How Many Golf Clubs Are in a Set – Maximize Your Options

Are you a beginner at golf and you want to know how many golf clubs are in a set. We may just have all the answers for you in order for you to play your best game.

Key Takeaways TL;DR
🔑 Summary: Understanding the 14 club limit in golf, selecting the right clubs, customizing the set, and maintaining and upgrading equipment are crucial for golfers to improve their game and maximize their potential.
📌 Golfers are allowed a maximum of 14 clubs in their bag during a tournament to maintain fairness and prevent an unfair advantage.
📌 Club selection is crucial for optimal performance, and custom-fit clubs can maximize a player’s potential.
📌 The driver, the longest club, requires a smooth swing and the right shaft for distance and accuracy.
📌 Woods and hybrids are versatile long-range clubs ideal for reaching far distances and navigating difficult terrain.
📌 Irons are foundational clubs providing precision and control, and the right type should be chosen based on skill level and preference.
📌 Wedges are specialized clubs for short game shots, each with its own specific use, such as pitching, sand, lob, gap, and approach shots.
📌 Putters are crucial for putting performance, and choosing the right putter with the correct weight, length, and balance is important.
📌 Customizing a set involves adjusting loft, grip size, and finding the right shaft to match swing characteristics.
📌 Traveling with golf clubs requires researching airline policies and fees or considering shipping options for convenience.
📌 Maintaining and upgrading clubs over time, such as upgrading grips and replacing shafts, is important for optimal performance.
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How Many Golf Clubs are in a Set - Maximize Your Options
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When you start your golf career, it is essential that you know the basic concepts, such as how many golf clubs are in a set.

Of course, learning the rules in the said sport is crucial, but so is choosing your equipment.

How Many Golf Clubs Are In A Set?

It can have a huge impact on how well you carry the game.

In this article, we will attempt to answer the following questions “How many golf clubs are in a full set?” and “What golf clubs are in a full set?

Aside from that, we will also expound on the uses of each club included in a full set. If you want to know what clubs you should carry, read on.

How many golf clubs are in a set? If you still do not know by now, you are only allowed to have 14 golf clubs in your set.

Taking more than the said number can be used to give you a one-stroke penalty.

As per the United States Golf Association (USGA), you need to observe several rules when carrying your golf equipment.

Here are the things you should remember about how many golf clubs are in a set?

  • Conforming clubs and balls are the only gears you must use.
  • Your golf bag is limited to no more than 14 clubs.
  • Equipment that offers artificial help to your gameplay is restricted.

Now that you have a glimpse of the things you should observe when playing the sport, let us talk about how many golf clubs are in a set.

If we are talking about a complete set of clubs, there should be 14.

However, you can carry less than that as you wish. If you are wondering why so, it is because not all golfers use all golf clubs in a match unless you are a seasoned pro.

So again, how many golf clubs are in a full set? It depends on your personal skills and preference.

When you follow the general standards of setting up a bag, you are expected to choose an appropriate club from woods, irons, to putters.

Afterwhich, you should use it to start hitting into the hole. Nowadays, people like to carry advanced golf clubs like wedges, hybrids, etc.

Let’s elaborate on this by talking about what clubs you should start with.

How Many Golf Clubs in a Complete Set?

When we talk about the question –  it would be best to answer with what you see in the bag.

Well, a complete set of golf equipment typically starts with a driver.

And it then ends with a putter. Technically, you cannot start playing golf if you do not own a putter or a driver because they are the easiest clubs to use.

But you can be an exception if you can match the skills of some professional golfers who use wood clubs for hitting the first stroke.

A normal golf bag usually includes a driver, two to three woods, irons, wedges, and putters. So how many golf clubs are in a full set exactly? The answer is not definite.

The number of clubs players have varies depending on what equipment a golfer can handle.

Now, let’s talk about golf club set details so you can better understand the things you should do to avoid getting any penalty issue.

This will still revolve around how many golf clubs in a complete set or how many golf clubs are in a set.

When you search about it, you would know that there are three types of clubs that are available in the said sport. These equipment are woods, putters, and irons.

But apart from these types, there are also subcategories that you should look after.

These are hybrids, chippers, fairway woods, etc. Preparing beforehand is crucial if you want to serve some excellent games to those who watch you play.

If you are comfortable taking a driver, you should use it.

In case you are not comfortable with the said club, you can also try 3-wood or 5-wood. But if you are a beginner,  7 or 9-wood would be more fitting.

Once you are done picking a driver or wood, it is time you consider choosing what irons to carry. You can choose from 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 iron clubs.

When you aim to hit the ball with an angle, irons would be your best bet. However, you should know that using iron is one of the most challenging opportunities you can get when playing golf.

After that, you should choose a putter. As a golfer, you should remember that your golf equipment set would never be complete if you do not own a putter.

It should always be included in your bag. If you are looking for an expert’s advice, you can take a putter along with a chipper.

So, how many golf clubs in a complete set? Again, it depends on your level of play. A good golfer knows that buying golf equipment at once is the worst idea you can think of.

In the said sport, it would be wise to gradually buy your equipment as your experience levels up as well.

