too.

There are fancy looking golf clubs that will cost a lot yet do nothing to improve your performance.

If you like how the golf club set looks like, consider how well you strike using the clubs, how many mishits you make, and how consistent you are even within minutes of testing out the golf clubs.

The results you gather after this will point towards the golf club set you should purchase.

  • Swing Speed

How fast can you hit the ball? The answer to this question tells you whether or not you should go for a regular flex shaft or whether you should go for a stiff flex shaft.

Veteran players like Tiger Woods can swing so fast, they would have an easy time using a stiff flex golf club shaft.

It’s safe to say that new players will do better using regular flex shafts. This because this type of shaft best accommodates the average swing speed.

  • Understand your Grip

The grip is the only part of the golf club that comes into contact with you when playing.

How the gripping part of the golf club is directly connected to how much control you have and the outcome of your game. Feel free to hold the club by the grip just to test out how it feels in your hands.

Is it comfortable? Is it secure? Choose the golf club set whose grips come in different textures and one that actually fits in your hands.

Keep in mind that many are the times you will play when it’s extremely hot or humid on the golf course. This means that your hands will be wet.

But will that keep you from enjoying your game? If the grip has a tapered, coarse, or ribbed texture and comes in the right size, then no, you can continue playing until you are done even when it rains.

  • To fit or not to fit?

Is a club fitting necessary even for a beginner? Golf club sets come in standard sizes, but players come in different heights and weights.

Experience has taught me that you play better with something made to fit and accommodate your size. A club fitting, therefore, is inevitable for most new golfers.

Generally, a club fitting involves taking measurements. It can either be done inside a professional golf equipment shop or online.

Expect the entire process to go on for around 30 minutes to 45 minutes. What you hopefully end up taking home are golf club sets fitted to suit your swing style, and your body.

  • Have a budget

The rule of thumb here is that ‘expensive doesn’t necessarily mean effective.’

Do not dig a hole in your bank account purchasing a set of golf clubs you can barely afford simply because they are branded to up your game.

Instead, focus on all the factors listed above first. It is true that most high-end golf club sets come designed with the most intricate technologies and modern features.

All of which can help enhance your performance on the course. But as a beginner, if you cannot afford it, find a golf club set that may not be as trendy and expensive but one that suits your budget.

Playing as a novice involves a lot of mistakes and experimenting. Find a cheaper golf club set that you’ll use to train.

Then once you’ve perfected your game, you can go back and make a higher investment on a set of golf clubs that have higher performance and are more durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginner golfers, in their quest to find the perfect set of golf clubs, often have a ton of questions they want to be answered.

So to help clear the air, here are a few of the questions commonly asked and their answers.

  • Is it better to buy a golf club at a time or buy a golf club set instead?

Manufacturers place more effort in designing golf clubs as a set.

Most clubs sold as single units usually have different fittings, features, and technologies, all of which, collectively, may mess up your game.

  • Am I wrong if I go for hybrid golf clubs?

Players who choose hybrid golf clubs over standard ones are considered less-than, especially when consulting with experienced players like an uncle or a granddad.

Seeing as you’re only a learner, there’s no harm in switching an iron shaft for a hybrid shaft?

As long as it helps your game, then feel free. Plus, you will move on to better, more professional clubs as you become better at golf.

  • Which one is better, new golf club sets or used ones?

To save a couple of hundred dollars, you may be inclined to buy a set of used golf club sets over higher-priced new ones.

If you are working with a low budget, then you can buy used golf clubs. But remember this option is only to buy you time as you save for a new set.

  • Should I invest in head covers?

Headcovers are great because they help protect and prolong the life of your clubs.

But if buying them means going over budget, you can opt to forego head covers, at least until you can afford to buy them later.

Making Your Decision

You’d be lost for choice if you explored online or visited the market place in your frantic search for the best set of golf clubs.

It’s a good thing, therefore, that you can fully rely on the vivid list above to gauge which set is ideal for you.

They are affordable, made of high-quality material, and all have value for money.

Remember not to take everything too seriously.

Allow yourself to make mistakes ad see yourself overcome them effortlessly.

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