How Many Clubs in Golf Bag Including Putter – Knowing Your Limits

It is essential to know how many clubs in golf bag including putter you are allowed to bring, especially if you are joining a tournament or competition.

How Many Clubs in Golf Bag Including Putter - Knowing Your Limits
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This may sound trivial, but you can actually incur penalties for carrying too many golf clubs.

Golf is a very intricate sport. There is quite a lot of information you need to learn first, and it would help you later on if you familiarize yourself with the technicalities straight away.

The most vital one is being aware of the rules involving your golf clubs.

How many clubs in golf bag including putter can you carry?

If you are new to playing golf, then you should be familiar with the United States Golf Association (USGA).

They are the ones responsible for crafting the rules and regulations about the sport, including the prescribed number of golf clubs in each player’s bag.

As per USGA, the answer to how many clubs in golf bag including putter is 14.

This can be made up of the standard 12 clubs, which includes the putter, eight irons (3-9 iron and pitching wedge), and three woods (driver, 5-wood, 3-wood).

Aside from the standard number of 12 clubs, the player may start with less than 12 golf clubs in his bag. Then, he or she may put additional ones until the maximum amount of 14 is complete.

Avoiding Penalties: How many golf clubs in a bag including putter

A golfer can carry 14 clubs in his golf bag.

From golf tournaments to golf equipment, the USGA is stringent in observing the rules, and the criteria for how many golf clubs in a bag including putter is given the same level of importance.

It falls under Rule No. 4 of USGA’s Rules of Golf. This section tackles a player’s equipment that can be used per round.

Rule No. 4 states that each golf player should adhere to the following:

  1. They must use the standard clubs and balls
  2. Players are only allowed to use a maximum of 14 clubs
  3. During the round, they cannot replace lost or damaged clubs
  4. Players are also restricted from using additional equipment that will assist them or artificially enhance their play.

Failure to comply with these rules might give you penalties during the game.

What happens if you get a penalty?

If you brought more than 14 clubs in your golf bag, you’d incur two strokes for each hole where the violation happened.

This implies that if you have 15 clubs at hand, but you didn’t notice it until the second hole, you will get a four-stroke penalty.

However, the breach happened while playing a hole, and the penalty will be evaluated by the end of the goal. But if you realized the violation in between holes, the penalty will apply to the hole you just finished.

In the instance of a match play, the penalty is only one hole. So if you violated the role, the total score would be changed instead of just one hole.

But don’t worry, the maximum penalty you’ll receive for this breach is only four strokes.

Are you allowed to use your partner’s golf clubs?

The answer to this is pretty straightforward.

According to the Rules of Golf, you cannot use another player’s golf club during your round. You have to use your own club to make a strike that will count as your score.

But if you really want to use your playing partner’s club to try it out simply, you can do that on the previous range or after the round’s finished.

Take note that you and your partner are allowed to carry both of your clubs in one golf bag. However, you are still prohibited from mixing and using each other’s set of clubs.

You have to come up with a system and identify which clubs belong to who.

In addition, you can’t make your caddie or assistant carry additional clubs separate from the 14 clubs in your bag. Some think of this as a leeway, but it is not allowed.

If you want other people to bring clubs for you, it is possible as long as they are already included in the total of 14 clubs.

How to remove extra clubs

Taking out extra clubs from your golf game is quite simple. As soon as you notice the violation, you must remove the club immediately and emphasize which club you are taking out.

To do this, you can alert another player about the violation, or you may simply get the violating golf club and turn it upside down in your bag.

Is there a minimum number of clubs allowed?

USGA did not set a minimum number of clubs you can bring, just a maximum value. The whole world widely practices this. If you opt to play one round with only one driver or putter, you may.

Some players complete the 14 clubs, and some just stick to 12 or less.

All About Putters: What’s Legal and What’s Not

Golfers are restricted to bring a maximum of 14 clubs in one game, including the putter. But what actually is a putter?

Putters are the type of clubs with two striking sides. They are used to carry out short and low-speed strokes. Putters are mostly used for rolling balls so they can fit into holes from a short distance.

Golfers are allowed to choose between two sides of the putter to strike the ball. The putter has some attached rules to it, such as its limitation in use and as to how many putters allowed in golf bag.

Is a chipper putter legal in golf?

Apart from asking how many golf clubs in a bag including a putter are allowed, many are also curious to ask – is a chipper putter legal in golf?

Chipper putters are safe and legal to use in golf since USGA classifies them as irons.

USGA has legalized the use of chipper putters, but there are also some conditions. As stated in the Rules of Golf, chipper putters can be used as long as they are no more than 10 degrees of loft.

To further expound the following question, is a chipper putter legal in golf, two-way chippers don’t fall into the category of putters.

USGA has classified them as illegal because they are longer than the standard prescribed length.

The advantage of chipper putters

Most chipper putters have the same size as most 7- and 8- irons. Most players like to use this because it enables them to hit the ball with minimal effort.

It also provides you with more control due to its improved lie angle. Chipper putters are also easier to use than high loft iron or wedge ones.

Can you have two putters in your golf bag?

Now that you know is a chipper putter legal in golf, you should also learn about how many you can bring.

Based on USGA’s guidelines, you can carry more than one putter in your golf bag. The general rule is that a player cannot select more than 14 clubs, depending on any kind during the playing round.

So can you have two putters in your golf bag? It’s an easy yes.

How many putters allowed in golf bag?

There is no specified number as to how many putters allowed in golf bag. It all depends on the golfer’s preference.

According to Rule No. 4 of the Rules of Golf, the plater may choose a combination of conforming clubs. He is not bounded to select only one right-handed or left-handed clubs and only one chipper putter.

The number to how many golf clubs in a bag including putter still remains at 14. Currently, there are no regulations on the arrangement of your clubs.

If you choose to bring five drivers or three putters, you can freely do so.

The Bottomline

Following the rules surrounding your golf equipment is highly important to avoid penalties and to improve your overall game. Always be cautious with your golf clubs.

Some players lose count causing a breach halfway through the round.

You must remember how many clubs in golf bag including putter you are allowed to carry, as well as the other technicalities involved in your golf clubs.

Once you stick to the guidelines and observe proper behavior during the game, you’ll be able to be a pro in golf in no time.

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