And that answers your question on how many golf clubs are in a set or how many golf clubs in a complete set.

If you need more information about it, you can check out our other articles to help you decide how many and what you should include in your bag.

What golf clubs are in a full set

Now, let’s talk about what golf clubs are in a set, or better yet, what golf clubs are in a full set.

First would be the woods. Of course, when asked what golf clubs are in a set, they certainly would not be left behind. The most common fairway woods used in a full set include the 3-wood and the 5-wood.

The only difference between the two is the angle of their loft. 3-wood clubs would lie within the range of 12 to 17 degrees while 5-wood would have a loft between 18 to 23 degrees.

However, beginners or high-handicappers would typically prefer higher-lofted wood clubs because of its shorter shaft.

One downside of choosing this is that it would not provide the same distance of a 3- or 5-wood.

When asked what golf clubs are in a full set, you will never forget the driver.

This particular golf club is the largest in the bag both in terms of its clubhead size and the distance a ball travels when struck with it. You can benefit from it when hitting a ball off a tee.

But pro golfers can opt to use the driver in the fairway given the right conditions. Next up, we have the iron clubs.

Because of their relatively thin face, you can easily slice through thick lies, including sand. You usually use this particular golf club when you are within 200 yards from the green.

So it also answers the question of what golf clubs are in a set.

Although iron clubs range from 1 to 9, golfers generally use the most traditional set of iron clubs that range from the low-lofted 3-iron to the higher-lofted 9-iron.

Similar to the fairway wood, lower-lofted iron clubs also provide you with greater distance. Thus, the 3-iron to 9-iron also answers what are the golf clubs in a set.

But if you are aiming for a shot close to the green, you can use another type of golf club known as the wedge. This specific golf club has a head similar to an iron club but has more open faces.

Due to its structure, a wedge can point higher and drive the ball at a greater height. So if you are wondering what are the golf clubs in a set, rest assured that you will come upon this particular type.

Among its variations include the pitching wedge, which has a loft of about 48 degrees, the sand wedge, which you can use to escape sand traps, the gap wedge, and the lob wedge.

Next are the hybrid clubs. Although hybrids combine features of both the woods and the irons, they are still part of the full set.

Because of its elements, you can quickly and cleanly hit a ball on tighter lies.

But even though it makes use of the features of both the woods and irons, it still answers what are the golf clubs in a set.

Lastly, to answer the question of what are the golf clubs in a set, we will look into the putter.

This particular club is among the most commonly used in a given full set. It has a flat face, owning up to its minimal or no loft on the ball.

So in summary if you are asking yourself what are the golf clubs in a full set, remember that they may vary with the following golf clubs:

  • 3 Wood
  • Driver
  • 3 Hybrid
  • 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 Irons
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Sand Wedge
  • Putter

Hopefully, this section provides you with enough knowledge to answer what golf clubs are in a full set.

Remember, knowing what golf clubs are in a set would put you up the pedestal. Having these would provide you with a broader range of options better suited for a couple of obstacles.

However, knowing the answer to what are the golf clubs in a set is not enough to give you the best performance. You also need to have advanced skills to maximize each of their potentials.

What golf clubs are in a half set

Now, if you prefer keeping a lighter load when you play golf, you may be wondering what golf clubs are in a half set. But again, there is no definite answer to this.

In reality, you can build your own personalized half set.

When making your customized half set, you can try playing some rounds first using all the clubs. Try to determine which ones are best suited for your playing style.

But here are a few guidelines to help you narrow down your choices.

As mentioned in the previous section, the putter is probably the most used golf club. Thus, you should always consider bringing this particular type of golf club during your game.

You may also want to try the 3-wood club instead of your driver. Although your driver is the largest club in your golf bag, you could hit the ball further away with the 3-wood.

Now, that leaves you with five more clubs. So if you tried seeing which suit your playing style best, you would already know the answer to what golf clubs are in a half set.

But if you are still wondering what the differences are among these clubs, let us take a closer look at each one.

For wedges, you can choose among the pitching wedge, sand wedge, gap wedge, and lob wedge. However, it was only recently that golfers started using the lob wedge.

So, the ideal wedges to bring in your half set should have a loft between 52 to 54 degrees. Generally, the best wedge variations are the pitching and sand wedges.

To answer what golf clubs are in a half set, you should also consider your iron clubs. Don’t just randomly choose an iron club. Instead, make sure to understand the carry distance of each club.

Lastly, always put your “Go-To” club in your bag.

Doing so would often lead you to better results than the rest of the clubs in your half set. Remember that you do not want to stand over your ball.

With these in mind, the following clubs answer the question of what golf clubs are in a half set.

  • 3-wood
  • 7-wood
  • 5-iron
  • 8-iron
  • Pitching wedge
  • Sand wedge
  • Putter

Let’s wrap it up

Being a beginner in golf may prompt you to ask questions like how many golf clubsare in a set.

Don’t worry because this is a reasonable and valid thing to ask.

Learning the essential clubs in the sport and understanding the game rules will undoubtedly put you up the pedestal.

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